Last Will and Testament of George Scholtze

George Scholtze left a will on 30 July 1784.

George Schultz was my 5 great-grandfather, and lived in Upper Hanover Township, Pennsylvania. He married Anna Hoffman, who survived him. The strange thing about this will is that his gravestone gives a date of death of 21 March 1784. He was buried in the Schwenkfelder cemetery in Hereford Township, Berks County.

The source of this will is:
George Schultz will (30 July 1784, probated 8 May 1797), Montgomery County Will Book vol. 1: 550-551, Register of Wills, County Courthouse, Norristown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Microfilm 0021547, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The transcript of the Will read:
July the 30th 1784.
Whereas the loving god hath again reminded me by this my Sicknefs of my last end, I have therefore thought I would publish my Intention in these few lines as I think it should be done with that which God has given us.. and which may yet remain if I Should die before Mother: it is therefore my Intention, that every thing we have shall be for the use of my wife Anna, as she finds it good for her nesefsity. And when Mother is also dead, then it is my Intention, that my son Baltzer fhall first have twenty pounds I say twenty pounds in money the Remainder which may be left you can divide into five equal Shares unto each brother or Sister as much as unto the other. as to the rest deal with each other according to love and Consider that we this little as well from the good and Paternal hand of God as if we had much its therefore we aweas well hearty thanks for it as well as for much. Ah my dear beloved Children I would wish you to live fo that you may find a gracious god when once your end Shall come which is along necefsary for us to seek for this earthly life ~ therefore let the grace of God be with you ~
George Schultz

Personally Came Andrew Krieble and Melchior Kreible Witnefses to this foregoing Will who being affirmed according to law did say that they were personally present and did see George Schultze the testator in the said Will named sign and Seal & heard him pronounce and declare the same to be his last Will and Testament & at the doing thereof he was of perfect & Sound disposing mind memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge.
Be it Remembered that on the 8th day of May 1797 the forgoing will of George Schultz was proved in due form of law and Letters Testamentary granted unto Gregory Schultz & Baltzer Schultz Executors they having first affirmed well and truly to perform the same & to renfder an account according to law. Given under my hand and seal And Registered the 8th day of May 1797.
For Register A. Webb.


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