Carl Heinrich Andreas Mumme

Carl Heinrich Andreas Mumme

(May 28, 1842 - April 11, 1905)

      Carl Heinrich Andreas was born at Stolzenau on the 17th May, 1839 and baptised on the 27th May at an Evangelist Lutheran Church. Stolzenau is below Hanover beside the Weser River.

      Carl Heinrich Andreas Mumme married Catherine Magdalena Sohst, who was born on the 28th May, 1842 at Elmshorn, which is just above Hamburg. She was baptised on the 5th June, also at an Evangelist Lutheran Church at Elmshorn. No doubt Christian and Dorette or Carl himself moved to the Hamburg area sometime before the marriage of Carl and Catherine as their children were all born in Hamburg. Catherine's father Claus Soost was a Skipper/boatman and came from Elmshorn. Note the change of spelling from Soost to Sohst, either due to illiteracy or perhaps he was Dutch and changed it to a more German sounding name.

      Catherine's mother was Christine Maria Luddemann.

      Carl Heinrich Andreas Mumme died on the 11th April 1905, in Hamburg, almost 66 years of age. He had been married three times, Catherine being the first. His 2nd wife was Margarethe Adele Mohr and his 3rd wife was Marie Dorothea Johanna Jager born 9.9.1854, died 23.4.1899 aged 45 years. When Carl H.A. Mumme died he was a very wealthy man and his will was contested on the 5th February 1907 by the five surviving children he had with Catherine, against the two underage daughters, Adele and Martha from his third marriage, who were 17 and 13 years old when he died. The document, stated that he and his first wife had no money, so possibly the money came from his 3rd wife.

      His will left a total of at least 93000 M, which in those days would've been a considerable sum. Martha was to be given 4000 M before his estate was divided up, in view of her youth and the mother bringing money into the marriage.

      At the time the will was contested on 5 February 1907, one son, Freidrich Wilhem had already died 5 months earlier at the age of 32 and presumably his first born son, Johannes Mathias Klaus had also died. Son, Claus Albert Andreas was living in Hamburg as a Product Handler, which probably translates to a Retailer or Warehouse Person. My Great Grandfather, Carl Hinrich Andreas was a builder living in New Zealand and he was represented by his brother Claus. The third son, Julius Christian Detlef was a Business Manager in Hamburg and his sister, Magdalene Julie (Johanna) was married to Joseph Riedel from Altona.

      The second daughter was Christine Maria Appolonia Herkstroeter and she was a widow.

Source(s): Lorna Horwarth Wuthrich