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If you would like to add your Church Gresley surname or other historical interests to this web site, please Email me.  I can also insert hyper-links from the entries in the Trade Directory Listings to your web site or contact details.  If you are able to provide some genealogical or historical information about your family and its relationship with Church Gresley, this would also be most welcome. 
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SMITH & LANGLEY at Linton - by Lesley Byrne nee Smith, of Australia **Updated 27 Apr 2004**
My G.Grandfather Francis SMITH was born at Linton near Gresley in Derbyshire 23/12/1842.  His mother was Elizabeth SMITH, who was the daughter of Tobias & Dorothy SMITH of Belton, Leicestershire.  In 1851 Census Francis SMITH, age 8 is shown as living with his mother Elizabeth LANGLEY and her husband Thomas LANGLEY ( Ag. Labourer) and Francis half-sister Mary LANGLEY aged 1.
1881 Census shows Elizabeth LANGLEY  widowed ,age 58, occupation Hawker, born at Belton in Leicester.  She had several other children, all born at Church Gresley.  The family lived at Old Freehold 4 Merrimans.
- John  bapt.22/11/1846 (not on 1851 census so may have died in infancy)
- Sarah Ann bapt. 1/1/1855 (married name KAY 1881 census)
- Thomas b.1859 (coalminer in 1881)
- Harry b. 1864 (pipebendmaker in 1881)
- John b.1866 (pipebendmaker in 1881)
1891 Census Church Gresley:  John Langley (Head, 25, Sanitary Potter-presser), Mary A Langley (wife, 26), Elizabeth K Langley (daughter, 8 months), Elizabeth A Langley (niece, 8 yrs, b. YKS, Wombwell), Elizabeth Langley (visitor, age 68).
I am most interested in hearing from any descendants of this Smith/Langley family.
Contact Lesley Byrne
BOURNE & ENSOR, by Ian and Faith Rohana Bourne
Joseph Walker BOURNE - We have his birthdate as 1800 in Burslem but do not have his death date or place.  His son's widowed mother-in-law married Edward Ensor.  We believe Ensor was originally from Lyme Regis, Dorset as was Ann England. Her name was Ann England. How did they come to be living in "Gresley Cottage" on Hill Crest, Church Gresley (now demolished)?  We would like to know more about "Gresley Cottage" and the Ensor family.  Edward Ensor bought The Poole Works from Joseph Walker Bourne.
Richard BOURNE - His approximate dates are "1710 - unknown".  The IGI indicates he was born in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.  He was married to Rebecca and they had a large family including our ancestor William BOURNE, senior of Belper, the founder of the Denby and Belper potteries and buried at Central Methodist Church, Belper with many of his relatives.
Contact Ian & Faith Rohana Bourne for further details.
Paul has numerous ancestral lines from South Derbyshire, in particular the parishes of Church Gresley & Woodville, including the following surnames:
For further details, please click on the following link to access Paul Greening's Genealogy Page.
PLANT & GOODWIN in Church Gresley, by Maureen Mackenzie, Vancouver, Canada
I have just discovered that my ggg-grandparents, Samuel PLANT and Leah GOODWIN were married at Church Gresley on 10 February 1823. Their first child, John PLANT was born there on 9 November 1823. However, by 1825 they had moved to Burslem STS.  I would be interested to know if anyone has any information on the above names.
Contact Maureen Mackenzie for further details. 
PEACH & WOOD families of South Derbyshire, by Mary Sharpe, Heanor, Derbyshire, England
Thomas PEACH (b. c1794 Cauldwell) m: 1821 Repton Matilda CHAPMAN (b. c1798 Repton)
|- Eliza (b. 1822 Repton)
|- George (b. 1824 Cauldwell)
|- James (b. 1827 Cauldwell)
|- Emma (b. 1831 Stapenhill)
|- Harriet (b. 1833 Stapenhill)
|- Emily (b. 1836 Stapenhill)
   |- Harriett Georgina PEACH (b. 1855 Burton-upon-Trent STS) m: Joseph Thornley WOOD (b. c1849 Walton-upon-Trent) Blacksmith & Clockmaker
      |- Eliza WOOD (b. c1875 Cauldwell) m: 1899 Walton-upon-Trent William Henry COLLIS
      |- Mary Ann WOOD (b. c1876 Cauldwell)
      |- Thomas William WOOD (c1878-1969) m: Laura DURANT (1882-1951) - see below for DURANT family details
         |- Adelaide WOOD m: Mervyn PATTERSON
         |- Lily WOOD m: Pat SHAW
         |- Laura Durant WOOD m: Ernest CLEMENTS => descendants include Mary Sharpe
         |- Clara WOOD m: Tom CHAMBERS
         |- Ettie WOOD m: Arthur FAULKNER
         |- Tim WOOD (d. young)
      |- Jemima WOOD
|- Enoch (b. 1836 Cauldwell)
|- Caroline (b. 1838 Cauldwell)
|- Jemima (b. 1841 Cauldwell)
Mary says:  "I understand from my aged aunts that the WOODs were great wrestlers/bare knuckle fighters but I cannot find out anything more than that.  Perhaps your readers would have a few clues?"
Click on these photographs to view a larger version!

(Above Left) Joseph Thornley WOOD (c1849-) & Harriett Georgiana née PEACH (1855-) outside their house at Linton
(Above Right) Joseph Thornley WOOD (c1849), Clockmaker & Blacksmith of Cauldwell, Stapenhill & Linton
(Below) Undated photograph of a team of cricketers outside Cauldwell Hall.  "No one knows who they are, but my bet is the scruffy one on the end is my ancestor."

Please contact Mary Sharpe if you can identify any of the players, or provide any further information.
DURANT family of South Derbyshire, by Mary Sharpe, Heanor, Derbyshire, England
Thomas DURANT m: 1802 Walton-upon-Trent Sarah CAMBERLAIN
|- Elizabeth (b. 1803 Rosliston)
|- Thomas (b. 1804 Rosliston)
   |- Sarah (b. c1837)
   |- Thomas (b. c1839)
|- Francis (b. 1806 Rosliston)
|- James (b. 1808 Rosliston) m: 1836 Burton-upon-Trent Elizabeth SIMNETT
   |- Sarah (b. c1836 Rosliston) m: Thomas HANDSAKER (b. c1831 Whichnor STS) => Descendants
   |- Henry (b. c1839) Joiner m: 1860 Church Gresley Elizabeth CHAPMAN (b. 1836 Church Gresley; dau of John CHAPMAN & Sarah GOTHERIDGE)
      |- John J (b. c1862 Stapenhill)
      |- William H (b. c1870 Stapenhill)
      |- Albert E (b. c1873 Stapenhill)
      |- Sarah Elizabeth (b. c1876 Stapenhill)
   |- Thomas (b. 1840 Rosliston) Carpenter m: Hannah (b. c1844 Coton-in-the-Elms)
      |- Thomas (b. c1864 Rosliston)
      |- Clara (b. c1868 Rosliston)
      |- George (b. c1868 Rosliston)
      |- Leonard W (b. c1874 Rosliston)
      |- John H (b. c1877 Rosliston)
      |- Howard F (b. cJuly 1880 Rosliston)
      |- Laura (1882-1951) m: Thomas William WOOD (c1878-1969) => see above - descendants include Mary Sharpe
   |- Martha (b. c1842)
   |- James (b. c1843)
   |- William (b. c1845)
   |- Elizabeth (b. 1848 Rosliston)
Contact Mary Sharpe for further details 
JARVIS family of South Derbyshire, by Val Kennedy, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Earliest ancestor:
Robert JARVIS who is recorded in the Hartshorne parish registers as being the father of:  Robertus JARVIS bapt. 24 Jan 1702 and Catherine his wife in Hartshorne.   The birth/baptisms of Robert and Catherine have not as yet been traced.  The next child is George bapt. 1705 in Smisby born to Robert & Maria JARVIS.  Their following four children:  Maria, Francis, Thomas and Sarah were all C. in Smisby.
The second generation:
George JARVIS m. Esther in Smisby and had two children:  Thomas b. 1738 and Mary b. 1732 both at Smisby.
Third generation:
Thomas JARVIS m. Anne CLARK at Smisby in 1757, but it was noted in the parish entry that Thomas was of Hartshorne.   They had at least three children:  Mary, William and Ann, all born in Smisby.
Fourth generation:
William JARVIS m. Jane – place and time also unknown.   They had at least four children:  Ann, Mary, George and Joseph, all born in Newhall and baptised at St. Peter’s, Stapenhill. Possibly two other daughters, Jane and Sarah, were also born to this union.
Fifth generation:
- George JARVIS b. 1796 in Newhall married Catherine MOORE in Church Gresley in 1828.  Catherine was the daughter of John MOORE and Ann TAYLOR and was born in Spondon. They had six children:  Eliza, Jane, William, John, Mary and Elizabeth.
- Joseph JARVIS b. 1811 in Newhall married Elizabeth SHAKESPEARE in Church Gresley in 1834.  Elizabeth was born in Smisby to Joseph SHAKESPEARE and Hannah KINGSTON in 1814.  They had eight children:  Hannah, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, George, Mary and Thomas.  All but two were born in Swadlincote, the others in Church Gresley.
Sixth generation:
By this time all descendants were living in Newhall and my particular ancestors eventually left the area and went, via Tamworth, to Birmingham.
All of the above male JARVIS ancestors were Colliers.
The earliest JARVIS name to appear in Church Gresley was Joan JARVISE who married Will. Jeffcoat in 1714.   All instances of the name JARVISE (and variants) in South Derbys. appear to belong to the same family.   From Hartshorne/Smisby they then journeyed through the parish registers of Church Gresley, Swadlincote and Newhall.
Contact Val Kennedy for further details

BATH, SMALL & MELLOR, by Bryan Small of Vancouver, BC, Canada
My 4g-grandmother Sarah BATH was baptized in Church Gresley,  7 Aug. 1774. Her parents were William BATH and Jane ADEY of Church Gresley. She moved to Netherseal where she had three illegitimate sons with John SMALL under the BATH name. The three boys were:
John BATH bap. 9 Jan. 1803,
Samuel BATH bap. 15 July, 1804, and
Joseph BATH bap. 26 Oct. 1806,
all in Netherseal. She married John SMALL on 21 Dec. 1807 in St. Peter's in Netherseal. JOHN SMALL was the Surgeon in Netherseal in 1835. Eventually the BATH surname was changed to SMALL for the 3 boys.

