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Useful sites:

Home Maintenance and Repair ______ All Experts ______ Experts Exchange ______ Your Dictionary ______ Reference Desk
- Tons of articles about - Ask experts - Ask Technology - Links a lot of - Ask away!
do-it-yourself stuff a question experts dictionaries together
______ ______ ______ ______
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Zip Code lookup ______ Kelley Blue Book ______ CarsDirect ______ Govspot ______ Network for Good
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Culture Finder ______ Rootsweb ______ WebMD ______ Travel Handbook ______ Gorp
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Clinical Trials ______ Paypal ______ Quicken ______ Mapquest ______ Epicurious
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CARSDIRECT The end game of most car-buying sites is to push you into the arms of a dealer. But at you can select a make and model, compare rebates and incentives, configure vehicle specifications, arrange financing and make a payment, all in one fell click.

CIVIC GUIDE GOVSPOT Excellent gateway to a host of useful government and civic sites. Check your Social Security benefits. Find out how much your neighbor paid for that house five years ago. Learn how to change your name. Remove yourself from junk-mail lists. E-file your taxes.

DOING GOOD: NETWORK FOR GOOD Finding a way to be of service can be a full-time job, but thanks to this site's Volunteer Search, you can easily connect with a nonprofit that's near you and needs your skills. A special section highlights timely crisis-relief efforts.

EVENINGS OUT: CULTUREFINDER Useful for planning evening entertainment when you're out of town. Get listings and program schedules for theater, dance, classical music and opera events in more than 1,500 U.S. and Canadian cities. You can purchase tickets via telephone with a credit card.

ROOTSWEB Everything one needs for researching a family tree, including a free database of 181 million ancestor names.

HEALTH HUB: WEBMD Hard to beat for basic medical info. Get the lowdown on the condition that ails you, locate a doctor in your area. You can also check out the drug and herb directory for the latest news and discoveries. Or consult

OVERSEAS-TRAVEL: HANDBOOK U.S. DEPT. OF STATE Even when the U.S. isn't at war, it's a good idea to check whether the government has issued any travel warnings for the country you're headed to. The site also posts global crime rates, traffic reports and hospital ratings.

Gorp - Gorp
HEALTH RESOURCE - Clinical Trials

PAYPAL PayPal Web money: send or receive payments via e-mail.

QUICKEN.COM Quicken Manage your personal finances.

MAPQUEST Mapquest Driving directions galore as well as maps from around the world.

EPICURIOUS Epicurious The Web's best recipe database.

Basic Technical Stuff:

How Stuff Works ______ How Things Work ______ Whatis ______ Webopedia ______ Popular Science
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How Stuff Works - This site is amazing! It has scores of articles about, well, how stuff works. Anything you've ever wondered about, is probably discussed here..

How Things Work - Similar site as above. - Ever a hear a word or acronym, and think, what is that? This site defines a lot of the new words out there, especially technological words.

Webopedia - Another list of technical terms.

Popular Science
An atlas of cyberspace

Interesting Stuff:

FirstGov for Kids ______ Timeline of Western Philosopy ______ Project Gutenberg ______ Quick Browse ______ Old Computers
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Project Gutenberg

CREATIVE WAY TO KILL TIME Sodaplay - sodaplay
INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE Internet Movie Database A movie fan's dream: archives include cast credits, actor and director bios and movie trivia.

Financial Information:

BANKRATE Comparison shop for certificates of deposit, atm fees, home and car loans, and more. The site collects financial data, which it sorts geographically, so you can find the best and most accessible deals.
Motley Fool

Advanced Technical Stuff:

Technology Review
Unix Tutorial - .

The PC Guide
PC Mechanic
Transistor applets - .

On-Line Tutorials

Web Design:

Javascript - .


Browser colors - names, hex
Browser colors - hex

Search Engines and Sites:

Librarians' Index to the Internet

NY Times Navigator
Wisenut - WiseNut
Google Search

Search the web using Google

NetCrawler Multi-Threaded Web Searcher

Search for:
A phrase All of these words Any of these words

Sort results by Control search with Java

Lycos Search

Enter Query:

Nec citeseer for Citations


Yahoo - A Guide to WWW

RARE BOOKS: ALIBRIS Virtually no out-of-print book is out of reach for Alibris, an emporium of rare, first-edition, foreign and otherwise hard-to-find volumes. - Surprise
CONSUMERS' REPORT: EPINIONS Magazine reviews are fine, but sometimes it's helpful to read the opinions of everyday people who have to deal with the products every day. Epinions' buyer reviews offer you just that from the mouths of complete strangers.

DVD RENTALS: NETFLIX Rent movies by mail for a flat monthly fee ($20). Keep flicks as long as you want before returning them in postage-paid envelopes. The site lets you watch trailers and read reviews before you add titles to your wish list.

SHOPPING: BIZRATE.COM Comparison shop online for everything from apparel to electronics to housewares. also provides user-submitted ratings of merchants. Also check out DealTime AMAZON.COM Amazon The place to buy things.

EBAY ebay The place to auction things.

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