William Harrison Womack, Senior

William Harrison Womack, Senior
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This page describes the life and times of William Harrison Womack, Senior, and his wife, Harriett Euline Smith.  It is the story of a common man who lived during one of the most difficult periods in American history.  Like thousands of others, his life was irrevocably changed,  certainly not for the better,  by the Civil War.  He was an ordinary cavalry trooper, a private throughout the War, who did what he said he would do and at the end of the conflict came home to face a life of hard work and economic hardship.   He struggled his entire life; his accomplishments did not include the accumulation of wealth or property, and he never held high office.  Nevertheless, he and Harriett were parents to 10 children, reared eight children to adulthood and  his descendants proudly bear his name and moral legacy.   This page is dedicated to him and his many descendants.  Please send comments, corrections, and suggestions to:  [email protected]

William Harrison Womack and Harriett Euline Smith
1840 - 1905        ------------            1840 - 1918

I believe this picture was made about 1900 perhaps a few years later.

William Harrison Womack, Senior,  was born March 1, 1840 in Georgia, perhaps in Stewart County, although the actual birth location is unknown.   Throughout his life, he reported that Georgia was his birth place but he failed to mention the site.  Current scholarship shows that he was a two year old living with his father and mother in Stewart County, Georgia in 1840 and that the family moved to Tallapoosa County, Alabama in 1841 or 1842.  Tallapoosa County, along with nine others,  had been formed following the Creek Cession in 1832.  The 1850 Census for Tallapoosa listed his father, Joel "Warrick" or "Wamick",  in Township 24 along with the other Womack children then living, including William at age 10.  (Although the name Womack appears in a variety of spellings, in every instance when William personally signed his name, it was Womack.)   In 1849, 1850, and in 1851, Joel acquired land Patents totaling 200 acres  from the United States Government in Township 24.  Click here to read the Joel W. Womack story.  In the 1860 Census for Tallapoosa County, William, by now age 20,  was again listed in the household of his father and mother with a New Site post office. They had not moved but the name of the enumeration district had changed.  In the fall of 1860,  he married Harriett Euline Smith.  On November 13, 1860, the marriage bond was recorded in Tallapoosa County.   The bondsman was Lemuel P. Smith, brother of Harriett.    Interestingly, Lemuel P. Smith would marry Mary Ann Womack, sister of William, only one month later.  Both William and Harriett were a few months beyond their 20th birthday.   The dates of birth for William and Harriett, shown on this page, were obtained from a copy of the Family Bible fly leaf provided to the writer by Wendal Womack, a great-grandson of William and Harriett.  The Family Bible was in the possession of Iva Qualls, a great-granddaughter,  but this writer has never seen the original.  The dates are consistent with Census and Marriage records mentioned above.

Harriett was born July 4, 1840 in Georgia although the exact location remains unknown.  She was the daughter of John C. Smith and his wife, Amy.  Harriett was the third child of that union and apparently the last one to be born in Georgia.  John and Amy left Georgia probably in 1841 or 1842 and relocated in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.  The 1850 Census for Tallapoosa County listed John and Amy and their five living children in Township 24.  They were Family Number 1954 while the Womack's were Family Number 1851.  The miles that separated these two families has not been determined but it was only a few.  By 1860, the Family Numbers were 931 for the Womacks and 941 for the Smiths.    Again, the miles separating these two families has not been determined but we can conclude that they were neighbors.  Both families were enumerated for the 1860 Census on the same day.   Harriett was 20 years of age and the oldest child at home. The Smiths and the Womacks had been neighbors for almost twenty years and Harriett and William had likely known each other since they were small children.  Whether they attended the same school or any school at all is unclear.  Both could read and write and the few records we have suggest that they were schooled in the three R's.  William and Harriett were married in November 1860 and, in the course of their 45 year marriage, they would become the parents of 10 children, eight of whom would reach adulthood and have families of their own.

Specific details are unavailable, but William and Harriett no doubt began their married life as farmers in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, and quite likely they farmed with one or both of their parents. More than likely they were tenant farmers.  As late as 1870, William listed his occupation as a farm laborer rather than that of a farmer, a distinction that might suggest that he continued to work for his father or father-in-law.

Dora Ann and John Emanuel were born September 5, 1861, not quite 10 months after the marriage of William and Harriett.  John Emanuel apparently died at birth but Dora Ann survived.  The third child, William Harrison Womack, Jr., was born January 2, 1863 at New Site, Tallapoosa County, Alabama. There exists some evidence that the actual name of the father and son was William Henry Harrison Womack and that over time the use of "Henry" was dropped. For example, the 1870 Census listed the younger Womack as Henry. Later,  he used the initials W.H.H. Womack on his marriage application in Cleburne County, Arkansas although he was almost always referred to as "Harrison".

William Harrison Womack joined the Confederate Cavalry May 16, 1862.  One wonders what motivated William and Harriett to choose such a course when one considers that she was a few months pregnant with their third child, that Dora Ann was just nine months old,  and the springtime was a busy season for small time farmers whose livelihood depended upon making a crop.  How would they keep the family together while William was away at war?  They owned no slaves and neither did their neighbors.  Nevertheless , he, like hundreds of thousands of others,  did volunteer and soon they were engaged in one of the bloodiest struggles in American history.  He was enrolled by John W. Hurt and assigned to Captain Hurt's Company, Crawford's Regiment of Cavalry. That company subsequently became Company I, 3rd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry. William was assigned the rank of Private. He gave his age as 22. Records in the National Archives show that he was on the Company Muster-in Roll and that Columbus, Georgia was the site for rendezvous. It seems likely that the actual enlistment might have occurred somewhere in Alabama while the rendezvous site was Columbus.  Other units in this Regiment came from Northwest Georgia.  His tour of duty was to be "three years or the war". There was a value of $175.00 placed upon his horse and another $25.00 for "horse equipment's".

Another Archive record showed that his name appeared on a Company Muster Roll for November and December 1863. That record showed that he was last paid by Capt. Moore, June 30, 1863. A notation shows "For use and risk of horse" $73.60 and under remarks "Use and risk of horse;  Due pay as Blacksmith from June 30, 1863 to December 31, 1863.", a period of six months when he was presumably without compensation for his service.  His named appeared on a Receipt Roll for clothing on March 26, 1864. Finally, his name appeared on a Company Muster Roll for November and December 1864 with an entry showing that he was last paid in March 1864 by Major Cariker. Additional remarks note "use and risk of horse" but no dollar amount was shown.

William served for the duration of the War and while it cannot be established that he was with the unit when it was surrendered by General Johnston at Durham Station, North Carolina, on April 26, 1865, there is every reason to believe that he was. In June 1902, William swore that he was honorably released from service on or about May 10, 1865.  In June 1904, he swore that the release date was on or about May 20, 1865.  Whatever the exact date, William joined  thousands of other Confederate soldiers who returned home in May 1865 to take up the task of farming once again.

