LDS Links

LDS Links

Official sites of the church: - The official page of the church. - Another official page of the church, this one specifically designed for those not of our faith.

Family Search - The church's on-line genealogy site.

Temples - The official site with information about Temples throughout the world.

Meetinghouse Locator - Find out where the nearest ward meets and when! Great if you are traveling or moving.

Send a Greeting Card - You can send someone beautiful e-cards for many occasions - great missionary tool!

Places to Visit - Planning to visit Church History sites? This site gives very detailed information.

My contributions:

Patriotism Page - Links and discourses about patriotism and God.

The Return of the Book of Enoch - Interesting articles by Hugh Nibley.

Church History Trip - Photo Album of the Baker Family's 1999 Church History trip.

Basic Beliefs - A page explaining our beliefs; how we are different, and why that's important.

Family Movies - A list of many great movies for your family to watch.
Other good sites:

Pearls - Award-winning LDS sites.

Meridian Magazine - A neat on-line magazine for Latter-Day Saints. There are some great articles here.

Extraordinary Stories - Part of Meridian Magazine's site - some great, true stories that don't cater to sensationalism.

LDS World - Fun page for members. They have good resources and mailing lists, and have the proper attitude toward the church's official page, unlike some pages out there. A lot of their stuff was actually moved over to the church's site a few years ago, and their site isn't as impressive because of that, but they gained my respect.

Hoaxes - Site on LDS World that addresses common hoaxes, LDS and otherwise. I even emailed them once about something, and got a timely answer that verified the story!

BYU speeches - On-line transcripts of BYU devotionals and CES firesides. and LDS - Great missionary references, with homepages of most of the missions of the world.

Marriage Publications - This is a great compilation of on-line talks about marriage. It points you to the Ensign and BYU publications, among other things.

Forever Families - A nice page about strengthening families, by BYU Family Life faculty.

Mormon Battalion - Extensive history, photographs and information about the members of the Mormon Battalion.

Deseret Book - Yeah, they're selling stuff, but they also have a lot of good references, especially in their "Mormon Life" section.

Church Pamphlets - A collection of many of the pamphlets the church has put out over the years.

LDS Today - Another resources page with LDS news and links.

Search for others, on Deseret Book's Search Engine:

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