Like most people who have Nantucket and Martha

 Cece Bibby's Genealogy


Like most people who have Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard ancestry I trace back to many of those first white settlers of those islands, in some cases through multiple lines. Those in my island ancestry are Barnard, Bunker, Coffin, Coleman, Fitch, Folger, Gardner, Gayer, Gorham, Hussey, Macy, Starbuck and Worth. 

My Gorhams connect to one of my Mayflower lines, that of Howland/Tilley and my Coleman/Folger lines make Ben Franklin my first cousin, many times removed.


ALBRECHT (Germany)
 Ann  Margarethe Albrecht m. Abraham-1 Tegarden            Abraham-2 Tegarden, Jr.

 John Algore m.
  William Algore m.
   William Algore m.
    Robert Algore m. Margaret Cowley
     Agnes Algore m. Thomas Fytche                          Roger Fytche

 John Alred m.
  John Allred m. Constance Higgenson
   Ellen Allred m. Randle Janney                            Thomas Janney

ANDREWS (England)
 Gyles Andrews m. Agnes
  Elizabeth Andrews m. Richard Sheafe                       Thomas Sheafe

 Nicholas Arden m.
  Alice/Joan Arden m. James Brampton                        Alice Brampton Petley

 William Atwood m.
  Agnes Atwood m. Robert Whitfield                          Thomas Whitfield

AUNE   (England)
Thomas Aune m. Elizabeth Bosville
 John Aune m. Catherine Preston
  Joan Aune m. Henry Peck                                   Robert Peck

 Joseph-1 Austin m. Sarah‑2 Starbuck
  Deborah Austin m. John‑2 Coffin                           Deborah Coffin Macy

 John-1 Ayer/Eyre m. Hannah Evered alias Webb
  Obadiah-2 Ayers m. Hannah‑3 Pike
   John-3 Ayers m. Mary Walker
    Thomas-4 Ayers m. Mary
     Peter-5 Ayers m. Catherine
      Catharine Ayers m. William Collum                     David Ayers Collum

BABB (England)
 Nicholas Babb m.
  Helen Babb m. Robert Peck                                 Rev. Robert-1 Peck

 Rev. Stephen-1 Bachiler m. Ann Bate
  Theodate Bachiler m. Capt. Christopher‑1 Hussey           Stephen-2 Hussey

 Agnes Barker/Barber m. Thomas Munning                      Humphrey Munning

BARNARD (England/MA/Nantucket/NC)
 Robert-1 Barnard m. Joanna Harvey
  Mary Barnard m. Nathaniel-2 Barnard                       John-3 Barnard
                                                            Benjamin-3 Barnard

Thomas-1 Barnard m. Eleanor
 Nathaniel-2 Barnard m. Mary Barnard
  John-3 Barnard m. Sarah-3 Macy
   Jemima Barnard m. Elihu-4 Coleman                        Eunice Coleman Macy 
  Benjamin-3 Barnard m. Judith Gardner
   Timothy-4 Barnard m. Mary-4 Bunker
    Benjamin-5 Barnard m. Eunice Fitch
     Lydia Barnard m. Mathew-5 Macy, Jr.                    Eunice Macy Macy

BATE (England)
 Ann Bate m. Rev. Stephen-1 Bachiler                        Theodate Bachiler Hussey

BAUMAN (Germany)
 Elisabetha Bauman m. Georg Unangst                         Andreas-1 Unangst


Anna Margarethe Bechtel m. John-2 Georg Hauck/Haag        Georg-3 Michael Haag


BEDELL (England)

 Margery Bedell m. William Brock                           Mary Brock Reve/Reeve



 Frank Bibby m. Madge Williams

  Frank Bibby m. Mary Elizabeth Collum

   Cecelia Bibby


BILLIG (Germany/PA)

 Johannes-1 Arnold Billig m. Sophia Kiefer

  Emmanuel-2 Billig m. Regina Resch

   Susanna Billig m. John-3 Georg Hering                   Catherine Hering Hauck



 Thomas Bonham m. Frances Knight

  George Bonham m.