Her son Samuel BATH-SMALL moved back to Church Gresley and marrried Margaret MELLOR,  21 Jan. 1830 in Church Gresley by Reverend George Wood Lloyd. Samuel and Margaret had 5 children in Church Gresley:
Joseph SMALL 22 Nov. 1830,
Samuel SMALL 19 July 1833,
John SMALL 14 Jan.1836,
Thomas SMALL 17 July 1939, and
Martha SMALL 17 Dec. 1841.
Samuel SMALL was a Shoe Maker in Church Gresley in 1835. In 1842 Samuel and Margaret and family migrated to Wellington County, Ontario, Canada.
Although there are no SMALLs of my pedigree in the area, I believe there may still be some BATH descendents who I would be related to.
Bryan Small  GOODMAN, HARRISON, LEEDHAM, STATHAM, WALTON, WILTON, by Geraldine Bancroft (née Wilton), Shutford, Banbury, Oxon, England
My father Norman Wilton was born and bred in Church Gresley as were most of his ancestors to varying degrees.  Some originally came from much further afield.  The Wiltons originally came from Hathern in Leicestershire.  I have provided brief outlines of the main direct ancestors, although in some cases I have much information on the collateral branches.  My researches have actually taken me further back than the info on these pages but I have not included anything that I am not completely certain about.  I would be willing to share the extra info and speculation with probable relations.

Henry GOODMAN was born in 1838 in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics of unknown parents but was known to be illegitimate.  There is some evidence to support a kinship to the GOODMAN family who were tailors in the town.
He married Elizabeth STATHAM on 13 Jun 1859 in Measham, Derbys.  Elizabeth, born on 17 Oct 1839 in Measham, was a daughter of Thomas and Ann (Proudman) STATHAM.
They moved to Church Gresley where they remained and raised a family, living in various houses.
Census 1861 [7 Apr 1861] 5 Mr Turner's Row
Census 1871 [2 Apr 1871] 3 Eardley's Row
Census 1881 [3 Apr 1881] 3 Coxons Row, Old Freehold
Census 1891 [5 Apr 1891] 2 Whittackers Houses, Queen Street
Henry was at various times a sawyer, coalminers check weighman & collier.  Henry died on 5 May 1899 and Elizabeth on 11 Jan 1890, both in Church Gresley.
They had five children: Elizabeth (1860), Sarah (15 Mar 1865), John W Caleb (1874), Clara A (1877) and Mary Burcham Ethel Louise (2 Mar 1882).
Sarah married William WALTON on 9 Apr 1887 in Burton-on-Trent Register Office while her sister Mary Burcham Ethel Louise married his brother Thomas WALTON.
Contact Geraldine Bancroft for further details.

John HARRISON (born c. 1770) married Sarah COLE (b. c. 1779 Swadlincote bapt. 25 Dec 1779 Church Gresley), daughter of John and Anne (Chamberlain) COLE, on 8 Apr 1797 in Church Gresley.  John died in 1828 and was buried on 30 March at Church Gresley. Sarah died sometime after 1851. They had six children, born either in Church Gresley or Swadlincote, who all, like their father, worked in the pottery industry:
- William (1798) married Mary CHAPMAN (1802) on 24 Aug 1819 in Church Gresley => 7 children
- Mary (1801) married George BELL (1800) on 10 Nov 1823 in Church Gresley => 5 children
- John (1803) married Sarah JERVISE (1800) on 25 Nov 1822 in Church Gresley => 7 children
- Thomas (1806) may have married Elizabeth (b. Glasgow) – one daughter
- George (1812)
- Joseph (1815) married Sarah STEWART (1818) on 6 Dec 1840 in Church Gresley => 5 children
*  *  *  *
George HARRISON (b. c. 1812 Swadlincote bapt. 2 Aug 1812 Church Gresley) married Mary EDWARDS (b. 1818 Lount LEI) daughter of John and Ann EDWARDS, on 4 Jun 1838 in Breedon on the Hill LEI.
On Census of 1841 [6 Jun] and 1851 [30 Mar] they were living in Lount LEI with Ann’s father but by the Census of 1861 [7 Apr] the family had returned to Church Gresley and were living in 10 Kirkman's Row; then later on Census of 1871 [2 Apr] in Common Side & Census of 1881 [3 Apr] in Nixons Row.
They had 9 children, the first five being born in Lount and the rest in Church Gresley:
- Ann (1840) married William WALTON on 22 Feb 1858 in Church Gresley
- Sarah (1842) married John BARNETT (1843 Ireland) on 4 Jul 1864 in Church Gresley
- Fanny (1844) married George GARDINER (1849 Glenfield) before 1871
- Mary (1846) married Joseph POWDRILL (1847 Swadlincote) on 25 Dec 1871 in Ch  Gresley
- George (1849)
- John (1853) married Sarah WHITWORTH (1853 Snarestone) on 16 Nov 1874 in Ch Gresley
- Joseph (1855) married Anne WATERFIELD (1856 Lount) on 17 May 1875 in Church Gresley
- Alma Emma (1857)
- Thomas (1860) married  Rosa Matilda JONES (1861 Woodville) on 16 Nov 1879 in Woodville
Contact Geraldine Bancroft for further details.

Edward LEEDHAM born in 1801 in Caldwell DBY, youngest son of Thomas & Elisabeth LEEDHAM, was baptised on 21 Sep 1801 in Stapenhill DBY.  His ancestors had farmed in the area for at least three generations mainly in Coton-in-the-Elms, Rosliston and Caldwell.
Edward is mentioned in the list of farmers for Church Gresley in 1846 Bagshaw’s Trade Directory of Derbyshire.
Edward LEEDHAM of Gresley is cited as renting from Marquis of Hastings, an arable field No 62 in the Schedule Moira-Gresley Turnpike Extension 1863 documents.
He married Mary FOSTER (b. c.1798 Castle Gresley) on 1 Nov 1830 in Church Gresley.  Edward and Mary had three children:  Thomas (1832 in Linton), Mary (1834 in Linton) and William (1836 in Church Gresley) before Mary died on 20 Jan 1855.  Edward remarried on 4 Dec 1855 in Church Gresley, Derbys by licence.  His second wife was Eliza Smith PRICE (c. 1829 in Hartshorne, daughter of William PRICE and Frances SMITH).  Edward died in the early 1880s and Eliza in the 1870s.  Edward and Eliza had six children, the first four being born at Park Farm, Church Gresley while the youngest two were born in Occupation Lane, Ashby Woulds just outside Gresley parish and in Leicestershire:
- John born c. 1856 was baptised on 5 Oct 1856 in Church Gresley.  He married Agnes HARRISON (1856 in Church Gresley) on 27 Dec 1875 in Woodville.  They had a son John in 1877.
- Stephen was born c. 1859 and baptised on 1 Jan 1860 in Church Gresley.
- George was born c. 1861 and by the 1881 Census [3 Apr 1881] was in lodgings in Ibstock, Leics and working as a coal miner.
- Elizabeth was born c. 1864 and after working as a servant for Joseph Lilley and family at the Water Mill, Netherseal, Leics [c. 1881] married Charles T EDWARDS (1858 in Stoke) in 1885 in Church Gresley.  They had two children Eliza (1886 in Church Gresley) and Minnie (1888 in Ashby Woulds).  In 1891 they were living with brothers William & Edward Leedham at High Fields, Occupation Road, Albert Village.
- Sarah Eliza was born on 18 May 1867 in Occupation Lane, Ashby Woulds, Leics.  After working as a servant for Walter Garrett and his wife in Main Street, Newton Solney, Derbys [c. 1881], she married William WILTON on 25 Apr 1887 in Church Gresley. (My great grand parents).
- Edward was born in 1870 in Ashby Woulds, Leics.  By 1891 he was working as a brickmaker and living in Albert Village.  Later he went to Canada where he married Alma Emma WALTON born c. 1871 in Church Gresley, daughter of William and Ann WALTON.
Contact Geraldine Bancroft for further details.

Thomas STATHAM, born abt. 1815 in Stanton, Derbys, son of James & Ann STATHAM (origins deduced but not proven), was baptised 27 Mar 1816 in Stapenhill, Derbys. He married Ann PROUDMAN on 3 Aug 1835 in Measham, Derbys.  Ann was born in 1811 in Measham, Derbys, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Dennis) PROUDMAN.
Thomas and Ann lived in and around Measham until after 1861 and then moved to Church Gresley after some of their married children had settled there. Thomas had a brother Francis who raised a family in Oakthorpe.
Census 1841 [6 Jun 1841]  Reservoir Tollgate, Ashby Woulds, Leics
Census 1851 [30 Mar 1851]  High Street, Measham
Census 1861 [7 Apr 1861]  Bosworth Street, Measham
Census 1871 [2 Apr 1871]  1 Chamberlain's Row, Church Gresley
Census 1881 [3 Apr 1881]  Oversetts, Stanton, Derbys
Eight children were born while they were in Measham: John (1836), Hannah (1837), Elizabeth (17 October 1839), Ann (c. 1841), Mary (1844), William (1848), Thomas (1850) and Sarah Ruth (1853).
All the children eventually moved to Church Gresley with the exception of John, a tailor, who remained in Measham with his wife and family.  Thomas was a coal miner as were his other sons.  Elizabeth married Henry GOODMAN on 13 Jun 1859 in Measham, Derbys and they were my great great grandparents.
Contact Geraldine Bancroft for further details.

