Counts of Anjou, Kings of England

Counts of Anjou, Kings of England, Kings of Jerusalem, Earls of Surrey

The house of Anjou in fact originates with two families, the early counts of Anjou, which died out in the male line in 1060. The heiress Ermengard of Anjou married into the family of the Counts of Gastinois (originally the counts of Orleans) from whom the later counts of Anjou descended, along with the Kings of Jerusalem, the Kings of England, and the Warenne Earls of Surrey. Part one details the earlier house of Anjou.

*** Part 1 ***
The earlier house of Anjou starts with a man, presumably named Ingelgerius. He was the father of Fulk I "The Red" who became count of Anjou (or more likely count of Angers) in about 909. He died in 942 and had two known sons.

1. Ingelger of Anjou.
2. Fulk II "The Good" of Angers, acceeded 942, d. 11 November 958 at Tours. He married Gerberga of Gaitnais.
2.1. Geoffrey I "Greymantle", count of Anjou, Seneschal of France, acceeded 960, d. 21 July 987; married Adelaide de Vermandois (Carolingian).
2.1.1. Fulk III "The Black", count of Anjou, born about 970, acceeded 987, died 21 June 1040. Geoffrey Martel, count of Anjou, acceeded 1040, d. 1060, married 1032 Agnes de Macon. Ermengard of Anjou, born 1018, d. 18 March 1076 at Fleury-sur-Ouche. She married 1stly Geoffrey Ferole, count of Gastinois. For their descendants, see part 2. She married 2ndly Robert I, Duke of Burgundy (Capetian). Adelaide of Anjou, married Othon-Guillaume, Count of Macon and Nevers.
2.2. Arsinde (Blanche) of Anjou, m. about 975 William III Taillefer, count of Toulouse.

*** Part 2 ***
The counts of Gastinois pose, at the moment, an area in want of more research. It is said that they originated from Geoffrey, count of Orleans, who was born in 825 and who had a son:

Aubri, mentioned as "Dux", Viscout of Orleans, born about 850, d. after 886. He had a son
Geoffrey, Viscount of Orleans, Count of Gatinais, born 875 at Orleans, died after 942. He has a son
Aubri, Count of Gatinais, born about 900, died after 966. He had a son
Geoffrey, Count of Gatinais, died after 987. He had a son
Aubri, Count of Gatinais, born about 950, died after 990. He had a son
Geoffrey I, Count of Gastinois, born about 970, died about 1000. He married before 999 Beatrice de Macon (she was born 974 at Macon, daughter of Alberic II of Macon). They had a son
Geoffrey II Ferole, Count of Gastinois. He married Ermengarde of Anjou (see Part 1) and had issue:

1. Geoffrey III "The Bearded" Count of Anjou, acceeded 1060, d. 1068 in prison; deposed. 2. Fulk IV, Count of Anjou, acceeded 1068 and died 14 April 1106. He married 1stly Hildegard; 2ndly Bertrada de Montfort.
2.1. *by 1* Ermengard of Anjou
2.2. *by 2* Fulk V "The Younger", Count of Anjou from 1109, King of Jerusalem from 1131, died 1143. He married 1stly Ermengard of Maine and 2ndly Melesend, Queen of Jerusalem (she died 1161).
2.2.1. *by 1* Geoffrey V "The Fair", Count of Anjou and Maine, born 24 August 1113, acceeded 1129, died 7 September 1151 at Chateau-du-Loir and was buried at St. Julian's Church, Le Mans, Anjou. He married at Le Mans Cathedral on 22 May 1128 Empress Matilda. He also had several concubines (x), one of which was Adelaide of Angers (2). *by 1* Henry II FitzEmpress "Curmantle" King of England, Duke of Anjou, born 25 March 1133 at le Mans, Anjou, acceeded 19 December 1154 at Westminster Abbey, England, died 6 July 1189 at Chinon Castle, buried at Fontevrault Abbey, France. He married 18 May 1152 at Bordeaux Cathedral Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine (1), born about 1120, in her second marriage (m1 Louis VII, King of France). She died at Fontevrauly Abbey on 1 April 1204 at Fontevrault Abbey and was buried there. He had several mistresses, one being Ikenai (2), another Alice, daughter of Louis VII of France (3; during her betrothal to his son!). He further had children by Nesta Sir Ralph Bloet of Blewer's wife (4), and by Alice de Porhoet (5). Several others unknown (x). *by 1* William, Count of Poitiers, born 17 August 1153, died either April or June 1156 at Wallingford Castle, buried Reading Abbey, Berkshire. *by 1* Henry "The Young King", co-King of England with his father, born 28 February 1155 at Bermondsey Palace, Surrey. He died 11 June 1183, Martel Castle, Turenne, France, was buried at Le Mans Cathedral, Anjou and later translated to Rouen Cathedral, Normandy. He married 2 November 1160 at Newburgh, Normandy Margaret of France (she was born 1158, and died on pilgrimage about 1198 at Acre), daughter of King Louis VII of France. William, born 19 June 1177, Paris, died 22 June 1177 at Paris. *by 1* Matilda, born Jne 1156 at Windsor Castle, died 28 June 1189 at Braunschweig, Germany, married 1 February 1168 at Minden Cathedral, Germany, Henry V "The Lion", Duke of Sachsen and Bayern (born 1129, died 1195). *by 1* Richard I "Lionheart", King of England, Duke of Aquitaine, Duke of Normandy, born 8 September 1157 Beaumont Palace, Oxford, he married 12 May 1191 Chapel of St. George, Limassol, Cyprus, Berengaria of Navarre, daughter of Sancho VI of Navarra. She ws born about 1163 in Navarre, and she was buried at l'Espan Abbey, Le Mans, translated to Le Mans Cathedral in 1821. Richard had at least two mistresses, Joan de St. Pol (2) and an unknown woman (3). *by 2* Fulk. *by 3* Philip, Lord of Congnac, died after 1201. He might have married Amelia of Cognac. *by 1* Geoffrey, Earl of Richmond, Duke of Brittany, born 23 September 1158, killed in a tournament in Paris by his horse 19th September 1181, buried Notre-Dame-de-Paris. He married July 1181 Constance of Brittany, in her 1st marrieage (m2 Ranulf de Blundeville, 4th Earl of Chester; m3 Guy of Thouars), born about 1160, Brittany, died about 3 September 1201 at nantes, and was buried at Villeneuve Abbey, Nantes. Eleanor, born about 1184, Countess of Richmond. She died 10 August 1241 at Bristol Castle, buried St James' Church, Bristol, translated to Amesbury Abbey, Wiltshire. Matilda, born about 1185, died young. Arthur, Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, born 29th March 1187 at Nantes, said to have been murdered on order of John Lackland, King of England on 3 April 1203 at Rouen or Cherbourg. Further said to have been engaged to a daughter of Tankred, count of Lecce, King of Sicily. *by 1* Eleanor, born 13 October 1162 at Domfront Castle, Normandy, she died 31 October 1214 at Burgos, Castile, buried in the Abbey of Las Huelgas. She married Alfonso VIII, King of Castile. *by 1* Joan, born October 1165 at Angers Castle, Queen of Sicily, she died in childbirth 4 September 1199 at Fontevrault Abbey and was buried there. She