   Nicholas-1 Bonham m. Hannah Fuller

    Hezekiah-2 Bonham m. #2 Mary Bishop

     Amariah-3 Bonham m. #2 Mary Drake

      Peter-4 Bonham m. Rebecca

       Jacob-5 L. Bonham m. Nancy Chamberlain

        Lydia Bonham m. Simon-4 Overturf, Jr.              Mary Ann Overturf Collum

BOSVILLE (England)
 Elizabeth Bsoville m. Thomas Aune                         John Aune

BRADSHAW (England)
 Isabel Bradshaw m. Nicholas Williamson                    John Williamson

BRAMPTON (England)
 William Brampton m. Alice Shelley
  James Brampton m. Alice/Joan Arden
   Alice Brampton m. John Petley                           John Petley

BRANDON (England)
 Sir William Brandon m. ?Margaret? Wingfield
  Margaret Bradnon m. Hugh Manning                         John Manning

BROCK (England)
 William Brock m. Agnes Wiseman
  William Brock m. Margery Bedell
   Mary Brock m. John Reve/Reeve                           Ann Reeve Fitch

 Juliana Brockhill m. John Manning                         Hugh Manning

BRUNN (Germany/PA)
 Georg Heinrich Brunn m. Anna Maria Klebus
  Katherine Brunn m. Adreas-1 Unangst                      Eva Maria Unangst Hering

BUNCKER/BUNKER (England/MA/Nantucket)
 Roger Buncker m. Agnes
  William Buncker m. Ann
   Oliver Buncker m. Joan
    Timothy Bunker m. Elizabeth Hawkins
     George-1 Bunker m. Jane/Elizabeth Godfrey
      William-2 Bunker m. Mary-2 Macy
       Peleg-3 Bunker m. Susanna-3 Coffin
        Mary-4 Bunker m. Timothy-4 Barnard                 Benjamin-5 Barnard

      Mary-2 Bunker m. Stephen-2 Coffin                    Susanna Coffin Bunker

      Martha-2 Bunker m. Stephen-2 Hussey                  Bachiler-3 Hussey
                                                           Puella-3 Hussey Gorham

 ?? Carre m. John Peck                                     John Peck

 Nancy Chamberlain m. Jacob L. Bonham                      Lydia Bonham Overturf

 Robert Malyn alias le Taverner m. Dulcia/Duce
  Andrew leTaverner m. Isabella, d/o Walter the Goldsmith
   Robert leChaucer m. Mary Westhale
    John Chaucer m. Agnes deCopton
     Catherine Chaucer m. Simon de Manning                 John Manning

CHYRFOLD (England)
 Richard Chyrfold m. Joan
  ?Joan? Chyrfold m. William Manning                       Simon Manning

Michael Koder m. Magdalena
  Georg Koder m. Margaretha Hiller
   Martin Koder m. Maria Gauss
    Anna Maria Koder m. Hans Jerg Mayer                     Anna Maria Mayer Koder
   Conrad-1 Koder m. Maria Funckh
    Conrad-2 Koder m. Agatha Gauss
     Conrad-3 Koder m. Anna Maria Mayer
      Conrad-4 Koder m. Maria Catharine
       Philip-5 Georg Koder m. Magdalena ?Reedy?

        Daniel-6 Coder m. Catharina Maria Hauck/Haag
         Hannah Catherine Coder m. Ira-8 Martin Macy        Agnes Evelena Macy Collum

COFFYN/COFFIN (England/ME/NH/MA/Nantucket/Vineyard)

 Nicholas Coffyn m. Joan

  Peter Coffyn m. Joan Kember

   Tristram-1 Coffin m. Dionis Stevens

    Peter-2 Coffin m. Abigail-2 Starbuck

     Peter-3 Coffin m. Elizabeth-3 Starbuck

      Abigail-4 Coffin m. Jedidiah-3 Fitch                  Beriah-4 Fitch

    John-2 Coffin m. Deborah Austin

     Deborah Coffin m. Thomas-3 Macy                        Joseph-4 Macy

    Stephen-2 Coffin m. Mary-2 Bunker

     Susanna Coffin m. Peleg-3 Bunker                       Mary-4 Bunker Barnard

    James-2 Coffin m. Mary Severance

     Abigail-3 Coffin m. Nathaniel-3 Gardner                Judith Gardner Bernard

     Nathaniel-3 Coffin m. Damaris Gayer

      Benjamin‑4 Coffin m. Jedida Hussey

       Abigail-5 Coffin m. Mathew-4 Macy, Sr.               Mathew-5 Macy, Jr.