George WALTON, born c. 1815 in Swadlincote, Derbys (third son of William WALTON of Linton and Mary --  of Newhall), was baptised on 15 Oct 1815 in Church Gresley. He married Mary MEE(R) (born c. 1815 in Church Gresley) on 8 Aug 1836 in Church Gresley.  After Mary died c. 1842, he married Ann JONES (born c. 1822 in Mushroom Lane, Ashby Woulds) on 15 May 1843 in Church Gresley. George was a potter
George and his family lived at various addresses in the area (the later ones may be the same property):
Census 1841 [6 Jun 1841]   Darklands, Swadlincote
Census 1851 [30 Mar 1851]   Church Gresley
Census 1861 [7 Apr 1861]   Watts Cottages, Church Gresley
Census 1871 [2 Apr 1871] 1 Knightons Cottages, Freehold, Church Gresley
Census 1881 [3 Apr 1881]  1 Banks Houses, Old Freehold, Church Gresley
Census 1891 [5 Apr 1891]   1 Banks Cottage, Regent Street, Church Gresley
George had three children with Mary:
- William (1837)
- George (1838 Newhall) m1: 11 Feb 1861 Church Gresley Mary Ann BENNETT (1838) m2: 28 Sep 1871 Church Gresley Sarah Ann BARKER (1839)
- Jane (1841) m: 10 Dec 1865 Church Gresley John WATERFIELD (1843)
and a further seven with Anne:
- Rosanna (1843 Ashby) m: 5 Jun 1865 Church Gresley Thomas LEA (1845) => 6 children & living at Cottage Inn, Old Freehold in 1881
- Jabez (1845) m: 1870 Church Gresley Mary BOSWORTH (1849) => 9 children
- Elizabeth (1848) m: 20 May 1872 Church Gresley Joseph ATTWOOD (1847)
- James (1850-185?)
- Ann (1855)
- Jesse (1858)
- James (1861)
*  *  *  *
William WALTON was baptised 12 Feb 1837 in Church Gresley and married Ann HARRISON (born 1840 in Lount, Leics) on 22 Feb 1858 in Church Gresley.  Ann was the daughter of George and Mary (Edwards) HARRISON. William was a potter and died after 1891 while Ann died in the 1880’s.
They lived at the following addresses:
Census 1861 [7 Apr 1861] 12 Kirkman's Row, Church Gresley
Census 1871 [2 Apr 1871]  Coppice Side, Church Gresley
Census 1881 [3 Apr 1881]   Hilltop Terrace, Church Gresley
Census 1891 [5 Apr 1891]  Common Side, Church Gresley
They had ten children, all born in Church Gresley:
- George Harry (1858) m: 24 Dec 1882 Church Gresley Mary Ellen DENNIS (1860) => moved to Canada & had three children
- Mary Ann (1860)
- William (11 August 1862)
- Sally (1865) m: Alfred WHITTICKER
- Jane (1867) m: Jack CLEMENTS
- John (1869)
- Alma Emma (1871) m: Canada Edward LEEDHAM (1870)
- Hepezabeth (1875)
- Elizabeth (1877) m: Joseph BODDICE (1877 Swadlincote)
- Thomas (28 May 1879-1952) m: Mary Burcham Ethel Louise GOODMAN (1882-1955), daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Statham) GOODMAN => 5 children
*  *  *  *
Their son William WALTON (my great grandfather) married Sarah GOODMAN on 9 Apr 1887 in Burton-on-Trent Register Office.  Sarah, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Statham) GOODMAN, was born on 15 Mar 1865 in Church Gresley.  On the Census of 1891 [5 Apr 1891] they were living in 3 Whittakers Houses, Queen Street, Church Gresley and William was a potter examiner.
William & Sarah had seven children: Ann Harrison (1889), Elizabeth Goodman (11 July 1892), Harry Goodman (1895), Gwendoline Mary (1 Jan 1904), Leslie, Clara and Thomas Reginald.  Elizabeth Goodman WALTON was my grandmother and married Ernest WILTON on 26 December 1917 at Church Gresley.
Harry was a private in 13th Battalion Royal Scots and was killed on 28 Mar 1918 in Pas de Calais, France. His name is included on the Memorial in Arras as he has no known grave.
William died 17 Nov 1912 and Sarah died on 30 Aug 1934 both in Church Gresley.
Contact Geraldine Bancroft for further details

William WILTON (son of William & Martha) was born abt. 1825 in Hathern, Leics and was baptised there on 20 Feb 1825.
On the Census of 1841 [6 Jun 1841] he was still in Hathern, Leics.
By the Census of 1851 [30 Mar 1851] he had moved to Sheepshed Fields, Sheepshed, Leics where he was a farm servant to William Bramley.
On the Census of 1861 [7 Apr 1861] he was recorded in Willesley, Leics employed as carter to the farmer George Earp.
He married Hannah HALL on 13 Oct 1861 in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics at the Primitive Methodists Independent Chapel.  Hannah was born abt 1825 in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics, the youngest daughter of Joseph and Ann HALL, and was baptised on 10 September 1825 in Ashby.  Joseph had been a gardener in Ashby but had died by the time Hannah was married.
William & Hannah had two children while they lived in Ashby, William (born 31 Oct 1863) and Annie who was most probably his twin.  Annie lived with her parents until at least 1891 and no record has yet been found of her marriage.
By the Census of 1871 [2 Apr 1871] the family were living in Colliery Row, Church Gresley.
On the Census of 1881 [3 Apr 1881]  & 1891 [5 Apr 1891] they were at Common Side, Church Gresley.  William’s occupation was that of a labourer sometimes on the colliery bank.  William died in the summer of 1893 and Hannah in the summer of 1891.
*  *  *  *
Their son William WILTON married Sarah Eliza LEEDHAM on 25 Apr 1887 in the parish church, Church Gresley.  Sarah Eliza LEEDHAM was born on 18 May 1867 in Occupation Lane, Ashby Woulds, Leics, daughter of Edward and Eliza LEEDHAM.  Edward was a local farmer.
On the Census of 1891 [5 Apr 1891] they were living in 3 Mellors Cottages, Queen Street, Church Gresley with their two eldest children Sarah Annie (born c. 1888)  & John William (born 07 February 1889).
They later extended their family to include Ernest WILTON, my grandfather (born 25 May 1891), Lily, Len and Bernard (whose twin brother was stillborn).
William was a potter’s labourer and later an insurance agent for Wesleyan General.  He was also Superintendent of Sunday School at York Road Methodist chapel.  They lived at 36 Oxford Street.  He died in 1932 while Sarah died in 1936.
John left the area and moved to Guildford.  He became an architect and surveyor.
Len was a coal merchant in Church Gresley while Bernard was a greengrocer.
*  *  *  *
Ernest WILTON married Elizabeth Goodman WALTON on 26 Dec 1917 in Church Gresley at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, York Road.   After serving in the Tank Corps as a Gunner in WW1, Ernest became a shopkeeper originally in Swadlincote with his brother-in-law, Arthur DYTHAM, where they ran a Bazaar. Later he became an ironmonger and cycle agent at his shop in Church Gresley on Market Street by the park.
They lived at 9 Talbot Street and had 4 children: Norman (my father), Joyce, Dorothy & Edna.  Ernest WILTON died on 18 Sep 1972 and Elizabeth on 15 Dec 1971.
Contact Geraldine Bancroft for further details 