Joel Gilbert Womack was born December 31, 1864 and we know that William was home on leave at least some of the time during the fighting.   Many Confederate units granted leaves during the winter months when the weather was too harsh for engagements.  Unit commanders would sometimes bring their wives and families for visits while in winter quarters but privates were not accorded such privileges.  Although we cannot know with certainty, it is likely that Harriett found herself responsible for growing the food that the family needed while William was away and no matter how often he might have been able to come home, his time there would have been limited and thus the burden for the family fell upon her.  Without doubt, Harriett's had help from her father and father-in-law who could provide some of the labor required in William's absence but they had families to care for as well.

When William returned to the life that he had left more than three years before,  the conditions were dramatically different and far  more difficult.  Federal troops were stationed throughout the South and the fabric of government and culture was unfamiliar.  Hard currency had always been in short supply but now it had the added negative of not only being scarce but  worthless.  In 1860, Joel Womack, William's father,  reported that his real estate was worth $1,200.00 and his personal property another $970.00.  By 1870, those numbers had dropped to $350.00 and $300.00, respectively.  John Smith's fortunes were equally gloomy.  His estimates had declined from $800.00 for real estate and $400.00 for personal property in 1860 to $300.00 and $200.00 respectively.  William listed no value for either. The most optimistic reading for the decade could only be that it had been a dismal one economically for the Womack's and Smith's.

When the war ended, William and Harriett were 25 years of age and four children had been born to them although John Emanuel probably was not living.  If life had been harsh before, it would surely offer no respite now.  Nevertheless, their little family continued to grow.   Emma was born August 19, 1867 and Francis Delona was born April 23, 1870.  As far as we know, the family was still farming and one can only wonder about the social and economic hardships they faced.  By the time William and Harriett celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, the family now numbered five or perhaps six children ranging in age from 9 years to three months.

The 1870 Census for Tallapoosa County, Alabama, taken on August 8, 1870, listed William and Harriett and five of the aforementioned children. He and Harriett gave their ages as 29 although they would have been 30 at the time.  The children listed were Ann (9), Henry (7), Joel (6), Emily (3), and Frances (3/12).  John Emanuel would have died before the date of this Census.  William listed his occupation as Farm Laborer, a classification that  suggests that he was not a land owner but rather a hired hand or  tenant farmer.

Sarah Elmirah was born September 6, 1871 but she died just over three years later on November 16, 1874.  Ollie was born October 25, 1875 and Martha A. was born February 14, 1877.  Shortly after the birth of Martha, the family left Alabama and moved to Independence County, Arkansas. The last child, Franklin Floyd, was born January 13, 1879 in Arkansas. With Franklin's birth, the family was complete.  Ten children had been born in the spate of 19 years albeit two had died as infants.

William and Harriett lived in New Site, Tallapoosa County, for the first 17/18  years  of their marriage.  All of the children were born there with the exception of the youngest.  Two were buried there.  They were poor farmers with little material wealth to show for all their hard work and personal sacrifice.  In late 1878,  when both William and Harriett were 38/39 years of age, they left Alabama and moved to what was then Independence County, Arkansas.  There they obtained land of their own, perhaps the only time in their life they had real estate of their own.  They left no record to indicate why they chose to leave Alabama and come to Arkansas but the ability to get cheap land surely played an important part.  No record has been found to indicate how they learned of the opportunity in Arkansas, whether other families accompanied them, or the route taken to make the trip.  It appears that at least one of Harriett's sisters, Permelia Ann who had married Asa Cotney did, indeed, make the journey with William and Harriett.   Asa and Permelia were listed on the 1880 Census for Independence County, Arkansas and they lived in the County for a few years.  Other families from Eastern Alabama had migrated to the Ozark foothills following the Civil War and William and Harriett may have heard from acquaintances who had already settled in what is now northeastern Cleburne County.

William acquired 160 acres of land in Independence County, Arkansas under the provisions of the 1862 Homestead Act.   Although he entered the homestead in 1878, it was many years later before he obtained a fee simple title to it.  He and his family were quite likely very similar to the hundreds of others pioneers who settled the Ozark foothills in the last quarter of the 19th century.  They struggled to make a living by farming the rocky foothill country and most of them endured hard and difficult times.  None amassed any wealth.  Opportunities for an education were scarce and terms of school were short and sandwiched around the planting and harvesting cycles.  The eight surviving Womack children grew to adulthood in Independence and Cleburne County.  A more detailed description of each of the children follows this narrative.  The letter below, though short, provides a brief glimpse into the family.

{Transcription of a letter from William H. Womack to his cousin, Joel Buchanan Womack, June 1888. Joel was probably living in Coosa or Elmore County in 1888 and William notes that he arrived in Arkansas in 1878.}  Joel Buchanan Womack was the only son of Henry Womack, a brother to Joel W. Womack, father of William Harrison Womack, Sr.
Almond P. O., Cleburne Co., Ark
June the 10, 1888

Dear Cousin After some delay or neglect I seet myself to right you a few lines in answer to your letter that I received some time back. I was glad to hear from you. These lines leves us all well hoping that these lines wil come safe to hand and find you all wel & doing well. I have no nuse of importance to rite you at this time. The health of this country is good. We air having plenty of work to do now. Crops air looking very wel at this time but air generally small. We air having plenty of rain now. Wheete is looking well but thin on the ground.

Wel Joel you stated in your letter that you had ben in Arkansas & in Independence Co. I would like to no what part of the county you was in & what year. I live 13 miles west of Batesvill on the mountain. I come to Arkansas in 78 & I wont you to rite to me where your mother is Aunt Reeney & how she is getting a long & your Brother is & news generally.

Your uncle Joels children air all scattered mightley. Brother John is in Mississippi {Catadil} [can't determine the county name-ed. note]} Co, Sister Georgia & Sister Sousan & Brother Franklin is in Pike Co. Ark & rest is in Alabama or was the last account we had of them. We have five children married, 2 boys & 3 girls, & we have 3 left with us, 2 girls & one boy. Our youngest is in his 10th year that is living. I wil bring my letter to a close by asking you to excuse bad riting & spelling & awkward composed letter so nothing more but remain as ever

W. H. Womack Rite
To Joel Womack Soon.

Fruit prospect is very fine hear in this country.

William was in poor health the last several years of his life. On June 27, 1902, William applied for a pension from the State of Arkansas to compensate for his Civil War service as a member of Company I, 3rd George Cavalry.  He swore that his incapacity was due to "Disease of blood vessels".  On June 5, 1902, H. N. Dickson, MD of Independence County, provided  evidence in support of the application by listing his diagnosis as "Arterio Sclerosis".


