Born 7/27/2001


My Beginning

     My name is Bud Jr., which is I would say is unusual for a dog like me.  This name was given to me by my human mom for three reasons...

(1) my human dad's fathers' nickname was Bud
(2) my human dad drinks Budweiser and
(3) cause my human dad likes NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt & Dale Jr...
and Dale Jr. drives the Bud #8 car..ergo  BUD JR.

    My human mom wanted to name a girl dog Buttercup or Scarlett  (smile) but my human dad said I will not call a dog Buttercup or Scarlett and say, "Buttercup/Scarlett, go tinkle." I'm a cockapoo part poodle and part cocker.  My ears and paws are cocker and my face is the face of a poodle.  I am just 3 months old now and growing.
    When I came home from the breeders, I weighed 8.25 lbs.  Now after a month home, I weigh 11.30 pounds.  It's been rough on me this past month.  My human mom loses it when I poop in the house.  I think I'm housebroken but not quite sure yet.  Mom and dad have new carpeting and linoleum in the house and guess what...yep I did christen them.    I had to claim it as my own - I'm that way!
    It's been an exciting month for me.  I've met Dr. Horn at the Orange Villa Veterinary Hospital in Orange, CA  last week and got my shots (I think I took it very well) and then got groomed by this nice lady.  You know they even poke this cold long thing in my rear.  Guess they gave me a good going over.  They sent me postcards thanking my human family for bringing me there.  Mom put them in my photo album with all the e-mails etc. from people who think I'm cute.  Mom has a digital camera and takes pictures of me constantly.  I have learned to sit, to potty outside most of the time and the word down.  I am also learning to stay.  She gets so upset when I start to bite, but I think she is playing and she says she is not.  I love my treats and I love to eat.  I have lots of toys.
    I met our human next door neighbors and my first bark was at the human lady named Betty.  She's out there every morning and sometimes says hi and I bark back.  I don't bark much and mom wants me to bark when I have to go potty but I haven't gotten the hang of that yet.  I eat lots of grass and Mom gets mad at me.  But I heard dogs are supposed to eat grass for digestion - whatever that is.  I have met the man, Lem, across the street who has a dog named Rootsie.  I have her pic on my pen-pal page. She is a daschund and is quite nice.
    And Betty has a dog named Joey but I don't see him much.  Mom took a pic of him and it also is on the pen-pal page.
 I've been chasing birds and butterflies outside - can't catch them - sure wish they'd stay still a second.
    My human parents are Terry and Jim.  Jim's a native Californian and Terry is a native New Yorker.  She's basically a cat person but Jim doesn't like cats.  I saw my first cat a few weeks ago at night and it was a scary feeling.  I ran back in the house.  Dad says I am a man's dog.  Mom calls me pretty and beautiful but dad says I'm handsome and silly.  But am I telling tails out of school?  heeheehee


    Now maybe I should tell you about my canine parents.  I'm a pure-blood cockapoo...my mom's name is Misty and my dad is Clyde.  Misty and Clyde are cockapoos too.  So let me begin at the beginning....
    I was born July 27, 2001 at Canyon's Cockapoos owned by Donna Newman in Canyon Lake, CA.   There were 5 pups altogether.  My sisters were named Brandi and Sophia but I forgot my brothers names.  Sophia went to San Francisco to a judge but I got the chance to play with her a bit.   I am buff/white in color.   I am a very expensive pup and it won't be cheaper as I go along.
    And now for my Family Tree (yuppers!  dogs love trees :)~

Family Lineage

                   My mom is Miss Misty Sue born July 21, 1999 - her mom is Lucy and dad is Chocolate Chip born on March 1, 1995.  Misty Sue's breeder was Terry Anderson.  Chocolate Chip's parents were Jim Bob VII and Nicolette's Little Sheena.
                   My dad, Clyde was born December 11, 1999.  His breeder is Nancy Steadman of Anaheim.   Clyde's mom is Starlo's Lill Miss Jessica and dad is Wk's Starlo's Creamy Oreo.


