From Ireland to Brooklyn - Delaney and Allied Families

From Ireland to Brooklyn: Delaney and Allied Families

by Robert F. Delaney

For many years I had heard from my father about the origins of our Delaney family line in Ireland, but I had never seen anything in writing to document our lineage. In 1999, I began to research our family history after seeing a clipping of the obituary of my great-grandfather John Francis Delaney. I had seen the clipping before, but had not taken an interest at the time in our family history. Once I got started on the genealogical research there was no stopping. I've gathered a significant amount of information about our Delaney lineage and the task at hand now is to pull all of that data together to tell the story. This and following pages are still very much in a draft stage because there is so much to incorporate into the story. I'll be adding to the Delaney history, so I hope visitors will return in the future.

The story of our branch of the Delaney line continues with Martin and Mary Delaney, my great-great-grandparents.

For readers who do not wish to pursue the story in a linear manner, or for those viewers who have come to this site to find a particular individual, the table below may be utilized in order to jump to a particular individual or to that individual's family members.

Index to Delaney Families & Allied Lines

Marriage of female members of a Delaney-surnamed family results, of course, in a branching and continuation of the Delaney lineage through the allied surnames. Readers interested pursuing the Delaney lineage through the allied lines can do so via the links in the "Allied Line" column or the "Children" column of this table. Although I have compiled a signficant amount of information on many of the individuals, many of the stories remain to be written and will be posted in the future, at which time the relevant links will be activated. Allied surname stories and information can also be reached from the Surnames Index.

Delaney Line
Allied Line
________ Delaney ? Henry Delaney
Martin Delaney
Henry Delaney ? ?
Martin Delaney Mary Skelley Catherine Delaney
James Henry Delaney
John Francis Delaney
Martin Delaney
Mary Frances Delaney
Catherine Delaney ? ?
James Henry Delaney Theresa J. Downey ?
John Francis Delaney Margaret Montgomery Bernadette Marie Delaney
Florence Victoria Delaney
Francis Delaney
Harold F. Delaney
Loretta F. Delaney
Martin Cleveland Delaney
Maude Lucille Delaney
William Montgomery Delaney
Martin Delaney ? ?
Mary Frances Delaney Bernard Joseph Riley Bartholomew Riley
Bernard G. Riley
Mary L. Riley
Veronica Madeline Riley
Nicholas F. Riley
Porcile A. Riley
Bernadette Marie Delaney Jesse Thomas Hodges Bernadette Maxine Hodges
Florence Victoria Delaney None None
Francis Delaney None None
Harold F. Delaney None None
Loretta F. Delaney Horace Adams Phinney Jeanne Montgomery Phinney
Martin Cleveland Delaney Edwina Acker Lowery (1st) Martin Cleveland Delaney
Franklyn Lowery Delaney
Susan Ruth Heil (2nd) Bruce Albert Delaney
Francis Mullins Delaney
Mary Jane Delaney
Natoma Margarita Delaney
Nicholas Harrison Delaney
Ruth Delaney
Maude Lucille Delaney Joseph Ambrose Cahill James Harold Cahill
John Anthony Cahill
Joseph Ambrose Cahill
Margaret Jane Cahill
William Aloysisus Cahill
William Montgomery Delaney Florence E. Merklee None
Bruce Albert Delaney Marian Bernice Ramsey Gail Ann Delaney
Linda Jean Delaney
Janis Kay Delaney
Martin Bruce Delaney
Toni Jane Delaney
Francis Mullins Delaney Myrna Mae Webber Kellie Mae Delaney
Michael Nicholas Delaney
Terrence Francis Delaney
Franklyn Lowery Delaney Dorothy Eleanor Abbott Robert Franklyn Delaney
Martin Cleveland Delaney, Jr. Maude Josephine Fincken Carol Lowery Delaney
John Macklin Delaney
Leslie Acker Delaney
Susan Martin Delaney
Mary Jane Delaney Charles Ford Nicolette Ford
Steven Ford
Natoma Margarita Delaney John Oliver Hull Jeffrey John Hull
Susan Ruth Hull
Terrilyn Hull
Nicholas Harrison Delaney Jane Marie Belluomini Chris Delaney
Patricia Dale Delaney
Thomas Belluomini Delaney
Ruth Delaney _______ Hill Brenda Hill
Carol Lowery Delaney David Hinckley Bangs, Jr. Elizabeth Lowery Bangs
Chris Delaney ? ?
Gail Ann Delaney John Joseph Weeks (1st) Jennifer Michelle Weeks
Shelly Lynn Weeks
Michael P. Yadlosky (2nd)
Janis Kay Delaney Nicholas Robert Tomasek Juliana MaryTomasek
Michael James Tomasek
Monica Margaret Tomasek
Teresa Catherine Tomasek
John Macklin Delaney Evelyn Louise van Naerssen Andrew Ryan Delaney
Kellie Mae Delaney Douglas Edward Lefebvre (1st) Samuel Delaney Lefebvre
Eric David Morton (2nd)
Leslie Acker Delaney Lawrence Henry Connor (1st) Christopher Lawrence Connor
Courtney Patricia Connor
Ralph James Kaufmann (2nd) None
Linda Jean Delaney David Gleizer (1st)
David Gearing (2nd)
Gerald Anthony Vastano (3rd)
Martin Bruce Delaney Theresa Ann Smith Lucky Dale Delaney
Sasha Ann Delaney
Michael Nicholas Delaney Linda Jo Hardin Bryce Mullins Delaney
Erin K. Delaney
Taylor Leigh Delaney
Patricia Dale Delaney _______ Welch ?
Robert Franklyn Delaney None None
Susan Martin Delaney Theodore Zvi Gelt Sarah Leslie Gelt
Thomas Alan Gelt
Terrence Francis Delaney Devin Mary Hanrahan (1st) ?
Holly Petersen (2nd) ?
Thomas Belluomini Delaney ? ?
Toni Jane Delaney .? .?
Andrew Ryan Delaney .? .?
Bryce Mullins Delaney .? .?
Erin K. Delaney .? .?
Lucky Dale Delaney .? .?
Sasha Ann Delaney .? .?
Taylor Leigh Delaney .? .?