A "Proof of Service" affidavit was filed on June 27, 1902 by C. C. Jordan, a citizen of Tina, Arkansas.  Jordan swore that he had known William for 35 years and that "he had ever reason to believe that he was a Confederate soldier, belonging to Company I, 3rd Regiment of Georgia Cavalry, that as such soldier he served from May 1862 to May 1865, that he was honorably released from such service and did not desert the same.  That he is now and has been for the past twelve months a bona fide resident of Arkansas.  That he is incapacitated for manual labor by reason of age and disease and that such incapacity (or disability) is not the result of his own vicious habits still persisted in.  That to the best of our knowledge, all property now owned by him and his wife, together, is not worth exceeding $400.00 ( exclusive of household goods and wearing apparel). That neither he nor his wife is in receipt of any income, annuity, pension or wages for any services, or the emoluments of an office, in excess of  $150.00 per year.  That we have no interest in this claim."  Signed:   C. C. Jordan

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 27 day of June 1902:    Signed W. D. Johnson, JP

(C. C. Jordan was the father of Naomi Jordan.  Naomi was the wife of Franklin Floyd Womack, youngest child of William.)  If C. C. Jordan actually knew William for 35 years, then he would have known him when both lived in Alabama.  It is known that both families lived in Tallapoosa and Clay County, Alabama in the late 1860's.

The Cleburne Pension Board approved the application but the State Board "rejected proof insufficient".  On June 24, 1903, William again filed an Application for Pension, giving essentially the same data that he had given in the first application one year before except that he asserted "that I am incapacitated to perform manual labor in any of the ordinary avocations of life and that such incapacity (or disability) is the result of wounds received in the service, being 'in so much hard service that my constitution was broke down and old age has caused me to ask for pension' and that such incapacity (or disability) is not the result of my own vicious habits still persisted in, so help me God". Signed: W. H. Womack

The application was sworn to before J. B. Conditt.  Conditt was William's son-in-law, the husband of Francis Delona Womack.

An affidavit entitled Evidence of Physician, Paul L. Dickson, MD stated that he was well acquainted with William and that the physical condition and cause of his incapacity for manual labor was attributable to: " Partial paralysis, old age, and general debility."  And under Extent of disability, he wrote, "is unable to [do] a days work at all or even part of a days work.  Is disabled to the extent of 7/8 at least."  This affidavit was sworn to June 24, 1903 before the above mentioned J. B. Conditt.

A "Proof of Service" affidavit was filed by J. C. Gallaway on June 9, 1903.  He asserted that he had known William for 40 years and swears in the same form as above to the same items except that his statement as to the cause of William's incapacity was "his age and exposure during Service in War". Sworn to before Y. S. Carr.

(It may be that J. C. Gallaway, husband of Margaret Jane Callaway who was the sister of Elizabeth Caroline Jordan, had, indeed, known William for 40 years.  The Gallaways and the Jordans lived in the Tallapoosa/Clay area of Alabama at the same time that William lived there.) 

Another Evidence of Physician was filed on July 6, 1905 by Charles M. Newton.  His diagnosis as physical condition that caused his incapacity for manual labor attributable "to almost total insanity, super induced by Chronic Nasal Catarch, and is totally helpless and is penniless and has no means of support in any way and deserves the full allowance of pension."  Sworn to before J. B. Conditt

The 1903 application was approved but the amount was increased on July 29, 1905 to $100.00 based, at least in part,  upon the preceding affidavit.  William died within the month and on April 24, 1906, Harriett filed a Widow's Application as the widow of a Deceased Pensioner.  Her application was sworn before J. B. Conditt.  On August 8, 1906 she was granted a pension in the amount of $50.00. (Conditt's wife, Francis Delona, the daughter of William and Harriett,  died in 1906, exact date unknown. Whether she had died when this event occurred or still later is unknown.  Conditt moved to Oklahoma soon afterward.)

 Harriett's whereabouts after William's death are uncertain.  Most family stories assert that after William's death on August 4, 1905, Harriett moved from the family home in Cleburne County to Faulkner County to live with her youngest daughter, Martha A. Womack Newman, and remained in the Newman home until her own death on December 24, 1916. But the 1910 Census for Faulkner County, Union Township, shows the Newman family including Martha but it does not contain a listing for Harriett.  Moreover, she was not listed in the households of any of the other children then living.  Further research will be required to explain Harriett's whereabouts.   William was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery but Harriett was buried at Republican Cemetery in Faulkner County, Arkansas, the same Cemetery where her daughter, Martha, is buried..


 William Harrison Womack marker
was placed by his grandchildren and
great grandchildren in May 2010.

And so ends the saga of William Harrison Womack and Harriett Euline Smith.  They were simple people who never had much to show for their hard work.  But at least one of their special qualities was that they have hundreds of descendants who are proud of the name they gave and who are proud to have the  legacy of their simple qualities.  That has been a handsome dividend.

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Descendants of William Harrison Womack, Sr.

1 William Harrison Womack, Sr. Sex: Male b: 01 Mar 1840 in Stewart Co.,GA d: 04 Aug 1905 in Independence Co., AR

. +Harriet Euline Smith Sex: Female b: 04 Jul 1840 in Georgia m: 13 Nov 1860 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL, Book 5 d: 25 Dec 1915 in Faulkner Co., AR

..... 2 Dora Ann Womack Sex: Female b: 05 Sep 1861 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: 12 Nov 1900 in Cleburne Co., AR

......... +Samuel Buchanan "Buck" Green Sex: Male b: 09 Aug 1858 in Lee Co.,AL m: 08 Dec 1878 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL d: 03 Dec 1921 in Cleburne Co., AR

..... 2 John Emanuel Womack Sex: Male b: 05 Sep 1861 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: Bef. 1870 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL

..... 2 William Harrison Womack, Jr. Sex: Male b: 02 Jan 1863 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: 09 Jun 1923 in Tarrant Co., TX

......... +Jacqueline Lina Massey Sex: Female b: 01 Jun 1866 in Independence Co., AR m: 08 Nov 1883 in Cleburne Co.,AR d: 11 Aug 1946 in Tarrant Co, TX

..... 2 Joel Gilbert Womack Sex: Male b: 31 Dec 1864 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: 14 Aug 1926 in Faulkner Co., AR

......... +Lee Ann Newman Sex: Female b: Bet. May 1869 - 1871 in Illinois m: 05 Jan 1888 in Independence Co.,AR d: Aft. 1920 in Faulkner Co., AR

..... 2 Emma Womack Sex: Female b: 19 Aug 1867 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: Bef. 1899 in Independence Co., AR

......... +James Crafton Stephens Sex: Male b: May 1860 in Tennessee m: 22 Feb 1883 in Independence Co.,AR d: Aft. 1920 in Prob Independence Co.,AR

..... 2 Frances Delona Womack Sex: Female b: 23 Apr 1870 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: 1906 in Cleburne Co., AR

......... +James Bennett Conditt Sex: Male b: 17 Aug 1867 in Stone Co.,AR m: 07 Aug 1887 in Independence Co., AR d: 22 Mar 1917 in Bryan Co.,OK