     Mary-2 Coffin m. Nathaniel-2 Starbuck                  Elizabeth Starbuck Coffin

                                                            Priscilla Starbuck Coleman

                                                            Jethro-3 Starbuck

COLEMAN (England/MA/Nantucket)

 Thomas-1 Coleman m. Susanna

  John-2 Coleman m. Joanna Folger

   John-3 Coleman m. Priscilla Starbuck

    Elihu-4 Coleman m. Jemima Barnard

     Eunice Coleman m. John-4 Macy                          Bethiah Macy Macy



 William Collum m. Catharine Ayers

  David Ayers Collum m. Elizabeth Spriggs

   William Spriggs Collum m. Mary Ann Overturf

    Marion E. Collum m.,Agnes E. (Macy) Fisher

     Mary Elizabeth Collum m. Frank Bibby                   Cecelia Bibby


 Agnes deCopton m. John leChaucer                           Catherine Chaucer Manning

 Peter Courthope m.
  Alexander Courthope m. Katherine Foster
   Eleanor Courthope m. Thomas Harman                        Mary Harman Sheafe

COWLEY (England)
 Margaret Cowley m. Robert Algore                            Agnes Algore Fytche

 Jennett Crakeplace m. John Woodhall                         John Woodhall

DAY/DAYE (England)
 Thomas Daye m. Joan Morris
  Dorothy Daye/Day m. John-1 Pike                            Capt. John-2 Pike

DEANE (England)
 Margaret Deane m. John Smyth                                William Smith

 Michael-1 Debolt m. Elizabeth
  George-2 Debolt m. Elizabeth-2 Teagarden
   Mary Debolt m. Simon-3 Overturf, Sr.                      Simon-4 Overturf, Jr.

DRAKE (England/MA/NJ)
 Capt. Francis-1 Drake m. Mary Walker
  Rev. John-2 Drake m. Rebecca Trotter
   Mary Drake m. Amariah-3 Bonham                            Peter-4 Bonham

DYMOKE (England)
 Agnes Dymoke m. Erasmus Kyrkener                            Katherine Kyrkener Manning

ELES (England)
 Elizabeth Eles m. William Rylands                           Ann Rylands Smith

ELMY (England)
 Richard Elmy m. Margaret Lawrence
  Alice Elmy m. John Gibbs                                   Meribah Gibbs Folger

 Margaret Evans m. Benjamin-3 Pearson                        Abel-4 Pearson

EVERED alias WEBB (England/MA)
 Hannah Evered alias Webb m. John-1 Ayers/Eyre               Obadiah-2 Ayers

FYTCHE/FITCH (England/ct/MA/Nantucket/NC)
 William Fytche m.
  John Fytche m. Agnes
   Roger Fytche m. Margery
    George Fytche m. Joan Thurgood
     Thomas Fitch m. Ann Reve/Reeve
      Rev. James-1 Fitch m. Abigail Whitfield
       Maj. James-2 Fitch m. Elizabth Mason
        Jedidiah-3 Fitch m. Abigail-3 Coffin
         Beriah-4 Fitch m. Deborah Gorham
          Eunice Fitch m. Benjamin-5 Barnard                 Lydia Barnard Macy

FOSTER (England)
 Robert Foster m. Joan
  Katherine Foster m. Alexander Courthope                    Eleanor Courthope Harman

FULLER (England/Mayflower/MA)
 Edward-1 Fuller m. Ann (Mayflower)
  Samuel-2 Fuller (Mayflower) m. Jane Lathrop
   Hannah Fuller m. Nicholas-1 Bonham                        Hezekiah-2 Bonham

FOULGER/FOLGER (England/Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket)
 John-1 Foulger m. Meribah Gibbs
  Peter-2 Folger m. Mary Morrill
   Joanna Folger m. John-2 Coleman                           John-3 Coleman

FRIAR (England/)MA)
 Francis Friar
  Margaret friar m. Thomas-1 Gardner                         Richard-2 Gardner

FULFORD (England)
 Jane Fulford m. Anthony Nutter                              Hatevil-1 Nutter

FUNCKH (Germany)
 Maria Funckh m. Conrad-1 Roder                              Conrad-2 Roder

GARDNER (England/MA/Nantucket)
 Thomas-1 Gardner m. Margaret Friar
  Richard-2 Gardner m. Sarah‑2 Shattuck
   Nathaniel-3 Gardner m. Abigail-3 Coffin
    Judith Gardner m. Benjamin-3 Barnard                     Timothy-4 Barnard

   Miriam-3 Gardner m. John-2 Worth                          Judith Worth Macy

   Deborah-3 Gardner m. John-2 Macy                          Sarah-3 Macy Barnard
                                                             Jabez-3 Macy
                                                             John-3 Macy
                                                             Thomas-3 Macy

 Magnus Gauss m. Ursula Vetter
  Conrad Gauss m. Petronella Hagenmaier
   Maria Gauss m. Roder                                      Conrad-1 Roder
 Agatha Gauss m. Conrad-2 Roder                              Conrad-3 Roder

GAYER (England/Nantucket)
 Humphrey Gayer m. Jane Spark
  William-1 Gayer m. Dorcas-2 Starbuck
   Damaris Gayer m. Nathaniel-3 Coffin                       Benjamin-4 Coffin