married 1stly 13 February 1177 at Palermo Cathedral, William II, King of Sicily. She married 2ndly October 1196 at Rouen, Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse. *by 1* John "Lackland", King of England; for his descendants see PART 3 *by 2* Geoffrey, died about 1212, Archbishop of York. *by 2, though his mother could also have been Rosamund Clifford* William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury, died about 1226. He married Ela, later abbess of Lacock, Wiltshire (died about 1261), daughter of William FitzPatrick, Earl of Salisbury. William Longespee, died June 1256 at Blyth, Nottinghamshire from injuries sustained at a tournament. He married 30 April 1244 Maud Clifford. Margaret Longespee, married 1256 Henry de Lacy, 3rd Earl of Lincoln. Ela Longespee, died 9 February 1297, buried Oseney Abbey, Oxfordshire, married 1stly Thomas de Newburgh, 6th Earl of Warwick, married 2ndly Sir Philip Basset, Justiciar of England. Ida Longespee, married Sir Walter FitzRobert. (?) Stephen Longespee of Salisbury, married Emmeline de Ridelisford of Bray. (?) Ela Longespee of Salisbury, married Roger La Zouche. *by 3* four children, all died young. *by 4* Morgan, Provost of Beverly, Bishop of Durham. *by 5* an unknown child, born about 1168. *by x* Matilda, Abbess of Barking, died about 1202. *by x* Hugh of Wells, Bishop of Lincoln, died 1235. *by x* Richard. *by 1* Geoffrey VI of Anjou and Nantes, born 1 June 1134, acceeded 1150, died 26 July 1158 at Nantes and was buried at Nantes. *by 1* William, Count of Poitou, born 1136. *by 2* Hamelin de Warenne (surname assumed on marriage), 5th Earl of Surrey, Viscount of Touraine, b about 1129, acceeded 1164, d. 7 May 1202, buried Chapter House, Lewes, Sussex. He married in April 1164 Isabel de Warenne. William de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey, acceeded 1202, died 27 May 1240 in London, buried at Lewes Priory, Sussex. He married 1stly Maud; 2ndly before 13 October 1225 Maud, daughter of the Earl of Pembroke. John de Warenne, 7th Earl of Surrey, born August 1231, acceeded 1240, died 1304 at Kennington, buried at Lewes Priory, Sussex. He married about August 1247 Alice le Brun. William de Warenne, died 15 December 1286 at the Croyden Tournament, married June 1285 Joan de Vere. John de Warenne, 8th Earl of Surrey, Earl of Strathearn and Earl of Sussex, born 30 June 1286, acceeded 1304, died 29 June 1347. He married 25 May 1306 (annulled 1315) Joan of Bar. He also had a mistress, Maud of Nerford. Edward de Warenne. Alice de Warenne, died before 23 May 1338, married 1305 Edmund FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel. Alianore de Warenne, died after 1282, buried at Sallay, married 8 September 1268 Henry de Percy, 7th Baron Percy. Isabel de Warenne, born 1253, married before 7 February 1280 John Balliol, King of Scotland. *by 2* Isabel de Warenne, d. 1282. Ela , m1. Robert de Newburn, m2. William FitzWilliam of Sprotborough. Ida (Isabel) , m1. Roger le Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk; m2. Robert de Lascy; m3. Gilbert de Laigle, Lord of Pevensey. Maud , died about 1212, m1. Henry, Count d'Eu, Lord Hastings. m2. Henry d'Estouteville, Lord of Valmont and Rames. Mary de Warenne, died after 1208, m. Gilbert de Laigle, Lord of Pevensey in his 2nd marriage (m1. Mary's sister Ida). ? Suzanne de Warenne, mistress of John Lackland, King of England. *by x* Mary, Abbess of Shafterbury. *by x* Emma , died before 1214, m1. Guy, Lord de Laval, married 2ndly Dafydd ap Owain, Prince of Gwynedd
2.2.2. *by 1* Helias, Count of Mayenne, married Philippa. Mary of Mayenne, married John I, Count of Alencon.
2.2.3. *by 1* Isabella (Matilda) of Anjou, born about 1109, d. 1154 at Fontevrault Abbey, married June 1119 William the Atheling, Duke of Normandy (Normandy).
2.2.4. *by 1* Sybil of Anjou, born about 1114, d. 1165 at the Abbey of St. Lazarus in Bethlehem and she was buried there. She married 1stly 1123 (annulled 1124) William III Clito, Count of Flanders, and 2ndly Thierry of Alsace de Lorraine, Count of Flanders.
2.2.5. *by 2* Baldwin III, King of Jerusalem, acceeded 1143, died 1163.
2.2.6. *by 2* Amalric I, King of Jerusalem, acceeded 1163, died 1174. He married 1stly Maria Comnena and 2ndly Agnes de Courtenay. *by 1* Isabel I of Jerusalem, acceeded 1192, died 1205. She m1 Humphrey IV, Lord of Torun, m2. Conrad, Margrave of Montferrat, m3 Henry II, Count Palatinate of Champiegne and Brie, and m4 Aimery de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem. *by 2* Baldwin IV "The Leper", King of Jerusalem, acceeded 1174, died 1185. *by 3* Sibyl, Queen of Jerusalem, acceeded 1186, died 1190. She m1 William of Montferrat, Regent of Jerusalem, m2 Guy de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem.

*** Part 3 ***

John "Lackland", King of England, (King of Ireland), Duke of Normandy, Count of Mortian, Earl of Gloucester, born 24 December 1166 at Beaumont Palace, Oxford, died 19 October 1216 Newark Castle, Lincolnshire, buried Worcester Cathedral. He married 1stly 29 August 1189 at Marlborough Castle, Isabella, daughter of William, Earl of Gloucester (she d. about 18 November). They were divorced 30 August 1199. He married 2ndly 24 August 1200 at Bordeaux Cathedral Isabella, Countess of Angouleme. She died 31 May 1246 at Fontevrault Abbey and was buried there. John had illegitimate issue, by Suzanne de Warenne (3), by Clementia (4; wife of Henry Pinel), by Hawise de Tracy (5), and by unknown women (x).
1. *by 2* Henry III, King of England, born 1 October 1207 at Winchester Castle, acceeded 28 October 1216 Gloucester Cathedral, died 16 November 1272, Westminster Palace, buried Westminster Abbey. He married 14 January 1236 at Caterbury Cathedral Eleanor, daughter of Raymond Berenguer V of Provence.
1.1. Edward I "Longshanks", King of England, Duke of Gascony, Earl of Chester, born Palace of Westminster 17 June 1239, acceeded 12 November 1272, died Burgh-on-the-Sands 8 July 1307, buried at Westminster abbey. He married 1stly in October 1254 at Las Huelgas Abbey, Castile, Eleanor (she died 28 November 1290, buried Westminster Abbey), daughter of Ferdinand III, King of Castile. He married 2ndly 8 September 1299 Margaret (she died 14 February 1318 at Marlborough Castle, buried Greyfriars Church, London), daughter of Philip III of France. He is also said to have had issue by an unknown concubine (x).
1.1.1. *by 1* Henry, born about 13 July 1268 at Windsor Castle, died 14 October 1274, buried Westminster Abbey.
1.1.2. *by 1* Alphonso, titular Earl of Chester, born 24 November 1273 in France, died 19 August 1284 Windsor Castle, buried Westminster Abbey.
