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In the 1700's there were many variations of the original name. Gerret Williamse of Brooklyn, a grandson of Gerret Wolphertse, signed "Gerret Counover" in 1702. Well into the twentieth century the Kouwenhovens of Flatlands wrote their name in full but were referred to among themselves and by neighbors as Conovers. In New Jersey, there were many variations. While Cowenhoven and Covenhoven were prominent, we find such spellings as Couenhoven, Kovenhoven and Cr (K) ownover. Three stones in the Conover-Schenck cemetery, Holmdel, New Jersey show John Kouenhoven, Cornelius Conover and Christopher Kovenhoven, son of Cornelius A. Covenhoven! In the late 1700's the use of Conover increased and gradually more and more descendants of Wolphert bore that name. Descendants of Wolphert have taken part in every important phase of America's development: giving their lives in every war; helping expand the frontiers by pushing west into New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois; crossing the Mississippi, the Great Plains, and over the Rockies to the Pacific. Many became leaders in local and national affairs; others in the professions such as education, engineering, law, medicine and religion. Still others were craftsmen, skilled in the various trades, while many became successfully farmers and businessmen.


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