W(H)ETTON, NEWBOLD & BETTERIDGE, by Jim Whetton of 132 Garrod Avenue, Dunvant, Swansea SA2 7XQ, Wales
I am researching WHETTON/WETTONs, NEWBOLDs and BETTERIDGEs, who lived in Netherseal, Linton and elsewhere in South Derbyshire from at least the 1700s.  John and Sarah WETTON had nine children in Netherseal, one of whom, Thomas (bapt. 17 May 1741) and his wife Elizabeth had a daughter, also Elizabeth, bapt. 11 Aug 1765 in Netherseal.
Elizabeth had four children by Thomas NEWBOLD of Linton, born c. 1747 in Gresley.  They never married, but Thomas acknowledged the children as his own and left his estate to them.  They were all baptised "WHETTON", (from here on the spelling changed), but for three generations the older boys were known as NEWBOLD.  Thomas NEWBOLD was my 3g-grandfather.
My grandfather James WHETTON, born in Linton on 2 July 1865, married Alice BETTERIDGE of Ibstock, Leicestershire on 25 April 1886.  Alice’s father James led a family group, including two of his brothers and his son-in-law James, in 1887 to work in better-paid coal mining jobs at New Fryston Colliery, West Yorkshire.
In addition to my general interests in these families, I am currently writing a biography of John T WHETTON, born in New Fryston on 27 October 1894, one of 12 children of James and Alice.  John T’s initial coal mining career was cut short by WW1, by the end of which he had become a captain in the Green Howards serving in France and Russia.  After the war he was able to go to Technical School then to University.  He became a Lecturer in Mining at Armstrong College Newcastle between the wars, raised and led an Artillery Survey Regiment as a Lieutenant Colonel in WW2, then became Professor of Mining at Leeds University from 1946-1960.  The intention of this work is not to glorify a distinguished uncle, though he was certainly a relative to be proud of.  But he also had his share of faults and was by no means universally loved and admired.  Rather, I want to appreciate better the extraordinary experiences he had and times he lived through, to discover how and why he had such great successes – and where, perhaps, he fell short.
Note: WHETTONs have been thoroughly researched by Rae Austen, a real genealogist who has trekked through countless church yards and records offices.  I have only dabbled on the internet and am enormously grateful for her scholarship and great generosity in being so willing to share the fruits of her research.  Rae can be reached by snail mail at:  Mrs Rae Austen, 280 Alder Street, Fartown, Huddersfield HD2 1AX, West Yorkshire, England
Contact  Jim Whetton for further details.
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BAN(N)ISTER & PATRICK of Church Gresley, by Mally Bannister
My grandad Ernest BANNISTER was born at Church Gresley in 1877. His grandfather Isaac BANISTER had emigrated there from Staffordshire to work in the coal pits, and married a local girl Ann COOPER.
Isaac BANISTER (b. 1822-1826 Hanbury STS; son of Thomas BANISTER, Labourer) Labourer of Hanbury & Weeford STS, Newhall & Gresley Wood Cottages & Colliery Banksman of 4 Mansfield's Houses, Cherry Street, Church Gresley m: Ann COOPER b. c1826 Chilcote; dau of Thomas & Sarah COOPER, Coal Miner of Chilcote & Church Gresley)
|- Sarah (b. 1848 Church Gresley)
|- Thomas (b. 1850 Hanbury STS) Coal Miner of Church Street, Doctors Row & 1 Goachers Cottages, Fishergate, Church Gresley m: Elizabeth (b. c1852 Wilnecote WAR)
   |- Harriet A (b. c1873 Swadlincote)
   |- Gertrude N (b. c1876 Swadlincote)
   |- Emma (b. c1877 Swadlincote)
   |- Agnes (b. c1883 Church Gresley)
   |- Sydney (b. c1887 Church Gresley)
   |- Elsie (b. 1890 Church Gresley)
|- William (b. c1853 Weeford STS) Colliery Labourer of 5 Isons Houses, Church Gresley m: Emily PATRICK (b. c1857 Overseal; dau of James PATRICK, Collier of 2 Isons Houses & Railway Side, Church Gresley, and Hannah née RICHARDSON) - this family migrated to the Yorkshire coal fields between 1881 and 1891.
   |- Sarah A (b. c1875 Church Gresley)
   |- Ernest (1877-1958) m: Alice HOWITT (1881-1959) => Descendants incl. Mally Bannister
   |- James (b. c1879 Church Gresley)
   |- Albert J (b. c1886 Church Gresley)
|- Isaac (b. 1859 Church Gresley)
|- John (b. c1860 Church Gresley) Collier of Church Gresley m: 1882 Church Gresley Jane EVANS (b. c1860; dau of William EVANS, Collier of 1 Worlidges Row, Old Freehold, Church Gresley)
|- Ann (b. c1864 Church Gresley)
|- Arthur (b. c1866 Church Gresley)
|- Sarah (b. c1870 Church Gresley)
|- George H (b. c1872 Church Gresley)
Contact  Mally Bannister for further details 
GREEN, FE(A)RN, ROBINSON, DOLMAN & EDWARDS, by Sue Duerden of Australia
(Click on thumbnail for full size picture) © Sue Duerden
My mother-in-law Sarah Hannah GREEN was born at 35 Weston Street, Church Gresley in 1912.  She attended Swadlincote School in 1920 when the above class photo was taken; Hannah, as she was known, is at second from left in the front row .  Her parents were Thomas GREEN & Elsie May née FEARN, who were married in February 1912 at Church Gresley.  Thomas GREEN joined the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (standing at middle of back row, below) and was killed in France in July 1916; he is buried there at Delville Wood Cemetery.
(Click on thumbnail for full size picture) © Sue Duerden
His parents were Thomas GREEN and Hannah née ROBINSON.  Hannah ROBINSON was born at Swannington, Leics. and her father Robert was born in Whitwick, also in Leics.  His wife must have died after their last child in 1880 and they moved to Church Gresley soon after.  I would love to know more about the ROBINSON family - does anyone have any connections to them?
Elsie May FEARN was born in Church Gresley in 1890, daughter of George FEARN & Sarah Jane née DOLMAN.  The FEARN family lived in Swadlincote, while the DOLMANs came from Ticknall. After her first husband's death in action during WWI, Elsie May remarried Enoch John (Jack) EDWARDS in 1920, and they had one daughter.
Contact  Sue Duerden for further details.
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HART & VICKERS, by Doug Hart of Toton, Nottingham, England
Doug is interested in the surname HART from Church Gresley and surrounding parishes.  His great-grandparents Francis Stephen HART (1867-) and Annie Elizabeth VICKERS (1873-) were married at the Parish Church of St Stephen's, Woodville on 27th June 1891.  Francis Stephen HART's father was Daniel HART (c.1848-), who at one time lived in Albert Village, not far from Church Gresley.  There was a William HART also living there but Doug has been unable to discover his relationship to Daniel.  Doug's grandfather, William HART, grew up in Church Gresley, living at Number 77, School Street.  The HARTs that lived in Church Gresley were all colliers.
Contact  Doug Hart for further details.
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MARSHALL family of Linton & Church Gresley
Thomas MARSHALL m: Sarah
|- William (b. 1781 Linton)
|- George (b. 1782 Linton)
|- Thomas (1784-1825) of Linton
|- Hugh (b. 1785 Linton) Clayminer of Victoria Row, Church Gresley m: Jemima (b. 1786 Stanton)
   |- Jonah (b. c1825)
|- Joseph (b. 1788 Linton)
|- John (b. 1792 Linton) Labourer of Linton m: 1825 Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI Mary MARSHALL (b. c1800)
   |- John (b. 1826) Labourer & Coal Miner of Brick Kiln St, Stanton m1: Ann (b. c1820 Stanton) m2: Fanny (b. c1838 Ticknall)
      |- Mary (b. 1847 Stanton)
      |- Elizabeth (b. c1848 Stanton) m: 1867 Newhall Alexander PARKER (b. 1845 Newhall; son of Thomas PARKER & Ann née SMITH, Collier of Wood Lane & Thorn Tree Lane, Newhall) Collier of Main Road, Newhall => Children - Contact Brett Payne for further details of this family
      |- George (b. c1862 Newhall) Grocer & Coal miner's Labourer of Green Street, Newhall m: 1889 Newhall Eunice PARKER (b. 1857 Newhall; dau of Alexander PARKER & Martha née SMITH, Collier of Newhall & Shopkeeper of High Street Greengrocers Shop, Stapenhill) - Contact Brett Payne for further details of this family
      |- John (b. c1865 Newhall) Colliery Labourer of Bag Lane, Newhall m: Mary Ann (b. c1864 Woodville)
         |- John (b. c1884 Newhall)
         |- Mary Ann (b. c1885 Newhall)
         |- Eunice (b. c1889 Newhall)
      |- Thomas (b. c1873 Newhall)
      |- Hugh (b. c1877 Newhall)
      |- Edith (b. c1879 Newhall)
      |- Alice (b. c1891 Newhall)
      |- Arthur (b. c1891 Newhall)
   |- Jane (b. 1829 Linton) m: 1849 Church Gresley Mark SUTTON (b. c1829 Polesworth WAR) Coal Miner of 18 Linton Heath, Linton => Children
   |- Sarah Ann (b. 1831 Linton)
   |- George (1833-1863) of Linton Heath m: 1856 Barton-under-Needwood STS Mary Ann ASTLE (b. c1833 Barton-under-Needwood STS; dau of John ASTLE and Lydia née STORER)
      |- Sarah Anne (1857-1858)
      |- James (b. c1858 Linton) m: Hannah M (b. c1862 No Mans Heath)
         |- Samuel (b. c1882 Castle Gresley)
         |- George (b. c1884 Castle Gresley)
         |- James (b. c1885 Castle Gresley)
         |- Alice (b. c1888 Castle Gresley)
         |- John (b. cMay 1890 Castle Gresley)
      |- Arthur (b. 1861 Linton) Coal Miner of 1 Primrose Street, Church Gresley m: 1882 Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI Alice BROADHURST (b. 1859 East Woodhay, Highclere, Southampton; dau of William BROADHURST and Alice née FROOME)
         |- George Arthur (1882-1953) m: 1905 Church Gresley Ethel May HOLT (1886-1948) => Descendants incl. Phil Marshall
         |- Alice Ethel (b. 1883 Linton)
         |- John Albert (b. 1887 Linton)
         |- Hassall Alfred (b. c1889 Church Gresley)
         |- James Ambrose (b. 1894 Castle Gresley)
         |- Ernest Edward (b. 1901 Castle Gresley)
   |- Ann (b. 1836 Linton) m: 1859 Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI Elias WILKINSON (b. c1833 Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI; son of Joseph WILKINSON and Elizabeth née ILLSLEY) Labourer of 2 Cash's House, Church Gresley => Descendants
   |- Eliza (b. cOctober 1840 Linton)
|- Samuel (b. 1795 Linton)

(from L to R) Alice MARSHALL née BROADHURST (b. 1859); George MARSHALL (1882-1953); Ethel May MARSHALL née HOULT (1886-1948)

HEAP, HOLT & INSLEY Families of Church Gresley
Thomas HEAP m: 1810 Ruth HOUGH
|- John HEAP (1811-1845) Potter of Church Gresley m: 1834 Church Gresley Anne KINSTON (b. 1811 Rosliston; dau of Charles KINSTON and Mary née INSLEY, Labourer of Rosliston)
   |- Mary Ruth HEAP (1836-1910) m1: 1857 Donisthorpe John HOLT (b. c1835) m2: 1864 Church Gresley William INSLEY (b. c1843 Shackerstone LEI) Coal Miner of Top Colliery Row, Church Gresley
      |- Ann Elizabeth HOLT (b. c1859 Church Gresley)
      |- Lois HOLT (b. c1861 Church Gresley) m: Frank MOORE (b. c1865 Carlton LEI)
         |- Ethel May HOLT (1886-1948) m: 1905 Church Gresley George Arthur MARSHALL (1882-1953) => Descendants incl. Phil Marshall
      |- Harriet HOLT (b. c1864 Church Gresley)
      |- Charles INSLEY (b. c1867 Church Gresley) m: Agnes (b. c1868 Church Gresley) => Children
      |- Clara INSLEY (b. c1869 Church Gresley)
      |- William INSLEY (b. c1872 Church Gresley)
      |- John INSLEY (c1874-1936) m: Mary Jane (c1875-1955)
      |- Mary Emily INSLEY (b. c1878 Church Gresley)
      |- Laura May INSLEY (b. c1882 Church Gresley)
      |- Ethel May INSLEY (b. c1884 Church Gresley)
   |- Charles HEAP (b. c1838 Swadlincote) Carter of Pool Village, Church Gresley & Coppice Side, Swadlincote m: Emily (b. c1835 Barlestone LEI)
      |- John H (b. c1865 Church Gresley) Potters Waggoner of Hill Top, Church Gresley m: Annie M (b. c1863 Church Gresley)
         |- Ruth F (b. c1888 Church Gresley)
         |- Emily A (b. Dec 1890 Church Gresley)
      |- Charles E (b. c1870 Church Gresley)
      |- Jonathan W (b. c1872 Church Gresley)
      |- Agnes M (b. c1874 Church Gresley)
      |- George T (b. c1877 Church Gresley)
      |- Louisa A (b. cNovember 1880 Church Gresley)
   |- Thomas HEAP (b. c1840 Church Gresley)
   |- Jonathan HEAP (b. c1842 Church Gresley) m: 1869 Leicester LEI Martha NEWBOLD => Children
   |- John HEAP (b. c1844 Church Gresley)

