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Family History for        
Teens (or Kids)

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Whose Genes are You Wearing?  
Your ancestors might have been pioneers, soldiers in the Revolutionary War, Native Americans, or bank robbers.  Your ancestors might have traveled right beside Daniel Boone, as he headed west. Your ancestors might have been famous, infamous, or just down-to-earth folks homesteading on government land.  How will you know unless you ask and do a little research?

Family History for Teenagers?  
If you can read and push the buttons on the computer, you can do family history / genealogy.  It's terrifically cool to learn about your ancestors. You'll learn the same sort of skills that the PBS "History Detectives" use to solve their stories.

Isn't Family History Hard?  
You already help your parents with the computer, don't you?  Then, you already know the computer skills genealogists need.  You just need a few hints about what to look for and where to look to find those ancestors, and you're set to go.

Why is Family History Important?  
"It's not just about your ancestors, it's about you...You are part of history. The best part of genealogy is that it helps people discover their own specialness. Your ancestors are a part of the history of the world. Your family has played a part in the building of the United States...You have a proud heritage and a history that is all your own." (Do People Grow on Family Trees? Genealogy for Kids and Other Beginners, Wolfman, p. 3).

Free Family Tree Software 
The free PC genealogy software you will want is downloadable from the sites below.  It helps you keep track of your ancestors, their stories, and their lives.  Make sure to check out the software's "Help" file or look at lessons and tutorials, as there is a standard way to write dates, names, and places. Awesome!
Personal Ancestral File (known as PAF) Easy to learn, easy to use. Free online PAF Lessons at the following link:  PAF Lessons

Legacy Family Tree (Standard Edition)   Free download with a link to free online training videos to the right of the download link.

Rootsmagic (Free Trial Version)   Free trial version download with a link to free  online training videos to the right of the download link.

MAC Software (sorry, not free)

Reunion 8.0...  Reunion is the program of choice for my friends who are Macintosh users. Too expensive? Click on the following link for a list (and review sites) of more MAC genealogy software:  MAC

Websites for Teens and Younger
I've searched the web to find sites for you that not only tell you how to do genealogy, but have some fun activities you can do by yourself or with your friends and family.  Don't forget to check out the links in the box of the bottom of the page that will take you to my "Top Websites" page (great genealogical websites you can use to find your ancestors) and my "How to Do Genealogy" page.

Our  How does your life (or the life of anyone else you choose) fit into history as we know it? On this website you can create your own timelines for free.

Get Nosy with Aunt Rosie...  Many great ideas you can use to interview relatives to get those interesting family stories. Isn't it about time you were the one getting nosy and started asking questions?

Genealogy Checklist for Kids ... You study the history of your nation and the world in school. But did you know that your family has its own history? As you explore your family's past, you'll learn a lot, not just their names and ages, but what life was like way back when the world was a different place.

USGenWeb Kidz... A website specifically for young people, it teaches you how to do genealogy, and also has places you can get together with other young people doing genealogy.

Census Kidz Project... Trying to find an idea for an Eagle Scout Project? Need hours for a service project? Join the Census Kidz project. This project is setup to help kids and teenagers wanting to transcribe a census for a project-or just for fun!

101+ Fun Family History Activities for Kids    

Discovering My Heritage: The Rubicam Youth Award... The National Genealogical Society sponsors a contest for the "best-prepared genealogy" from 8th-12th grade students.

Cyndislist for Teens & Kids... This part of Cyndislist has links just for Teens and Kids.

Resources for Girls

Young Women Value Projects... This page offers many fun and meaningful family history activities girls and boys alike could do.
Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge
The following websites will both explain the requirements and give you some suggestions in doing them.
Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge Requirements outlined.

Julie's Genealogy She has suggestions for such things as interviewing relatives and writing a history.


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