Bud's Story Continued
IT IS NOW 2002!

    January & February were quite boring.  Cold but I was comfy.  I have been going to the Vets to get shots and groomed.  But I hear we have a big to do in front of us.  Will tell you about it later.
    We had visitors in February Ė Karen, Anjanette and Joshua came for the weekend.  It was nice meeting these people the first time.  I get so excited about new humans.  Mom was quite busy cooking though.
    When the company left, Mom ordered a new computer.  She sure is lucky.  Itís a Dell Ďcause she likes the ďDell Dude.Ē  It took 7 days from the time it was ordered to delivery.  Had to buy a new scanner cause the one she had didnít work.  Mom is on the knee study for SAMe.  Sheís been having trouble walking lately.  I can tell.  She goes every month for 5 months.
    Mom and Dad had to buy a new microwave in March.  The old one went.  It sure seems to work better.
    I am getting older now.  I can sleep on the bed with the folks and Dad rubs my tummy and plays with me at night.  I brush my teeth every morning and evening.  Itís really nice that Mom has the patience to do that.
    During April, Cheryl had a baby shower.  Dad and Mom went out to buy all girl things for the baby which will be named McKenzie.  She went to Rick & Cherylís house for the party and took pictures.  I went with Dad for the ride but couldnít stay there long.  I donít feel comfortable there.  The folks are afraid I will do my duty there.  Whatís my duty??
    We also went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for Alex and Devonís wedding present.  Thatís the big to-do coming up.  And I heard thru the grapevine that Iím not going.
    There is a new baby in the family and itís not me!  Uncle Rick and Aunt Cheryl had a baby boy (not the girl they planned on) and his name is Nicholas James.  Whatís the big deal about a baby-all it does is sleep and cry.  At least I can do tricks.  I had to stay home because the baby is sickly.  Nicholas James weighed 6 lbs and 20 inches long.  They had to stay at the hospital for an extra few days.  Mom took pictures.  Sure wish they would trust me with the little tyke.
    Well, the big day is finally coming.  Alex and Devonís wedding in Tucson, AZ.  The folks told me that I canít go.  I will have to stay at the vets on Thursday to get groomed.  On Friday, they will neuter me and put a chip ID in the back of my neck.  I donít think this is very nice.  Not only do they leave me with strangers and in a cage, but my body is being abused.  Tsk tsk!