1.1.3. *by 1* Edward II, King of England, 1st English Prince of Wales, Duke of Aquitaine, Earl of Chester, born Carnarvon 25 April 1284, acceeded 8 July 1307, deposed 20 January 1327, abdicated 25 January 1327, murdered, supposedly by having a red-hot poker inserted into his rectum, 21 September 1327 at Berkeley Castle. He married 28 January 1308 Isabella, daughter of Phili IV of France (she was born about 1292 and died 22 August 1358). He also had what might have been two homosexual lovers, 1stly Piers Gaveston, 2ndly Hugh le Despencer. Edward III, King of England, Duke of Aquitaine, Earl of Chester, Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil, born 13 November 1312 Windsor Castle, acceeded 25 January 1327 on his father's abdication, died 21 June 1377 at Sheen Palace, Surrey, from a stroke, buried at Westminster Abbey. He married 24 January 1328 at York Minster Philippa, daughter of William V "The Good" Count of Hainault and Holland. She was born about 1313 and died 15 August 1369 at Windsor Castle, buried at Westminster Abbey. Edward "The Black Prince", Prince of Wales, Prince of Aquitaine, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Chester, Knight of the Order of the Garter, Lord of Biscay and Castro Urdiales (Castile), born 15 June 1330 at Woodstock Palace, died 8 June 1376 at Westminster Palace, buried Canterbury Cathedral. He married 10 October 1361 Joan "The Fair Maid of Kent" (his cousin), daughter of Edmund, Earl of Kent, above. He also had concubines, one being Edith de Willesford (2), and possibly one or more unknown ones (x). *by 1* Edward, born 27 January 1365 at Angouleme, died January 1372 at Bordeaux, translated to the Church of the Austin Friars, London. *by 1* Richard II, King of England, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Chester, Kinght of the Order of the Garter. He was born about 6 January 1367 at Bordeaux, acceeded 22 June 1377, deposed 19 August 1399, abdicated 29 September 1399. He was murdered by starvation by 17 February 1400 at Pontefract Castle, buried King's Langley Church Hertfordshire, translated to Westminster Abbey 1413. He married 1stly January 1382 at St. Stephen's Chapel in Westminster Palace Anne of Bohemia, born 11 May 1366 at Prague, died 7 June 1394 at Sheen Palace from the plague, buried Westminster Abbey. He married 2ndly 4 November 1396 at St. Nicholas' Church, Calais Isabella, daughter of Charles VI of France. She was born 9 November 1389 at the Louvre Palace, Paris and died 13 September 1409 at the Chateau de Blois, buried St. Laumer's Abbey, Blois. There was no issue by either wife, nor does there appear to be any illegitimate issue. *by 2* Roger de Clarendon, Lord of Clarendon, born about 1345, executed 1402. He married Margaret, daughter of John Fleming, Baron de la Roche. She died 1382. *by x* Edward, born about 1349, died young. *by x* Sir John Sounders, possibly of Calais. Isabella, born about March 1332 Woodstock Palace, Lady of the Order of the Garter, died before 5 October 1382, buried Greyfriar's Church, London. She married 27 July 1365 Enguerrand II, Earl of Bedford, Count of Soissons, Lord of Coucy. Joan, born about February 1335 at Woodstock Palace, she died 2 September 1348 at Loremo, Bordeaux. William of Hatfield, born about 1334 at Hatfield, died before 3 March 1337, buried at York Minster. Lionel, Duke of Clarence, Earl of Ulster though his wife, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born 29 November 1338 at Antwerp, died 17 October 1368 at Alba, Italy, buried at Pavia, translated to Clare Priory, Suffolk. He married 2stly 15 August 1342 Tower of London Elizabeth, Countess of Ulster, daughter of William de Burgh, Earl of Ulster (she was born 6 July 1332, died 10 December 1363 Dublin, buried Clare Priory). He married 2ndly 28 May 1368 Violante, daughter of Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milano. *by 1* Philippa, born 16 August 1355 at Eltham Palace, she died before 9 February 1381, buried Cork, Ireland, translated to Wigmore, Herefordshire. It is through her that the house of York would later lay claim to the throne. John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, Duke of Aquitaine, Earl of Richmond, Earl of Derby, Earl of Leicester, Earl of Lincoln, Lord of Bergerac and Roche-sur Yon, Lord of Beaufort and Nogent, titular King of Castile, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born about March 1340 at St. Bavon's Abbey, Ghent, died 4 4 February 1399 at Leicester Castle, buried Old St. Paul's Cathedral, London. He married 1stly Blance, daughter of Henry of Grosmont, Duke of Lancaster (she was born 25 March 1345 and died 12 September 1369 at Bolingbroke Castle from the bubonic plague). He married 2ndly 21 September 1371 at Roquefort Constance de jure Queen of Castile, Lady of the Order of the Garter, daughter of Pedro I "The Cruel", King of Castile (she died 24 March 1394 at Leicester Castle, buried Newark Abbey). He married 3rdly 13 January 1396 Lincoln Cathedral his former mistress Katherine, daughter of Sir Payne Roet of Guienne (she was born about 1350, died 10 May 1403 Lincoln, buried Lincoln Cathedral). *by 1* Philippa, Queen of Portugal, Lady of the Order of the Garter, born 31 March 1360 Leicester Castle, died 9 July 1415 Odivelas from the plague, buried Odivelas Abbey, translated to Batalha Abbey, Prtugal. She married 14 February 1387 Oporto Cathedral, John I, King of Portugal. *by 1* John, born about 1362, died young, buried St. Mary's Church, Leicester. *by 1* Elizabeth, Lady of the Order of the Garter, born before 21 February 1363 Burford, Shropshire, died 24 November 1425, buried Burford Church, Shropshire. She married 1stly 1380 Kenilworth Castle John Hastings, 3rd Earl Pembroke (annulled after 24 September 1383). She married 2ndly 24 June 1386 Plymouth, John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter (he was executed 1400). She married 3rdly John Cornwall, 1st Baron Fanhope. *by 1* Edward, born about 1365, died 1365, buried St. Mary's Church, Leicester. *by 1* John, born before 4 May 1366, died young, buried St. Mary's Church. *by 1* Henry IV, King of England, Duke of Hereford, Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Derby, Earl of Northampton, Earl of Leicester, Earl of Lincoln, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born 2 April 1367 Bolingbroke Castle, acceeded though usurpation 30 September 1397, died 20 March 1413 Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster Abbey, buried Canterbury Cathedral. He married 1stly before 10 February 1381 Mary, Lady of the Order of the Garter, daughter of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, Essex and Northampton (she was born abount 1370, died 4 June 1394 Peterborough Castle, buried St. Mary's Church, Leicester, translated to Trinity Hospital, Leicester). He married 2ndly 3 April 1402 Eltham Palace, Joan, Lady of the Order of the Garter, daughter of Charles II, King of Navarre (she died July 1437 Dower House, buried Canterbury Cathedral). He is also said to have had issue by a concubine (x). *by 1* Edward, born April 1382, died aged 4 days, buried Monmouth Castle Chapel. *by 1* Henry V, King of England, Prince of Wales, Prince of Aquitaine, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Chester, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born before 16 September 1387 Monmouth Castle, acceeded 21 March 1413, died about 31 August 1422 Chateau Bois-de-Vincennes, buried Westminster Abbey. He married 2nd June 1420 Troyes Cathedral, France, Katherine, daughter of Charles VI of France (she was born 27 October 1401 Hotel de St Pol, Paris, 3 January 1437 Abbey St. Saviour, Bermondsey, London, buried Westminster Abbey). Henry VI, King of England, King of France, Duke of Cornwall, born 6 December 1421 Windsor Castle, acceeded 1 September 1422, deposed 4 March 1461, restored 30 October 1470, deposed again 11 April 1471, murdered 27 May 1471 Tower of London. He married Margaret, daughter of Rene, King of Naples and Sicily, Duke of Anjou (she was born 23 March 1429 Pont-a-Mousson, deid 25 August 1482 Chateau Dampierre, buried Cathedral of St. Maurice, Angers). Edward, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Chester, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born 13 October 1453 Westminster Palace, killed 4 May 1471 battle of Tewkesbury, buried Tewkesbury Abbey. He married 13 December 1470 Chateau d'Amboise Anna, daughter of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (she was born 11 June 1456 Warwick Castle, died 16 March 1485 Westminster Palace, buried Westminster Abbey. She married 2ndly Richard III, King of England). *by 1* Thomas, Duke of Clarence, Earl of Aumale, Knight of the Order of the Garter, Knight of the Order of the Bath, born 29 September 1388, died 22 March 1421 Battle of Bauge, France, buried Canterbury Cathedral. He married after 10 November 1411 Margaret, Lady of the Order of the Garter, daughter of Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent (she was born about 1381, died about 31 December 1439 St Saviour's Abbey, Bermondsey, buried Canterbury Cathedral) in her 2nd marriage (m 1stly John Beaufort, Marquess of Somerset, above). He also had mistresses, from whence his issue (x). *by x* John de Clarence "The Bastard of Clarence". *by 1* John, Duke of Bedford, Earl of Kendal, Earl of Richmond, Knight of the Order of the Bath, born 20 June 1389, died about 14 September 1435 Rouen, France, buried Rouen Cathedral. He married 1stly about 13 April 1423 Montbar, France, Anne, daughter of John "The Fearless", Duke of Burgundy (she was born about 1404 at Arras, died 14 November 1432 Hotel de Bourgogne in childbirth, buried Church of the Celestines, Paris, translated to Chartreuse de Champnol, Dijon). He married 2ndly Jaquette, Lady