..... 2 Sarah Elmirah Womack Sex: Female b: 06 Sep 1871 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: 16 Nov 1874 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL

..... 2 Ollie Leona Womack Sex: Female b: 25 Oct 1875 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: May 1931 in Cleburne Co., AR-Mt. Zion

......... +John Riley Montgomery "Gum" Kerlin Sex: Male b: 02 Nov 1869 in Independence Co.,AR m: Bet. 1892 - 1893 in Cleburne/Independence Co.,AR d: 10 Oct 1951 in Cleburne Co., AR-Mt. Zion

..... 2 Martha A. Womack Sex: Female b: 14 Feb 1877 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: 13 Dec 1956 in Faulkner Co., AR

......... +George Miller Newman Sex: Male b: 29 Jul 1873 in Stone Co., AR m: Bet. 1893 - 1894 in Cleburne Co., AR d: 21 Apr 1953 in Faulkner Co., AR

..... 2 Franklin Floyd Womack Sex: Male b: 13 Jan 1879 in Independence Co., AR d: 23 Nov 1935 in Cleburne Co., AR

......... +Naomi Jordan Sex: Female b: 02 Feb 1885 in Cleburne Co., AR-Almond m: 1900 in Cleburne Co., AR d: 24 Sep 1971 in Faulkner Co., AR


The Womack Children

All of Womack children were born in Alabama except for Franklin, the youngest who was born a few weeks after the family arrived in Arkansas in late 1878.  All were born on the farm near the present day town of New Site and two of them, John and Sarah, are buried there.  Each grew to adulthood in Arkansas and each of them married when they were very young.  Dora Ann was 17 when she married, Harrison was 20, Joel Gilbert was 23, Emma, 15, Frances and Ollie 17, Martha, 16, and Franklin, 21.  With the exception of Martha who lived until she was 79, all of the girls died at very young ages.  Dora Ann was only 39, Emma, 32, Frances, 36, and Ollie 56.  Harrison died at 60, Gilbert at 62, and Franklin was killed in an automobile accident when he was 56.  Harrison was buried in Fort Worth, Texas but all the others were buried in either Independence, Cleburne, or Faulkner County.

Dora Ann Womack married Samuel Buchanan Green in Tallapoosa County, AL on December 8, 1878 and family legends hold that the newly weds accompanied the older Womacks to Arkansas.  If that is true, then Franklin's birth would have occurred while they were in route from Alabama to Arkansas,  because it is known that he was born in January of 1879.  On the other hand, the Greens may not have accompanied the older Womacks but rather came later.

The Bureau of Land Management issued a Patent to Samuel B. Green on November 16, 1894.  It is likely that Dora and "Buck" had lived on the tract for several years before the actual title was transferred, indeed, they may have settled on that tract when they came to Arkansas.  Their 163.7 acres, located in Section 11, Township 12-N, Range 8-W was about 1 1/2 miles from the tract obtained by Dora's father, William Harrison Womack, Sr., still nearer to the tract obtained by Joel Gilbert and Franklin Floyd several years later.

Dora and "Buck" had ten children, seven of whom survived infancy, all of them born after they arrived in Arkansas. The 1900 Census for Cleburne County, Arkansas, Grassy Township, listed Samuel B. Green, age 42, and Dora "N.", his wife, age 38.  She reported that she had borne 10 children with seven living, those seven were listed with age ranges from 19 to 1.    Dora died just a few months after the Census date in 1900.  In just over twenty years of marriage, she had given birth to 10 children, moved to a new part of the country, and helped her husband make a new life in the Ozark foothills.  "Buck" was remarried a short time later.  He had issue with his second wife.

Descendants of Dora Ann Womack

1 Dora Ann Womack b: September 5, 1861 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL d: November 12, 1900 in Cleburne Co., AR Census: 1900 Cleburne Co.,AR , ED 10, 2A, Grassey Twp.
. +Samuel Buchanan "Buck" Green b: August 9, 1858 in Lee Co.,AL m: December 8, 1878 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL d: December 3, 1921 in Cleburne Co., AR Census: June 5, 1900 Cleburne Co., AR, Grassy Township,
. 2 Walter Green b: June 1880 in Independence Co., AR
. 2 Brady M. Green b: November 1882 in Cleburne Co., AR d: March 1967 Census: January 9, 1920 Cleburne Co., AR, Grassy Township, ED#1, Sheet 4A
..... +Minnie B. Jordan b: May 1890 in Cleburne Co., AR m: Bet. 1904 - 1907 in Cleburne Co.,AR
. 2 Nora E. Green b: March 1886 in Cleburne Co., AR
. 2 Effie N. Green b: January 1888 in Cleburne Co., AR
. 2 Clovie Green b: October 1893 in Cleburne Co., AR
. 2 Dovie Green b: February 1896 in Cleburne Co., AR
. 2 Pearl Green b: July 1898 in Cleburne Co., AR
. 2 Floyd Green b: Bef. 1900 d: Bef. 1900
. 2 Infant Twin Green b: Bef. 1900 d: Bef. 1900 in Cleburne Co.,AR

William Harrison Womack, Jr. married Jacqueline Lina Massey November 8, 1883 in Cleburne County, Arkansas.  William Harrison Womack, Jr. lived in Arkansas until sometime between 1901and 1909.  He was listed on the 1900 Census for Cleburne County, Arkansas along with Jacqueline and the first seven children listed below.  The children's ages ranged from 15 to 2.   Before the birth of Helen Daisy in 1909, he moved his family to Tarrant County, Texas and there he lived until his death in 1923.  He and Jacqueline were listed on the 1910 Census for Tarrant County, Texas, Fort Worth, along with Ira (21), Homer (17), Jerry (15), Abbie (12), Eugene (9), and Helen (1).  They lived on Lincoln Street in Fort Worth.  William was a carpenter by trade.

The 1920 Census for Tarrant County, Texas also contained the names of William (56) and Jacqueline (52) along with Homer F. (26), Henry E. (18), and Helen D. (10).  They were still residing on Lincoln Street.  William reported that he was a carpenter engaged in the home building business.  Apparently, Homer and Henry E. worked for the railroad because they reported that they worked as fireman and mail clerk, respectively, in the "steam railway" business

Pictures of William Harrison Womack and his family may be viewed by clicking on the links at the end of this page.

Descendants of William Harrison Womack, Jr.

