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CHASE, John (Abt 1743-1824)
CHASE, John (1655-1740)s,C
CHASE, John (Abt 1743-1824)C
CHASE, John (1823-1909)C
CHASE, John (Abt 1743-1824)P
CHASE, Johnathan ( - )C
CHASE, Joseph (1677-1763)c,C
CHASE, Judith (1697- )C
CHASE, Lydia (1693- )C
CHASE, Martha (1684- )C
CHASE, Mary (1650- )
CHASE, Mary (Abt 1807-1882)
CHASE, Mary (1650- )C
CHASE, Mary (Abt 1807-1882)c,c,p,p,p,p,p,P
CHASE, Mehitable (1695- )C
CHASE, Molly ( - )C
CHASE, Ensign Moses (1663-1743)s,C
CHASE, Oliver (1785-1863)c,c,p,P
CHASE, Priscilla (1649-After 1689)c,C
CHASE, Rebecca ( - )c,P
CHASE, Ruth (1660-1676)C
CHASE, Sarah (Abt 1645- )
CHASE, Sarah (1686- )
CHASE, Sarah (Abt 1645- )C
CHASE, Sarah (1686- )C
CHASE, Thomas (1654-1733)
CHASE, Thomas ( - )
CHASE, Thomas (1654-1733)S
CHASE, Thomas ( - )S
CHASE, Thomas (1654-1733)C
CHASE, Thomas ( - )C
CHASE, Thomas (1654-1733)P
CHICK, Isaac ( - )P
CHICK, Mary Ann (1833-1889)c,C
CHICKERING, Anna (Abt 1616- )c,c,p,p,p,p,p,p,P
CHICKERING, Francis ( -1658)P
CHILD, Joseph (1658-1711)s,s,C
CHILD, Martha ( - )p,p,P
CHILDS, Fanny H (1834-After 1855)C
CHILLINGSWORTH, Sarah ( -Abt 1725)c,C
CHILLINGSWORTH, Thomas ( -1653)P
CHILTON, Christian (Abt 1601- )C
CHILTON, Elizabeth (Abt 1594- )C
CHILTON, Ingle (Abt 1599- )C
CHILTON, Isabella (Abt 1586- )C
CHILTON, James (Bef 1563-1620)
CHILTON, James (Abt 1596- )C
CHILTON, James (Abt 1603- )C
CHILTON, James (Bef 1563-1620)c,p,p,P
CHILTON, Jane (Abt 1589- )C
CHILTON, Joel (Abt 1593-1593)C
CHILTON, Lyonell ( - )P
CHILTON, Mary (Abt 1607-Bef 1679)
CHILTON, Mary (Abt 1593-1593)C
CHILTON, Mary (Abt 1607-Bef 1679)c,c,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,P
CHIPMAN, Elizabeth ( - )p,P
CHURCH, Abigail (1648-1677)S
CHURCH, Abigail (Abt 1675-1677)C
CHURCH, Abigail (1648-1677)c,C
CHURCH, Colonel Benjamin (1640-1718)c,C
CHURCH, Caleb (Abt 1646-Bef 1722)s,s,s,c,c,p,p,p,p,p,p,P
CHURCH, Caleb, Jr. (1673-Bef 1722)C
CHURCH, Charles (Abt 1644-1659)C
CHURCH, Deborah (1683- )
CHURCH, Deborah (Abt 1663- )
CHURCH, Deborah (1657- )S
CHURCH, Deborah (Abt 1663- )S
CHURCH, Deborah (1683- )S
CHURCH, Deborah (1657- )C
CHURCH, Deborah (1687-1690)C
CHURCH, Deborah (Abt 1663- )C
CHURCH, Deborah (1683- )C
CHURCH, Deborah (1657- )C
CHURCH, Deborah (1683- )C
CHURCH, Deborah (Abt 1663- )C
CHURCH, Elizabeth (Abt 1636-1659)s,s,c,C
CHURCH, Hannah (1668-After 1732)c,C
CHURCH, Hannah ( - )C
CHURCH, Hannah (1668-After 1732)p,p,p,p,p,p,P
CHURCH, Isaac (1678-After 1744)C
CHURCH, John (1637-1696)s,p,P