of the Order of the Garter, daughter of Peter of Luxembourg, Count of St. Pol (she was born about 1416 and died 30 May 1472). He also kept concubines by whom he had issue (x). *by 1* a child, born & died November 1432. *by x* Richard. *by x* Mary, died after 1458, married Peter de Montferrat. *by 1* Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Pembroke, Count of Flanders, Knight of the Order of the Garter, titular Count of Holland, Zeeland and Hainault, born before 3 October 1390, died 23 February 1447 Bury St Edmunds, buried St Albans Abbey. He married 1stly before 7 March 1423 Hadleigh (annulled 9 July 1428), Jacqueline, Lady of the Order of the Garter, daughter of William IV, Duke of Bavaria (she was born 25 July 1401 The Hague, died about 8 October 1436, buried The Hague). He married 2ndly Eleanor, Lady of the Order of the Garter, daughter of Sir Reginald Cobham of Sterborough (she died before 1454 imprisoned for witchcraft at Peel Castle and buried there). He also kept concubines by which he had issue (x). *by 1* a child, born dead 1424. *by x* Arthur, died 1447. *by x* Antigone, married 1stly Henry Grey, Lord of Powys, Count of Tancarville, and 2ndly John d'Amancier. *by 1* Blanche, Lady of the Order of the Garter, born 1392 Peterborough Castle, died 22 May 1409 Neustadt, in childbirth, buried Church of St. Mary, Neustadt, Germany. She married 6 July 1402 Ludwig "Barbatus", Duke of Bavaria. *by 1* Philippa, Lady of the Order of the Garter, born about 4 June 1394 Peterborough Castle, died 5 January 1430 Wadstena Convent, Sweden and buried there. She married Erik von Pommern, King of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. *by x* Edmund Labourde, died young 1401. *by 1* Isabella, born 1368, died young. *by 2* Katherine, Lady of the Order of the Garter, born before 31 March 1373 Hertford Castle, died 2 June 1418, buried Toledo, Spain. She married Henry III, King of Castile. *by 2* John, born 1374 Ghent, died 1375. *by 3* John Beaufort, Marquess of Somerset, Marquess of Dorset, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born about 1371, died 16 March 1410 Hospital of St Katerine-by-the-Tower, buried Canterbury Cathedral. He married before 28 September 1397 Margaret, Lady of the Order of the Garter, daughter of Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent (she was born about 1381, died about 31 December 1439 at St Saviours Abbey, buried Canterbury Cathedral. She married 2ndly Thomas, Duke of Clarence, above). Henry, Earl of Somerset, born 26 November 1401, died 25 November 1418. John, Duke of Somerset, Earl of Kendal, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born before 25 March 1404, died 27 May 1444, buried Wimborne Minster, Dorset. He married about 1439 Margaret, daughter of John, 3rd Baron Beauchamp of Bletsoe (she died 8 AUgust 1482, buried Wimborne Minster). He also had issue by concubines (x). *by 1* Margaret, Lady of the Order of the Garter, born 31 May 1443 Bletsoe Castle, died 29 June 1509 Abbot's House, Cheyney Gates, Westminster Abbey, & buried at that Abbey. She married 1stly before 18 August 1450 John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, annulled before 14 March 1453. She married 2ndly Edmund Tudor (and thus became mother of the future Henry VII), 3rdly Sir Henry Stafford, and 4thly Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby. Thomas, styled Earl of Perche, born 1405, died 1432. Edmund, Duke of Somerset, Marquess of Dorest, Count of Mortain, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born about 1406, killed in battle 22 May 1455 at St. Albans, buried St. Albans Abbey. He married Eleanor, daughter of Richard Beauchamp, 5th Earl of Warwick (she was born about 1407 Wedgenock, died about 4 March 1466 Baynard's Castle, London). Henry, Duke of Somerset, Marquess of Dorset, Count of Mortain, born before APril 1436, executed 15 May 1464 Hexham. He had a concubine, Joan Hill, by whom he had issue (x). Charles Somerset, Earl of Worcester, for his issue see PART 4. Edmund, Duke of Somerset, born about 1439, executed 6 May 1471 Tewkesbury, buried Tewkesbury Abbey. John, killed in battle at Tewkesbury 4 May 1471, buried Tewkesbury Abbey. Thomas, died before 1463, young. Margaret, died 1474, married 1stly 1455 Humphrey Stafford, 2ndly Sir RIchard Dayrell of Lillingstone Dayrell. Eleanor, died 16 August 1501, married 1stly April 1458, James Butler, 5th Earl of Ormonde, 1st Earl of Wiltshire, 2ndly Sir Robert Spencer of Spencercombe. Elizabeth, died before 1492, married Sir Henry Lewes. Mary, married N. N. Burgh. Anne, married Sir William Paston of Norfolk. Joan, died after 1492, married 1stly Robert, Lord Howth, 2ndly Sir Richard Fry. Joan, died 15 July 1445 Dunbar Castle, buried Charterhouse MOnastery, Perth, Scotland. She married 1stly early February 1424 Priory Church of St Mary Overy, London, James I, King of Scotland. She married 2ndly before 21 September 1439 Sir James Stewart "The Black Knight" of Lorne. Margaret, married Thomas Courtenay, 5th Earl of Devon. Henry, Bishop of Lincoln, born about 1375, died 11 APril 1447 Wolvesey Palace, buried Winchester Cathedral. Thomas, Suke of Exeter, Earl of Dorset, Count of Harcourt, Lord of Lillebonne, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born about January 1377, died before 31 December 1426, East Greenwich, buried Bury St. Edmunds Abbey. He married before 15 February 1404 Margaret, Lady of the Order of the Garter, daughter of Sir Thomas Neville of Hornby (she was born about January 1377, died before 9 April 1424, buried Bury St. Edmunds Abbey). Henry, died young. Joan, Lady of the Order of the Garter, born about 1379, died 13 November 1440 Howden, buried Lincoln Cathedral. She married 1stly before 30 September 1394 Robert, 2nd Baron Ferrers of Wemme, and 2ndly before 29 November 1396 Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmoreland. Edmund -----******@@@@@@@@ HHEERREE @@@@@@@@******----- John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall, born 25 August 1316 at Eltham, died 13 September 1336 at Perth, buried Westminster Abbey. Eleanor, born 18 June 1318, Woodstock Palace, died 22 April 1355 at Deventer Abbey, Gueldres and buried there. She married Reginald II, Count of Gueldres and Zutphen. Joan, born 5 July 1321 Tower of London, died 7 September 1362 at Hertford Castle, buried Greyfriars Church, London. She married David II, King of Scotland.
1.1.4. *by 1* Eleanor, born about 17 June 1264 at Eindsor Castle. She married 1stly 15 August 1290 at Westminster Abbey, Alphonso III, King of Aragon but he died before the marriage was consummated. She married 2ndly Henry III, Count of Bar. She died 12 october 1298 at Ghent, Flanders, buried at Westminster Abbey.
1.1.5. *by 1* Joan, born 1265 in France. She died before 7 September 1265, France, buried Westminster Abbey.
1.1.6. *by 1* Joan of Acre, born 1272 at Acre, Palestine, she died 23 April 1307 at Clare, Suffolk and buried in the Priory Church of the Austin Friars. She married 1stly 2 May 1290 Gilbert de Clare, 2nd Earl of Gloucester and 7th Earl of Hertford (he died 7 December 1295). She married 2ndly 1297 Ralph de Monthermer, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, Earl of Atholl (he died 1325).
1.1.7. *by 1* Margaret, born 11 September 1275 Windsor Castle, died 1318, buried Collegiate Church of St Gudule, Brussels. She married 8 July 1290 Westminster Abbey John II "The Peaceful", Duke of Brabant (he died 1312).
1.1.8. *by 1* Mary, born 22 April 1279 at Windsor Castle. She died as a nun at Amesbury Abbey about 8 July 1332 and was also buried there.
1.1.9. *by 1* Elizabeth, born August 1282 at Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire. She died about 5 May 1316 at Quendon, Essex in childbirth, buried Walden Abbey, Essex. She married 1stly 18 January 1297 at Ipswich Priory Church John, Count of Holland and Zeeland (he died 1299). She married 2ndly 14 November 1302 at Westminster Abbey, Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford and Essex (he died in battle at Borough Bridge 16 March 1322).
1.1.10. *by 1* John, born about 10 July 1266 and died about 3 August 1272 at Westminster Palace, buried Westminster Abbey.
1.1.11. *by 1* Alice, born at Wodstock Palace, Oxfordshire, died young.
1.1.12. *by 1* Juliana (Katherine), born 1271 at Acre, Palestine, died there 28 May 1271. Probably buried at Church of the Frianrs Preachers, Bordeaux, France.
1.1.13. *by 1* Berenice, born 1276 Kennington Palace, died before 1279, buried Westminster Abbey.
1.1.14. *by 1* Isabella, born 12 March 1279 Woodstock Palace, died 1279, buried Westminster Abbey.
1.1.15. *by 1* Beatrice, born 1286 in France, died young.
1.1.16. *by 1* Blanche, born about 1290, died young.
1.1.17. *by 2* Thomas of Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk, born 1 June 1300 at Brotherton, Yorkshire, died August 1338 and buried at Bury-St-Edmunds, Suffolk. He married 1stly Alice who died before 1330. She was the daughter of Sir Roger Halys of Harwich. He married 2ndly about 1328 Mary de Braose, daughter of Peter de Braose. She died 9 June 1362. Burkes, as opposed to Weir, states that his 2nd wife was Mary, daughter of William, Lord Ros. *by 1* Edward, born about 1320, died before 13 September 1337, married June 1328 Beatrice Mortimer, daughter of Roger Mortimer, Earl of March, in her first marriage. She died 16 October 1383. There was no issue of the marriage. *by 1* Margaret "Marshal", Duchess of Norfolk, born about 1322, died 24 March 1400, probably buried at Charterhouse, London. *by 1* Alice, born about 1324, she was beaten to death by her husband before 30 January 1352 at Bungay, Suffolk. She married before 29 August 1338 Edward de Montacute, 1st Baron Montacute. *by 2* John, a monk at Ely Abbey, Cambridgeshire.