CAUSER Family of Linton Heath & Church Gresley
William CAUSER (b. c1829 Sheepshed LEI) Coal Miner of Linton Heath, Linton m: Levina/Louisa HANDFORD (b. c1836 Thringstone LEI)
|- John Handford (1853-1904) Coal Miner of Linton Heath & Church Gresley m: 1877 Church Gresley Rosa/Rhoda STONE (c1859-1927; dau of William STONE and Emma née MARPLES, Agricultural Labourer of Glebe Cottage, Weston On Trent)
   |- John William (b. c1878 Linton Heath)
   |- Albert Edward (b. c1879 Linton Heath)
   |- Verner (1881-1946) of Church Gresley m: 1908 Burton-upon-Trent STS Daisy WOODWARD (1884-1961; dau of Joshua WOODWARD and Jane née WOOTTON, Potter's Labourer of Midland Road, Church Gresley) => Descendants incl. Phil Marshall - see WOODWARD Family of Church Gresley
   |- Wilfred (c1883-1925)
   |- Michael S (b. c1884 Linton Heath)
   |- Daughter 1
   |- Daughter 2
   |- Ron
|- William (b. c1856 Swannington LEI) Coal Miner of Mount Pleasant, Castle Gresley m: 1883 Church Gresley Mary Ann BUCKLEY (b. c1859 Bilston STS; dau of George & Mary BUCKLEY, Coal Miner of Linton Heath)
   |- Mary L (b. c1883 Mount Pleasant, Castle Gresley)
   |- Leonard (b. c1889 Mount Pleasant, Castle Gresley)
|- Thomas (b. c1858 Swannington LEI) m: 1877 Church Gresley Edith Lily ROSS (b. c1860 Tamworth STS; dau of Levi ROSS, Collier)
   |- C Joseph (b. c1878 Linton)
   |- Leah (b. cMay 1880 Linton)
|- James (b. c1862 Swannington LEI) Coal Miner of Mount Pleasant, Castle Gresley m: Elizabeth (b. c1864)
|- Frederick (b. c1865 Swannington LEI)
|- Joseph (b. c1869 Swannington LEI)
|- Sarah Ann (b. c1876 Swannington LEI)

(At Left) Verner CAUSER (1881-1946), his wife Daisy née WOODWARD (1884-1961), and their first two children, Albert and John, taken during WWI.  Apparently Verner was part of the first Submariner Fleet to leave England. (At Right) CAUSER family members outside 71 & 73 Banks Street, Castle Gresley. If anyone can identify these people, the date at which the photo was taken, or provide further information, please contact Phil Marshall.

