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The Castlereagh Connectionis  the main book file.

It traces the ancestors or Alfred Byrnes and Elizabeth Rhoda Lovell on their travels from England and their arrival in the colony of New South Wales.  It then follows the lives and families of Alfred and Constance's children

This link opens a PDF format file which is 4.6 MB

Certificates and Transcripts contains some Birth, Death and Marriage certificates or transcripts of certificates relating to the families covered in the above book.

This is also a PDF format file 3MB size


Supplementary documents: Courts & Land

This contains copies of various original documents or transcripts of original documents which relate to the main book file. 

It includes court cases, convict documents relating to David Byrnes and Ann Reffin and various land documents.

This is another PDF format file 3 MB size



There are two photographs of the Children at  Cranbrook Public school 1905 & 1907 which was attended by some of the Byrnes' children.  None of the children are identified.

This is another PDF format file, 722 KB size

Alfred's Sequestration (Bankruptcy)

Photographs of Alfred's sequestration papers

These are divided into two files which are rather large.

Part 1: PDF format file 14.2 MB size

Part 2: PDF format file 14.2 MB size


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