    I saw Dr. Horn again.  This time that long stick poked me and hurt - I yelped.  He gave me a biscuit but I knew something was going to happen and sure enough, he shot me three times.  They say this is it for a while but I tend not to believe them.  I have to go back and get my teeth checked in three weeks.  I don't know if I like these people anymore.  After going thru all that, they had me walk over to Susan's and left me.  Over there, they washed me and cut off all my fur and put me in a cage.  Then a bows was put around my neck and I don't like that and wish they'd stop doing that.  I a man's dog not a pussy footer!  Cut that out! When I saw mom and dad, boy was I glad.  I could go home and be myself..but lo and behold!  Mom and Dad had to go somewhere and left me in the computer room with the door closed.  But I showed them..I pooped on the newspaper they left.  Well, the doc said I weighed 14.7 lbs.  That was before my fur was cut.  Now that I have my rabies shot I can get my big dog's license.
    Mom always washes my face and paws because I like to eat and play in the dirt and mud.  But they are good folks!  They bought me a ball with a bell inside and it makes a silly noise.   I love to bite things and this ball is no exception.   I overheard them talking about my sleeping arrangements yesterday.  Hmm!  wonder what this will entail.  I am now sleeping without that stupid box to block my way but they shut the door so I can't go anywhere.
    After my nightly trip to the potty, I get to sleep on their bed and lick their faces.  But they fall back to sleep and so do I.
And now for the biggie!  I have my very own doggie door.  Yep, of course dad had to take a pic of it to show you.  Mom put my name on it - she calls it Bud's Door..that's me you know.  I trained Mom on getting me to use it.  While trying to do a written draft of this, I was helping mom write.  I really enjoy the freedom of coming and going when I want - more dirt for me to  eat.  And now those darn birds and butterflies won't stand a chance as I dash thru that door.
    I have learned some new things.  I can give mom my paw (at least when she gives me food) and I can stay for a longer period of time.  I sleep for 6-8 hrs at night (but Mom and Dad don't cause they don't trust me yet) and can use my new doggie door without hestitation.    I saw my first fire in the fireplace and I don't like it that much...it's too darn hot but the humans seem to enjoy it.  Well, mom says it time for breakfast - we get up early - about 4 a.m. but sometimes out of the kindness of my heart I may let them sleep till 5 a.m.  So food is more important than this so...bye for now.
    Yes, they told me this is Christmas.  I don't know what it is but my mom wants me to watch all these stupid Santa Claus programs.  I find they are boring except for the jingle bells.  There's this stupid deer with a red nose; he must have a cold.  I can't see why I have to sit and watch this stupid stuff.  Let alone I have to watch something called football and the Bills and of course, we watch the latest news everyday (and almost every hour) on the war.  Mom thinks I like this stuff.  She's looney!
    I've been sleeping on the bed now.  It's much cosier than the pillow on the cold floor.  I have a stool at the foot of the bed to jump or I couldn't climb up there.  Mama put it there for me.  She's nice sometimes.  My Uncle Rick came to visit and had a camcorder for videos of me.  I'm a STAR!!!!!  But I make it hard for them to take pics of me.  I also fall asleep at the computer called a CPU unit (that tall tower thingy).  I visited Uncle Rick and Aunt Cheryl's new house.  Wow!  I could sure get lost there.  That's why my mom had me on a leash.  I also christened their garage cause mom and dad left me alone.  But I was good under the table while they were eating.
    My mom is baking and baking for Christmas - something called cookies and I get to lick up the floor.  She forgot about that!  Anyway, she has this thingy that makes a lot of noise (called a processor) and when she uses it, I hide beneath dad's feet.  This is getting to be too much for me.  She sent a Christmas card to my cousin Amanda back home with my paw prints on it.  Uncle Billy said mom is a "freak."  I can't help that!  After all, she feeds me.  You never bite (argue) with the hand that feeds you.  All dogs know that.  I ain't no dummy.
    And another thing about the fireplace...it snaps, crackles and pops and I mean big pops.  Boy it scares me.  But then I get scared of everything.  Especially the guy next door who bangs his garbage covers.  I don't like that and I bark at him.  I don't bark much but I know how now!
