Ingevald Estridsson, known 1308-1322, bailiff, knight, councillor of the realm, married N. N. Nilsdotter (Ivar Nilssons Ätt) had issue as follows:

1. Magnus Ingevaldsson, known 1337-1364, squire, married Ingrid Erengisladotter (? Bååt).
1.1. Kristina Magnusdotter, married ? Nils Gädda.
2. Nils Ingevaldsson, known 1337-1351, bailiff, knight, married 1stly a daughter of Erengisle Jonsson (båt); married 2ndly Katarina Gregersdotter.
2.1. Erengisle Nilsson "the Elder", known 1359, died about 9 November 1406, county district governor, judge, knight, councillor of the realm, married 1stly Margareta Bengtsdotter (Bielke); married 2ndly Kristina Röriksdotter Bonde.
2.1.1. *by 1* Nils Erengislasson, known 1396, died 1440, judge, knight, councillor of the realm, married 1stly Märta Magnusdotter (Magnus Marinassons Ätt); married 2ndly Katarina Knutsdotter (Grip). Erengisle Nilsson "the Younger", known 1428, died 1469, county district governor, knight, councillor of the realm, married 1stly Märta Håkansdotter (p. 262); married 2ndly Brita Olofsdotter Thott. *by 1* Algot Erengislasson, known 1442, died 1465, married about 1449 ? Karin Hansdotter Kröpelin. ? Laurens Algotsson, died aged 5. *by 1* Birgitta Erengisladotter, died 1465, married Erengisle Gädda. *by 1* Magnus, died young, before 1442. *by 1* Märta, died young. before 1442. *by 2* a son, died young. *by 2* a daughter, died young. *by 2* a daughter, died young. *by 1* Märta Nilsdotter, died after 1472, married before 1423 Peder Ågesen Hegle. *by 1* Birgitta Nilsdotter, died before 1441. *by 1* Ingeborg Nilsdotter, married about or before 10 October 1441 Otte Ulfsson Björnram från Västergötland. Karl. *by 2* Bo Nilsson, known 1459, died 1463-1464 at Söderköping, knight, county district governor, councillor of the realm, married Beata Karlsdotter Vasa. Nils Bosson, beaten to death 14 February 1522, married Anna Arvidsdotter Trolle. Peder Nilsson, born 1507, drowned in lake Mälaren 26 September 1533, buried Sorunda, married Görvel Fadersdotter (born 1517 at Hjulsta, died 20 March 1605 at Börringe Abbey). baron Birger Nilsson, born 1490:s, councillor of the realm, died 15 March 1565 at Tärna, married 3 November 1533 at Söderköping Birgitta Joakimsdotter Brahe (died 22 June 1554 at Vinäs, buried Söderköping). baron Nils Birgersson Grip, born 6 November 1535 at Läckö, died after 7 June 1592 at Finsta. baron Joakim Birgersson Grip, born 1539, died 1569 at Paris, unmarried. baron Bo Birgersson Grip, born 1540, governor, shot at Varberg 1569. baroness Margareta Birgersdotter Grip, born 19 July 1537 at Läckö, died 1 March 1586 at Bro, buried Vårdsnäs church, married 1stly 1 November 1562 at Söderköping Erik Månsson Natt och Dag (died 1563); married 2ndly 1570 Sten Axelsson Banér (born 1546, beheaded 1600). baron Mauritz Grip, born about 1547, died 1591, married Edla Stensdotter (Lejonhufvud). baroness Brita Mauritzdotter, born 1582, died about 1622, married 1stly 13 June 1602, later divorced, Anders Hansson Holst (died 1620); married 2ndly 1 December 1616 at Bro Per Nilsson Natt och Dag (born 1584, died 1634). baron Birger Mauritsson, born 1585, died young. Sidonia Grip, born 21 April 1585 at Vinäs, died 20 July 1652 at Vinäs, buried 3 October 1652 at Uppsala Cathedral, married 6 October 1616 at Nyköping castle Johan Casimir Lewenhaupt (born 1583, died 1634). baroness Margareta Grip, born 12 April 1586 at Vinäs, died 13 December 1624 at Sko, married 3 December 1612 Herman Wrangel af Salmis (born 1587, died 1643). baroness Ebba Grip, born 1589, died 9 November 1666 at Hörningsholm, buried at Storkyrkan, Stockholm, translated to Danderyd church, married 28 August 1617 at the house of Queen Christina, Stockholm, Svante Banér (born 1584, died 1628). baroness Elisabet Birgersdotter, died after 1616, married December 1578 at Stockholm baron Anders Keith (died 1597). baron Ture Grip, born 1550, died 1558 from falling into a saw-mill. baroness Klara Birgersdotter, born 4 December 1536 at Läckö, died 1566, married Jöns Tordsson Bonde (died 1560:s). baroness Adelgård Birgersdotter, died aged 13 at Sko Abbey. baroness Beata Birgersdotter, died aged 10 at Sko Abbey. baroness Cecilia Birgersdotter, died aged 16 at Bro. baroness Anna Birgersdotter, born about 1548, died 1566 at Bro from the plague. Beata Nilsdotter, born 1495, died 7 January 1547, buried Östra Ryds church, married 29 January 1514 at Stegeborg Holger Karlsson Gera (died 1541). Kerstin Nilsdotter, died 1538, buried Gryts church, married 1520:s Göran Eriksson Gyllenstierna (died 1576). Marina Nilsdotter, married 1stly Karl Eriksson Gyllenstierna (died 1541); married 2ndly 7 January 1548 at Stockholm Castle Klas Göransson Stiernsköld (died 1583). Brita Nilsdotter, died 1549, married 1528 Björn Pedersson Bååt (died 1570). Ingeborg Nilsdotter, married 1530:s Åke Johansson Natt och Dag (died 1530:s).
2.1.2. *by 1* Katarina Erengisladotter, died about 1420, buried at Vadstena, married 1stly 29 January 1387 Gregers Bengtsson (Aspenäsätten); married 2ndly before 1409 Gustaf Leksson (Välungeätt).
2.1.3. *by 1* Magnus Erengislesson, died 1409, unmarried.
2.1.4. *by 1* Märta Erengisladotter, died 1409, unmarried.
2.2. ? Ingeborg Niclissadotter, known 1390.
3. Ragvald Ingevaldsson, known 1337.

