Roxburghshire FreeCEN Project

Volunteers Wanted


If you would like to become a transcriber, please email me and let me know your address, phone number/contact info and what parishes you are interested in.


If you have any questions please contact me, Jan Hall, at

Volunteers are needed to participate in the FreeCEN project. As the project is internet based it doesn't matter where you live — all you need is a computer with a spreadsheet program.

We supply all the software and fiche. Volunteers are needed for transcribing the original records and also for checking and validating the transcriptions.

As a transcriber you would be responsible for transcribing a single parish. How much time you spend on the project and how long you take to transcribe is up to you, however status reports on a regular basis are required.


While it is preferred for checkers to have had experience in transcribing this is not essential. As a checker, your job is to proof read the transcriber’s work — making sure that all census entries have been included and inputed correctly and to resolve any queries flagged by the transcriber.