   Dorcas Gayer m. Jethro-3 Starbuck                         Sarah-4 Starbuck Macy

GIBBS (England)
 John Gibbs m. Alice Elmy
  Meribah Gibbs m. John-1 Foulger                            Peter-2 Folger

GIBBS (England)
 Cutbury Gi s m. William Trotter                             Rebecca Trotter Drake

GILES (England)
 John Giles m.
  Agnes Giles m. Robert Whitfield                            Robert Whitfield

GODFREY (England/MA/Nantucket)
 Thomas Godfrey m. Elizabeth Mead
  Jane/Elizabeth  Godfrey m. George-1 Bunker                 William-2 Bunker
                                                             Mary-2 Bunker Coffin
                                                             Martha-2 Bunker Hussey

 Walter the Goldsmith m. Agnes
  Isabella m. Andrew leTaverner alias leChaucer              Robert leChaucer

GORHAM (England/MA)
 Ralph-1 Gorham m.
  Capt. John-2 Gorham m. Desire Howland
   Shubael-3 Gorham m. Puella Hussey
    Deborah Gorham m. Beriah-4 Fitch                         Eunice Fitch Barnard

GRAMLICH (Germany)
 Barbara Gramlich m. Endres (Andrew) Unangst, Sr             Endres Unangst, Jr.

GRINDALL (England)
 William Grindall m.
  Katherine grindall m. John Woodhall                        Isabel Woodhall Wilson

 Stophel Hagenmaier m.
  Petronella Hagenmaier m. Conrad Gauss                      Maria Gauss Koder

HALL (England/ME/MA)
 Deacon John-1 Hall m. Elizabeth
  John-2 Hall m. Abigail Roberts
   Abigail Hall m. Bachiler-3 Hussey                         Jedida Hussey Coffin

HARMAN (England)
 Thomas Harman m. Eleanor Courthope
  Mary Harman m. Thomas Sheafe                               Rev. Dr. Thomas Sheafe

 Joan Harrington m. Richard Peck                             Richard Peck

Jane Harry m. Nicholas Williamson                           Ellen Williamson Smith

HARVEY (England/MA)
 Humphrey Harvey m.
  Turner Harvey m.
   William Harvey m. Thomazine
    Thomas Harvey m. Agnes Clark
     William Harvey m. Joan Hucker
      Joanna Harvey m. Robert-1 Barnard                       Mary Barnard Barnard

HARVEY (England)
 Joan Harvey m. John Worth                                    John Worth

 John-1 Georg Haag/Hauck m. Maria
  John-2 Georg Haag m. Anna Margaretha Bechtel
   George-3 Michael Haag m. catarina Sallady
    Daniel-4 Haag m. Catherine Hering
     Catherina Maria Haag m. Daniel-6 Coder                   Hannah Coder Macy

HENDLEY (England)
 John Hendley m.
  John Hendley m. Mercy
   Alice Hendley m. Thomas Sheafe                             Richard Sheafe

HERNE (England)
 William Herne m.
  Elizabeth Herne m. John Lawrence                            Anne Lawrence Peck

HERING/HORING (Alsace Lorraine/PA/IA)
 Johon-1 Georg Horing m.
  Johannes-2 Hering m. eva Maria Unangst
   Johann-3 Georg Hering m. Susanna Billig
    Catherine Hering m. Daniel-4 Haag/Hauck                   Catherine Haag Coder

 Constance Higgenson m. John Allred                           Ellen Allred Janney

HILLER (Germany)
 Martin Hiller m.
  Martha Hiller m. Georg Koder                                Martin Koder
                                                              Conrad-1 Koder

HOBBS (MA/Nantucket)
 Hannah Hobbs m. Joseph-4 Macy

HOPCOTT (England/MA/Nantucket)
 Sarah Hopcott m. Thomas-1 Macy                               Mary-2 Macy Bunker
                                                              Sarah-2 Macy Worth
                                                              John-2 Macy

 Sarah Howell m. John Molleson                              Christian Molleson Drake

HOWLAND (England/Mayflower/MA)
 Henry Howland m. Margaret
  John-1 Howland m. Elizabeth Tilley (Mayflower)
   Desire Howland m. Capt. John-2 Gorham                      Shubael-3 Gorham

 John House m. Alice
  Hannah House m. Rev. John-1 Lathrop/Lothroppe               Jane Lathrop Fuller

HUCKER (England/MA)
 Joan Hucker m. William Harvey                                Joanna Harvey Barnard