1 William Harrison Womack, Jr. b: January 2, 1863 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: 1923 in Tarrant Co., TX Census: June 18, 1900 Cleburne Co., AR, Grassy Twnshp, ED#10, Sheet 8
. +Jacqueline Lina Massey b: June 1, 1866 in Independence Co., AR m: November 8, 1883 in Cleburne Co.,AR d: October 11, 1946 in Tarrant Co, TX Census: 1930 Tarrant Co.,TX, ED 48, 4B, Ft Worth
. 2 Locia Lemore (Leamy) Womack b: December 27, 1884 in Independence/Cleburne Co., AR d: May 23, 1966 in Ellis Co., TX-Ennis Census: 1930 Ellis Co.,TX, ED 22, 8A, Ennis
..... +Perron Elmer Duncan b: 1880 in Mississippi m: 1905 d: July 11, 1955
. 2 Ara Millicent Womack b: January 1, 1887 in Cleburne Co., AR d: August 30, 1904
..... +J. Elias McNabb
. 2 Ira Felton Womack b: April 5, 1889 in Cleburne Co., AR d: October 14, 1948 in Tarrant Co., TX-Ft. Worth Census: 1920 Tarrant Co.,TX, ED 144, 4B-Living with Mother-in-Law, age 30, no children
..... +Valera McDuff b: 1889 in Alabama m: August 10, 1913
. 2 Thirza Emmeline Womack b: April 10, 1891 in Cleburne Co., AR d: August 31, 1906
. 2 Homer Forest Womack b: April 7, 1893 in Cleburne Co., AR-Black Rock d: July 11, 1934 in Tarrant Co., TX-Ft. Worth Census: 1930 Dallas Co, TX, ED 48, 4B, Dallas City
..... +Bessie Beatrice Wood b: November 16, 1895 in Ellis Co.,TX-Italy m: January 12, 1922 in Prob Tarrant Co.,TX d: 1986 in Dallas Co, TX
. 2 Jerry Brown Womack b: May 11, 1895 in Cleburne Co., AR d: November 17, 1960 in Tarrant Co., TX-Ft. Worth Census: 1930 Tarrant Co.,TX, ED 48, 4B, Ft Worth_Living next door to his mother
..... +Gracie J. Bell b: 1898 in Texas m: September 3, 1916

2 Abbie Celester (Clemetine) Womack b: October 27, 1897 in Cleburne Co., AR d: November 9, 1960 in Mart, TX
..... +Thomas H. Jordan m: December 7, 1918 d: January 30, 1955
. 2 Henry Eugene Womack b: March 8, 1901 in Independence Co., AR-Cave City d: October 26, 1982 in Parker Co., TX-Weatherford Census: 1930 Tarrant Co.,TX, ED 48, 4B, Ft. Worth-Living with his mother
..... +Lily Cameron Whyte m: June 20, 1931 in Tarrant Co., TX-Ft.Wort
. 2 Helen Daisy Massey Womack b: January 16, 1909 in Tarrant Co., TX-Ft.Worth d: October 27, 1969 in Tarrant Co., TX-Ft. Worth Census: 1930 Osage Co.,OK, ED 28, 9A, Hominy
..... +Samuel Matthew Barron b: August 11, 1905 in Yale, OK m: October 9, 1926 in Tarrant Co., TX d: November 26, 1965 in Tarrant Co., TX-Ft. Worth

 Joel Gilbert Womack and  Lee Ann Newman were married January 5, 1888.  Lee Ann, born in Illinois in 1868,  was the daughter of Francis Marion and Mary Elizabeth Newman.  Francis Marion Newman was born in Mississippi in 1842, probably married there but migrated to Illinois before 1864 and remained in Illinois for a few years before relocating to Monroe County, Arkansas where he was living in 1870 with a Post Office of Duncan.  Sometime during the next several years, Newman moved to Izard County and after 1880, he moved to the Ozark foothills near where William Harrison Womack had settled.  Some evidence shows that he lived in Stone County but that would not be inconsistent because Stone, Independence, and Cleburne join just a few hundred yards from the home place of William Harrison Womack.  

Although the license for marriage was obtained in Independence County, Arkansas, Joel and Lee Ann began their married life in Cleburne County probably on the land that he later acquired.   It seems certain that Joel and Lee Ann settled near the homestead of his father.  In fact, the Bureau of Land Management issued a Patent to "Joel G. Wommock" on 6-23-1896 and since it was common for persons to live on the tract for several years before the title was issued, they may have actually settled on the tract initially.  The tract was located in Section 3 and Section 10 of Township 12-N and Range 8-W, one mile due south of the Patent issued to William Harrison Womack, Sr.   The 1900 Census for Cleburne County, Arkansas, Grassy Township, listed Joel and Lee Ann along with the four older children.  We do not know how long they lived on the Cleburne County farm but perhaps twenty years.  Their children were all born there with the possible exception of Vestal who was born in 1908 and might have been born after their move to Faulkner County.

By 1910, they were living in Faulkner County, Arkansas and on the 1910 Census for Faulkner County, Arkansas, he was listed as "Joel Wommack" with wife, Lee,  and sons, Ray, Loyd, and Vestal.  Sim had left home and was listed on the Census in the same Township.  I have not located Myrtle on the 1910 Census but I am quite sure that she was married and living with her husband, a chap named McMahan.  The 1920 Census for Van Buren County, Arkansas, Barnett Township, listed Joel G. Womack, age 55, with Leanna, his wife, age 50.  Two sons, Ray and Lloyd, age 21 and 19, respectively,  were also listed along with a "James Green", age 24. who was a "hired man".  While the family was living in Walker Township in Faulkner in 1910 and by 1920 had moved to Barnett Township in Van Buren County, the actual number of miles between the two places was quite small.  The two townships adjoin each other.  Living nearby was Joel's son, Sim Womack, age 29, with his wife, Minnie Duncan Womack, age 19.  A son, Alston, age 3 4/12, was also listed.  I believe that both Myrtle and Vestal had died before 1920.

Joel died in 1926 and was buried in the Republican Cemetery near Greenbrier, Arkansas.  Lee Ann was not listed on the 1930 Census and I believe she died before 1930.  She was buried at Republican.  The life of Joel Gilbert Womack spanned a relatively short 62 years but during that time he had witnessed much.  Born during the darkest days of the Civil War, he suffered the hardships brought on by that conflict and his entire life was a reflection of the unfortunate notion, " Both sides lost".  Nevertheless, he descendants have made great contributions to the nation and surely he would have been happy about that.