    Well, the wedding day finally arrived and from what I heard about it, Iím glad I didnít go.  The weather was 101 degrees in Tucson.  John, Karen, Anjanette, Heather (whom we picked up at the airport) and Joshua were here Wednesday.     Everyone left after they dropped me off at the Vets.  Heather rode with mom and dad.  They met Jason and Dawnna in AZ.  On their return, they picked me up at the vets.  Sure was happy to see them.  I recognized the folks right away.  Everyone stayed here on Sunday before leaving on Monday.  Now itís back to normal.
    In June, we had a rototiller guy come and prep the ground.  The noise he made was awful.  Of course, anything new upsets me.  I donít like new.  Now I have to keep off the dirt cause the plants are there.  They are planting beans, peppers and tomatoes.
    I do have new tastes now.  I love carrots, apples and spinach (all raw).  And vanilla ice cream.  When Iím good I can have that.
    We went for a ride to take Lem to the airport and pick him up.  He went to Utah to visit a friend.  Heís a nice man.  He pets me all the time.
    Most of the summer was uneventful and quite boring for me.  But Mom had to travel back to North Tonawanda for some medical testing.  She stayed a week and I sure missed her.  Dad was really nice and we got along but I miss Mom.  Dad got phone calls from Mom all the time.  We were pals and buddies.  We went to the airport to pick up Mom and I hope she never goes away again.  You see, she helps me with my website.  Look at me at work on the computer!
Dad bought a new computer and we went up to Dixon to give Jason his old computer.  We ended up staying a day longer than we planned as the Explorer had to have new brakes put on.  It was quite a ride for meÖmy very first long expedition.  New scenery (so Mom said) but all I did was sleep most of the way there.  It takes about 6 hrs to get to the Sacramento area.  My first experience in a motel room wasnít too bad either.  I was really excited seeing my canine cousins, Abby, Libby and Mini.  Of course I met Mini before when they visited us down here.  I had a ball romping with the girls.  We went to Jasonís baseball game and I growled at him.  Well he had those contraptions on his legs called knee pads and they scared me.  Also something on his feet called sneakers with cleats.  These humans are weird.  I donít wear sneakers.
    Back home and now that the garden is beginning to give us veggies, Mom was making pickles and jam and is excited with the holidays coming.  What is so big about the holidays?  Just another day to me.
    One day she was decorating with spooky things and these little kids kept ringing the doorbell saying ďtrick or treatĒ and she would give them something.  She said it was candy and that I couldnít have any.
    We visited Aunt Dorothy (90) and took her to dinner.  Well, the humans took her to eat Thanksgiving dinner.  I had to stay in the house and wait for them.  They sure donít trust me around food.  They even took pictures of me with her.  Sheís a frail old lady and I have to mind my Ps and Qs.
    Mom came home and started to get the house ready for company.  Dad brought these big bins (plastic containers) into the house and Mom started to put up the tree.  I was being my nosy self and she had to scoot me out of there a few times.  When she was done, a few days later, I didnít recognize the house.  But all in all, I was a good boy and didnít eat anything festive.  With all the decorating and baking, Mom was edgy and irritable sometimes.  But I guess thatís cause they donít lead my life Ė a dogís life (smile)!
    And guess what!  Aunt Karen (Daddyís daughter) came to visit again.  Wow!  I sure like it when she does.  I think I smelled Mini on her.  I can tell because I smell everything.  I got a good nose for smelling.  She stayed with us for 5 days and again we visited Aunt Dorothy and again I get to stay at the apartment while they go eat.  Life just isnít fair!
    After Aunt Karen left we had a call and guess what, Jason is coming to visit.  We had to pick him up in Hollywood and he stayed a few days.  He helped Dad put up the outside house lights.  It was a better visit for me and him.  I didnít growl at him much.  I kinda ignored him at times.
    After all the excitement ended, we were back to normal.  We are bringing in the New Year in peace and quiet.  So everyone Happy New Year from me, Bud, Jr.

IT IS NOW 2003!