HURST (England/Mayflower/MA)
 Joan (Hurst) Rogers m. John-1 Tilley (Mayflower)          Elizabeth Tilley Howland

HUSSEY (England/NH/MA/Nantucket)
 John Hussey m. Mary Ware/Wood
  Capt. Christopher-1 Hussey m. Theodate BAchiler
   Stephen-2 Hussey m. Martha-2 Bunker
    Puella-3 Hussey m. Shubael-3 Gorham                      Deborah Gorham Fitch
    Bachiler-3 Hussey m. Abigail Hall
     Jedida-4 Hussey m. Benjamin-4 Coffin                    Abigail-5 Coffin Macy

JANNEY (England)
 Randall Janney m. Alice Wilkerson
  Thomas Janney m. Jone Worthington
   Randle Janney m. Ellen Allred
    Elizabeth Janney m. Lawrence Pierson                     Thomas-1 Pearson

KEMBER (England)
 Robert Kember m. Anna
  Joan Kember m. Peter Coffyn                                Tristram-1 Coffin

KIEFER (Germany/PA)
 Sophia Kiefer m. Johann-1 Arnold Billig                     Emmanuel-2 Billig

 Henry Kembold m. Cecelia
  Henry Kembold m. Margaret Munning
   Henry Kemball m. Johan/Joan
    Richard-1 Kimball m. Ursula Scott
      Abigail-2 Kimball m. John-1 Severance                  Mary Severance Coffin

KLEBUS (Germany)
 Anna Maria Klebus m. Georg Heinrich Brunn                  Katerina Brunn Unangst

KODER/CODER (See Coder) 

KYRKENER (Flanders/England)
 Erasmus Kyrkener m. Agnes Dymoke
  Katherine Kyrkener m. Henry Manning                       Mildred Fortune Manning

 Rev. John-l Lathrop m. Hannah House
  Jane Lathrop m. Samuel-2 Fuller (Mayflower)                Hannah Fuller Bonham

 John Lawrence m
  John lawrence m. Elizabeth Herne
   Anne Lawrence m. Rev. Robert-1 Peck                        Anne Peck Mason

LAWRENCE (England)
Margaret Lawrence m. Richard Elmy                            Alice Elmy Gibbs 

 Kunigunde Lindenmuth m. Sebastian Unangst                    Georg Unangst

MACY (England/MA/Nantucket/NC/OH/IA)
 Thomas-1 Macy m. Sarah Hopcott
  Mary-2  Macy m. William-2 Bunker                           Peleg-3 Bunker
  Sarah-2  Macy m. William-1 Worth                           John-2 Worth
  John-2 Macy m. Deborah Gardner
   Sarah-3 Macy m. John-3 Barnard                            Jemima Barnard Coleman
   John-3 Macy m. Judith Worth
    John-4  Macy m. Eunice Coleman
     Bethiah-5 Macy m. Paul-5 Macy, Sr.                      Paul-6 Macy, Jr. 
   Jabez-3 Macy m. Sarah-4 Starbuck
    Mathew-4 Macy, Sr. m. Abigail-5 Coffin
     Mathew-5 Macy, Jr. m. Lydia Barnard
      Eunice Macy m. Paul-6 Macy, Jr.                        John-7 Gardner Macy
   Thomas-3 Macy m. Deborah Coffin
    Joseph-4 Macy m. Hannah Hobbs
     Paul-5 Macy, Sr. m. Bethiah Macy
      Paul-6 Macy, Jr. M. Eunice Macy
       John-7 Gardner Macy m. Mary Ann Pearson
        Ira-8 Martin Macy m. Hannah Catherine Coder
         Agnes E. Macy m. #2 Marion E. Collum                  Mary Collum Bibby

(see Chaucer)



 Sir Simon de Manning m
  Stephen de Manning m.
   William Manning m.Joan? Chyrfold
    Simon Manning m.Katherine Chaucer
     John Manning m. Alice Walden
      John Manning m. Juliana Brockhill
       Hugh Manning m. Margaret Brandon
        John Manning m. Agnes Petley
         Henry Manning m. Katherine Kyrkener
          Mildred Fortune Manning m. Thomas Whitfield       Rev. Henry-1 Whitfield

MASON (England/CT/MA)
 Maj. John-1 Mason m. Anne Peck

  Elizabeth Mason m. Maj. James‑2 Fitch                       Jedidiah-3 Fitch


MAYER (Germany)

 Hans jerg Mayer m. Anna Maria Koder

  Anna Maria mayer m. Conrad‑3 Koder                         Conrad-4 Koder

 Mary (McLaren) Buffington m. #2 Abel-4 Pearson              Mary Ann Pearson Macy