CHURCH, Joseph (Abt 1638-1711)c,C
CHURCH, Joshua (1675-Bef 1722)C
CHURCH, Lydia (1671-1691)c,C
CHURCH, Mary (Abt 1649-1662)C
CHURCH, Nathaniel (Abt 1642-Bef 1689)c,C
CHURCH, Rebecca (1678-1757)c,C
CHURCH, Richard (Abt 1608-1668)
CHURCH, Richard ( - )C
CHURCH, Richard (Abt 1608-1668)c,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,P
CHURCH, Ruth (1670-1747)s,s,C
CHURCH, Sarah (1648-Bef 1693)s,C
CHURCHILL, Joseph ( - )C
CHUTE, Elizabeth ( - )P
CLAPP, Abigail (1679-1753)c,p,p,P
CLARK, ( - )S
CLARK, Eleazer (1720- )c,C
CLARK, Elizabeth (Abt 1755- )C
CLARK, Hannah (1686- )c,P
CLARK, Harriet S (1819-1887)c,C
CLARK, Henry ( - )C
CLARK, Joseph (1754-1847)C
CLARK, Lydia (1642-1718)s,c,c,p,p,p,p,P
CLARK, S S ( - )P
CLARK, Sarah C (Abt 1818- )C
CLARK, Sophia ( - )s,C
CLARK, Sylvanus Smith (1783-1865)C
CLARK, Walter ( - )s,C
CLARK, William (1689-After 1747)
CLARK, William ( - )
CLARK, William (Bef 1724-1790)c,C
CLARK, William (1689-After 1747)P
CLARK, William ( - )P
CLARK, William (1689-After 1747)P
CLARKE, Elizabeth ( - )C
CLARKE, Katherine ( -1754)c,C
CLARKE, Timothy ( - )P
CLEAVELAND, Moses ( - )C
CLEMENT, Mary ( - )C
CLEMENTS, Job (Abt 1615-Abt 1683)s,s,s,C
CLEMENTS, Robert ( - )p,p,P
CLIFFORD, Elizabeth (1659-Bef 1708)s,c,p,p,p,p,P
CLIFFORD, Israel ( - )c,P
CLIFFORD, John (Abt 1614-1694)s,s,p,P
CLIFFORD, Richard (1698- )c,C
CLIFTON, Mary ( - )p,P
CLIFTON, Thomas ( - )S
CLOUGH, Daniel (1754-1835)s,C
CLOUTHIER, Ruth ( - )s,C
CLOYCE, Peter ( -After 1667)C
COALE, Frances ( - )c,P
COBB, James ( - )P
COBB, John ( -After 1707)C
COBB, Samuel ( - )C
COBB, Thankful (1687-1771)c,c,P
COBB, Thomas ( - )C
CODDING, Nathaniel ( - )C
COGSWELL, Bethany (1687-1755)s,c,C
COGSWELL, Hannah ( - )C
COGSWELL, John ( - )P
COLBURN, Phebe ( - )c,P
COLBY, Elizabeth ( - )P
COLBY, Judith (1703- )C
COLBY, Mary ( - )s,C
COLBY, Phoebe ( - )C
COLCORD, Anna ( - )C
COLDOM, Clement (1623-1703)c,c,P
COLDOM, Elizabeth (Abt 1645-1711)c,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,p,P
COLDOM, Enoch (Abt 1630- )C
COLDOM, John (Abt 1643- )C
COLDOM, Judith ( -Abt 1650)C
COLDOM, Martha (Abt 1630- )C
COLDOM, Mary (Bef 1636- )C
COLDOM, Thomas ( - )S
COLDOM, Thomas (Abt 1638- )C
COLDOM, Thomas ( - )p,p,P
COLE, Abigail (1673- )s,c,c,c,p,P
COLE, Abraham (1636- )
COLE, Abraham (1671- )C
COLE, Abraham (1636- )c,c,p,P
COLE, Almeda ( - )C
COLE, Anna ( - )P
COLE, Charity ( - )s,C
COLE, Daniel (Abt 1625-1694)p,p,p,P
COLE, Elizabeth (1643- )C
COLE, Hepsibah ( - )s,s,C
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