1.1.18. *by 2* Edmund of Woodstock, Earl of Kent, born 5 August 1321, beheaded 19 March 1330. He married December 1325 Margaret, Baroness Wake of Liddell, daughter of Sir John Wake, 1st Baron Wake of Liddell. Edmund, Earl of Kent, born about 1326, died before 5 October 1331. Margaret, born 1327, died before 1352, married Amanco, Lord d'Albret of Gascony. Joan "The Fair Maid of Kent", married 1stly Thomas, Lord Holland, Earl of Kent. She married 2ndly Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales. John, Earl of Kent, Baron of Liddell, born 7 April 1330 posthumously Arundel Castle, died 27 December 1352, buried Greyfriar Church, Winchester. He married after 3 April 1348 Elizabeth, daughter of William V Margrave of Juliers, in her 2nd marriage. She died 6 June 1411, buried Greyfriar Church, Winchester.
1.1.19. *by 2* Eleanor, born 4 May 1306 at Winchester, died 1311 Amesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, buried Beaulieu Abbey, Hantshire.
1.1.20. *by x* John Botetourt, Lord of Mendlesham, born about 19 July 1266, died about 25 May 1324. He married about June 1292 Matilda, daughter of Thomas FitzOates. Thomas de Botetort, born about 1295, died 1322, married Joahn ,daughter of Roger de Somery. John de Botetourt, born about 1318, died about 1385, married 1stly about 1344 Elizabeth de la Zouche, 2ndly 31 May 1347 Joyce de la Zouche, and 3rdly before 1367 Mathilda de Grey. John de Botetourt, born about 1297, died 1339, married Margaret N. N. (she was born about 1303 and died 1376). John de Botetourt, born about 1320, married Johanna de Gernon (born about 1328). N. N. de Botetourt, born about 1348, died 1369. Otho de Botetourt, died 1345, married Sibyl N. N. John de Botetourt, born about 1333, died 1377 at Hamerton, married Katherine de Weyland, (she was born about 1337, died after 1377). Joan de Botetourt, born about 1362, died after 1428, married N. N. Knyvet, Sheriff of Norfolk. Robert de Botetourt, born about 1301. Johanna de Botetourt, born about 1303, married Robert II FitzWalter. Elizabeth de Botetourt, born about 1305, married 1stly William de Latimer, Baron Latimer, and 2ndly Robert IV de Ufford, Baron Ufford. ? Maud de Botetourt, died 1391, married 1327 Reginald Grey.
1.2. Margaret, born 29 September 1240 at Windsor Castle, died 26 February 1275 at Cupar Castle Scotland, buried at Dunfermline Abbey. She married 26 December 1251 at York Minster, Alexander III, King of Scotland.
1.3. Beatrice, born 25 June 1242 at Bordeaux, died 24 March 1275 London, buried Greyfriar Church. She married 22 January 1260 at St. Denis, France, John II de Dreux, Earl of Richmond.
1.4. Edmund Crouchback, Earl of Leicester, titular King of Sicily and Earl of Chester, born 16 January 1245 London, acceeded 26 October 1265, died 5 June 1296 at Bayonne, buried 15 July 1296 Westminster Abbey. He married 1stly 7 April 1269 at Westminster Abbey Aveline de Forz, Countess of Holderness. He married 2ndly before 3 Feburary 1276 Paris, Blanche d'Artois, daughter of Robert I Capet d'Artois, Count of Artois. All children by 2nd marriage.
1.4.1. Thomas , 2nd Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Lincoln, Steward of England, Sheriff of Lancashire, born 1276, acceeded 8 September 1298, beheaded 22 March 1322 at Pontefract, buried Priory of St. John, Pontefract. He married before 28 October 1294 (divorced 1318) Alice Lacy, Countess of Lincoln.
1.4.2. Henry , 3rd Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester, Lord of Beaumont and Nogent, captain-general of the forces in the Scottish Marches. Born 1281, acceeded 3 February 1327, died 22 September 1345 Leicester, buried Newark Abbey. married 1stly before 2 March 1297 Lady Maud Chaworth, daughter of Sir Patrick Chaworth. He married 2ndly after 1322 Alix de Joinville. All children by 1st marriage. Blanche , born about 1305, died 10 July 1380, buried in the Church of the Friars Minor, Stamforc. She married before 9 October 1316 Thomas Wake, 2nd Lord Wake of Lydell. Henry Grosmont , 1st Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Lincoln, Earl of Derby, Lord of Beaufort and Nogent, born about 1306 Grosmont Castle, Monmouthshire, acceeded 6 March 1351, died 24 March 1361 at leicester Castle, buried Newark Abbey, married about 1335 Isabel de Baeumont, daughter of Henry de beaumont, Earl of Buchan. Maud , Countess of Leicester, born 4 April 1339, acceeded 23 March 1361, died 10 April 1362. She married 1stly 1 November 1344 Ralph Stafford, Lord Stafford. She married 2ndly 1352 King's Chapel, Westminster Palace, William V von Zeeland (Wittelsbach), Duke of Zeeland. Blanche , Countess of Derby, born 25 March 1341, died 12 September 1368 from the plague at Bolingbroke Castle, Lincoln, buried St. Paul's Cathedral, London. She married 19 May 1359 at Reading Abbey, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, son of King Edward III. Mary , born 1321, died 1 September 1362, buried at Alnwick, Northumberland. She married September 1334 at Tutbury Castle, Henry de Percy, 3rd Lord Percy. Isabel , Abbess of Amesbury, born about 1317, acceeded before 23 March 1344, died after 1 February 1347. She may in her youth have been married to Henry de la Dale. Maud , born about 1310, died 1377 Campsey Abbey, Suffolk, buried Bruisyard Abbey, Suffolk. Married 1stly after 1 May 1327 William de Burgh, 3rd Earl of Ulster. She married 2ndly before 8 August 1343 Ralph de Ufford, Justice of Ireland. Eleanor , born 1311 at Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire, died 11 January 1372 at Arundel Castle, Sussex, buried Lewes Priory. She married 1stly before 1337 John Beaumont, 2nd Lord Beaumont, and 2ndly 5 February 1345 Ditton Church, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel. Joan , born about 1312, died 7 July 1349, buried Byland Abbey, Yorkshire, married after 28 February 1327 John Mowbray, 3rd Lord Mowbray.
1.4.3. John, Lord Beaufort, Lord of Nogent-Lartauld, born before 1286, acceeded May 1302, died before 1337, France.
1.4.4. Mary, died young.
1.5. Richard, born about 1242, died before 1256, buried Westminster Abbey.
1.6. John, born about 1250 Windsor Castle, died before 1256, buried Westminster Abbey, London.
1.7. William, born about 1252, died about 1256, buried New Church of Knight's Templar, Fleet Street.
1.8. Katherine, born 25 November 1253 Westminster Palace, died 3 May 1257 Windsor Castle, bureid Westminster Abbey.
1.9. Henry, born after 1256, died about 1257, buried Westminster Abbey.
2. *by 2* Richard, elected King of Germany and the Romans, Count of Poitou, Earl of Cornwall, died 2 April l272 at Berkhamstead Castle, Hertfordshire, buried at Hayles Abbey, Gloucestershire. He married 1stly about 30 March 1231 at Fawley Church, Buckinghamshire Isabella Marshall, daughter of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke (she was born 9 October 1200 at Pembrike Castle, Wales, married 1stly Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Hertford and Gloucester, and she died about 15 January 1240 at Berkhamstead Castle, buried at Beaulieu Abbey, Hampshire). He married 2ndly 23 November 1243 at Westminster Abbey, Sanchia, daughter of Raymon Berenguer V, Count of Provence (she was born about 1225 at Aix-en-Provence and died about 5 November 1261 at Berkhamstead Castle, buried at Hayles Abbey). He married 3rdly 16 June 1269 at the Stiftskirche, Kaiserslauter, Germany, Beatrice, daughter of Dirk II von Falkenburg. She was born about 1253 at Falkenburg Castle and she died 17 October 1277, buried at the Franciscan Church, Oxford. He also had mistresses, Jeanne de Valletort (4) and unknown ones (x).
2.1. *by 1* John, born 31 January 1232 at Marlowe-on-Thames, Buckinghamshire, died about 22 September 1233 at Marlowe-on-Thames, buried at Reading Abbey, Berkshire.
2.2. *by 1* Isabella, born 9 September 1233 at Marlowe-on-Thames, died 10 October 1234 there and was buried at Reading Abbey.