MEAD (England)
 Elizabeth Mead m. Thomas Godfrey                             Jane Godfrey Bunker

 Sir Peter Middleton m. Ann Vavasour
  Alice Middleton m. Richard Peck                            Henry Peck

MILFORD (England)
 Sir Thomas Milford m.
  Alice Milford m. Lord John Whitfield                       Sir Robert Whitfield

 John Molleson m. Sarah Howell
  Christian Molleson m. #1 Jacob‑3 Drake                     Mary drake Bonham

Mary Morrill m. Peter-2 Folger                             Joanna Folger Coleman 

MORRIS (England)
 Joan Morris m. Thomas Daye                                   Dorothy Daye Pike

 John Munnying m. Margaret Woodworde
  Henry Munning m. Alice Pye
   Thomas Munning m. Agnes Barber/Barker
    Humphrey Munning m. Ellen Ungle
     Margaret Munning m. Henry Kembold                         Henry Kembold

NASH (England)
 Elizabeth Nash m. Thomas Severance                            John Severance

NUTTER (England/NH)
 Anthony Nutter m. Jane Fulford
  Hatevil-1 Nutter m. Anne ?Ayers?
   Abigail Nutter m. John-2 Roberts                          Abigail Roberts Hall

 Balthasar Oberdorf m. Margaretha

 Balthasar-1 Oberdorf m. Magdalena Oberdorf

 Valentin-2 Oberdorf m. Elizabeth Agnes/Agnes Elizabeth

 Simon-3 Overturf, Sr. m. Mary Debolt
  Simon-4 Overturf, Jr. m. Lydia Bonham

       Mary Ann Overturf m. William Spriggs Collum            Marion Everett Collum

Jacob Oberdorf m. Anna Barbara
 Magdalena oberdorf m. Balthasar-1 Oberdorf                   Valentin-2 Oberdorf



 "Lady" Mary Parker m. #2 Abraham-2 Tegarden             Elizabeth Teagarden Debolt

Edward Peersonne m.
  Lawrence Pierson m. Elizabeth Barnhill Janney
   Thomas-1 Pearson m. Margery Ellen Smith
    Enoch-2 Pearson m. Mary Smith
     Benjamin-3 Pearson m. #2 Margaret Evans
       Abel-4 Pearson m. #2 Mary (McLaren) Buffinton
        Mary Ann Pearson m. John-7 Gardner Macy              Ira-8 Martin Macy

PECK  (England/CT/MA)
 Richard Peck m. Joan Harrington
  Richard Peck m. Alice Middleton
   Henry Peck m. Joan Aune
    Robert Peck m. Johun/Joan Waters
     Robert Peck m. Helen Babb
      Rev. Robert-1 Peck m. Anne Lawrence
       Anne Peck m. Maj. John-1 Mason                       Elizabeth Mason Fitch 

PETLEY (England)
 Richard Petley m.
  Richard Petley m.
   John Petley m. Juliana deTrowmer
    Thomas Petley m. Isabella
     John Petley m. Alice Brampton
      John Petley m. Christiana Philipotts
       Agnes Petley m. John Manning                             Henry Manning

 Thomas Philipotts m.
  Christiana Philipotts m. John Petley                           Agnes Petley Manning

PIKE (England/MA/NJ)
 John-1 Pike m. Dorothy Daye
  Capt. John-2 Pike m. #2 Mary Turvell
   Hannah Pike m. Obadiah-2 Ayers                                John-3 Ayers

PRESTON (England)
 Thomas Preston m.
  Catherine Preston m. John Aune                                 Joan Aune Peck

PYE (England)
 Alice Pye m. Henry Munning                                      Thomas Munning

 Magdalena ?Reedy/Ritty? m. Philip-5 Georg Koder                 Daniel-6 Coder

RESCH (Germany/PA)
 Regina Resch m. Emmanuel-2 Billig                               Susanna Billig Hering

REEVE/REVS (England)
 Ann Reeve m. Thomas Fytche                                      Rev. James-1 Fitch

REYNOLDS (England/Bermuda/MA)
 Robert Reynolds m.
  Christopher Reynolds m.
   William Reynolds m. Esther Ruth/Roth
    Katherine Reynolds m. Edward-1 Starbuck                 Sarah-2 Starbuck Austin
                                                            Abigail-2 Starbuck Coffin
                                                            Dorcas-2 Starbuck Gayer
                                                            Nathaniel-2 Starbuck

 Margaret Richeson m. James Stanford                         Sarah Stanford Spriggs

