Hvide / Litle / Galen

Hvide / Litle / Galen

This family, being one of the most powerful in Scania during the Middle Ages, had estates in Harjager, Lund, Bara, Vemmenhög, Albo, Herrestad, Skytt, Östra Göinge, Villand, Onsjö, Järrestad, Färs, Luggude, Gärds and Husö County Districts, and in Denmark. N.b. this table does not include all members of the Hvide and Litle branches, for which see DAA 1893.

*** Part 1 - Hvide ***

The progenitor is a man named Skjalm Hvide, who died about 1113 (for Scandinavia, an exceptionally early date). He had issue as follows:

1. Toke Skjalmsen, died about 1161, married 1stly Ragnild N. N.; married 2ndly Gyde N. N.
1.1. *by 2* Stig Tokesen, founder of Essenæk Abbey, killed 1151 at the battle of Viborg, married 1stly Margrethe (daughter of king Knud Lavard); married 2nldy Christine.
1.1.1. Peder Stigsen.
1.1.2. Toke Stigsen, died after 1214. Christine.
1.1.3. Aage Stigsen, went to the Holy Land between 1191-1193.
1.1.4. Niels Stigsen, known 1180, bishop at Roskilde.
1.1.5. Christine, married king Karl Sverkersson of Sweden.
1.1.6. a daughter, married Bjærund.
1.2. Skjalm Bang, died after 1158.
1.2.1. ? Peder Bang, 1252 bishop of Roskilde, died 23 June 1277.
1.2.2. Anders Skjalmsen.
1.2.3. Niels Skjalmsen.
1.2.4. Skjalm Litle. Peder Skjalmsen, died after 1260.
1.2.5. Cecilie, married 1stly Torbern; married 2ndly Olaf Thorkildsen.
1.2.6. Ingefred, married Niels Mogensen.
1.2.7. Gyde, married Esbern Karlsen.
1.3. Gert Tokesen.
1.3.1. Absalon Gertsen, died after 1268, buried at Sorø. Niels Absalonsen til Knabstrup, known 1289, died after 1337, married Maren.
1.4. Ingefred, married Gert.
2. Ebbe Skjalmsen, who died 1150, and married Regnild, N. N. They had issue as follows:

2.1. Sune Ebbesen, died 1186, married Cecilie N. N.
2.1.1. Andreas Sunesen, known 1201, died 1228, archbishop.
2.1.2. Jacob Sunesen, known 1215-46.
2.1.3. Ebbe Sunesen, known 1205-08. Cecilie Ebbesdotter, married Jon Reimatsen, from whom descended the Litle branch of the family (see below, Part 2). Johannes Ebbesen, known 1232, a high-ranking military leader.
2.1.4. Margrete Sunesdotter, married Herluf N.N. They had issue, Cecilie Herlufsdotter, married Erland N. N. and became the maternal ancestress of the Galen family (see below, Part 3).
2.2. Toke Ebbesen.
2.2.1. Stig Tokessen Galen. Juris Stigsen, murdered 1246, married 1stly Margrete Galen, daughter of Vogn Galen, 2ndly Kristine N. N. Jens Jurissen. Peder Jensen, known 1314-20, Councillor of the Realm. Margrete Jurisdotter, married Mogens Skaning.

3. Asser Røg, died 1151, married Inger Eriksdatter (granddaughter of king Erik the Sacred, died 1157).
3.1. Esbern Snare, born 1127, died 1204 at Sæbygaard, buried Sorø church, married Holmref (buried at Sorø); married 2ndly Ingeborg (buried at Sorø); married 3rdly Helene (daughter of duke Guttorm).
3.1.1. Absalon Bælg (or Fed), known 1199, died about 1232.
3.1.2. Johannes, Marshall of Denmark, died 1213 at Lybeck, buried Sorø Abbey, married Edle (buried Sorø Abbey). Juliane, died after 1281, buried Sorø Abbey, married Hr Jakob Hafre af Skaane.
3.1.3. Niels Mule, Master of the Horse, buried Sorø Abbey, married Margrethe. Esbern Snerling (or Mule), died 1233, buried at Sorø Abbey.
3.1.4. Cecilie, married Anders Knudsen af Tersløse.
3.1.5. Ingeborg, died 1267, married Peder Strangesen (died 1241).
3.2. Absalon, born 1128, bishop at Roskilde, died 21 March 1201 at Sorø Abbey, buried Sorø church.
3.3. Ingefred, died after 1157, married Peder.
4. Sune Skjalmsen, married 1stly Cecilie; married 2ndly Inge.
4.1. Jon Galen.
4.1.2. Cecilie.
5. Cecilie, died after 1161, married Peder Thorstensen af Borg.
6. Mogga, went to Roskilde Abbey as a widow.
7. Margarethe, a nun at Roskilde Abbey.
*** Part 2 - Litle ***