2.3. *by 1* Henry, born November 1235 at Haughley Castle, Suffolk, murdered 13 March 1271 in Italy, buried at Hayles Abbey. He married about 5 May 1269 at Windsor Castle Constance, daughter of Gaston VII de Moncada, Viscount of Bearn (in her 2nd marriage, married 1stly Alfonso of Aragon; she died about 1299).
2.4. *by 2* Richard, born July 1246, Wallingford Castle, died there 15th August 1246, buried Grove Mile.
2.5. *by 2* Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, born about 26 December 1249, Berkhamstead Castle, died about 24 September 1300 at Ashridge Abbey, buried Hayles Abbey. He married 6 October 1272 at Ruislip Chapel, Margaret de Clare, daughter of Richard, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford. They were divorced in February 1293 and she died February 1313, buried Chertsey Abbey.
2.6. *by 2* ? Richard, born about 1252, killed 1296 at the siege of Berwick.
2.7. *by 4* Richard de Cornwall.
2.7.1. Joan de Cornwall.
2.8. *by x* Walter de Cornwall.
2.9. *by x* Isabella de Cornwall, married Maurice de Berkeley.
3. *by 2* Joan, born 22 Jul 1210, died March 1238 at Havering-atte-Bower, Essex, buried at Crawford Abbey, Dorset, married Alexander II, King of Scotland.
4. *by 2* Isabella, born 1214, died about 6 December 1241 at Foggia, Italy, buried at Andria, Sicily, married 20 July 1235 at Worms Cathedral, Frederick II, Emperor of Germany, King of Sicily.
5. *by 2* Eleanor, born 1215, died 13 April 1275, Montargis Abbey, France, buried there. She married 1stly 23 April 1224 William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke. She married 2ndly February 1238 in the King's Chapel, Westminster Palace, Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester.
6. *by 3* Richard FitzJohn, Baron Chilham, died about 1253, he married Rohese of Dover (she died baf 1232), daughter of Fulbert of Dover.
6.1. Richard de Douvres, married before 2 December 1247 Maud, Countess of Angus.
6.2. Isabel de Douvres, married N. N. de Berkeley.
7. *by 4, or by a woman called Agatha Ferrers* Joan, died 1237, married Llewelyn ap Iorweth, Prince of Wales.
8. *by 5* Oliver, died 1290 at the siege of Damietta, buried Westminster Abbey.
9. *by x* Osbert Gifford, died after 1216.
10. *by x* Geoffrey FitzRoy, died 1205.
11. *by x* John FitzJohn "Courcy", died 1242.
12. *by x* Eudo FitzRoy, died about 1242.
13. *by x* Ivo (could be same as Eudo).
14. *by x* Henry, married an heiress.
15. *by x* Richard, Constable of Wallingford Castle.
16. *by x* Matilda, Abbess of Barking.
17. *by x* Isabella la Blanche.

*** Part 4 ***

The grandson of John of Gaunt, Charles Somerset (above, Part 3), Earl of Worcester, Lord Herbert of Gower (throuhg his 1st wife), Lord Chamberlain to the King, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born about 1460, died 1526. He married 1stly Elizabeth, daughter of William Herbert, Earl of Huntingdon, 2ndly Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas West, 8th Baron de la Warre, 3rdly Eleanor, daughter of Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Sutton.

1. *by 1* Henry Somerset, Earl of Worcester, Lord Herbert of Gower, died 26 November 1549. He married 1stly about 15 June 1514 Margaret Courtenay (died before 15 April 1526), daughter of the 9th Earl of Devon. He married 2ndly about 1527 Elizabeth (died before 23 October 1565), daughter of Sir Anthony Browne. All issue by 2nd wife.
1.1. William Somerset, 3rd Earl of Wrocester, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born about 1527, died 21 February 1589, married 1stly before 29 January 1550 Christian, daughter of Edward North, Lord North of Cathlage. He married 2ndly Theophila, daughter of Sir John Newton of East Harptree. All issue by first wife.
1.1.1. Edward Somerset, 4th Earl of Worcester, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born about 1550, died 3 March 1628. He married December 1571 Elizabeth Hastings, daughter of Francis, 2nd Earl of Huntingdon (she died 24 August 1621, buried Ragland). William Somerset, Lord Herbert, born about 1576, died about 21 January 1598 without issue. Henry Somerset, 1st Marquess of Worcester, Lord Herbert, born about 1577, died 18 December 1646. He married 16 June 1600 Lady Anne Russell (she died 8 April 1639, buried Ragland), daughter of John, Lord Russell. Edward, 2nd Marquess of Worcester, Earl of Glamorgan, Baron Beaufort of Caldecot Castle, Lord Herbert, born about 9 March 1603, died 3 April 1667. He married 1stly about 1628 Elizabeth (she died 31 May 1635, buried Ragland Parish Church), daughter of Sir William Dormer. He married 2ndly 2 August 1639 Lady Margaret O'Brien (she died 26 July 1681), daughter of Henry O'Brien, Earl of Thomond. *by 1* Henry Somerset, 1st Duke Beaufort, Lord Herbert, born 1629, died 21 January 1699, buried Beaufort Chapel, Windsor, married 17 August 1657 Mary Capel (born about 1631, died 7 January 1716), daughter of Arthur, Lord Capel. Henry Somerset, died young, buried Beaufort Chapel, Windsor. Charles Somerset, Marquis of Worcester, Lord Herbert, died 19 July 1698, married 1683 Rebecca, daughter of Sir Josiah Child of Wanstead. Henry Somerset, 2nd Duke of Beaufort, born 2 April 1684, died 24 May 1714. He married 1stly 7 July 1702 Lady Mary Sackville (she died 18 June 1705, buried Badminton), daughter of Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset. He married 2ndly 26 February 1706 Rachel Noel (died 13 September 1709), daughter of Wriothsley Baptist Noel, 2nd Earl of Gainsborough. He married 3rdly 14 September 1711 Mary Osborne (died 4 February 1722), daughter of Peregrine Osborne, 2nd Duke of Leeds. Henry Somerset, 3rd Duke of Beaufort, born 26 March 1707, died 24 February 1745, married 28 June 1729 Frances Scudamore, daughter of 2nd Viscout Scudamore; they divorced 2 March 1744. He died without issue. Charles Noel Somerset, 4th Duke of Beaufort, born 12 September 1709, died 28 October 1756, married 1 May 1740 Elizabeth (she died 8 April 1799), daughter of John Symes Berkeley. Henry Somerset, 5th Duke of Beaufort, Knight of the Order of the Garter, born 10 October 1744, Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, London, died 11 October 1803. He married 2 January 1766 St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London Elizabeth (died 15 June 1828), daughter of Admiral Edward Boscawen. Henry Charles Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort, born 22 December 1766, died 23 November 1835. He married 16 May 1791 Charlotte Sophia Leveson-Gower (she died 12 August 1854), daughter of 1st Marquess of Stafford. Henry Somerset, 7th Duke of Beaufort, born 5 February 1792, died 17 November 1853, married 1stly 25 July 1814 Georgiana Fredrica (died 11 May 1821), daughter of Henry FitzRoy; 2ndly 29 June 1822 Emily Frances (died 2 October 1889), daughter of Charles Culling Smith. *by 1* a daughter, name and marriage unknown. *by 1* a daughter, name and marriage unknown. *by 2* Henry Charles FitzRoy Somerset, 8th Duke of Beaufort, born 1 February 1824, died 30 April 1899, married 8 July 1845 Lady Georgina Charlotte Curzon (she died 14 May 1906), daughter of 1st Earl Howe. They had issue other than that accounted for here. Henry Adelbert Wellington FitzRoy Somerset, 9th Duke of Beaufort, born 19 May 1847, died 27 November 1924, married 9 October 1895 Louise Emily (died 11 October 1945), daughter of William Henry Haerford. Henry Hugh Arthur FitzRoy Somerset, 10th Duke of Beaufort, born 4 April 1900, died 5 February 1984. He married 14 June 1923 Lady Victoria Constance Mary Cambridge (she died 1897), daughter of 1st Marquess of Cambridge. Blanche Linnie, born 15 April 1897, died 30 August 1968, married 1stly 11 June 1918 6th Earl of St Germans, and 2ndly 15 July 1924 Captain George Francis Valentine Scott Douglas of Springwood, Bt. Diana Maud