Descendants of Joel Gilbert Womack

1 Joel Gilbert Womack b: December 31, 1864 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: Abt. 1926 in Faulkner Co., AR Census: 1900 Cleburne Co., AR, ED 10, 1B, Grassy Twp
. +Lee Ann Newman b: May 1871 in Illinois m: January 5, 1888 in Independence Co.,AR d: Aft. 1920 in Faulkner Co., AR
. 2 [1] Sim C. Womack b: June 13, 1888 in Cleburne Co.,AR d: April 24, 1953 in San Joaquin Co.,CA-Lockford Census: January 27, 1920 Van Buren Co., AR, Barnett Twnshp, ED# 121, Sheet 8-B, Line 77
..... +Ada Frazier b: in Cleburne Co., AR
. *2nd Wife of [1] Sim C. Womack:
..... +Minnie Pearl Duncan b: January 8, 1898 in Faulkner Co., AR d: October 13, 1976 in Fresno, CA
. 2 Lula Myrtle Womack b: February 1893 in Cleburne Co., AR
..... +FNU McMahan m: Bef. 1920
. 2 William Ray Womack b: May 9, 1894 in Cleburne Co., AR d: May 19, 1953 in Lodi, CA
. 2 Lloyd Franklin Womack b: February 13, 1899 in Cleburne Co., AR d: July 1980 in Berrien Co.,MI-Niles Census: 1930 Faulkner Co., AR, ED 30, 1A, Walker Twp.
..... +Orba Blanche Wiggin b: July 4, 1903 in Arkansas m: September 2, 1920 in Faulkner Co., AR d: February 26, 1999 in Berrien Co.,MI-Niles Census: 1920 Van Buren Co.,AR, ED 121, 7B-Living with her grandfather
. 2 Son/Daughter Womack b: Bef. 1900 in Cleburne Co.,AR d: Bef. 1900 in Cleburne Co.,AR
. 2 Vestal Womack b: 1908 d: Bef. 1920 in Faulkner Co.,AR

Emma Womack married James Crafton Stephens on February 22, 1883 when she was only 15 years of age.  Little is known about her life except that she and Crafton had at least five children before her death about 1893.  But her oldest child was only 10 years of age when she died and we have been unable to find any records, pictures, or traces of her.  She was living in Independence County, Arkansas, Greenbrier Township when she died, indeed, she had lived there her entire adult life.  Her burial place is unknown but is likely near Jamestown or Desha.

Descendants of Emma Womack

1 Emma Womack b: August 19, 1867 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL d: Bef. 1899 in Independence Co., AR
. +James Crafton Stephens b: May 1860 in Tennessee m: February 22, 1883 in Independence Co.,AR d: Aft. 1920 in Prob Independence Co.,AR Census: 1900 Independence Co.,AR, ED 39, 6B, Greenbrier Twp
. 2 Andrew Jackson Stephens b: July 15, 1885 in Independence Co.,AR d: October 5, 1957 in Independence Co.,AR Census: 1930 Independence Co.,AR, ED 16, 7A,
..... +Lucy James b: October 15, 1891 m: 1910 in Independence Co.,AR d: March 19, 1915 in Independence Co.,AR
. 2 C. Vodie S. Stephens b: September 1886 in Independence Co.,AR d: January 19, 1950 in Independence Co.,AR Census: 1930 Independence Co.,AR, ED 16, 9A, Greenbrier Twp
..... +Lillie A. Bell b: November 11, 1890 in Independence Co.,AR m: 1908 in Independence Co.,AR d: April 14, 1987 in Independence Co.,AR
. 2 Nettie Stephens b: November 20, 1888 in Independence Co.,AR d: July 14, 1912
. 2 [1] Manuel M. Stephens b: February 24, 1891 in Independence Co.,AR d: February 19, 1969 in Independence Co.,AR Census: 1920 Independence Co.,AR, ED 33, 3B, Greenbrier Twp
..... +Lillian Peel b: June 20, 1896 d: October 29, 1918 in Independence Co.,AR
. *2nd Wife of [1] Manuel M. Stephens:
..... +Christa L. Peel b: October 19, 1900 m: 1917 in Independence Co.,AR d: July 12, 1973 in Independence Co.,AR
. 2 Ola E. Stephens b: February 14, 1894 in Independence Co.,AR d: June 7, 1969 in Independence Co.,AR
..... +Noel M. Taylor b: January 5, 1890 in Independence Co.,AR m: 1912 in Independence Co.,AR d: April 2, 1955 in Independence Co.,AR

Frances Delona Womack was born in Tallapoosa County, Alabama in April 1870.  She was the sixth child of William Harrison and Harriett.  No doubt her early years were very much like those of her older brothers and sisters.  The Womacks were dirt farmers who tilled and planted the soil and whose livelihood depend almost entirely upon factors not directly under their control.  Frances was only eight when the family packed up its meager belongings and made the trek to the Ozark foothills in Arkansas for what they desperately hoped would be a new life with much greater opportunity.  Their arrival in Independence County, Arkansas in the winter of 1878 was no different from that of many others who had decided to risk it all for a new beginning but the fact that others were in the same boat did little to ameliorate the hardships suffered by the Womacks in the struggle to carve out a living from the stubborn rocky hill country.  We do not know whether or not Frances attended school, and if she did attend, where the school was located or the number of months that she might have been in attendance.  In fact, we can only speculate about her existence and the day to day activities of growing from a child to a young lady.  Nevertheless, she grew to maturity and married James Bennett Conditt August 7, 1887 when she was 17 and James Bennett  Conditt was 20, rather young by 21st century standards but not unusual by the customs of the late 19th century.   The license was obtained in Independence County, Arkansas.  

Unfortunately, the 1890 Census records have been destroyed and we cannot know the circumstances that attended her early married life but it was surely not one filled with leisure and plenty.  But she and Jim had a lot to be thankful about and no doubt they made the best of what they were dealt.  In 1900, the Census showed them with a growing family and Jim reported that he was in the grocery business.  We know from other records that Jim was a substantial member of the community and doing as well as others in providing for his family.  Frances was listed on the 1900 Census for Cleburne County, Arkansas, Grassy Township.  The five older children were also listed.   Frances died in 1906, perhaps  from complications of child birth, Her son, Euel Ivan also died in 1906 while still and infant.    She was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery.  James Conditt moved the family to Bryan County, Oklahoma not long after Frances died.  He was remarried about 1913 in Oklahoma to Minnie Earle Williams with whom he had two children, Byron Maxfield and Mariam.  James Bennett Conditt died in 1917 and was buried in Bryan County, Oklahoma.