WOODWARD Family of Church Gresley (by Phil Marshall, Louise Staley of Victoria, Australia & Brett Payne)
John WOODWARD (d. 1759 Swadlincote) Yeoman m: Elizabeth (d. 1766 Swadlincote)
|- John (1718-1792) Farmer of Church Gresley m1: 1746/47 Church Gresley Ann PRATT (d. 1747) m2: c1748 Mary (c1710-1786)
   |- Ann (c1748-1757)
   |- Mary (1751-1787) m: 1782 Church Gresley John Mason ATKINS (c1742-1814) Farmer of Donisthorpe => Descendants
   |- John (1753-1836) [1829] Farmer of Church Gresley
   |- Sarah (1755-1814) m: 1790 Church Gresley John HUFTON (1767-1807; son of Anthony & Elizabeth HUFTON of Church Gresley & Castle Gresley) of Church Gresley => Descendants
|- Anne (b. 1717 Smisby)
|- Mary (b. 1721 Church Gresley) m: 1746/47 Church Gresley John BROWN (1724-1766; son of William BROWN and Elizabeth née NEWBOLD, of Hartshorne) Farmer of  Swadlincote => Descendants
|- Thomas (d. 1794 Midway House, Church Gresley) Farmer of Swadlincote m: Ruth (d. 1802 Swadlincote)
   |- Mary (b. 1749 Church Gresley) m: 1771 Church Gresley Thomas STRATTON of Stapenhill
   |- John (1751/52-1768)
   |- Thomas (1753-1758)
   |- Anne (1756-1814)
   |- Joseph (1758-1832) Farmer of Wadlands (sic) m: Jane
      |- William (1799-1861) Labourer of Church Gresley & Coal Miner of Swadlincote & Newhall m: 1825 Hartshorne Mary Anne GOTHERIDGE (b. 1804 Hartshorne; dau of Thomas & Elizabeth GOTHERIDGE, Coal Dealer of Hartshorne) - see GOTHERIDGE Family of Hartshorne
         |- Mary (b. 1826 Hartshorne)
         |- Ann (b. 1827 Hartshorne) m1: Joseph STALEY (1819-1866; son of Adam STALEY, Collier of Newhall, and Hannah/Ann née HARVEY) Earthenware Packer of Swadlincote m2: James CUPIT (b. c1836 Swanwick LEI; son of James & Mary CUPIT, Collier of Newhall) Coal Miner of Newhall & Coal Dealer of Stapenhill => Children
         |- John (1829-1893) Potter's Labourer of Newhall & Market Street & Highfield Road, Church Gresley m: Ann (b.c1833 Measham DBY/Appleby LEI)
            |- Joshua (b. 1853 Swadlincote) Potter's Labourer of Midland Road, Church Gresley m: 1876 Swadlincote Jane WOOTTON (b. 1858 Church Gresley; dau of John WOOTTON, Collier, and Sarah née STONE)
               |- Sarah Ann (b. 1877 Swadlincote)
               |- Joshua (1880-1883)
               |- Daisy (1884-1961) m: m: 1908 Burton-upon-Trent STS Verner CAUSER (1881-1946) of Church Gresley => Descendants incl. Phil Marshall
               |- Joshua (b. c1885 Swadlincote)
               |- Nellie (b. c1887 Swadlincote)
               |- Lavinia (b. c1889 Swadlincote)
            |- Charlotte (b. 1858 Swadlincote)
            |- William (b. c1861 Swadlincote)
            |- Eliza (b. c1864 Swadlincote)
            |- Joseph (b. c1868 Swadlincote)
         |- Eliza (1832-1832)
         |- Mary (b. 1833 Swadlincote)
         |- Elizabeth (b. 1836 Swadlincote)
         |- Charlotte (b. c1837 Swadlincote)
         |- Joseph (b. c1841 Swadlincote) Coal Miner of Newhall & Highfield Road, Church Gresley m: Emma (b. c1858 Ibstock LEI)
         |- Eliza (b. 1845 Swadlincote)
      |- John (1802-1825)
   |- Sarah (1760-1761)
   |- Thomas (1762-1836) [1829] Farmer of Linton Heath m: 1821 Church Gresley Catherine MORLEY, widow (b. c1770)
   |- William (1764-1818) of Newton-in-the-Thistles & Church Gresley m: 1795 Church Gresley Elizabeth MARRIOTT (b. 1773 Church Gresley; dau of Thomas & Elizabeth MARRIOTT)
      |- William (b. 1789 Swadlincote) Brickmaker of Gresley Common m: 1815 Church Gresley Maria JOHNSON (1795-1873; dau of Abraham JOHNSON and Ann née ORDISH)
         |- Maria (b. 1818 Church Gresley) m: 1844 Church Gresley Samuel CROXALL (b. c1817; son of Richard & Phoebe CROXALL, Carrier & Tailor of Church Gresley) Potter of Church Gresley
         |- William (1821-1893) Brickmaker of Swadlincote & Church Gresley m: 1843 Church Gresley Susannah JEBBS (b. c1823 Woodville; dau of John JEBBS, Cratemaker of Newhall & Church Gresley)
            |- Emma (b. 1844 Swadlincote)
            |- Samuel (b. 1846 Swadlincote) Pipemaker & Potter's Sagger Maker of Hartshorne, Woodville & Coppice Side, Church Gresley m: 1865 Swadlincote Catherine PARKER (B. c1847 Boundary, Woodville; dau of Thomas & Catherine PARKER, Potter of Swadlincote & Boundary)
               |- Ann (b. c1866 Hartshorne)
               |- William (b. c1867 Hartshorne)
               |- Emma (b. c1869 Hartshorne)
               |- Beatrice E (b. c1881 Swadlincote)
               |- Charles (Charley) (b. c1883 Loxtey YKS)
               |- Fanny (Frannie) (b. c1875 Woodville)
               |- Samuel (c. 1877 Woodville)
               |- Henry (1879-1887)
               |- George (b. c1881 Swadlincote)
               |- Kate (b. c1883 Woodville)
               |- Joseph (b. c1889 Church Gresley)
            |- George William (b. 1848 Swadlincote d. young)
            |- Ann (b. 1851 Swadlincote)
            |- Maria (1853-1853)
            |- George William (b. 1861 Swadlincote) Sanitary Pipe Burner of Wide Shaft, Swadlincote m: 1887 Swadlincote Gertrude Fanny ALLEN (b. c1863 Blackfordby; dau of William & Dorothy ALLEN, Farm Labourer of Beards Houses, Castle Gresley)
               |- Andrew (b. c1888 Swadlincote)
               |- Harry (b. c1889 Swadlincote)
         |- Ann (b. 1824 Swadlincote) m: 1846 Church Gresley Ralph CLEWES (b. 1826 Swadlincote; son of Thomas & Mary CLEWES, Potter of Swadlincote) Potter (Dishmaker) of Gresley Common (Wm Woodward's House) & Publican of Wideshaft Inn, Church Gresley => Children
         |- John (b. 1828 Swadlincote) Stonemason of Common Side & Hugh Street, Church Gresley m: Maria (b. c1828 Swadlincote)
            |- William (b. c1852 Swadlincote) m: Sarah (b. c1864 Swadlincote)
               |- Maud (b. c1887 Swadlincote)
               |- John W (b. c1889 Swadlincote)
            |- George (b. c1854 Swadlincote)
            |- Henry (b. c1861 Swadlincote) Sanitary Presser of Church Street, Church Gresley m: Mary Ann (b. c1861 Castle Gresley)
               |- Lily (b. c1887 Church Gresley)
            |- Abraham Johnson (c1863-1934) of Church Gresley m: Mary Ann (c1867-1958)
            |- John (b. 1865 Swadlincote)
         |- Isaiah (1834-1916) Brickmaker of Common Side, Church Gresley & Potter of Midway, Burton Road, Hartshorne m: 1856 Woodville Mary Ann BODDICE (1836-1917; dau of Joseph & Ann BODDICE, Potter & Innkeeper of Mushroom Lane, Milk Hill, Woulds, Woodville)
            |- William Henry (b. 1857 Swadlincote) [1932] m: 1893 Whitwell Mary Hannah LOWE
            |- Ophelia (1859-1860)
            |- Annie Mariah (1861-1911) m: Edgar Richard STALEY (c1861-1917; son of Richard STALEY and Emma née ROBINSON, Master Potter & Grocer of Midway, Hartshorne) Sanitary Ware Manufacturer, Midway, Burton Road, Hartshorne
               |- Rosa A (b. c1888 Swadlincote) - Emigrated to Australia in 1913
               |- Alice Amelia (b. c1889 Swadlincote)
            |- Amelia (1862-1992) m: 1888 Swadlincote Thomas STALEY (1863-1932; son of Richard STALEY and Emma née ROBINSON, Master Potter & Grocer of Midway, Hartshorne) Potter of Midway, Swadlincote - Emigrated to Australia in 1913 => Descendants include Louise Staley
            |- Harold Johnson (b. 1864 Swadlincote) Labourer at Sanitary Pipe Works of Court Street, Swadlincote m: 1886 Swadlincote Mary J DENT (b. c1866 Woodville; dau of John & Mary DENT, Potter of High Street, Woodville & Holloways No 2, Church Gresley)
               |- Gertrude (Gerty) M (b. c1887 Swadlincote)
               |- Agnes M Amelia (b. cNovember 1890 Swadlincote)
               |- Thomas Henry (d. 1979) => Children
            |- Laura (1867-1868)
            |- Ernest (b. 1869 Swadlincote)
            |- Mary Agnes Emma (b. 1872 Swadlincote) m: John HASSILL
            |- Mary Storer (b. 1874 Swadlincote)
            |- Joseph Robert (1878-1879)
            |- Daisy Irene (1880-1993) m: William ADAMS => Children
      |- Richard (d. 1792 Swadlincote)
      |- Thomas (c1792-1843) Brickmaker of Church Gresley m: 1816 Church Gresley Ann PEACE (c1796-1842)
         |- Thomas (b. 1817 Church Gresley) [1846] Brickmaker, Higgler, Labourer & Clay Dealer of Church Gresley m: Mary (b. c1810 Findern)
         |- Ann (1819-1839)
         |- Samuel (1821-1821)
         |- Samuel (1823-1826)
         |- Maria (1825-1882) m: 1846 Newhall Robert HEAP (1824-1899; son of Charles HEAP and Elizabeth née HEAP, Coal Miner of Church Gresley & Grotto Row, Newhall) Coal Miner & Inn Keeper of Newhall & Old Freehold Heapes, Church Gresley => Descendants
         |- James (b. 1828 Church Gresley) [1850][1857][1860][1895][1895b] Brickmaker of Church Gresley m: 1847 Church Gresley Emma PRICE (b. c1829 Linton; dau of John & Sarah PRICE, Farmer of Linton)
         |- Valentine (b. 1830 Church Gresley) Brickmaker of Victoria Row, Church Gresley m: Elizabeth THOMPSON (b. c1830 Rosliston; dau of John THOMPSON, Pork Butcher of Victoria Row & Coppice Side, Church Gresley & Mary née DURANT)
            |- James (1851-1913) Chimney Pipe Maker & Enameler of Sinks of Hill Street & Coppice Side, Church Gresley m: Susannah (1848-1924)
               |- Mary A (b. c1873)
               |- James (b. c1874 Swadlincote)
               |- Maria (b. c1875 Church Gresley)
               |- May (b. c1877 Swadlincote)
               |- Richard (b. c1878 Swadlincote)
               |- Sarah (b. cMay 1880 Swadlincote)
               |- Ellen (b. c1883 Church Gresley)
               |- Charles (b. c1884 Church Gresley)
               |- Arthur (b. c1888 Church Gresley)
            |- Charles (b. c1865 Swadlincote)
            |- Mary (b. c1865 Swadlincote)
            |- William Peace (b. c1865 Swadlincote)
            |- Sarah (b. 1867 Swadlincote)
            |- Maria (b. 1868 Swadlincote)
         |- Charles (b. 1832 Church Gresley)
         |- George (b. 1835 Church Gresley) Brickmaker & Engine Driver At Sanitary Pipe Works of Hastings Road, Church Gresley & Coppice Side, Swadlincote m1: 1856 Woodville Elizabeth HOLMES (b. c1835 Linton; dau of George HOLMES, Agricultural Labourer & Butcher of Woodville, and Eleanor/Ellen née THOMPSON) m2: Alice (b. c1845 Portsmouth)
            |- Louisa (b. 1858 Swadlincote) m: 1880 Church Gresley Edward NOON (b. c1860 Moira LEI; son of Thomas & Rebecca NOON, Collier of Moira LEI) => Child
            |- James (b. 1860 Church Gresley) Labourer of Hastings Rd, Church Gresley m: Minnie (b. c1862 Albert Village LEI)
               |- Mary Ann (b. c1883 Church Gresley)
               |- Elizabeth (b. c1886 Church Gresley)
               |- George Ernest (b. c1889 Church Gresley)
            |- Mary (b. c1869 Hartshorne)
            |- George (b. c1867 Hartshorne) Engine Driver of Coppice Side, Swadlincote m: Agnes A (b. c1871 Swadlincote)
            |- Emma (b. c1872 Hartshorne)
            |- Annie (b. c1878 Church Gresley)
            |- Lizzie (b. c1883 Church Gresley)
      |- Mary (d. 1794 Church Gresley)
      |- Ann (b. 1794 Hartshorne)
      |- Robert (b. 1795 Church Gresley)
      |- John (1797-1798)
      |- Mary (b. 1798 Church Gresley)
      |- John (1801-1823)
      |- Susanna (b. 1803 Swadlincote) m: 1820 Church Gresley John SANDERS of Stretton, Burton-upon-Trent STS
   |- Richard (1768-1807) m: Ann
      |- Richard (1795-1832) m: 1825 Hartshorne Hannah NEWTON
         |- Martha (b. 1827 Hartshorne)
         |- Samuel (b. 1828 Hartshorne)
         |- Harriott (b. 1832 Church Gresley)
      |- Ann (b. 1796 Church Gresley)
      |- John (1798-1873) Labourer of Hartshorne & Swadlincote m: 1830 Breedon-on-the-Hill LEI Frances EDWARDS (b. c1802)
         |- Sally (b. 1834 Newhall)
         |- Thomas (b. 1836 Newhall)
         |- John (1841-1843)
         |- Maria (b. 1845 Church Gresley)
         |- George (b. 1848 Midway, Swadlincote) Potter's Labourer of Midway Cottage, Hartshorne m: Catherine (b. c1852 Ashby-de-la-Zouch)
            |- Fanny (b. 1872 Midway, Swadlincote)
            |- Elizabeth Ann (b. 1876 Midway, Swadlincote)
            |- Maria (b. c1877 Midway, Swadlincote)
      |- Samuel (b. 1801 Church Gresley) Grocer of Swadlincote m: Sarah (b. c1800)
         |- Mary Ann (b. c1826)
         |- Richard (b. c1827)
         |- James (b. c1830)
         |- Sarah (b. 1835 Swadlincote)
         |- Robert (b. c1836)
         |- Maria (b. c1838)
      |- Maria (Dinah) (b. 1803 Church Gresley) m: 1823 Stapenhill Richard STALEY (1803-1891; son of John STALEY, Farmer of Newhall & Church Gresley, and Ann née DUMOLO) Master Potter, Eartheware Manufacturer, Farmer & Shopkeeper of Newhall & Midway Cott, Hartshorne/Swadlincote => Descendants
      |- Robert (1805-1869) Agricultural Labourer of Swadlincote