ROBERTS (England/NH)
 Thomas-1 Roberts m. Rebecca
  John-2 Roberts m. Abigail Nutter
   Abigail Roberts m. John-2 hall                             Abigail Hall Nutter

ROGERS (England)
 Dorothy Rogers m. Thomas Turvell                            Mary Turvell Pike

ROLFE (England)
 John Rolfe m.
  Margaret Rolfe m. John Shelley                            Alice Shelley Brampton

RUTH/ROTH (England/Bermuda)
 Esther Ruth/Roth m. William Reynolds                   Katherine Reynolds Starbuck

RYLANDS (England)
 William Rylands m.
  Anne Rylands m. William Smyth                                  Robert Smith

Nicholas Saladin/Salathe m. Anna Elisabetha Hess
  Anna Catarina Sallady m. Georg-3 Michael Haag             Daniel-4 Hauck/Haag

SCOTT (England/MA)
 George Scott m.
  George Scott m. Margaret
   Edmund Scott m. Joan
    Henry Scott m. Martha-1 Whatlock
     Ursula Scott m. Richard-1 Kimball                  Abigail Kimball Severance

 Thomas Severance m. Elizabeth Nash
  John Severance m. Mary Langley
   John-1 Severance m. Abigail Kimball
     Mary Severance m. James-2 Coffin                   Abigail-3 Coffin Gardner
                                                        Nathaniel-3 Coffin

 ?? Shattuck m. Damaris-1
  Sarah-2 Shattuck m. Richard-2 Gardner                  Nathaniel-3 Gardner

SHEAFE (England/MA)
 Thomas Sheafe m. Alice Hendley
  Richard Sheafe m. Elizabeth Andrews
   Thomas Sheafe m. Mary Harman
    Rev. Dr. Thomas Sheafe m. Maria Wilson
     Dorothy-1 Sheafe m. Rev. Henry-1 Whitfield           Abigail Whitfield Fitch

 Thomas de Schottis alias Ockholt m.
  John Shelle m
   John Shelley m. Margaret Rolfe
    Alice Shelley m. William Brampton                        James Brampton

 John Smyth m. Margaret Deane
  William Smyth m. Anne Rylands
   Robert Smith m. Ellen Williamson
    Margery-1 Ellen Smith m. Thomas-1 Pearson                Enoch-2 Pearson

SMITH (England/PA)
 William-1 Smith m. Elizabeth
  Mary Smith m. Enoch-2 Pearson                              Benjamin-3 Pearson

SPARK (England)
 Jane Spark m. Humphrey Gayer                                William-1 Gayer

 Thomas Spriggs m. Sarah West
  William Spriggs m. Sarah Stanford
   Elizabeth Spriggs m. David Ayers Collum                  William Spriggs Collum

 James Stanford m. Margaret Richeson
  Sarah Stanford m. William Spriggs                         Elizabeth Spriggs Collum

STARBUCK (England/MA/Nantucket)
 Edward-1 Starbuck m. Katherine Reynolds
  Sarah-2 Starbuck m. Joseph-1 Austin                       Deborah Austin Coffin    
  Abigail-2 Starbuck m. Peter-2 Coffin                      Peter-3 Coffin
  Dorcas-2 Starbuck m. William-1 Gayer                      Dorcas Gayer Starbuck    
  Nathaniel-2 Starbuck m. Mary-2 Coffin   
   Priscilla-3 Starbuck m. John-3 Coleman                   Elihu-4 Coleman
   Elizabeth-3 Starbuck m. Peter-3 Coffin                   Abigail-4 Coffin Fitch
   Jethro-3 Starbuck m. Dorcas Gayer
    Sarah-4 Starbuck m. Jabez-3 Macy                        Mathew-4 Macy, Sr.

STEVENS (England/MA/Nantucket)
 John Stevens m.
  Robert Stevens m. Dionis
   Dionis Stevens m. Tristram-1 Coffin                      Peter-2 Coffin
                                                            John-2 Coffin
                                                            James-2 Coffin
                                                            Mary-2 Coffin Starbuck

STRONG (England)
 Barbara Strong m. John Worth                               William-1 Worth

 Wilmott Stuttever m. John Worth                             John Worth

 Christian Tegarden m. Maria Tillman
  Abraham-1 Tegarden m. Anna Maria Albrecht
   Abraham-2 Tegarden m. "Lady" Mary Parker
    Elizabeth Teagarden m. George-2 Debolt                 Mary Debolt Overturf

THURGOOD (England)
 Nicholas Thurgood m.
  Joan thurgood m. George Fytche                            Thomas Fitch

TILLMAN (Germany)
 Maria Tillman m. Christian Tegarden                        Abraham-1 Tegarden

TILLEY (England/Mayflower/MA)
 Henry Tilley m. Joan
  Henry Tilley m. Margaret      
   William Tilley m. Agnes
    Robert Tilley m. Elizabeth

John-1 Tilley m. Joan (Hurst) Rogers (Mayflower)

 Elizabeth Tilley m. John‑1 Howland (Mayflower)    Desire Howland Gorham


TROTTER (England/MA)
 William Trotter m. Cutbury Gibbs

  Rebecca Trotter m. Rev. John‑2 Drake                      Jacob-3 Drake



 Richard deTrowmer m.