Descendants of Frances Delona Womack

1 Frances Delona Womack b: April 23, 1870 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL d: 1906 in Cleburne Co., AR Census: 1900 Cleburne Co.,AR, ED 10, page 1A
. +James Bennett Conditt b: August 17, 1867 in Stone Co.,AR m: August 7, 1887 in Independence Co., AR d: March 22, 1917 in Prob Bryan Co.,OK Census: June 7, 1900 Cleburne Co., AR, Grassy Twnshp, ED#10, Sheet 1, Line 174
. 2 Nellie Metto Conditt b: June 28, 1888 in Cleburne Co., AR d: July 11, 1960 in Durant, OK Census: 1920 Independence Co., AR, ED 33, 1A, Greenbrier
..... +Andrew Walter York b: September 1, 1882 in Belmore, AR m: December 25, 1907 in Prob Independence/Cleburne Co.,AR d: August 19, 1955 in Durant, OK
. 2 [1] William Afton Conditt Sr. b: November 20, 1890 in Pulaski Co., AR d: January 15, 1974 in Bryan Co.,OK-Durant Census: 1930 Tillman Co.,OK, ED 26, 11A, Richland
..... +Ester Blair m: Abt. 1911
. *2nd Wife of [1] William Afton Conditt Sr.:
..... +Carrie Mae Woodward b: December 31, 1897 in Wolfe City, TX m: December 23, 1915 in Utica, OK d: January 21, 1943 in Bryan Co.,OK-Durant
. 2 John Ishue "E." Conditt b: October 1892 in Cleburne Co., AR d: March 2, 1962 in Durant, OK Census: 1920 Bryan Co., OK, ED 22, 3A, Calera
..... +Lola M. Roberts b: October 6, 1898 in Oklahoma m: 1917 in Oklahoma
. 2 James Ethelo Conditt b: February 1894 in Cleburne Co., AR d: March 29, 1983 in Durant, OK Census: 1930 Bryan Co.,OK, ED 3, 6B, Albany
..... +Veda Bush b: 1902 in Texas m: 1917
. 2 Ruth Elizabeth Conditt b: November 1896 in Cleburne Co., AR Census: 1930 Tillman Co.,OK, ED 27, 5A, Stephens
..... +James Robert Spraggins b: 1901 m: 1919 in Prob Bryan Co.,OK
. 2 Port Adler Conditt Sr. b: January 29, 1901 in Cleburne Co., AR d: July 12, 1992 in Davidson, OK Census: 1920 Bryan Co.,OK, ED 29, 5B, Albany
..... +Betty Pearl McCandless b: June 20, 1905 in Glasso, KY m: Abt. May 26, 1921 in Uitica, OK
. 2 Vestal Oakley Conditt b: July 13, 1903 Census: 1930 Tillman Co.,OK, ED 26, 11A, Richland
. 2 Euel Ivan Conditt b: January 19, 1906 in Cleburne Co., AR d: 1906 in Cleburne Co., AR


Ollie Leona Womack married John Riley Montgomery "Gum" Kerlin about 1893. Ollie was listed on the1900 Census for Cleburne County, Arkansas and the  1910 Census for Independence County, Arkansas along with her husband and the children listed below.  She reported that one child had died although its identity is unknown.  By the time the 1920 Census was taken, all the children had left home except Ella and Leo.  In that Census, Montgomery (52), Ollie (44), reported that they were farmers who owned their farm while their daughter, Ella, said she was a school teacher.  By the 1930 Census, Ollie and "Gum" were living alone but several of their children lived nearby.  Ollie and "Gum" reared their family on a farm just a short distance from the Womack Homestead that had been settled by William and Harriett.  Both Ollie and John Montgomery are buried in Cleburne County at Mt. Zion.

Descendants of Ollie L. Womack

 1   Ollie L. Womack b: October 25, 1875 in Prob. Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site  d: May 1931 in Cleburne Co., AR
..  +John Montgomery "Gum" Kerlin b: November 1869 in Independence Co.,AR  d: October 10, 1951 in Cleburne Co., AR
. 2   Francis M. Noel Kerlin b: September 1894 in Cleburne Co., AR  d: June 22, 1933 in Cleburne Co., AR
.....  +Edna Tatum   d: April 20, 1982 in Cleburne Co., AR
. 2   Ella Kerlin b: January 6, 1896 in Cleburne Co., AR  d: March 19, 1951 in Cleburne Co., AR-Concord
.....  +Will Frazier b: July 10, 1885 in Cleburne Co., AR ???  d: July 8, 1975 in Cleburne Co., AR-Concord
. 2   Zelma A. Kerlin b: January 21, 1898 in Cleburne Co., AR  d: June 17, 1937 in Cleburne Co., AR-Concord
.....  +Arthur R. Rollins b: October 27, 1893  d: December 21, 1970 in Cleburne Co., AR-Concord
. 2   Amos Riley Kerlin b: December 1899 in Cleburne Co., AR  d: 1928
.....  +Elsie LNU b: 1901
. 2   Leo Kerlin b: February 16, 1905 in Cleburne Co., AR  d: December 1, 1965 in Cleburne Co., AR-Concord
.....  +Alpha M. Tatum b: May 20, 1907 in Cleburne Co., AR  ???  d: March 15, 1971 in Cleburne Co., AR-Concord

Martha A. Womack married George Miller Newman about 1894.  George was the son of Francis Marion Newman and Mary Elizabeth.  Their se daughter, Lee Ann,  had married Joel Gilbert Womack. Martha's brother, in 1888.  George was born in 1873, probably born in Izard County because that was the family residence in 1880 although some family members think he was born in Stone County.    I have been unable to determine the whereabouts of Martha and George  in 1900.  Our data show that three children were born before 1900 and in Faulkner County.  But by the time the 1910 Census was taken, they were living in Faulkner County, Arkansas, Union Township.  Martha reported that she had given birth to eight children and that seven were then living.  The fact that Martha's mother, Harriett, was not listed in their household is puzzling.  Family stories have held that she lived with Martha and George after the death of William Harrison in 1905 but we have been unable to locate Harriett anywhere in the 1910 Census although we are certain that she was then living.  The 1920 Census for Faulkner County, Arkansas, Palarm Township, showed Martha and George and the children still at home.  By 1930, they had moved once again and were then listed in Faulkner County, Arkansas, Matthews Township.  Although George Newman was living in 1930, he is not shown in the household with Martha and her children.  Martha lived in Faulkner County the remainder of her life and she died in 1956.  She was the last to die of the original Womack family who had migrated to Arkansas in 1878.  

Both "Matt" and George were buried at Republican Cemetery.

Descendants of Martha A. Womack

1 Martha A. Womack b: February 14, 1877 in Tallapoosa Co.,AL-New Site d: December 13, 1956 in Faulkner Co., AR Burial: Republican Census: 1920 Faulkner Co.,AR, ED 38, page 5A, Palarm Twp. Age at death: 79
. +George M. Newman b: July 29, 1873 in Stone Co., AR m: in Cleburne Co., AR d: April 21, 1953 in Faulkner Co., AR Burial: Republican Age at death: 79
. 2 Juanita Newman
. 2 Arnon Locket Newman b: October 25, 1895 in Faulkner Co., AR d: January 27, 1957 in Faulkner Co., AR Burial: Republican Age at death: 61
. 2 Roy E. Newman b: June 12, 1898 in Arkansas d: March 10, 1980 in Faulkner Co., AR-Oak Bowery Census: 1930 Faulkner Co., AR, ED 26, 1A, Palarm Twp Age at death: 81
..... +Grace Cupit b: August 27, 1902 in Arkansas m: 1922 in Faulkner Co.,AR d: April 1996 in Faulkner Co., AR Age at death: 93 est.
. 2 Earl Miller Newman b: January 1, 1900 in Faulkner Co., AR d: March 1, 1979 in Yell Co., AR-New Liberty Age at death: 79
..... +Irene Beatrice Allen b: October 7, 1899 in Batesville, MS d: March 23, 1977 in Russellville, AR Age at death: 77
. 2 Ira Newman b: April 21, 1904 in Faulkner Co., AR d: September 3, 1905 in Faulkner Co., AR Burial: Republican Age at death: 1
. 2 Iva R. Newman b: April 24, 1904 in Arkansas-She reported OK in 1930 census d: March 9, 1987 Census: 1930 Faulkner Co., AR, ED 2, 2B, Benton Age at death: 82
..... +Orbun F. Qualls b: December 31, 1899 in Quitman, AR d: April 26, 1987 in Faulkner Co.,AR-Oak Grove Age at death: 87
. 2 Nolon Earnest Newman b: December 29, 1906 d: October 6, 1955 in Faulkner Co., AR Burial: Republican Age at death: 48
. 2 Lester Newman b: 1910 in Arkansas
. 2 Henry U. Newman b: August 9, 1911 d: December 22, 1916 in Faulkner Co., AR Burial: Republican Age at death: 5
. 2 Floyd Vabra Newman b: October 21, 1913 in Faulkner Co., AR d: June 20, 1982 in Faulkner Co., AR-McNew Age at death: 68
..... +Reba Selby b: February 28, 1914 d: July 6, 1973 in Faulkner Co., AR-McNew Age at death: 59
. 2 Freda Newman b: 1916 in Faulkner Co., AR
..... +Myron Swar
. 2 G. Charlene Newman b: Aft. 1920 in Faulkner Co., AR