WOOTTON Family of Newhall & Church Gresley
John WOOTTON (b. c1812 Newhall) Wheelwright & Carpenter of Swadlincote & Common Side, Church Gresley m: 1833 Church Gresley Jane BOSTOCK (1811-1875; dau of John BOSTOCK and Alice née LEEDHAM) - see BOSTOCK Family of Church Gresley
|- Samuel (b. c1833 Swadlincote) Wheelwright of Church Gresley & Innkeeper of 1 Burton Rd Albert Place, Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI m: 1856 Church Gresley Ann JONES (b. c1838 Church Gresley; dau of Aaron & Elizabeth JONES, Potter of Gresley Common & Hill Top, Church Gresley)
   |- John (b. c1858 Church Gresley)
   |- Alfred (b. c1860 Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI)
   |- Annie (b. c1863 Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI)
   |- Jane E (b. c1870 Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI)
|- Alice (b. c1834 Swadlincote)
|- John (b. c1837 Swadlincote) Collier m: Sarah STONE
   |- Jane (b. 1858 Church Gresley) m: 1876 Swadlincote Joshua WOODWARD (b. 1853 Swadlincote) => Descendants incl. Phil Marshall - see WOODWARD Family of Church Gresley
   |- Alice Leedham (b. 1860 Church Gresley) m: 1877 Church Gresley John MELLOR (b. c1857; son of William MELLOR, Labourer) => Children
|- Eliza (b. cMarch 1842 Swadlincote) m: 1861 Church Gresley Samuel HARRISON (b. c1834 Woodville; son of William HARRISON, Potter of Church Gresley, Swadlincote & Woodville, and Mary née CHAPMAN) Potter of Church Gresley & Brickmaker of Mushroom Lane, Ashby De La Zouch LEI => Children
|- Lewis (1843-1920) Potter of Wood Street & Grocer of 5 Temperance Terrace, Church Gresley [1887] m: 1863 Church Gresley Emma Louisa EYLEY (1845-1924; dau of James EYLEY, Collier & Engine Worker of Church Gresley, and Elizabeth née HULL)
|- Jane (b. 1854 Church Gresley) m: 1871 Church Gresley John Thomas EVANS (b. c1847 Moira LEI; son of John & Ann EVANS, Railway Porter, Labourer & Platelayer of Moira LEI & Swains Park Crossing, Church Gresley) Engine Stoker of Church Gresley & Engine Driver of Mushroom Lane, Ashby De La Zouch LEI => Children

BOSTOCK Family of Church Gresley
John BOSTOCK (c1771-1829) of Church Gresley m: 1794 Melbourne Alice LEEDHAM (c1776-1848)
|- Ann (1795-1874) m: 1815 Church Gresley William SIMPSON (c1792-1840; son of William SIMPSON [1829][1835], Potter of Church Gresley, and Mary née BATH) Potter of Church Gresley => Descendants
|- Joseph (b. 1798 Church Gresley) Potter of Gresley Common & High Cross Bank, Church Gresley m: Frances (Fanny) BETTERIDGE (b. c1798 Church Gresley)
   |- Jane (b. 1833 Measham) m: 1858 Newhall Francis MORTON (b. c1835 Lullington; son of Thomas & Ann MORTON, Agricultural Labourer of Lullington, Coton-in-the-Elms, Linton & Gresley Common, Church Gresley) Potter of Newhall
   |- Johannah (b. c1835 Church Gresley) m: 1859 Church Gresley Thomas WOOD (1836-1889; son of Francis & Mary WOOD, Collier & Labourer of Linton & Castle Gresley) Collier of High Cross Bank, Castle Gresley
   |- Joseph (b. c1838 Church Gresley)
   |- Sarah (b. c1840 Church Gresley)
|- William Leedham (1800-1805)
|- Alice (b. 1803 Church Gresley)
|- True (n. 1806 Church Gresley)
|- Mary (b. 1808 Church Gresley)
|- Jane (1811-1875) m: 1833 Church Gresley John WOOTTON (b. c1812 Newhall) => Descendants incl. Phil Marshall - see WOOTON Family of Church Gresley
|- John (1813-1845)
|- Stephen Leedham (b. 1815 Church Gresley) Potter of Gresley Common m: Ann (c1813-1878)
   |- Alice Leedham (b. c1840 Moira LEI) m: 1863 Newhall Emmanuel PEACE (b. 1842 Newhall; son of Gervase & Sarah PEACE, Collier of Newhall) Collier of Newhall => Child
   |- Mary (b. c1841 Moira)
   |- James Leedham (b. c1843 Moira) Pipes Sockiter (sic) & Foreman of  Moira Road, Ashby De La Zouch LEI m: Ann (c1838-1896)
      |- Mary Jane (b. c1869 Church Gresley) m: 1894 Woodville John George SHERWIN (b. c1873 Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI; son of Joseph SHERWIN, Foreman, and ??? née TERLEY) Labourer of Woodville => Children
      |- Annie (b. c1877 Woodville)
   |- John (b. c1846 Moira) Coal Miner of Mushroom Lane, Ashby De La Zouch LEI m: Sarah Ann (c1846-1889)
      |- Stephen L (b. c1869 Church Gresley)
      |- Mary (b. c1873 Church Gresley)
      |- Ann (1880-1882)
   |- Jane (b. c1849 Ashby-de-la-Zouch LEI)
|- John (b. 1817 Church Gresley)
|- James (b. 1822 Church Gresley)
Contact  Phil Marshall , Louise Staley or Brett Payne for further details.
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NEEDHAM, SMITH, BURTON, TAYLOR, NEWBOLD, MASON, BOOTON & KIRK, by Elizabeth Needham of Washington State (south of Seattle), United States
Elizabeth's ancestor John D. NEEDHAM Sr. and wife Esther née SMITH lived in Linton, at that time part of Church Gresley parish. Esther died, probably of diphtheria, soon after the birth of her fifth child who, in turn, succumbed three months later. John emigrated from Church Gresley to the United States in 1814, having remarried one Ann BURTON.  Six years later, he purchased 500 acres in Clermont County, Ohio, where he farmed there until his death in 1830. The property was willed to his sons John and William.
John NEWBOLD (b. 1663) m: 1688 Church Gresley Mary ???
|- John NEWBOLD (b. 1700)
|- Ann NEWBOLD (b. 1702)
|- Blanche NEWBOLD (b. 1704) m: 1730 Church Gresley John SMITH
   |- John SMITH (b. 1731)
   |- Richard SMITH (b. 1734) m: 1767 Church Gresley Sarah NEWBOLD (b. 1740, Lullington, dau of Joseph NEWBOLD)
      |- Anne SMITH (b. 1767)
      |- Elizabeth SMITH (b. 1769)
      |- Esther SMITH (1770-1770)
      |- William SMITH (b. 1772)
      |- Esther SMITH (1775-1801) m: 1793 Church Gresley John D. NEEDHAM Sr. (1771-1830, Linton, son of John NEEDHAM & Mary née BOOTON of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics.)
         |- Robert NEEDHAM (1794-1827)
         |- William Edward NEEDHAM (1795-1850)
         |- Elisabeth NEEDHAM (1797-1876)
         |- John D. NEEDHAM Jr. (1799-1880) Farmer of Owensville, Ohio
         |- Esther Salina NEEDHAM (1801-1801)
|- Edward NEWBOLD (b. 1709)
|- Catherine Mary NEWBOLD (1710-1730)
Contact  Elizabeth Needham for further details.
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SHORTHOUSE, SMART & WILTON, Sharon Kay of Australia
Henry SHORTHOUSE was born c.1828, and baptised at Netherseal, son of Thomas & Mary.  He married Martha WILTON born c.1831 in Smisby, and they had the following known children, all born at Overseal:  Arthur (b. 8 Mar 1856), Walter J (b. 1858), Lois (b. 1861) & Annie V (b. 1865).  They moved to Church Gresley from Overseal between c. 1870 and 1878. According to the 1881 Census, Henry's occupation was Engine Driver in a Coal Mine, and they were living at 3 Shreeve's Row, Church Gresley.  By the 1891 Census, they had moved to 1 Poplar Terrace, Church Gresley.  Henry died in 1901, and Martha in 1916.
Henry's son Arthur SHORTHOUSE married Roseanne SMART (b. 20 Aug 1853 Ticknall), daughter of James SMART & Mary née EDGE.  They only had one child, Carey James (b. 13 Apr 1879 Church Gresley).  Arthur worked as clerk to the Burial Board [1881], and was living in the Cemetary House, Church Gresley on the 1881 Census.  The family migrated to Australia in 1884, together with Arthur's sister Lois.  Lois obviously subsequently returned to Church Gresley, as she is listed in the 1891 Census as living with Henry & Martha.
Contact  Sharon Kay for further details.
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WHITAKER, MASON, ALDRIDGE, EYLEY, JERVIS & SHORTHOUSE, by Lillias (Lizzie) Kelly of Geraldton, Western Australia
My great-grandmother Lillias née WHITAKER married Walter DUNHILL in 1884.  She was born on 23 August 1857 in Church Gresley, the eldest of ten children of Solomon WHITAKER (b. 1832) and Sarah née EYLEY (b. 1834).  Sarah's father Thomas EYLEY was born on 20 April 1788, either in Middleton-by-Wirksworth or Heanor, but by 1841 was a Colliery Bailiff in Church Gresley, having married Sarah JERVIS (b. 6 Apr 1796) in Staveley in 1819.
The WHITAKERs, on the other hand, had been in Church Gresley for several genrations, as shown in the summary below (compiled by Lizzie Kelly & Brett Payne):
John WHITAKER d. 1781 Gresley Green m: Sarah
|- John (c1761-1816) Farmer of Church Gresley m: 1786 Church Gresley Mary MASON (c1761-1828)
   |- John (1787-1844) Labourer & Coal Miner of Church Gresley m: 1811 Church Gresley Maria ALDRIDGE (b. c1790)
      |- Thomas (1812-1875) Coal Miner, of Whiteaker's Buildings, Gresley Common m: Ann (c1814-1856)
         |- Sarah Ann (c1838-1861)
         |- Susannah (b. c1841) m: 1869 Church Gresley Nehemiah HARVEY (b. c1838) Coal Miner of Church Gresley => children
         |- William (1842-1869)
         |- Solomon (1844-1886) Tile Manufacturer of Common Side [1881] m: 1868 Church Gresley Edith MANSFIELD [1895] (c1845-1918; dau of Thomas MANSFIELD, Shopkeeper & Crate Maker of 2 Temperance Pl, Church Gresley, and Ann née HOLT) => children
         |- Samuel (1846-1867)
         |- Charlotte (b. 1848)
         |- Anne (b. 1851)
      |- Mary (1814-1898) m: 1831 Church Gresley Thomas BETTERIDGE (1799-1872) Coal Miner of Church Gresley => descendants
      |- Maria (1817-1871) m: 1835 Church Gresley William PAYNE (c1814-1879) Potter, Coal Miner, Beer Retailer & Inn Keeper of Church Gresley [1874][1881]=> descendants - Contact  Brett Payne.
      |- Sarah (1819-1831)
      |- Anne (b. 1822)
      |- John (1824-1907) Coal Miner & Haberdasher of Hastings Road, Church Gresley [1895a][1895b] m: Sarah SHORTHOUSE (c1816-1896)
         |- Maria (b. 1847)
         |- Emma (b. 1848)
         |- Matilda (b. 1850) m: 1873 Church Gresley James DENNIS (c1853-1900) Coal Miner & Clay Miner of Church Gresley => children
         |- Johnnie (b. 1852)
         |- Mary Maria (b. 1854)
         |- Agnes (1855-1925) m: Gilbert ILLSLEY (1838-1898) Beer Retailer, Grocer, Wine, Ale, Porter & Coal Merchant of Common Side, Church Gresley [1881][1887][1895a][1895b] => descendants
         |- George (b. 1857) Brickmaker of Hastings Road, Church Gresley m: 1878 Church Gresley Mary Ann CHANDLER (b. c1851) => children
         |- Arthur William (1859-1892) Fitter's Labourer of Hastings Road, Church Gresley m: Rosa/Rose ATHERLEY (c1868-1938) => descendants
         |- Caroline (b. c1861)
         |- Sarah Ann (b. c1863)
      |- William (b. 1827) Coal Miner of Eardley's Row, Gresley Common (Common Side), Church Gresley m: Mary (b. c1826)
         |- John (b. 1850) Coal Miner of Common Side, Church Gresley m: Fanny (b. c1856) => children
         |- Tamar (b. 1853 d. young)
         |- Tamar (b. 1855)
         |- Mary Anne (b. 1857)
         |- William (b. 1860)
      |- Samuel (1830-1895) Coal Miner of 1 Whitakers Row, Old Freehold, Church Gresley m: Emma (b. c1829)
         |- Anne (b. 1853)
         |- John Charles (b. 1856)
         |- Amos (b. 1859) Signalman m: 1880 Church Gresley Mary Ann KIRK (b. c1856)
         |- Clara (b. 1860)
         |- Albert/Alfred (b. c1863) m: Sally (b. c1864) => children
      |- Solomon (b. 1832) Coal Miner of 1 Linton Heath, Linton m: 1856 Church Gresley Sarah EYLEY (b. 1834; dau of Thomas EYLEY [1835][1846][1850], miner, bookkeeper, agent, colliery bailiff & colliery manager of Machine House, Gresley Colliery, and Sarah née JERVIS)
         |- Lilias (1857-1947) m: 1884 Walter DUNHILL (b. 1857) => descendants incl. Lizzie Kelly
         |- Ernest (1860-1863)
         |- Harold (b. 1861)
         |- Rose/Rosa (b. 1864)
         |- Leonard (1866-1867)
         |- William Edgar (b. 1869)
         |- Thomas Eyley (b. 1871)
         |- Herbert (b. 1873)
         |- Arthur (b. 1876)
         |- Daniel Eyley (1879-1879)
      |- Caroline (b. c1836)
   |- William (c1789-1820)
   |- Thomas (1790-1794)
   |- Sarah (d. 1794)
   |- Sarah (1796-1796)
   |- Thomas (1798-1802)
   |- Sarah (d. 1801)
   |- Sarah (d. 1802)
   |- Mary (d. 1802)
   |- Samuel (b. 1803)
|- Elizabeth (b. 1763)
|- Thomas (b. 1765)
Contact  Lizzie Kelly for further details.
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and other Church Gresley connections, by Brett Payne of Tauranga, New Zealand
My 4g-grandfather Peter (III) PAYNE (1732-1813) purchased 63 acres of land in Church Gresley in 1772, while he was still farming in the nearby parish of Newton Solney.  It's possible that his wife Mary (c.1742-1800) had Church Gresley connections, although I've been unable to find a marriage for them.  Their son Peter (IV) PAYNE (1778-1839) [1821][1829][1835] moved to Church Gresley in 1799 shortly after his marriage to Ann HARRIS (1773-1839) at St Modwen's, Burton-upon-Trent, where he was a farmer, wheelwright and inn keeper.  Peter (IV) & Ann had 10 children, of whom at least seven survived to adulthood, as follows:

