Webb Settlers: The Westward Journey of a Southern Farming Family
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"Was it not the farmer that braved the perils of the ocean and sought this Western world that they might enjoy political and religious freedom, that conquered by indomitable energy and perseverance the savage beasts, the savage men, the savage wilderness, and the more than savage clime?"  - Henry Lester, Man Made for Agriculture 1853


A number of Southern Webb families (nearing 50 different ones at last count) are combining efforts to map with DNA testing our Webb lines to see if they tie in together.  We have already made one match (we are waiting to see if all 25 markers are exactly the same) and would urge other Webb lines to have at least one member of their branches tested.  Our new found cousins are part of the Joseph Webb line of Lincoln County, Tennessee.

This web site is an attempt to provide information to the more than 8,000 known descendants of Hiram Webb and his probable sister, Mary Webb Evans (and for those who are just finding out that they are!).  There is a MyFamily site to which any number of descendants would love to introduce new cousins.  They only need ask.  We do not know very much about Hiram himself, but his numerous children and grandchildren provide plenty of opportunities for further research.

Hiram's own children spread out somewhat: some stayed put, some moved to the next county over, some moved to Texas, and one went north after joining Union forces during the Civil War.  Hiram's descendants have spread out to virtually all of the U.S.A., from Florida to Alaska; from south California up to New York and Michigan.  Some descendants have even chosen to make such foreign locales as Thailand, Honduras, Singapore, England, and Germany their homes. There are big pockets in NE Mississippi, NW Alabama, central Texas, northern California, LeFlore County in Oklahoma, NE Arkansas, and just north of Chicago. They have lived all across the U.S.A. and they have died from the forests of Itawamba County, Mississippi, where Hiram himself met his unfortunate end, to battlefields in France and Germany and Vietnam.  They are buried in unmarked and forgotten graves in countless rural cemeteries in the southeast and southwest, deep within the ocean depths, in graves along the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Great Lakes, and in our nation's most honored resting place, Arlington National Cemetery.  One day we would like to find all of the descendants, though that seems a tall order, but for now, this is one of the efforts to bring all this together.  The main researchers in this family are Denise Gregory, Lynn Cambpell, Rick Reed, Judith Williams, and myself, though many others have provided great help in various lines and are listed below.

Migration of 1st generation
Migration of 2nd generation
Migration of 3rd generation
Migration of 4th generation
Migration of 5th generation

Instead of trying to list all of Hiram's descendants in one place, I hope to place a sub-page for each of his children and then go from there.  It would break them up into more manageable sections.  If you are a descendant and have enough information on your Webb ancestor that you think it would be good to put on this site, please let me know.  I'd love to insert information on other descendants and fill it out a bit more.

I hope that you will find this site useful and please, feel free to contact me or, probably more effective, someone closer to your own line (there are contact lists here too).  It's almost impossible to try and handle all of the children's' groups with ease (though Denise Gregory comes closer than anyone I know in being able to handle it all!), but thankfully we have a number of very talented people working on different lines of Hiram's.  I will try to include email addresses or contacts for each of these lines.

(I would especially like to thank Denise Gregory, Lynn Campbell, Rick Reed, Judith Williams, Don Pate, Bill Miles, Tina Clinton, Mary Rhodes, Charles Webb, Joe Brannen, Billie Franks, Mary Lee Smith, Tom Sandlin, Bobbe Duvall, John Pandzic, Earl Webb, Martha Bone, Barbara Carruth, Marilyn Dickson, Nell Camp, Ray Schad, and Don King, among a host of others!)

Known descendant breakdown :  Hiram Webb; 7 Sons & 5 Daughters (12 total); 59 Grandsons & 47 Granddaughters (106 total); 205 G-Grandsons & 215 G-Granddaughters (420 total); 498 GG-Grandsons & 439 GG-Granddaughters (937 total); 675 GGG-Grandsons & 638 GGG-Granddaughters (1,313 total);  619 GGGG-Grandsons & 524 GGGG-Grandaughters (1,143 total); 383 5G-Grandsons & 314 5G-Granddaughters (697 total); 49 6G-Grandsons & 40 6G-Granddaughters (89 total); 2 7G-Grandsons & 2 7G-Granddaughters (4 total).

The Known Children of Hiram Webb

Mary Ann "Polly" Webb
Md. John Dawson
Lucinda Webb
Md. Thomas Evans
John G. Webb
Md. Priscilla Bowles
William Jefferson Webb
Md. Nettie Reich
Moved to Texas
449 known descendants
Lived in Lamar County, AL
937 known descendants
Lived in Itawamba County, MS
3,076 known descendants
Lived in Itawamba County, MS
1,482 known descendants
Hyram Kerkindall Dawson
    Doke Anderson Dawson
Elizabeth Harriet Dawson
John Henry Dawson
    Early Dawson
Jane Dawson Lowery Burr
Samuel John Dawson

