Glover's 1833 Derby Proprietors Surname Index - I to O

Glover's 1833 History & Gazetteer of Derbyshire

Proprietors of Derby Borough - Surname Index I to O

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Surname/First Name(s),Initials,Titles/Notes/Parish
Irving "John, sen."  All Saints' Parish
Jackmund Charles  St Werburgh's Parish
Jackson -  St Peter's Parish
Jackson Charles  St Werburgh's Parish
Jankinson Charles  St Werburgh's Parish
Jessop Francis  St Alkmund's Parish
Jessop Francis esq.  All Saints' Parish
Jessop "Francis, esq."  St Werburgh's Parish
Johnson Anthony  St Alkmund's Parish
Johnson John  St Peter's Parish
Johnson Joseph  St Werburgh's Parish
Johnson Samuel  St Peter's Parish
Johnson Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Johnson William  All Saints' Parish
Johnson William  St Alkmund's Parish
Johnson William  St Michael's Parish
Johnson William  St Peter's Parish
Jolley William  St Alkmund's Parish
Jolliffe Simeon  St Peter's Parish
Jones Richard  All Saints' Parish
Keeling John  St Peter's Parish
Keeling Richard  All Saints' Parish
Keetley Jonathan Warren  St Alkmund's Parish
Keetley Jonathan Warren Trustee of the Old Bath-street Club St Alkmund's Parish
Keetley Jonathan Warren Trustee for Darwin Terrace Club St Alkmund's Parish
Keeton Thomas  St Alkmund's Parish
Kent James  St Werburgh's Parish
Kent Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Key Samuel non-res. St Peter's Parish
Killer Robert William  St Werburgh's Parish
Kimberlain Thomas  St Peter's Parish
King Charles  St Peter's Parish
King Sampson  St Michael's Parish
King Sampson  St Werburgh's Parish
Kinsey and Sherwin  St Werburgh's Parish
Kinsey Francis  St Michael's Parish
Kinsey James  St Alkmund's Parish
Kinsey James  St Werburgh's Parish
Kirkland Joseph  St Alkmund's Parish
Knight Joseph  St Werburgh's Parish
Lackington James  St Peter's Parish
Lakin Charles  All Saints' Parish
Lakin Charles  St Werburgh's Parish
Lamb George  St Peter's Parish
Lancashire -  St Peter's Parish
Lander Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Lane William  St Werburgh's Parish
Leacroft R. B. esq.  St Peter's Parish
Leaper "Richard, esq."  All Saints' Parish
Leaper "Richard, esq."  St Werburgh's Parish
Lee Rebeckah  St Alkmund's Parish
Leech Robert  St Alkmund's Parish
Lees Alfred  All Saints' Parish
Leeson William St Peter's street All Saints' Parish
Lindley -  St Werburgh's Parish
Locker John  St Werburgh's Parish
Lockett W. J. esq.  St Werburgh's Parish
Lockett William J. esq.  St Alkmund's Parish
Lomas Ralph  St Werburgh's Parish
Lomas Thomas of Belper St Werburgh's Parish
Longdon Henry  All Saints' Parish
Longdon Henry  St Michael's Parish
Longdon "Henry, jun."  St Michael's Parish
Longdon Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Longdon Mrs.  St Alkmund's Parish
Longdon Robert  St Werburgh's Parish
Longdon William  St Alkmund's Parish
Lord Joseph  St Alkmund's Parish
Lovatt James  All Saints' Parish
Lovatt James  St Werburgh's Parish
Lowe -  All Saints' Parish
Lowe Alfred  St Werburgh's Parish
Lowe "Charles Matthew, esq."  St Werburgh's Parish
Lowe "Matthew Charles, esq."  St Peter's Parish
Lowndes Mrs  All Saints' Parish
Lowndes Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Macconnell Richard  St Alkmund's Parish
Mac'Connell Thomas  St Peter's Parish
Mackenzie Henry  St Peter's Parish
Mackenzie Henry  St Werburgh's Parish
Maeconnell Richard  St Peter's Parish
Manley Mr.  All Saints' Parish
Manlove late Mrs. Devisees or Representatives of All Saints' Parish
Manlove late Mrs.  St Werburgh's Parish
Mansfield Isaac  St Peter's Parish
Mansfield Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Mansfield Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Mansfield Thomas  St Alkmund's Parish
Marcroft Mrs.  St Alkmund's Parish
Markes Charles  St Alkmund's Parish
Marples Matthew of Repton St Werburgh's Parish
Marshall Charles  St Alkmund's Parish
Marshall Isaac non-res. St Peter's Parish
Mart -  St Werburgh's Parish
Maskery Mrs.  St Werburgh's Parish
Mason and Co.  St Alkmund's Parish
Mason John  St Peter's Parish
Mason Joseph  All Saints' Parish
Mason Joseph  St Werburgh's Parish