    Dad and mom bathed me recently and I smell wonderful (so mom says).  But I rolled into the dirt again to get my other smell back.  They said I took it better this time.  I even let mom brush me without much fuss.  Usually I never sit still for that.  Now I look fluffy.
    Another visit to see Dr. Jeffrey and this is bad news.  What's an operation?  They were talking about it and have to take my 4 teeth out to make room for the adult teeth.  Something about putting me out...I ain't gonna like this one!  Who wants to be my stand-in for it?  Will be away from mom and dad all day.  And it's costing a fortune $$$$$.  My folks decided to wait and keep me in suspense about these teeth.  It's a bit slow eating but hopefully, they will fall out.  They better!
    Mom is so fussy about her floors.  Geez!!!  I love to play in the mud and bring leaves and things inside the house.   I can see my paw prints on the new linoleum in the kitchen and the carpeting they put in.  And they thought they'd have a nice clean house.  HA HA fooled them.  Dad says I'm spoiled.  Well that could be - after all I'm a pedigree (hmmm! what's that) and I can be spoiled if I want to.  They got my papers yesterday but won't let me tear and chew them.  Mom put them in my album (boy that sure is getting thick).  I wonder what Santa will buy me for Christmas.
    I love to ride in the car  - Mom tries to get me into the back seat but I always scoot to the front.  But I do love to go driving with Dad...I jump into the back seat and then when Mom comes into the car, I jump into the front seat.  She can't get away from me that easy.  When she leaves the car, I slide around on the seat.  I really have it rough sometimes.
    This was a tough day what with this thingy called a vacuum cleaner.  So what that I bring in all kinds of garbage into the house!  That's what houses are for.  But mom has to be a clean freak and scrub the carpet and then run this thing.  I head for the computer room and she brings that thing in there so I scoot into the bedroom and onto the bed and she comes in there so I vamoose into the computer room and jump onto her chair.  She sure makes life tough for me.  Then we have this guy in back of us who stands up on the fence and chops down some of his tree and I get shook up and start barking...boy I must have made up for lost time cause I sure was going at it.
    I wish I could get into those cookies...mmm all the baking mom is doing.  Dad is putting up the Christmas lights and mom took me for a walk down the street to look at them.  Of course, I was more interest in sniffing out the turf.  And then this stupid little dog (Chihuahua) comes yipping around me...I've never seen such a spectacle in my life and was a bit shaken.  Mom picked me up and was screaming at the dog and the people.  She was mmmmaaaaadddddd!  Wonder if the people understood her - they were not Americans.
    Now she did it.  Dad said he's never seen the likes of it before.  Mom brushes my teeth - well, at least she tries.   It tastes good too.  It's yummy.  I wait by her bathroom door and then jump on the bed, roll over on my back and get ready.  That's the easiest way for mom to do it.  I see I have a loose tooth ready to come out.  Just maybe I will get away from having them pulled.
    Mom and Dad have been taking me riding a whole lot.  I love the car and I don't have to wear my leash.   Boy that's freedom.  I don't like to sit in the back myself but I will if mom does.  Otherwise I sit up front.  When mom gets dropped off to go somewhere, I get to ride home alone in the front with dad.  I whine a bit but I get over it.  I miss my mom!  I sure love it but Mom says I'm getting heavy and wants to get me a car seat so I'd sit in back.
    She's says I'm wild.  But dad says I'm a pup.  I sit on the loveseat by the door so that Dad can take me out when he goes.  I'm pretty good he says.  One day I thought Mom was coming with us to the store but she didn't.  Dad said I whined a bit but got over it.  I'm now 5 months old and quite a big boy.  So next week I have to go to Susans' again - she's the groomer.  Here goes, I'm going to be bald.
I found the bathmat in Dad's bathroom - maybe cause it's the same color as me but I sure love to nibble on it.   I also like to sleep on the floor in there 'cause it's cold.  And I love Mom's gardens and she always chases me with the broom.  It's been raining here but mom has kept her cool in regards to my paw prints on the new kitchen linoleum.
     Mom took pictures of me dirtying up the floor.  She's always with that camera!  So I guess I'd better fess us and confess that those are my paw prints.  And check out the Christmas pictures of me and my sock.  I got a few new toys - one from mom and dad and one from the neighbors, Betty and Paul.  They sure are nice to give me things.