Franklin Floyd Womack married Naomi Jordan, daughter of Christopher Columbus Jordan and his wife Elizabeth Callaway.  They were married in Cleburne County, Arkansas in 1900 when Naomi was 15 years of age.   "Oma" and Frank were listed on the 1900 Census for Independence County, Arkansas, Greenbrier Township.  Living in the same household were his parents, William and Harriett.  The 1910 Census for Cleburne County, Arkansas listed Frank and Oma along with Clete (8), Floyd (6), Buel (4), and Pearl (NR).  Pearl died in 1910 and was buried at Mt Zion Cemetery.  In 1912, Frank acquired, under the provisions of the Homestead Act, 160 acres of land in Cleburne County described more particularly as :Sect 10, 12N, R8W, S2SE4NW4SE4 NE4SW4.  rcpt #08281.  That tract was about one and one-half miles south of the Patent issued to William Harrison Womack, Sr.

In about 1916, Frank and Oma moved to Faulkner County near the community of Centerville.  They were listed on the 1920 Census for Faulkner County, Arkansas, Matthews Township with the following children:  Clete A. (18), Floyd M. (15), Buel C. (13), Dell (6), Ivon (2), and William H. (5/12).  Jerald Dean was born in 1922 in Faulkner County.  Clete, Floyd, and Buel were married in Faulkner County and the latter two remained in the County the remainder of their lives.   The family remained in Faulkner County for several years but eventually moved to White County for a brief period before relocating near their origins in Cleburne County.   The Great Depression that began with the market crash in 1929 brought additional hardships to the family.  Franklin was a farmer and struggled mightily to make a living for his family.  He was killed in a truck accident in the fall of 1935.  He had been to the cotton gin to sell cotton and was returning home when the truck overturned and he was fatally injured.  He died while being taken into the hospital at Heber Springs.  He was  buried at Concord Cemetery in Cleburne County.

Naomi was left with four children at home but she managed to rear them all.  The economic hardships faced by this family paralleled in a very real way the hardships that had faced William and Harriett..  After Frank's death, Naomi lived with her brother, Clarence Andrew Jordan, for a few years, then moved to Batesville where she was living when World War II broke out in 1941.  Both William Harold and Jerald Dean served in the United States Navy.  William Harold enlisted on April 3, 1940 and Jearl Dean enlisted about 1942.  Jearl Dean was killed in action off the coast of Okinawa, Japan in June 1945, a few short weeks before the War ended with the surrender of the Japanese.  Later, Naomi moved to Conway, Arkansas where she was living at the time of her death in 1971.  She had lived as Frank's widow for 36 years following his death.  She was laid to rest beside Franklin in the Concord Cemetery.

(Click here to view the Richard Jordan web site which contains the ancestry of Naomi Jordan Womack)

Descendants of Franklin Floyd Womack

 1   Franklin Floyd Womack b: January 13, 1879 in Independence Co., AR  d: November 23, 1935 in Cleburne Co., AR
..  +Naomi Jordan b: February 2, 1885 in Cleburne Co., AR-Almond m: 1900 in Cleburne Co., AR d: September 24, 1971 in Faulkner Co., AR
. 2   Clete Andrew Womack b: April 12, 1901 in Cleburne Co., AR  d: February 6, 1983 in Faulkner Co., AR
.....  +Tressie May Johnson b: August 19, 1904 in Faulkner Co., AR m: January 9, 1921 in Faulkner Co., AR-Guy d: April 25, 1997 in Faulkner Co., AR
. 2   Floyd Monroe Womack b: June 22, 1904 in Cleburne Co., AR-Grassy  d: September 24, 1960 in Faulkner Co., AR-Crestl
.....  +Jewel M. Grable b: September 1, 1909 in Faulkner Co., AR m: 1924 in Faulkner Co., AR d: May 3, 1966 in Faulkner Co., AR-Crestlawn
. 2   Buel Columbus Womack b: April 24, 1906 in Cleburne Co., AR-Grassy  d: June 5, 1984 in Faulkner Co., AR-Guy
.....  +Ada Mae Hooten b: February 21, 1907 in Cleburne Co., AR m: February 13, 1926 in Faulkner Co., AR d: August 4, 1983 in Faulkner Co., AR-Guy
. 2   Pearl Womack b: December 1909 in Cleburne Co., AR  d: 1910 in Cleburne Co., AR-Mt. Zion
. 2   Golden Burdell Womack b: February 14, 1914 in Cleburne Co., AR  d: March 14, 1988 in Cleburne Co., AR
.....  +Helen Davis b: September 1, 1915 in Sharp Co., AR m: 1939 in Cleburne Co., AR d: May 8, 1998 in Cleburne Co.,AR
. 2   Reatha Ivon Womack b: March 27, 1917 in Faulkner Co., AR-Centerville  d: December 30, 2000 in Cleburne Co.,AR
.....  +Samuel Cleston Martin b: May 30, 1915 in Cleburne Co., AR-Wolf Bayou m: December 24, 1937 in Independence Co., AR-Bethesda
. 2   [1] William Harold Womack b: July 27, 1918 in Faulkner Co.,AR-Cash Springs
.....  +Stella Brockington b: in Faulkner Co., AR m: in Faulkner Co., AR-Conway
.  *2nd Wife of [1] William Harold Womack:
.....  +Phyllis Colleen Harvey  m: May 15, 1976 in Texas
. 2   Jerrell Dean Womack b: July 4, 1922 in Faulkner Co., AR-Republican  d: June 16, 1945 in Okinawa, Japan

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