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Ivar Nilssons �tt

Ivar Nilssons �tt

A family whose main possessions were located in S�dermanland. It begins with a man called Nils, otherwise unknown, who had issue:

1. Magnus Nilsson, known 1305-1329, knight, councillor of the realm, married Ingrid N. N.
1.1. Nils Magnusson, known 1335, died before 1368, councillor of the realm, married 1stly Ingeborg Knutsdotter (Algots�nernas �tt); married 2ndly Kristina Ivarsdotter (Ivar Augmundssons �tt).
1.1.1. Folke Nilsson, known 1344, councillor of the realm, died 1400, married 1stly M�rta Gustafsdotter (Sparre af Vik); married 2ndly Ramborg Staffansdotter (Ulv).
1.1.2. Cecilia Nilsdotter, known 1344, married before 1396 Sten Haraldsson (Gren).
1.1.3. Sigrid Nilsdotter.
1.1.4. Ivar Nilsson, knight, known 1382, died 18 April 1417, married Margareta Tordsdotter (Bonde). Ingeborg Ivarsdotter, died before 1466, married before 1419 Axel Pedersen (Thott). Kristina Ivarsdotter, died before 1427, married Nils J�nsson (Oxenstierna).
1.2. Abj�rn Magnusson, known 1339.
1.3. Arvid Magnusson, known 1344.
1.4. Cecilia Magnusdotter, known 1339, married Anund R�riksson (R�rik Birgerssons �tt).
2. Ingeg�rd, known 1305.
3. a daughter, married Ingevald Estridsson (Hammersta�tten).

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