    John Anderson Dawson   
Lucinda Emiline Evans Webb 
    Mary Lucinda Webb Black 
NEW!! (5-5-04)
    Martha Jane Webb Irvin 
NEW!! (5-5-04)
    Hiram Dave Webb
    Green Wesley Webb
    Arvilla Clementine Webb Hall 
         Jeptha "Jeppy" Herbert Hall 
NEW!! (5-5-04)
David "Dave" Evans
    Julia Clementine Evans
    Mary Frances "Fanny" Evans
         Hilliard Alexander Morgan
         Roseann "Annie" Morgan Estes
         Lovie Morgan Partlow
     David Clifton Evans
     William Thomas Evans

     Gillie Love Evans Marsh
Hiram Noah Evans
     Thomas Zachariah Evans
     Mary Frances "Mamie" Evans
     Will Noah Evans 
     Grover Cleveland Evans
Charity Evans Thompson
Benjamin Winstead Evans  
     William C. Evans
Pleasant Jeptha Evans  
     Zula Clementine Evans Camp
Martha Ann Evans Brown

Priscelian Caroline Webb
Mary Ann "Polly" Webb
     David Blaylock
     George C. Blaylock NEW!! (3-3-04)
     Joseph Booker Blaylock

     Lula Caroline Blaylock McClendon NEW!! (3-3-04)
     Samuel Filmore Blaylock

Dursdemona Dora Webb  
     Rosa F. Scott Camp
     Margaret Priscilla Scott Dove
     Christopher Columbus Scott  
     Robert Cullen Scott

Mahala "Haley" Webb

     Willie Mahala "Haley" Lowery  
James Franklin "John" Webb
     John Vashel Levi Webb
     Hiram Willis Webb
     Lucinda Jane Webb
     Harvey Franklin Webb
Hiram Jack Webb
        Nellye Woodie Webb

Telitha Adeline Webb
William Dumas Webb
Margaret Elisabeth Webb
Fannie Belezonia Webb
Priscilla J. Webb
Cynthia Pauline Webb
Martha Adeline Webb Bowen
     Nora Lee Bowen Henderson
     Trannie Bowen
     Neely Bowen  

David Dee Webb
     William Nathaniel Webb
     Pernie Jane Webb Maxey  
     Woodrow Pink Webb
     Nettie Ann Webb Pierce
James Montgomery "Jim" Webb
     Martha Malvertie Webb Mattox
John Coatland "Joch" Webb
     Wylie David "Dee" Webb
     Avie Irene Webb Garrett
     Archie Robert Webb
     John Lowry Webb
     Jesker Mae Webb Gentry Dell
     Nettie Beatrice Webb Kingsley
Sarah Lou Genie Webb Franks
     Fleeta Franks Webb Roberts
Mary Lou Ramey "Loraine" Webb Brown
Ophelia "Phelie" Rebecca Webb Hughes
Lucius Moman Webb  
      Ozema Ellie Webb Miles

David Blaylock Webb
Md. Sarah Winstead & Frances Elizabeth Smith
Hiram Jackson Webb
Md. Gillie Tooten
James E. Webb
Md. Cybil Bounds
Jacob Kuykendall Webb
Md. Martha A. Hogan
Moved to Houston Co., TX
395 known descendants
May have died in Guadalupe Co., TX
80 known descendants
Moved to DeSoto, Jackson Co., Illinois
154 known descendants
Moved to Lonoke and Yell Co., Arkansas
65 known descendants
Ben Winstead Webb 
     John Hiram Webb
     William Clifford Webb
     Mary Emma Webb York
     Rachel Mittie Webb
     Oscar Curtis Webb
     Ben Gaither Webb
     Ruby Carry Webb Thompson
     Annie Webb Lucas
John Hiram Webb
Eliza Ann Webb Rhoden  
     Anna Della Rhoden Brannen
         Joe Brannen    (note that these are off-site links)
         Joe Thomas Brannen
         Bennie Ruth Brannen Walker
         Jack Binford Brannen
         John Richard Brannen
David Clark Webb
Letty Lou Gainey Webb Cannon
Richard V. Webb   
Zachariah Taylor Webb
     Walter Jackson Webb
     Carrie Lee Webb Shields  
Hiram Jacob Webb
Pinkney Argi Webb  
Wellington Berry Webb
Ora Mae Webb Bullard 

Lettie Mahala Webb
Md. Tillman Jefferson Irvin
Samuel W. Webb
Md. Rhoda Cheney
Narcissa Jane Webb
Md. Anthony Irvin
Martha Francis Webb
Md. A.M. "Mart" Warren
Lived in Monroe County, MS
404 known descendants
Lived in NE MS or NW AL
1 known descendant
Lived in Monroe County, MS
363 known descendants
4 known descendants
Narcissa Jane Irvin Sandlin
    Henry Arthur Sandlin
Jo Anna Irvin Beachum
Sarah Frances "Fanny" Irvin Jones
Joel Acker Irvin
    Delma Joel Irvin
James Benton Irvin 
Nathan Z. Webb Francis Ellen Irvin Black
    Benjamin Gaither Black
Mary Jane Irvin
     Mollie Belle DePriest
Julia Idella "Ideller" Irvin
(no pages yet for any descendants)

For contacts on the above lines, please visit this page:  Contacts

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