*** Part 2 - Rømer ***

This part contains the later Rømer family, which took its name from the distaff side. It is thought in Raneke and DAA that this family might have sprung from the same man that was the progenitor of Hammerstaätten. What follows is simply a continuation of the sons of Ingevald Estridsen, of whom you can read more in the introduction above.

4. ? Narve Ingevaldsson, known 1363-1383, councillor of the realm of Norway, governor in Finland, Jämtland and Bohus. It is uncertain if he is the son of Ingevald Estridsen.
5. ? Fastulf Ingevaldsen.
5.1. Hr. Jep Fastulfsen, known 1388, died before 1428, Councillor of the Realm of Norway, married Elsebe Ottesdatter (Rømer; died after 1450).
5.1.1. Hr. Narve Jakobsen Rømer of Østerraad, known 1424, Councillor of the Realm of Norway, died after 20 April 1448, died in Denmark, married Philippa Borkvardsdatter Krummedige). Gertrud, known 1464, died after 1492, married Hr Magnus Green of Tidö (Councillor of the Realm of Sweden). She might have been an illegitimate daughter.
5.1.2. Hr Mattis Jakobsen Rømer, known 1424, died after 1455, married Gro Alfsdatter Bolt. Hr. Jakob Madsen Rømer, known 1454, an ecclesiast, died after 1498, if it is assumed he is the same as the Jakob Mattisen, canon of Marie church, Oslo. Hr. Otte Madsen Rømer, known 1463, died before 1512, married Inger Lydersdatter Struds. Hr. Oluf Ottesen Rømer, known 1483, Councillor of the Realm of Norway, died after 1528. Anne, known 1498, died before 1528, married Amund Jonsen (Skanke) of Evje. Ottilie, known 1525-1533, married Niels Ragvaldsen. Ingerd, drowned 1555 in Søvdefjorden, Søndermøre, buried Ørlandet church, married before 1494 to Hr. Niels Henriksen (Gyldenløve; Chief Butler of Norway, died 1523). Ragnild, died 1486. Gertrud, died after 1478, married Hr. Nils Jönsson Posse (Councillor of the Realm of Sweden). Johanne, known 1493, married Hans Pedersen, a judge in Bergen (known 1472-1479).
5.1.3. Jarthrud, known 1438, died after 1462, married 1stly Haavard Botholfsen of Finnen; married 2ndly before 1447 Magnus Hogenskild.
5.2. Lucia, married 1stly Simon Kyrning (a.k.a. Djäkn); married 2ndly Karl Størkarsson (Lillie; known 1409).

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