    Mom started the New Year out right.  Cleaning up all the stuff she put out and taking down the tree.  Boy, humans are silly.  Doing all that work and then undoing it.  I canít see why myself.
    January brought the Santa Ana winds and mighty winds they were.  At speeds reaching 100 mph they were mighty strong and blew my ears.  I didnít like them and I still donít Ė they lasted two days and three night.  It knocked the cable out for days.  Weíve only had cable on and off for a few.  Mom is upset because she canít get online.  I lay in the bed next to the computer every morning while she plays games and works on her website.
    June brought the family down to give Aunt Dorothy a birthday party.  She did enjoy seeing everyone.  Both Mini and I got into trouble tearing up Aunt D's carpeting.  To tell you the truth, I didn't do it!  It was all Mini's fault.  There!  I said it and don't regret it.  But I got blamed too!
    Being 2 is quite a responsibility.  I'm supposed to be a big boy now but I still like to be treated as a baby.
    Mom got something she calls her angel.  Mom joined an organization to help bring joy and love to a child.  If Mom can do that for me, a dog, she certainly can do that for a child.  She is so excited and calls the angel Cheyenne Rose.  Now isnít that a nice name!  Do you think Cheyenne Rose likes dogs?  I certainly hope so.
    Well, thatís my life so far.  Think I will send this to Cheyenne Rose to see if she likes my life story.
    Mom's garden will be a bloomin' this year.  She bought so many bulbs and I can't wait to help her plant them.  I'm a good little helper..I taste them when she's not looking.
    But now that will have to wait because Mom was in the hospital in October for 10 days...boy, I sure missed her.  Dad has been taking care of me and he's ok, but he's not mom.  Wish she'd come home.  Dad said she was very sick and when she comes home I had better be a good boy.  I miss her.
    Well, she did come home but she's not herself.  She doesn't sleep in the bed anymore. We sleep on the loveseat and she tilts back.  Dad was sleeping on the floor near her for quite a while.  When she first came home she didn't stay on the computer long - just about 10 minutes a day - so I know she's sick. I don't like this arrangement.  I know she's sick and try to stay out of her way but I sure do miss the old mom.  In November she went back to the hospital for 3 days...sometimes I feel like she doesn't want me.  I am sure glad to see her when she returns.
    Again, she's gone for overnight in the hospital.  Dad keeps saying hospital but I don't know what that is but I sure don't like the sound of it.  They keep taking my mom away.  I sniff the house all day for signs of her.  Glad she is home to stay now.  At least I think so.
    It's Christmas again but Mom doesn't seem to care.  She cries a lot and is very sad because of the hurt she's in.  Her legs are three times their size and she can't lie down to sleep.  No decorations this year - although Mom managed to put up the stikees to make it look a bit festive.  She couldn't do it all in one day but she got them up.  She's starting to do more around the house now.
    In December Karen came down to visit.  I like her - she smells of dogs.  And Jason also stopped by for a few days.
    Well, another year has come and gone and now it is time to ring in 2004.  May we all have a better one.

Happy New Year 2004!

    Not much going on these days...2003 seemed pretty dull except for Mom being in the hospital.  We haven't gone much of anywhere except to Aunt Dorothy's.  She's getting older everytime I go there.  She is losing her eyesight slowly.  She's going to be 91 this year.
    In April Aunt Hallie came to visit.  She's from Ruskin FL and I  barked at her first thing in the morning for a whole week straight.  The second week wasn't so bad.  Must have been those crazy P.J's she was wearing and robe.  But she bought me a football (which I immediately tore pieces out of) so she can't be all bad.  Mom and her went with Rick, Cheryl and Nicholas to the San Diego zoo and left me behind with dad.  I don't like being left behind.
    Well, it's May now and Mom's birthday coming up.  She's going to be 63...boy that's how much in dog years!  Anyway, Alex and Devon will be coming to visit.  I like Devon - she plays with me.  And folks, that's about it for today.  Gotta go to the groomers and get purrrty - as mom says.

    Alex and Devon came and they played with me.  They stood about one and a half days until they had to leave.  While here they went to Disneyland.  Wish I could go and see what it's like there.
    I still love to ride in the car.  I go with Dad when he goes to the mailbox and when I come back...boy oh, boy I get some ice cream in a bowl.  That's the best part and it's yummy!  Just plain vanilla but so what!  I sure love it.
    Aunt Karen sent me down some new toys.  They sure are great but they are disappearing little by little.  Wonder where they can be going.  I think Mom has been hiding them from me.  They are so neat too but she says I make a mess on the floor and don't pick up after myself.  That's not fair.
    We also heard that Rick and Cheryl are going to have another baby.  That Uncle Billy is sick and that Amanda (my human cousin) will be the first one to graduate from college with a 4 year college degree.  And here I can't even go to obedience school.  I wanted to be the first to graduate.  Just picture this ---- Bud, Jr. in cap and gown (that's if I don't eat it first).

