Bradley, Collette, Gillespie & Opp Ancestry

Bradley, Collette, Gillespie & Opp Ancestry

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Scope & Methodology

This is a documented database of my ancestors. It is based on both primary and secondary sources including much original research. Sometimes contradictory information is presented in these sources. I present what I consider to be the best solution. I wish to express gratitude to all those who have shared their research.

My database currently contains over 70,000 individuals. The pedigree link "Searchable Pedigree" near the bottom of the page will take you to a copy of my database at the "World Connect" project, as this database does not have pedigree capabilities. My "World Connect" database does not contain sources. My sources are displayed in this database. I have more information in my notes if you have additional questions. I am striving to make this as accurate as possible. However, new research is apt to prove, disprove, enhance, or change older materials.


I have standardized the spelling of names, since the same individual might be found with different spellings in different documents and sometimes within the same document. Surnames for medieval individuals are problematic at best; I have represented certain individuals as having surnames for ease in identifying individuals and indexing same. You can read more about my treatment of Surnames here. I use N.N. when a name is unknown. This is from the Latin, "Nomen Nescio," which means "name not known."


Incomplete dates are estimates based on the best evidence available. Examples: 1206 is the same as "Abt 1206"; a date like "Dec 1310" used as a death date would indicate that a will was proved in December of 1310 (this would be the latest date at which an individual could have been living). I use approximation to help avoid chronological errors. I have not retained the use of "double dates" in this database. You can find an explanation of Calendars and Dates here. Incomplete birth dates and marriage dates, where not documented, are approximated from known events such as the birth of children or chronological relevance to other events, such as marriages of siblings, order in wills, etc. When not ascertainable, I estimate males and females to be approximately 25 and 20 years old at the time of marriage respectively. This usually works as a good rule of thumb. As more evidence is gathered, I adjust these dates accordingly.


Places generally refer to the current designation, not to the place at the time the record was created. This aids in finding records in library catalogues. Identifying birth and death locations is problematic, especially for medieval individuals. I have left off the "of" as used in scholarly notations (e.g. "of Thetford, Norfolk") as a matter of personal preference. Particularly, with regards to medieval individuals, places generally refer to the main seat or caput of the associated family.

Note: The limitations of my program do not allow for the use of diacritical marks when transcribing non-English names, whether they be for people or places. I have tried to maintain native spellings, rather than transcribing them into the common English transliteration. However, with the lack of diacritical marks, some of these names are not readily recognizable.


I will share the information I have collected freely. I have found that by sharing with my "cousins," I often have bits of information that they do not and vice versa. I especially am interested in stories from and insights into the lives of my ancestors. As this is a work in progress, comments, additions, and corrections (with source citations) are welcome. Thank you.

Quick Reference to Fun Facts

In my ancestry I have fifteen gateway ancestors to European nobility. I also have several potential such ancestors but am still researching these lines. The evidence points to them being sound, so I have included them here as probable, but not yet proven. I have included a link for a quick reference guide to these ancestors.

I also have twelve Mayflower passengers in my ancestry including seven signers of the Mayflower Compact. I have created a quick reference guide for them as well.

I will be adding other materials in the future as well as links to other well-documented sites.

I need your help in identifying some old photographs of my Vann, Greene or Gaylard ancestors. Thank you for your help!

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