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St Giles Church, Cauldwell
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  • 1841 Census: Stapenhill
  • 1851 Census Index: Stapenhill
  • 1851 Index: Burton on Trent
  • 1861 Census: Stapenhill
  • 1871 Census: Newhall
  • 1881 Census
  • 1891 Census Index: Stapenhill
  • 1901 Census Online






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Welcome to the OPC pages for the parish of Stapenhill and her hamlets of Cauldwell, Stanton and Newhall. I am gradually adding some database resources to these pages, but there is little point in duplicating work already undertaken by others, so please check for more links on this and the next page.

If you have research interests in the village of Cauldwell, there is now a separate page where you will find my transcriptions of the Cauldwell census for 1841 to 1891 - excluding 1881, which is fully indexed and searchable online. I have also extracted all Cauldwell references from Stapenhill registers. These databases can be found on this page.

Overview of the Parish

Historically, Stapenhill was a parish in Derbyshire, under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of Lichfield, but its contiguity with Burton on Trent, in Staffordshire, makes it imperative to search resources of both counties. In his 1789 "View of the Present State of Derbyshire", James Pilkington notes that "The village of Stapenhill contains sixty-eight houses, but of this number forty-seven stand within the parish of Burton".

With the establishment of civil registration in 1837, Stapenhill, although still part of Derbyshire, was incorporated into the Burton upon Trent Registration District, Staffordshire. In 1894 it was officially transferred to the borough of Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.

For any of the material listed here without links, you can e-mail me for a look-up. (Please limit each enquiry to a single name or event). Do bear in mind that most of the material listed here has been indexed or transcribed. It is not an original source so may contain errors. It is important that it is used only as a guide. Please visit my Stapenhill Online links page to locate the original sources which you can verify for yourself.

Please be patient. I have a number of commitments. There may be times when I am unable to undertake lookups immediately, but I will acknowledge your enquiry as soon as I can. Please first ascertain that my material covers the dates of your interest and send your message to OPC Stapenhill Lookup. But please take the time to check the links page first. In some cases, you will find your information already online.


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