John Anderson Dawson
John Anderson Dawson

Deacon in Baptist Church.  Member of Odd Fellow Lodge.

Grave is unmarked.  But newspaper article on his death mentions the cemetery.

He was a member of "the Odd Fellows Lodge of Lillian, who took charge of his burial and administered the last rites under the ritual of this order..." (from the newspaper article about his death.)

Children of John Anderson and Susan Frances Russell Dawson

Unnamed Dawson (died the same day it was born)

Unnamed Dawson (died while she was still an infant)

William Dawson (died young)
     William died at the age of nine of pneumonia.

John Robert Dawson (md. Jemima Elizabeth Walker)
     Robert and Jemima had five children together.  He passed away at the age of 61 in 1954, and is buried in Cordell, Washita County, Oklahoma.

Samuel Bryant Dawson (md. Lula Jane Hickman)
     Bryant and Lula Jane had seven children.  He passed away at the young age of 41, in 1938.  He also is buried in Cordell, Oklahoma.

Elmer Hubert Dawson (never married)
     Hubert passed away in 1969, at the age of 65.

Aaron Buford Dawson (never married)
     Buford passed away at 61, in 1967.

Ira Odel Dawson (md. Stella Mae Dykes)
     Ira and Stella Mae had eight children.  He passed away at 65 in 1975.  He lived in Oklahoma, but died in the edge of Texas.  He is buried in Bryan County, Oklahoma.

Hosey Virgle Dawson (md. _______)
      Hosey had six children.  He passed away at the age of 56 in 1968.  He is buried in Cordell, Oklahoma.

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