  William deTrowmer m.

   Juliana Trowmer m. John Petley                           Thomas Petley



 Thomas Turvell m. Doroth Rogers

  Mary Turvell m. Capt. John‑2 Pike                        Hannah Piek Ayers


ULRICH (Germany)
argarethe Ulrich m. Andres Unangst                       Sebastian Unangst


UNANGST (Germany/PA)

Veltin (Valentine) Unangst m.

  Endres (Andrew) Unangst m. Barbara Gramlich

    Endres Unangst m. Margarethe Ulrich

     Sebastian Unangst m. Kunigunde Lindenmuth

      Georg Unangst m. Elisabetha Bauman

       Andreas-1 Unangst m. Maria Katharina Brunn

         Eva Maria Unangst m. Johannes-2 Hering         Johann-3 Goerg Hering


UNGLE (England)

 Ellen Ungle m. Humphrey Munning                       Margaret Munning Kembold



 Ann VAvasour m. Sir Peter middleton                  Alice Middleton Peck


VETTER (Germany)

 Ursula Vetter m. Magnus Gauss                             Conrad Gauss

WALDEN (England)
 Alice Walden m. John Manning                             John Manning

 Mary Walker m. John-3 Ayers                               Thomas-4 Ayers

WALKER (England/MA)
 Mary Walker m. Capt. Francis‑iDrake                       Rev. John-2 Drake


Walter the Goldsmith m. Agnes

Isabell m. Andrew leTaverner alias leChaucer, etc      Robert leChaucer


WATERS (England)
 John Waters m. Margaret
  Johun/Joan Waters m. Robert Peck                         Robert Peck

WEBB alias EVERED (see Evered alias Webb) 

 Sarah West m. Thomas Spriggs                              William Spriggs


WESTHALE (England)

 Mary Westhale m. Robert leChaucer                        John leChaucer 

 Thomas Whatlock m. Joan

  Martha-1 Whatlock m. Henry Scott                        Ursula Scott Kimball


 Lord John Whitfield m. Alice Milford

  Sir Robert Whitfield m.

   Sir William Whitfield m. Maud Whitley

    Sir Myles Whitfield m. Maud/Matilda

     Robert Whitfield m. Agnes Giles

      Robert Whitfield m. Agnes Atwood

       Thomas Whitfield m. Mildred Fortune Manning

        Rev. Henry-1 Whitfield m. Dorothy Sheafe

         Abigail Whitfield m. Rev. James-1 Fitch          Maj. James-2 Fitch


WHITLEY (England)

 John Whitley of Randlehome Manor m.

  Maud Whitley m. Sir William Whitfield                   Sir Myles Whitfield



 Madge Williams m. Frank Bibby                             Frank Bibby



 Nicholas Williamson m. Isabel Bradshaw

  Ellen Williamson m. Robert Smith                    Margery-1 Smith Pearson

WILSON (England)

 William Wilson m.

  William Wilson m.

   William  Wilson, Canon of Windsor m. Isabel Woodhall

    Maria Wilson m. Rev. Dr. Thomas Sheafe            Dorothy Sheafe Whitfield

 ?Margaret? Wingfield m. Sir William Brandon          Margaret Brandon Manning

WARE/WOOD (England)
  Mary Ware/Wood m. John Hussey                   Capt. Christopher-1 Hussey

WOODHALL (England)
 John Woodhall m.
  John Woodhall m. Jennett Crakeplace
   John Woodhall m. Elizabeth Grindall
    Isabel Woodhall m. William Wilson, Canon of Windsor    Maria Wilson Sheafe

 Henry Woodworde m.
  Margaret Woodworde m. John Munnying                      Henry Munning

WORTH/WORTHE (England/MA/Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard)
 John Worth m. Joan Harvey
  John Worth m. Wilmott Stuttever
   John Worth m. Barbara Strong
    William-1 Worth m. Sarah‑2 Macy
     John-2 Worth m. Miriam Gardner
      Judith Worth m. John-3 Macy                         John-4 Macy

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