Daniel Frailey and Related Family Genealogy from Pa to Southern Illinois
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Johann Daniel Frailey/Frolich/Freyligh and his descendents are the main subject of my research.

I started researching my family in 2000, with a file compiled by Lindel Frailey (my uncle), he spent 20 years researching our family.

I was curious about the instances of children in the same family having spouses with the same surnames and wanted to know if they were related. Because of this I have added the lines of Baugher, Beck, Belt, Burrus, Ginger, Ledbetter, Milligan, Price, Sarver, Summers and Vinyard to the file.

I have also been documenting the info that Lindel collected, I have added lots of Obits, Marriage and Census records.

I have alot of info that isn't entered here YET,
I am working on it. If you find a listing with-out a link e-mail me and I will send you the info.

The My Tree link will take you to my file at World Connect.

If you have questions I will be happy to help if I can.
If you have corrections they will be more than welcome.

I have documented the information on these pages as to
where it was found and who posted it.

I have not verified all of this info personally.

ALL information on this site may be used for personal research but may not be used for resale without prior written consent PLEASE respect the work of others and Give them the CREDIT for their information.


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