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Admiral Haddock & Sarah - Admiral born 1753 - Colleton Co., SC

Liscomb Haddock & Archibald Campbell - Marion Co., SC  

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From the pages of Haddock Heritage, Second Edition, pub 2003, by Donna Haddock Cooper

In 1800 Pitt County, NC, Archibald Camel was age 45 and upward, and he had one male under 10, 3 males 16 to 26, and he had 1 female under 10; 2 females 16 to 26 and 1 female 45 and upward. He lived between James Arnold and Ambrose Crafton.

Archibald Campbell moved to South Carolina and lived in Marion Co., SC, for a while. It was there that he killed a man for tearing down his widowed mother's fish traps and then fled to Georgia around 1800. [Research Note: It must have been between 1800 and 1810 that this happened because Archibald, the younger, was still in Pitt in 1800.]

[Family files and family lore of Annie Bennett] The reference located on Archibald Campbell stated that he was from the Great Pee Dee river area in SC. This appears to be my Archibald because the story they made reference to about him killing a man over his traps - I grew up with that same story. My mother told it to me, as I guess it was told to her. The dates I have on him are 1765 - 1830. He had four sons, William Eugene, Isaac, Neil and John. William and Isaac lived and died in Wayne Co., GA.


Surname Given Name, Approx Age, Gender, Race, Born, Resident Location

Haddock F. A., 31, Male, White, NC, SC, Georgetown, Georgetown P O

Haddock, John, 40, Male, White, SC, SC, Colleton, St George Par


Name, Approximate Age and date, Born, Race, Born, Resident Location

Haddock, Mary E., 76, 1843, SC, White, Orangeburg, Orangeburg, South Carolina
Haddock, S. P., 35, 1884, SC, White, Orangeburg, Orangeburg, South Carolina

Haddock, Mack C., 36, 1883, SC, White, Bell, Colleton, South Carolina
Haddock, John M., 44, 1875, SC, White, Broxton, Colleton, South Carolina
Haddock, Manda, 60, 1859, SC, White, Sheridan, Colleton, South Carolina

Some Recent Haddock Families in SC

Given Name, Surname, Born, Died, Resident Location

Willie Haddock, 9 Apr 1895, May 1975, Walterboro, Colleton, SC
Willie Haddock, 11 Jan 1927, Nov 1984
Willie Haddock, 6 Apr 1928, Aug 1986, Walterboro, Colleton, SC

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