    And now I have proof, I brush my teeth.  Alex and Devon took a picture of me brushing my teeth.  I love Crest with Scope toothpaste.  I get them brushed every night now.  I sleep next to Mom on the floor and we rough house while Dad brushes his teeth.  He takes so long!  When he gets done, I get a tummy-rub and we play every night.  It is my time.  Just like playing ball between 5 and 6 pm when O'Reilly Factor is on.  That's when we play the most ball. 
     I have just started to eat watermelon.  I love watermelon and apples, along with carrots and lettuce.  And anything that drops in my realm - the kitchen floor. I haven't gained too much weight now, guess I'm where you would call leveled out.  I haven't seen Nicholas in a while; they usually go to the River in the summertime.  Uncle Rick's birthday is coming up as is Dad's, Aunt Betty Ann and of course, yours truly, Bud Jr.   Tomorrow I get to watch Dale, Jr. and hope he wins the race.
    I heard Mom make an appointment with Susan - now I know who she is - the groomer.  Don't like to go because they put me in a cage for hours until I get ready to get groomed.  All that soapy stuff.  But I do need a bath and sometimes I'm just too much for mom to handle.
    Well, soon Aunt Karen (my human aunt) will be coming here.  Dad has been taking care of stuff around the house and so has mom.  She with the cleaning and cooking part - Dad with the outside work.  We will be going to see Aunt Dorothy too and the humans are taking her for lunch.  Darn!  I don't get any and I want to go but they said it's only for humans.  Don't they have doggie restaurants - I've heard of doggie bags so they must come from doggie restaurants.  Hope she brings me some good stuff back.  All I get are biscuits and a chewie when we go there because they are afraid I will poop all over the house.  Listen, I'm gonna be 3 next week that's how old in doggie years - 21...boy I can smoke and drink and drive now - I'll be legal age (hehehe)
    The tomato plants are growing - the beans are not too tall yet - no squash - and just had 2 peppers so far.  But everything is still growing - they had to replant lots of stuff because of the heat.  They are expecting heat wave of over 100's this week.  I know when we go to Aunt D's it's in the 100s.  With all this fur on this body, it's just too much heat.  I pant a lot.
    We've had a long summer (at least it seems to me)...lots of tomatoes and some beans and peppers.  We even had a squash or two or three.  I love roaming around the yard, especially the dirt.  It was great having Aunt Karen here.  She took Dad and mom out for Dad's birthday dinner.  I got to stay home.
    Things have been touchy at home lately.  I can't understand humans at times like these.  Right now they are talking about the election...they watch TV for the news and sports.  You know that Dad loves Nascar and Dale, Jr.  He also likes Dale Jarrett who drives the "Big Brown Truck" well - not really but I like to think of him that way.
    Seems mom is putting up decorations for Halloween and now I hear the door bell ring and kids saying, "trick or treat."  Guess they want something called candy which mom says I can't have.  Especially chocolate.  I had to go for my series of shots to the vet and also get groomed.  Don't these guys know that it's cold at night and I need my furrrr.  BRRRR I shiver at night and have to sleep between Mom and Dad and sometimes under the covers.  I like kicking daddy off the bed too.
    Mom and Dad mailed out their election absentee ballot.  I wonder who they voted for.  I think the President has a dog named Barney so he can't be all bad.
    Dad hasn't been himself - something about being sick and going to doctors.  They seem to be going there lots these days - glad it's not me and the vet.  I don't like doctors - human or animal...yuck.  I miss daddy playing ball with me but hopefully he will be back to normal soon.
    Now Mom took down the Halloween decorations and put up Thanksgiving ones.  Aunt Karen is coming down because dad has to go to the hospital for testing.  I hope he doesn't have to stay too long like mom did last year.
    I was outside tonight while they were grilling steaks and playing with my bone.  I tried to bring it thru the doggie door but it wouldn't fit.  Guess me and the bone can't get thru at the same time.
    Oh, I forgot...the vet said I needed to go on a diet.  Told me to eat something called "rice cakes" and boy are they good.  I love them and gobble them down fast.  But I like most food.  They said broccoli but I don't like that.  I guess I will stop getting the fatty treats after I finish the batch.  I do love my treats and biscuits and now rice cakes.

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