Nina, born 12 September 1898, died 6 May 1935, married 19 September 1925 Captain Lindsey Harry Compton Shedden. Henry Richard Charles Somerset, born 7 December 1849, died 10 October 1932, married 6 February 1872 Lady Isabella Caroline (died 12 March 1921), daughter of 3rd Earl Somers. Henry Charles Somers Augustus, born 18 May 1874, he died 25 November 1945. He married 1stly 23 January 1896 (divorced 1920) Lady Katherine Beauclerk (died 1st February 1958), daughter of 10th Duke of St. Albans. He married 2ndly 28 January 1932 Brenda (died 17 July 1946), daughter of Robert Woodhouse. All issue by 1st marriage. Henry Robert FitzRoy Somers de Vere, born 3 March 1898, died 27 February 1965, married 2 December 1922 Bettine Violet, daughter of Major Charles Edward Malcolm, Bt. John Alexander, born 1 January 1925, kille in action 15 April 1945, Germany. David Robert Somerset, 11th Duke of Beaufort, born 23 February 1928, married 5 July 1950 Lady Caroline Jane Thynne, daughter of 6th Marquess of Bath. Henry John FitzRoy Somerset, Marquess of Worcester, born 22 May 1952, married 1987 Tracy Louise, daughter of Peter Alistair Ward. Robert Somerset, Earl of Glamorgan, born 20 January 1989. Alexander Somerset, born 3 September 1995. Isabella Elsa, born 1991. Edward Alexander, born 1 May 1958, married 1982 Georgina Caroline Davidson, daughter of 2nd Viscount Davidson. Francesca, born 1984. a daughter, born 1992. John Robert Somerset, born 5 November 1964, married 1996, divorced 1996, Lady Cosima Maria Gabriella, daughter 9th Marquess of Londonderry. Lyde David Somerset, born 1991. Romy Caroline, born 1993. Anne Mary, born 21 January 1955, married 1988 Matthew Xavier Maillard Carr. Anne Elizabeth, born 1 November 1929, died 1995, married 10 November 1953 Major David Alwyne Carne Rasch. John Beauclerk, born 5 October 1901, died 26 September 1921. Edward Victor, born 2 July 1903, died 23 September 1929 in a plane accident. Henry Arthur George, born 17 November 1851, died 26 May 1926. Henry Edward Brudenell, born 6 July 1853, married 17 August 1880 Fanny Julia (she died 17 August 1939), daughter of Sir Alexander Beaumont Churchill Dixie, Bt. Henry FitzRoy Edward, botn 7 September 1886, died 23 May 1913, married 12 March 1908 Evelyn Juliet (she died October 1942), daughter of W. L. Adamthwaite. Georgina Brenda, born 17 October 1908, died 29 June 1961, married 27 October 1939, divorced 1957, Sir John Stanley Vincent Marling, Bt. *by 2* a daughter, name and marriage unknown. *by 2* a daughter, name and marriage unknown. *by 2* a daughter, name and marriage unknown. *by 2* a daughter, name and marriage unknown. *by 2* a daughter, name and marriage unknown. *by 2* a daughter, name and marriage unknown. Granville Charles Henry Somerset, born 27 December 1792, died 23 February 1848, married 27 July 1822 Emily (she died 4 January 1869), daughter of 1st Baron Carrington. a son, name and issue unknown. a son, name and issue unknown. a son, name and issue unknown. a daughter, name and marriage unknown. a daughter, name and marriage unknown. Charlotte Sophia, died 12 November 1865, married 12 August 1823 4th Baron Calthorpe. a daughter, name and marriage unknown. a daughter, name and marriage unknown. a daughter, name and marriage unknown. a daughter, name and marriage unknown. a daughter, name and marriage unknown. a daughter, name and marriage unknown. a daughter, name and marriage unknown. Charles Henry Somerset, born 12 December 1767, married 1 June 1788 Elizabeth Courtenay (she died 1815), daughter of 2nd Viscount Courtenay. There was issue other than that accounted for here. Sir Henry Somerset, born 30 December 1794, died 15 February 1862, married 1 April 1817 Frances Sarah (she died 16 March 1886), daughter of Admiral Sir Henry Heathcote, Bt. Charles Henry Somerset, born 1819, died 4 November 1863, married 1848 Christina Emma (died 13 October 1863), daughter of R. W. Thompson. William Henry Somerset, born 10 October 1849, died 18 August 1922, married 11 August 1892 Kate Eliza Bramley (she died 10 October 1909), daughter of Captain Edwin George Mainwaring. Nina Evelyn Mary, born 3 November 1893. Henry Plantagenet, born 19 May 1852, died 11 April 1936, married 5 July 1879 Katherine Rose (she died 11 April 1936), daughter of David Cannon McConnel of Cressbrook. Edward Kingsley Plantagenet, born 18 May 1890, died 26 January 1891. Charles William Henry Rollo Somerset, born 24 January 1895, died 20 February 1936, married 10 August 1925 Glory Kathleen (she died 1973), daughter of Frederick Albert Turner. Arthur Henry Somerset, born 30 May 1926, married 7 October 1950 Dorothy Joan, daughter of William Harrison. Rollo William Charles Somerset, born 8 March 1952, died 10 March 1952. Arthur Rollo Henry Plantagenet, born 18 November 1953, married 2 June 1979 Marion Lyle, daughter od D. V. Graham. Katherine Lee, born 1981. Victoria Anne, born 1984. John William Plantagenet, born 30 January 1965, married 1989 Margaret Judith, daughter of Ivan Bowen. Justin Mitchell Plantagenet, born 1993. Kristina Margaret, born 25 March 1996. Andrea Helen, born 8 September 1957, married 1988 Andrew L. M. Todd. Patricia Honor, born 15 October 1928, married 5 December 1953 Norman David Thomas Butler. Barbara Joan, born 2 October 1933. Hereward Henry Plantagenet, born 2 December 1900 died 1989, married 27 June 1923 Jean Castle (she died 1987), daughter of Frederick Albert Turner. Edward Plantagenet, born 15 December 1924, married 7 June 1952 Elsei Joy, daughter of Stanley Morrow. Richard John Plantagenet, born 30 August 1960, died 1991, married 1982 Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Frank Neal. Gilliam Maree, born 1985. Sarah Jane, born 1987. Heidi Louise, born 1990. Pru-Ellen, born 27 March 1956, married 1976 Stuart Charles Barkla. David Plantagenet, born 25 June 1926, married 7 August 1953 Margaret Pamela, daughter of David Victor Staines. Jennifer Margaret, born 30 September 1954, married 1976 Stuart James Stirling. Kerri-Jane, born 20 February 1957. Erica Jan, born 12 January 1959, married 1983 Harry Sibun Perrett. Robert Plantagenet, born 11 February 1930, married 19 October 1952 Leslie Rawdon, daughter of Rawdon Briggs. Robert Plantagenet, born 21 January 1959, married 1990 Georgina Jane Persse, daughter of David Rokeby Robinson. Benjamin Plantagenet, born January 1995. Macartney Plantagenet, born January 1996. Leslie Ann, born 27 June 1953, married 1974 Ian Robert Haselwood (he died 1997). Katherina Nina, born 18 June 1957, married 1978 Lindsay George Joseph Marshall. Victoria Joyce, born 12 January 1967, married 1993 Paul Arthur Bartlett. Jane Elizabeth, born 16 November 1968, died 1973. William Plantagenet, born 6 July 1934, married 18 November 1961 Marion Helena, daughter of Maiben Hay Blackman. Mark William Plantagenet, born 27 January 1965, married 1990 Anne Marie, daughter of Terence Michael Murphy. Brent Michael John Plantagenet, born 1990. Krystie Lee, born 1992. Steven Plantagenet, born 20 August 1968, married 1992 Sharlene Michelle Payne. Alexandra Elizabeth, born 1997. Christine Helene, born 6 January 1963, married 1988 Nicholas John Case. Charles Plantagenet, born 11 May 1944, married 1978 Pamela Dorothy, daughter of Guy Oakes McIver. Miles Plantagenet, born 1979. Scott Plantagenet, born 1981. Susan, born 5 November 1945, married 16 August 1969 (divorced 1991) Heath Hill Hassall. Mary Georgina, born 18 June 1880, died 21 April 1970, married 1917 John Arthur Turnor. Christina, born 1 June 1884, died 30 November 1960 unmarried. Gwendolin Frances, born 13 May 1888, died 4 March 1970 unmarried. Vida, born 1891, died young. Doris Henrietta, born 1 February 1893, married 2 January 1917 Aldred Richard Waite. Eahlswith Anne Matilda, born 11 August 1897, married 1921 Percival Dent Ridgway Drane. Charles FitzRoy