Melbourne & Packington
General Baptist Baptisms
1771 - 1775

Sorted alphabetically. Names in brackets have been crossed out in the Register

These registers have been extracted for the IGI by the LDS, but the Baptisms shown on these pages show, incorrectly, as births. It is important to remember that, in accordance with one of the principal tenets of the General Baptist faith, baptisms were not performed until the member had made the conscious decision to embrace the religion. This means that these are not baptisms for babies or young children.

Additionally, because the General Baptist religion was established in the mid-1700s and gained popularity in the latter part of the 18th century, many of the people mentioned in these files had previously been christened in the Church of England.

Baptised at Melbourne, June ye 30th 1771

Lydia BUCKNALL ~ Melbourne
Catherine BUSHEL ~ Packington
(Sally CHEADLE) ~ Ticknall
Phebe DOBSON ~ Ticknall
William HAINESs Maid ~ Breedon
(John LAKIN) ~ Coleorton Moor
Ann MOMFORD ~ Ticknall
(John NORMAN) ~ Coleorton Moor
(Elizabeth PEACH) ~ Melbourne
Elizabeth SHARPE ~ Packington
Ann SHEFFIELD ~ Melbourne
Jane SPENCER (dismiss'd) ~ Measham
Stephen WHITEHOUSE (dismiss'd) ~ Tipton Green

Baptised at Melbourne, July ye 26th 1772

(Nanny ASHMORE) ~ Ashby Z
(Richard CHEADLE) ~ Donington Park
Jimmey FOLLOWS (dismiss'd) ~ Ashby Z
Sarah GRIMLEY ~ Melbourne
(William HARRIS) ~ Steston? Mill
William MASON ~ Measham
Catherine MEE ~ Wilson
Hannah MOMFORD ~ Ticknall
(Andrew SHARPE) ~ Worthington
(Mary WILKINSON) ~ Melbourne

Baptised at Melbourne, November ye 15th 1772

John BENTLEY ~ Barrow
Mary EARL ~ Barrow
(Samuel EARL) ~ Barrow
John FREEMAN ~ Wilson
(Nanny GRANGER) ~ Packington
(Nanny HOOD) ~ Packington
Sally MEE (dismiss'd to Loughboro') ~ Ashby Z
(Thomas SHARPE) ~ Packington
Joseph SOARES ~ Chellaston
Elizabeth TIVEY ~ Melbourne

Baptised at Packington, July ye 26th 1773

Abraham ADCOCK ~ Worthington
Fanny COLLIER ~ Normanton
Molly EARP ~ KingsNewton
William FARMER ~ Derby
Ruth HEAPE ~ Melbourne
Nanny LAKIN ~ Coleorton Moor
(Peter MEE) ~ Packington
(Dorkas STRETTON) ~ Mill
Samuel TAYLOR ~ Breedon
George TURNER ~ Melbourne
Margaret TURNER ~ Melbourne

Baptised at Melbourne, July ye 24th 1774

Thomas COLLIER ~ Normanton
(Thomas FAREBROTHER) ~ Foremark Park
Hannah GOODALE ~ Worthington
Dorothy HALL ~ Melbourne
William HALL ~ Melbourne
Ruth HEAPE ~ Melbourne
Elizabeth SHARPE ~ Worthington
Nanny SMITH ~ Breedon
Ann WILKINSON ~ Ticknall
(Sally WILKINSON) ~ Ticknall

Baptised at Melbourne, October ye 16th 1774

William CARTLIDGE ~ Ticknall
(Thomas DENNIS) ~ Measham
(William HOWSE) ~ Ashby Z
Mary MEE ~ Ashby Z
James MEE ~ Ashby Z
Joseph NORTON ~ Caudwell
(Ann TAYLOR) ~ Measham
Sarah TAYLOR ~ Measham
(John THOMSONs prenties) ~ Ashby Z
(Mary WOOTTON) ~ Ashby Z

Baptised at Melbourne, July ye 23rd 1775

Mark BATES ~ Melbourne
Sarah BENBRIDGE ~ Melbourne
Ann JAQUES ~ Melbourne
John TOON ~ Worthington Brand
Mary TOON ~ Worthington Brand
Thomas WALKER ~ Ticknall
(Thomas WILKINSON) ~ Melbourne

Baptised at Melbourne, November ye 12th 1775

John BAKEWELLs Maid ~ Wilson
William CROXHALL ~ Caudwell
Edward EVESON ~ Ticknall
Joseph FLETCHER ~ Caudwell
Ann GRANGER ~ Caudwell
Mary NORTON ~ Caudwell
(William TIVEY) ~ Melbourne
Thomas TOON ~ Melbourne
Jane TOON ~ Melbourne
(Caleb WHEATLEY) ~ Stanton

I interpret this as meaning that, as new churches were built and congregations split off from Melbourne, the person moved to another branch of the church

TNA / PRO File: RG4 / 507; LDS Film #590684, item 3.
Extracted by Blanche Charles, Wellington, New Zealand. 10 Sep 2004


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