Mason Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Mason Thomas  St Michael's Parish
Massey Edward Mawe  All Saints' Parish
Massey John  St Peter's Parish
Massey Sampson non-resident St Peter's Parish
Matchitt John  All Saints' Parish
Mawe Mrs.  St Alkmund's Parish
Mawe Thomas  All Saints' Parish
McKenzie James  St Werburgh's Parish
Meakin Benjamin  St Peter's Parish
Meakin James  St Alkmund's Parish
Meakin Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Mellor Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Mellor "Thomas, esq."  St Alkmund's Parish
Mellor "Thomas, esq."  St Werburgh's Parish
Merry John  All Saints' Parish
Merry John  St Alkmund's Parish
Meynell "Godfrey, esq."  St Werburgh's Parish
Mickland -  St Werburgh's Parish
Middleton Miss  St Werburgh's Parish
Middleton William  St Werburgh's Parish
Mills James  All Saints' Parish
Milward "William, jun."  St Peter's Parish
Milward "William, sen."  St Peter's Parish
Moffatt John  St Peter's Parish
Moffatt John  St Werburgh's Parish
Monk -  St Peter's Parish
Moody George  St Alkmund's Parish
Mooney Pierce  St Alkmund's Parish
Moore Ambrose  St Werburgh's Parish
Moore Ambrose and Co.  St Peter's Parish
Moore "Henry, Artist"  St Peter's Parish
Moore "Henry, esq."  St Peter's Parish
Moore John  St Alkmund's Parish
Moore John  St Werburgh's Parish
Moore Mrs  St Alkmund's Parish
Moore Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Moore Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Moore Thomas Assignees of St Werburgh's Parish
Moore Walter Assignees of St Peter's Parish
Moorley Joseph  St Michael's Parish
Moorley Joseph  St Peter's Parish
Moorley Joseph  St Werburgh's Parish
Mordick Charles  St Alkmund's Parish
Morley - non-res. St Peter's Parish
Morley and Boden  St Peter's Parish
Morley John  All Saints' Parish
Morley Samuel  St Peter's Parish
Morley Thomas  St Peter's Parish
Morley William  All Saints' Parish
Morley William  St Peter's Parish
Morley William  St Werburgh's Parish
Morris "-, esq."  St Werburgh's Parish
Morris and Fisher  St Werburgh's Parish
Morris Mrs.  St Werburgh's Parish
Mosedale Joseph  St Alkmund's Parish
Mosedale William  All Saints' Parish
Mosedale William  St Alkmund's Parish
Mosedale William  St Werburgh's Parish
Moseley Robert  St Peter's Parish
Moseley W. W.  St Michael's Parish
Moseley William  St Alkmund's Parish
Moss Henry  St Peter's Parish
Moss John  St Werburgh's Parish
Moss "John, esq."  St Peter's Parish
Mountford Thomas  St Alkmund's Parish
Mouseley W. E. esq.  St Peter's Parish
Mousley W. E. esq.  All Saints' Parish
Mousley W. E. esq.  St Alkmund's Parish
Mousley W. E. esq.  St Werburgh's Parish
Mozley "Henry, esq."  St Werburgh's Parish
Mozley "Henry, esq. and Sons"  St Alkmund's Parish
Mundy "Francis, esq."  St Alkmund's Parish
Mundy "Francis, esq."  St Werburgh's Parish
Mycock -  St Peter's Parish
Natt Joseph  St Peter's Parish
Neal John  St Peter's Parish
Neal Joseph  St Werburgh's Parish
Needham William  St Werburgh's Parish
Needle George  St Alkmund's Parish
Neill Richard  St Peter's Parish
Newham William  All Saints' Parish
Newham William  St Alkmund's Parish
Newham William  St Michael's Parish
Newton Henry  St Peter's Parish
Newton Henry  St Werburgh's Parish
Newton John  St Alkmund's Parish
Newton Miss  St Werburgh's Parish
Newton "William, esq."  St Alkmund's Parish
Nicholson Robt. Dooley  St Alkmund's Parish
North John  All Saints' Parish
Norton -  All Saints' Parish
Norton John  St Peter's Parish
Nutt William Jerram  St Alkmund's Parish
Oakes "James, esq."  St Alkmund's Parish
Oakes "James, esq."  St Peter's Parish
Ogden Francis  St Werburgh's Parish
Oliver Thomas  All Saints' Parish
Oliver Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Ordish Noah  St Peter's Parish
Ordish Ralph  All Saints' Parish
Orme Richard  St Werburgh's Parish
Orme Thomas  St Alkmund's Parish
Orme Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Orton James non-res. St Peter's Parish
Orton William Devisees of All Saints' Parish
Orton William Devisees of St Peter's Parish
Orton William  St Werburgh's Parish
Osbiston Samuel  St Alkmund's Parish
Osborne Joseph  St Werburgh's Parish
Owen William  All Saints' Parish

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