Strong(e)/Strang(e) Research in Britain and Ireland

Researching Strong(e)s and Strang(e)s in Britain and Ireland

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This chapter is designed to provide a geographic lineage directory, by attempting to fit known information regarding Various Strong(e)/Strang(e), etc., families into a framework of well studied family groups. Some of the family descriptions contained here were provided by the late John R. Mayer (See my Chapter I, "What's in a Name?", as well as his Outline of Extraneus); some have been taken from A Table of Contents for Volume V of the SFAA update series; and others have been developed by the author and others. An attempt has been made to maintain continuity of family groups. Thus, if it is possible to trace a known family group from England to Ireland to Virginia, etc., then the sub-families or groups are presented consecutively with such references only to geography as are necessary to locate the sub- group. A certain amount of intuition has been involved, together with application of Dr. John Oliver's Six-fold Test of Consanguinity, in-so-far as possible. Further, no separation between families Strong(e) and Strang(e) has been allowed... this deliberately, in order to encourage investigation whether the variantly named families are indeed related. This Directory is by no means complete; I am certain that much relevant information has been omitted. However, as time goes on, we hope to add information here. The concept is to provide an outline, basic information about each family, and links to researchers interested specifically in these families, as well as links to information elsewhere in this work, the Strong Genealogical Network, or on the WEB regarding the specific family. The directory is not limited to members of the Rootsweb STRONG-List. This compilation is provided in furtherance of the concept which I first set out in a STRONG-List message of 6 January 1997, regarding the need for Coordinated Strong Research in the British Isles. I hope others will help us build on this outline for the benefit of participants in the Strong Genealogical Network. Where does your family fit? Send Dave Strong an Email Message!

This chapter owes a lot of its shape to the work of the late John R. Mayer, who was the world's foremost researcher of theStrange and LeStrange surnames until his untimely death March 31, 1998. For some insights re this sadly missed researcher, go to: John R. Mayer Memorial Web Page The page also contains references and assistance in obtaining access to his work.

Certain Latin translations set out here, right or wrong, were the inventions of John R. Mayer, "but they are nonetheless based upon documentary and literary precedents".

As John R. Mayer put it, "anyone wishing to suggest additions to the list, or to suggest particular styles in English, French, or Latin, is welcome to share ideas on the subject of naming families and building an outline of cognate families"...

"Fellow researchers, I would encourage you to use and further develop this listing of families, because family names can become a convenient, expedient means for speaking of large lineages and segments, such as phratries, moieties, septs, and clans. A list such as this at least provides everyone with some foundation for discussing cognate names"...

"Straughn, Straughn, Strahan, Strawn, and Strachan have a distinctly different etymology, and do not seem to be related or associated with the families listed above. (John R. Mayer) had never heard before of the names Straffen, Straffon, and Straffan, ..." until joining the STRONG-List. (See the Strong Quest - including the STRONG-List Home Page.)

Abbreviated references, thus: "Extraneus", will be made in the text below to certain manuscripts and publications by John R. Mayer, described in part as follows:
The Annals Quinquepartite of Strange Lives. A Social and Literary Chronicle of the Families Extraneus and le Strange of Knockyn, with Essays on Alienage, Lineage, and Peregrinity in the Western World, by John R. Mayer. ((c) 1986, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997 by John R. Mayer). This major work in progress was organized by John R. Mayer into five volumes as follows: Volume I: Le Strange of Britain and Aquitaine Volume II: Le Strange of Anglia and Eire Volume III: Strange of Balcaskie and the Alloway Strange Volume IV: Strange Virginians Peregrine Volume V: Strange Compendia

For a detailed listing of the Volume, Book, and Chapter Headings, see: Appendix - Outline of Extraneus, by John R. Mayer Note that "Extraneus" is the Latin word for "Strange", and according to John R. Mayer was used in the period 1000-1500 in many records concerning members of the leStrange family which were entered by Roman Catholic monks writing in monastic settings.

These Volumes have been printed in various parts and are available as follows:

First edition, San Francisco: Beaux-Arts Press, 1986 (single tome).

Second edition, San Francisco: Arapacana Press, 1992-1996 (Twelve Books were contemplated, either in manuscript or printed, including, inter alia,
IX: Strange of Balcaskie XI: Strange of Blisland, XII: Strange of the Carolinas); all in paperback. These titles (Books IX, XI, & XII) were available from Arapacana Press, of San Francisco, CA, a desk-top publishing psuedonem of the late John R. Mayer. For information on purchase ordering: Go To: Home Page of the late John R. Mayer

Selected titles (Books V: Strange of Eastern America, & X: The Alloway Strange) are available from Higginson Book Company 508-745-7170) in both paper and cloth.

Most titles should be generally available through interlibrary loan from the Library of Congress, New York Public Library, Family History Library, Allen County Public Library (Fort Wayne, IN), the Alfred Sutro Library, and several state libraries (Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland).

For additional information on purchase ordering: Go To: Home Page of the late John R. Mayer The Strong Family Association of America (SFAA) has published a five volume set of Updates to Benjamin Dwight's 1877 two volume reference set regarding the Descendants of "Elder" John Strong of Massachusetts. VOLUME V, STRONG FAMILY HISTORIES, includes discussion of many families not known to be related to Elder John Strong. A listing of those families appears in A Table of Contents for Volume V. The Update Series was published for the SFAA by Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, (c) SFAA, 1996. For ordering information, go to the following website: Strong Family Association of America.

Other references will be mentioned below. For further information regarding availability or location of these materials, it is suggested you contact the Researchers mentioned in connection with the particular lineage in which you are interested. It should be emphasized that genealogical charts concerning each of the families listed below are to be found either in John R. Mayer's various books , see Outline of Extraneus; the SFAA Update Series of five volumes (particularly see A Table of Contents for Volume V); or in the other books, websites, or in the possession of the various researchers listed. Certain Ancestor Charts have been prepared for some of the researchers listed below by the late Robert T. Strong, Jr., and are indexed at his Ancestor Chart Index Page

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Please! Help us build on this outline! Add your own charts and reference materials to the list; all contributions are welcome! Email Dave Strong, and/or register your Ancestor Chart at Strong Quest Guest Registry

The researcher will hopefully see many possible new relationships upon reviewing this material. We encourage investigation whether the variantly named families are indeed related. An exciting new avenue of research is opening. Advances in genetic techology have made it possible to persue a DNA Study which promises to help resolve whether the lineages discussed in this chapter are indeed related. The DNA Study will show whether the lineages have a "Most Recent Common Ancestor" and predict how many generations back from the test subjects the MRCA occured. Take a look at the LeStrange-Strange-Strang-Stronge-Strong DNA Study , and consider joining the project. Help resolve the puzzle whether the various lineages discussed in this chapter are related, and if so, the degree to which they are related!

The list which follows includes certain Strange surname variants which were developed and translated for "Extraneus" by John R. Mayer. Readers should consult the Outline of Extraneus, provided by John R. Mayer for further details. You may also wish to review the Table of Contents outline of Volume V of the Strong Family Association of America Update Series relative to various other, primarily US Strong lineages (although there are some Canadian and British and Irish lineages listed in Vol.V of the SFAA series). To review the various LeStrange, Strange, Strang, Stronge and Strong lineages listed here, please follow the links to the sub-pages which are part of this Lineages Directory:
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