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Parish Registers (1846-1901)
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Trade Directory Extracts

Hearth Tax Assessments
Full Transcript by kind permission of Philip Riden of the Derbyshire Record Society
Parish Registers
Coton-in-the-Elms is a chapelry in the parish of Lullington.  The following registers have been microfilmed by the LDS church (extracted from the FHL catalogue):
Parish Registers & other Church Records Baptisms 1846-1977, Marriages 1868-1954, Burials 1846-1982, Administrative Papers 1874-1879 (incl. Authorization Document to Perform Marriages), Terrier 1888 (incl. Inventory of Church Property), Charities 1870-1872. FHL BRITISH 1042087 Items 4-9

Baptisms and marriages have been included in the IGI, which may be searched on-line using the Family Search facility at the LDS site, inserting the following batch numbers:
Coton-in-the-Elms Chapelry Baptisms (1846-1875) J139201 (males)
K139201 (females)
Marriages (1868-1885) M139201
However, it should be noted that these entries have been extracted from indexes, and should be checked against the original parish registers wherever possible.

Coton-in-the-Elms Chapelry Register Transcripts
These records have been transcribed from microfilms of the original parish registers, obtained on loan from the LDS, and indexed by Brett Payne.
Baptisms (1846-1882) Surname Index
Marriages (1868-1901) Surname Index
Burials (1846-1901) Surname Index

Census Records
Census returns for the years 1841-1891 have been microfilmed by the LDS church, as follows:
1841 FHL BRITISH Film 241295
1851 p. 554-568 FHL BRITISH Film 87414
1861 FHL BRITISH Film 542894
1871 FHL BRITISH Film 836399
1881 FHL BRITISH Film 1341660
1891 RG 12/2199 (4 fiches) FHL BRITISH Fiche 6097309

Census Transcripts
1841 Census of Coton-in-the-Elms - transcribed by Gill Castle and indexed by Brett Payne.
Full Transcript
Surname Index

1861 Census of Coton-in-the-Elms - transcribed and indexed by Brett Payne.
PRO Ref. RG9 Piece 1963
Full Transcript - Folios
Surname Index

Place Names
[Extract from "The Place Names of Derbyshire" by Kenneth Cameron, publ. 1959, Cambridge University Press]
Cotuhalfne 942 (13th) Peniarth
Cotune 1086 DB, -ton 1295 Ipm, 1344 DbCh, 1345 Cor, 1347 DbCh, 1355 Pat et passim, (al' Cotes) 1569, 1570 FF, Cotton als Coote 1569 DbA xxvii
Coten(e) 1243 Fees, 1304, 1316 DbCh, 1372 Cl
Cotum 1354 Cl
K-, Cotes, -is 1086 DB, late 12th StoweCh, e. 13th Gresley, 1210-2 RBE, 1211-3 Fees et passim to 1284-6 FA, Coates 1292 Ch

There were clearly two forms of this name, one 'at the cottages', v. cot ( cotum), -um, the form which survives and the other 'the cottages' from the of cot.  The form Cotuhalfne is presumably 'half of Coton'.

CHURCH FLATS FM. cf. the Church Flat 1724 Derby.
THE CROSSES, cf. Crosse close 1662 Rental.
LITTLE LIVERPOOL, v. infra 759.
MILL HO (local), cf. Millfield 1665 Rental.
OVERFIELDS FM. cf. the Overfield, 1768 Derby, v. uferra, feld.
SMITH'S BARN (6"), cf. John Smith 1676 Derby.

Field Names
The principal forms in (a) are from a list prepared by WF and are 1750, 1768, 1782 Rental; those dated 1661, 1662, 1665, 1674 are also Rental.

(a) Breach Meadow 1768 (cf. le Breche 1347 DbCh, v. brec); Bridge Meadow 1782 (Bridge meadow 1662); Dam 1750 (cf. Great, Little Dam 1661, Cotton Dame 1665, v. dammr); the Doles 1750 (v.dal); Easter Close 1782 (cf. Hesterfeild 1662); Gooldy Furlong 1750; Hardibrook Meadow 1768 (Hardibrooke meadow 1677 Derby); the Hartfell 1768; Hatchetts Cottage 1750 (cf. Nicholas Hatchett 1665); Headley 1782; Heathfield 1750 (cf. Heathflat 1675, v.hæd, flat); Hill Close 1782 (cf. Hillfeild 1662); Hollow Close 1768 (Hollow Closes 1662); Intake 1768 (v. intak); Ketch Ditch 1750 (Kex ditch 1662, Kecks ditch 1674); Middle Furlong 1750; the Moor 1768; the Nabbs 1768 (cf. Nabbs close 1662, v.nabbi, clos); New Close 1750 (New Close 1661); Nothills (Notthills 1662); Pinfold Croft 1782 (cf. Pinfould close 1662, v. pynd-fald, clos); Pitfield 1750 (Pitt field 1662); Sheep Close 1750; Thistley close 1768; Town Field 1768; Town Meadow 1768 (Towne meadow 1662); Townsend Yard 1782; Wilversgore 1750 (cf. Great Wilversgore 1677 Derby, v.gara); Womans Way 1768.

(b) Ashgreave flat 1674 (v. æsc, græve, flat); Backside 1665, Bithome meadow 1662, Bythom meadow 1674, Bithams 1682 Derby (v. byht, holmr); Brouneshurst 1241-54 DbCh (�Brun�s copse�, v. hyrst); Callinghill Close 1662 (v. calenge, hyll, clos); Clay furlonge 1662; Cow close 1662; Dimingsflatts 1662, Demmings Flatt 1677 Derby (cf. Dimin Dale supra 169); Elme closes 1665; Ferne pitt 1662; Flat close 1662; le Hascheforlong 1347 DbCh (v. æsc, furlang); le Haystowe 1347 ib (v. heg, stow); ye Heathers 1662; Neather close 1662 (v. neodera, clos); New Close 1661; Overend feeld 1662; Upper field 1665; Woodfeild 1662.

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