Cecilie Ebbesdotter (above, Part 1) married Jon Reimatsen, who died before 1275 and had issue a son Jon Litle de Scania, knight, regent (of Denmark?) known 1268-92, married Ingefred N. N. They had issue as follows:

1. Torbern Jonsen, known 1299-1306, married N. N. Peck, daughter of Niels Peck. He married 2ndly Christine Jensdotter (Sjaellandsfar).
1.1. N. N. Torbernsdotter, married Anders Jensen (Galen; see Part 3 below).
1.2. Peder Torbernsen, known 1316-64, married Gyde Lagesdotter.
1.2.1. Lage Pedersen, known 1364-79, a knight. Esge Lagesen, known 1395-1401, married Cecilia N. N. Gertrud Lagesdotter, known 1405-6, married Gustav Mattsson (7-stjärna). several other children, for whom vide DAA 1893.
1.2.2. Torbern Pedersen, known 1364-83, a knight, married Christine Eriksdotter (Skarsholmsätten). They had issue for whom vide DAA 1893.
1.2.3. Christine Pedersdotter, married Jens Truidsen (Galen; see Part 3 below).
1.2.4. Magnus Pedersen, known 1366.
2. Peder Jonsen, known 1297-1302.

*** Part 3 - Galen ***

Erland N. N., who married Cecilie Herlufsdotter (above, Part 1) and had issue:

1. Margarete, married Esbern Vognsen.
2. Johannes Erlandsen, married Inger N. N.
2.1. Jakob Jensen.
2.2. Anders Jensen.
2.3. Peder Jensen, archbishop.
2.4. Erik Jensen, married Inger N. N.
2.4.1. Karl Eriksen Röde, known 1313, died 1334, archbishop.
2.4.2. Christiern Eriksen, known 1325-52.
2.4.3. Jens Eriksen, known 1334, Gertrud Pedersdotter (Kalv). Erik Jensen, known 1392. Marine, a widow in 1362, married Niels Hak. Cecilie, married Axel Jakobsen (Ulfeld).
2.4.4. Knud Eriksen.
2.4.5. a daughter.
3. Anders Erlandsen, known 1245-82, married Ingefrid Nielsdotter (Falster).
3.1. Anders Andersen, known 1273, murdered 1315.
3.2. Jakob Andersen.
4. Jakob Erlandsen, known 1252-74, archbishop.
5. Niels Erlandsen, known 1285, married Elsebe Pedersdotter (Ulfeldt).
5.1. Peder Nielsen, knight, died after 1320, Ingeborg N. N.
5.1.1. N. N. Pedersdotter, married Niels Ågesen. He was the son of Åge Nielsen and he married 2ndly Margrete Eriksdotter (Lövenbalk). It is most likely that he issue below was in his 1st marriage. Peder Nielsen, known 1401Ingegerd Andersdotter (Paep). Hans Nielsen, died before 1397. Ingeborg Nielsdotter, married Berthold von der Osten.
5.2. Jens Nielsen, known 1313, died before 1320, married Kristine N. N.
5.2.1. Ingeborg.
5.2.2. Peder Jensen, known 1320, died 1355, archbishop.
5.2.3. Anders Jensen, known 1320-51, married a daughter of Torbern Jensen (Litle; see Part 2 above). Tue Galen, known 1367-1400, married Ingefred Pedersdotter (Urup). Anders Tuesen Galen, known 1383-99. Peder Andersen Galen, married Maren Lagesdotter (Huitfeldt). Tue Andersen Galen, known 1448, married Elsebe Klausdotter (Lang). Anders Tuesen Galen, known 1445-71, married Karine N. N. Anders Andersen Galen, died 1552, married N. N. Axelsdotter (Saxtrup). Jon Andersen Galen. Ingvar Jonsen Galen, known 1470, died 1543, married Birgitte Andersdotter (Bing). Oluf Ingvarsen Galen, died young, closed the line.
5.2.4. Jep Jensen, known 1320-66, married Margrete N. N. Margrete, married Åge Axelsen (Thott).
5.2.5. Truid Jensen, known 1320-36. Jens Truidsen, known 1355-57, married Kristine Pedersdotter (Litle; see Part 2 above). Niels Jensen, known 1379-90, known 1379-90. Jen Nielsen, known 1393-98, married Else Pedersdotter (Laxmand). Niels Jensen, known 1405-54. Oluf Nielsen. Oluf Olufsen, known 1472-78. Peder Nielsen, known 1417, died 1439, married Kirsten Stigsdotter (Thott). Truid Pedersen, known 1435, married Beate Iversdotter (Thott). Niels Nielsen, known 1412.
5.3. Jakob Nielsen, married N. N. Nielsdotter (Hak).
5.3.1. Niels Jakobsen Hak, known 1308, died 1350. Jens Nielsen, known 1349, died 1352. Jon Nielsen Litle, known 1344-53. Henrik Nielsen, known 1329. Niels Nielsen Hak, known 1349. Anders Nielsen. Joseph Andersen, known 1459, married Kirsten Splid. Mogens Jospehsen. Tilluf Mogensen, known 1486. Henning Mogensen, known 1486. Peder Mogensen. Godske Mogensen, known 1480, died 1508, maried Eline Pedersdatter (Ravensberg). Anders Josephsen, known 1495-1502, married Anne Falster. Joseph Andersen Falster, known 1525, died 1587, married Margrete Ågesdatter (Gere). Jörgen Andersen Falster, known 1544-47. Mogens Falster Bjelke, known 1523, died 1587, married 1stly Ellen Jensdotter (Rotfeld), 2ndly Mette Henningsdotter (Walkendorff). Elne Josephsdatter, known 1497-1501, married 1stly Jörgen Pedersen (Steen), 2ndly Herman Pors. Tilluf Josephsen, known 1492-1508, married Gunhild Ovesdatter (Bing). Jens Tillufsen, known 1534, died 1559, married Lucie Nielsdatter (Gyldenlöve). Bente Josephsdotter, Jakob Myre. Philip Nielsen. Niels Philipsen, married Bodil Gjordsdatter (Drefeld). Philip Nielsen, married Sidsel Markvardsdotter (Tidemand). Gjord Nielsen. Kirsten, married Poul Jensen (Kjörning).
5.3.2. Johannes Jakobsen, died 1314.
5.4. Cecilie Nielsdotter, died 1318, married Jens Kalv.
5.5. Marine Nielsdotter, died before 1313, married Jens Rönne.
6. Erland Erlandsen, known 1274, died 1276.
7. Peder Erlandsen, married Estrid Nielsdotter (Falster).

Skjalm Hvide: The DBL states the following regarding Skjalm: Died about 1113, buried Fjenneslev church, Denmark. Following a far more recent genealogy S.H. is said to be the son of Toke Trylle, in which case he belonged to a powerful family of Sjaelland and owned estates across that island, though especially around Sorö. S.H. was for a long period Jarl [Earl -trans.] of Sjaelland, perhaps as early as 1062 when he followed King Sven II Estridsen in the struggle against Harald Hårdråde at Niså. Saxo [Saxo Grammaticus, a near-contemporary chronicler based at Bremen and one of the main sources for this period of Danish history. -trans.] comments particularly on S.H.'s man Aslak's bravery in the battle. Regarding S.H. himself Saxo tells us that he after a bold fight wsa wounded and taken prisoner, though he escaped at Gedesö. The next mention Saxo makes of him is towards the end of the century perhaps during the reign of Olof Hunger, when his brother Avte, being on his was from Sjaelland to Falster was attacked and killed by Wendish vikings. As revenge Skjalm raised and army on Sjaelland (Saxo marvelled at this being done without consent of the King), travelled to Julin (or Jomsborg) and forced the populace to surrender the guilty parties, which were killed under gruesome circumstances. S.H. might have participated when Erik I The Good began his victorious campaign against the Wends. After the conquest of Rügen Skjalm was appointed Chief of that island. When King Erik and Queen Bodil set off on their pilgrimage in 1102 they left their son Knut under the protection of Skjalm. A few years later the young prince was sent to Duke Lothar of Saxony. It must be supposed that S.H. died at an advanced age. He was buried at the church by his main estate at Fjaldenslev (now Fjenneslev). He was later translated by his grandson Absalon to Sorö.

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