Maclean Somerset, born 19 November 1855, died 1895 unmarried. Georgina Frances Emma, born November 1853, died 17 June 1889 at the convent of All Saints, Cape Town, South Africa. Henry George Edward Somerset, born 28 December 1829, died 5 April 1920, married 15 October 1853 Harriette Lade (died 28 September 1916), daughter of Major Coast. Henry Calthorpe Somerset, born 2 February 1856, died 3 March 1904, married 1880 Bertha Clothilde (died 1931), daughter of Dr. P. Reilly. Henry George FitzRoy Somerset, born 1885, died 13 May 1958, married 1913 Honore (died 30 September 1956), daughter of J. Olive. Vivienne Constance, born 1914, died 10 September 1970, married 1941 (divorced 1951), James Rodstead. Margot, born 1916, married 1943 Donald Campbell. Charles William Clifford Somerset, born 3 July 1887, died 19 March 1890. Alan Wyndham Somerset, born 1890, killed in action November 1916. Edward Harold Somerset, born 1893, died 1913. Marguerite Constance, born 1881, died 9 May 1961, married Charles Edwin Hibbard. Violet Bertha, born 1882, died 21 February 1964, married 1929 Louis O'Keefe. Charles Wyndham Somerset, born 24 June 1862, died 12 November 1938, married 14 November 1901 Elinor Barbara Alice (she died 3 August 1935), daughter of Arthur Pearce Howell. Alan FitzRoy Somerset, born 21 September 1902, died 18 June 1940, married 18 April 1927 Nell Lauder (she died 15 January 1951), daughter of Harold English Pyman. Robin FitzRoy Somerset, born 21 May 1930, married 1977 Sarah Marguerite, daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Piercy Mills. Charles FitzRoy Somerset, born 1981. Anne Marguerite, born 21 November 1978. Barbara Carol, born 21 June 1933. Frances Constance, died unmarried 13 August 1959. FitzRoy Maclean Henry Somerset, born 1 November 1839, died 29 June 1907, married Ellen Amelia (died 12 December 1911), daughter of David Arnot. Henry Edward Somerset, born 16 April 1868. William Grimmer, born 16 February 1870, died without issue 22 May 1929, married 1904 Annie, daughter of J. Pienaar. Henry Plantagenet, born 25 January 1880, died 28 January 1880. FitzRoy Henry Somerset, born 1 February 1881, died 13 APril 1946, married 28 August 1902 Martha Johanna, daughter of Philip Watermeyer. Raglan Henry Somerset, born 22 May 1903, married 23 May 1928 Hendrica ALida, daughter of John Gabriel van der Berg. Eugene Somerset, born 31 March 1929, married 11 August 1951 Valerie Rene, daughter of D. T. Stewart. Sharon, born 9 May 1952. Geraldine, born 2 June 1954. John FitzRoy Somerset, born 4 February 1933. Eunice, born 30 August 1931. Desiree, born 1937, died 1940. Philip Arthur Somerset, born 21 June 1905. FitzRoy Henry Somerset, born 13 December 1909, died 1945 from battle-wounds, married Rachel McCullough. William Grimmer Somerset, born 16 September 1912, died 6 September 1932. Harry Edward Somerset, born 10 June 1914, married 1939 Muriel Elizabeth Watkins. Ronald Arthur Somerset, born 4 February 1940, married 1966 (divorced 1973) Lesley Drummond. Grant Bradford Somerset, born 1967. Beryl Louisa, born 15 November 1946, married 1966 Arie David de Lange. Lilian Blanche, born 24 January 1907, married 1stly 1 August 1933 Richard William Flagg (died 22 May 1940), married 2ndly 1 February 1949 Thomas Grieve. Violet, born 14 November 1911, died 21 March 1913. Winifred Mary, born 25 December 1925, married 1948 Derek Edgerton Moult. Charles James Edward Somerset, born 9 July 1883, died 3 December 1883. Anne Isabel, born 20 August 1871, died 1942, married 14 March 1892 William Heathcote Somerset Murray (died 1925). Frances Sarah, born 6 June 1873, died 1960, married 1907 Walter James Hinks. Leonora Louisa, married 1804 Montague Johnstone. Lady Anne, died Venice 1763, buried Compton, married 13 September 1759 Charles, Earl of Northampton. Lady Elizabeth, died 10 May 1760. Lady Rachel, died young. Lady Henrietta, born 1748, died 24 July 1770 Kensington, married April 11 1769 Sir Watkin Williams Wynn. Lady Mary Isabella, born 3 August 1756, married 26 December 1771 Charles, Duke of Rutland. Lord Charles Somerset, born 1689, died 4 March 1709 Rome, buried Christ Church College, Oxford. Lord John Somerset, died 31 December 1704, buried Westminster Abbey. Lady Mary, died young. Lady Elizabeth, died young. Lady Henrietta, born 27 August 1690, died 9 August 1726, married 30 April 1713 Charles, Duke of Grafton. Henry Somerset, died young, buried Ragland. Edward Somerset, died young, buried Ragland. Arthur Somerset, married Mary, daughter of William Russel of Llanhern. Edward Somerset, died young. Mary, married Algernon Greville of Brooke. Elizabeth. Anne, married Uvedale Price of Foxley, esq. *by 1* Lady Anne, married Henry Howard. *by 1* Lady Elizabeth, married William Herbert, Marquis of Powis. *by 2* Mary, died young. Lord John Somerset, married Mary, daughter of Thomas, Lord Arundel of Wardour. Henry Somerset of Pentley Court, married Anne, daughter of Walter, Lord Aston of Forfar. Edward Maria Somerset, died 1711, married 1stly Clare, daughter of Charles Calvert, Lord Baltimore. He married 2ndly Anne, daughter of Charles Calvert, Lord Baltimore. Maria, a nun. Thomas Somerset, died 1671. Charles Somerset of Ross, married 1stly Jane, daughter of Walter Thomas of Swansey; 2ndly Catherine, daughter of Walter Baskerville; 3rdly Alice, daughter of John Goodyer of Burghope. *by 2* Charles Somerset, any issue unknown. *by 2* Henry Somerset, any issue unknown. *by 2* Mary Johanna *by 2* Elizabeth *by 3* Anne, died young. Lord William Somerset, died young. Lord Henry Somerset died unmarried aged 20. Lord Thomas Somerset, moved to Rome and was there 1676, any issue unknown. Lord Charles Somerset, Governor of Ragland Castle, died a Canon at Cambray, Flanders. Lord Frederick Somerset, died young. Lord Francis Somerset, died young. Lord James Somerset, died young. Lady Elizabeth, died young. Lady Anne, died a nun at Antwerp. Lady Mary, died unmarried. Lady Elizabeth, died 1682, married Francis Brown, Viscount Montague. Thomas Somerset, Viscount Somerset of Cashel, Knight of the Order of the Bath, married 1631 Helena Barry, daughter of David Lord Barry, 5th Viscount Buttevant. Helena, died unmarried, buried Ragland. Charles Somerset, died young. Francis Somerset, died young. Charles Somerset of Troy, Knight of the Order of the Bath, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Powel of Llanpylt. Elizabeth, married Francis Anderton of Lostock. Mary, died unmarried. Frances, married Sir Henry Brown of Kiddington. Christopher, died young. Sir Edward Somerset, Knight of the Order of the Bath, married Bridget, daughter of Sir William Whitmore of Leighton, from which marriage there was no issue.
1.1.2. Elizabeth, married William Windsor, esq.
1.1.3. Lucy, married Thomas Herbert of Wynestow, esq.
1.2. Thomas Somerset, died 27 May 1587, Tower of London.
1.3. Charles Somerset, died 2 March 1598, married Emme, daughter of Henry Braine, esq.
1.3.1. Elizabeth, married 1stly Ratcliffe Gerrard, esq, and 2ndly Sir Edward Fox.
1.4. Francis, killed in battle Musselborough Field 10 September 1547.
1.5. Eleanor, married Sir Edward Vaughan of Tretour.
1.6. Lucy, died 1582, buried Hackey, Middlesex, married John Nevil, Lord Latimer.
1.7. Anne, married Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland.
1.8. Jane, married Sir Edward Mansel.
2. *by 1* Elizabeth, married Sir John Savage of Clifton.
3. *by 2* Sir Charles Somerset, Captain of the Tower of Ryesbank. No known issue.
4. *by 2* Sir George Somerset, of Badmundesfield, married Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Bowlays of Penhow.
4.1. Charles Somerset, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir George Gresely of Colton.
5. *by 2* Mary, married William, Lord Grey of Wilton.

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