- Peter (V) PAYNE (1801-1845) m: Ann TIPPER (1807-1857) => Peter was a carpenter; they only had one surviving child, Henry PAYNE (1842-1907), my gg-grandfather.
- Harriett PAYNE (1803-1850) m: Thomas BAGNALL (1805-1836) => at least 4 generations of descendants found so far; children & grandchildren married into the LEAR, TOMLINSON, DENT, DEEMING and WARREN families. Thomas & Harriett's youngest son William BAGNALL (c.1835-1847) was killed in the 1847 Gresley Pit Disaster, aged 11.  Harriett was godmother to her nephew, and my gg-grandfather, Henry PAYNE at his baptism at St Stephen's Woodville in 1848 -  click this link for an image of his Baptism Card.
- Sarah Anne PAYNE (1806-1808)
- Frederick PAYNE (1807-1849) died unmarried.
- Henry PAYNE (1808-1834) a veterinary surgeon, died unmarried.
- Mary PAYNE (b.1810) m: John JOHNSON (b.1814) => had at least three children & moved to Doncaster YKS (1881)
- Thomas PAYNE (b.1811) probably died young
- William PAYNE (b.1811) [1835] m: Ann COOPER (1812-1892; dau of Thomas COOPER [1829][1835], shopkeeper, victualler & parish clerk of Boot P.H., Church Gresley, and Sarah née ATKINS) => William was also a veterinary surgeon; he and Ann emigrated to Springdale, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvannia, USA between 1835 and 1841. They had at least 3 daughters, but apparently no surviving grandchildren.
- Anne PAYNE (b.1814) probably died young
- Sarah PAYNE (b.1816) m: Robert JOHNSON (b.1818) => Robert was a brother of John JOHNSON (above); Robert & Sarah were living in the same household as John & Mary in Doncaster YKS at the time of the 1881 Census.

By the time of the 1841 Census, most of these families had moved away from Church Gresley, and those remaining had fallen on hard times.  The last of the land from the Church Gresley estate of Peter (IV) PAYNE had been sold in July 1840 to recover debts owing on a mortgage.  By 1850, widowed Ann and her son Henry were in the Ashby-de-la-Zouch Union Workhouse.

Also living in Church Gresley in the first few decades of the 19th Century was my BENFIELD family.  Henry BENFIELD (c.1790-1873) and his wife Sarah formerly TIPPER née GOUGH (1786-1844) were tenants of Peter (IV) PAYNE in 1834, in a house that Peter had built at 'The Orchard'.  In October 1844, Sarah died - Henry remarried in December of that year, and more or less immediately moved to Warwickshire.  Henry & Sarah had at least eight children, as follows:
- Dorothy BENFIELD (1814-1895) m: William LUNN (c.1814-1887) => their grand-daughter Sarah Emma PARKER (1870-1946) married my gg-uncle, and her half-2nd-cousin, Charles Hallam PAYNE (1871-1960) - see Photo of 'Uncle Hallam' in 1959. William & Dorothy also probably 'adopted' her illegitimate niece, and my gg-grandmother, Henrietta Christina BENFIELD (1843-1914) - see below.
- Joseph BENFIELD (b.1817) possibly married Sarah - children unknown.
- Sarah BENFIELD (b.1819) according to family legend, Sarah worked as a barmaid in a pub or small hotel in Burton-upon-Trent, where she was 'seduced' by a Jewish-American millionaire industrialist named GOLD. Her illegitimate daughter Henrietta Christina BENFIELD (1843-1914) married Henry PAYNE (1842-1907) - they were my gg-grandparents.
- John BENFIELD (1821-1866) died unmarried.
- Thomas BENFIELD (1823-1898) m: Jane BACON (1819-1893) => Thomas was a blacksmith at Princes End, Tipton, Staffordshire, and was reputedly in 'partnership' with my gg-grandfather Henry PAYNE (1842-1907) for a short period in the late 1850s. Thomas and Jane had 7 children, and I have details of six generations of descendants.  One of Thomas & Jane's grand-daughters, Rachel (Ray) Elizabeth BENFIELD (1880-1956), married Fred PAYNE (1879-1946), one of "Uncle Hallam's" younger brothers.
- Emily BENFIELD (b.1825) m: Charles GILLETT (b.c1826) => they lived at 60 Musgrave Road, Birmingham WAR, and had 5 children by 1881.
- George BENFIELD (b.1826) m: (possibly) Matilda (b.c1826) => this family were living at at 42 Morleston Street, Litchurch, DBY in 1881, and George worked as an Engine Driver for Midland Railway. He was Congregational preacher of some repute, and later appears to have emigrated to Australia. However, there is some doubt that this George was the son of Henry & Sarah.
- William BENFIELD (1829-1888) m: Elizabeth/Eliza SOUTHALL (c.1830-1911) => William & Eliza also lived in the Princes End area, in Parkes Lane and later Fountain Lane, Coseley/Sedgley, where he was a coal miner.  They had 12 known children, and I have details of 6 generations of descendants.

For Further Information Visit my Family Research Page, look at my Full Surnames List or Contact me: Brett Payne.
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