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Miriam Cross Dyer's Ancestors

The Reverend Charles Carroll Miller and Miriam Cross Dyer were married 11 October 1848, in Maine.

Their 8 children, in order of birth:

Ella A. Miller

08 December 1849

Carroll Evard Miller

01 February 1851

Frances E. Miller

29 August 1852

Augustus W. Miller

05 September 1854

Jessie W. Miller

08 July 1856

Frank Augustus Miller

30 August 1859

Judson Lincoln Miller

31 May 1863

Ashley Grant Miller

27 September 1866

The Rev. Charles Carroll Miller and Miriam Cross Dyer Miller

My guess is that the portraits above were taken in late 1885 or early 1886, along with the portraits of their son Frank A. Miller, and granddaughter Ruth Mary Miller (Ward). With the help of another Rootsweb member, whose website is linked below in the notes section, I now have a complete 5 generation ancestor tree for Miriam.Listed below that are unconfirmed 6th, 7th, and 8th generation ancestors.

Miriam Cross Dyer's middle name was her mother's maiden name. Miriam was the Great-Granddaughter of Colonel Ralph Cross, who served in the Revolutionary War.

DAR Patriot Index lookup for Ralph Cross:

CROSS, Ralph

Birth: MA, 1-5-1737/8

Service: MA


Death: MA 4 Sep 1811

Patriot Pensioned: No. Widow Pensioned: No

Children Pensioned: No. Heirs Pensioned: No

Spouse: (1) Miriam Atkinson

Book I'm still looking for - "The Journal of Ralph Cross, of Newburyport, Who Commanded the Essex Regiment, at the Surrender of Burgoyne, in 1777. Edited by Joseph Williamson. Historical Magazine, 2d Ser., 7 January 1870, pp. 8-12.

Anyone have a copy of the journal?

For the Dyer line pedigree chart, start with the Ancestors of Ruth Mary Miller and follow the Dyer line.


Christopher Dyer's death in 1759 was due to wounds received during an attack by Native Americans. The exact date and place are uncertain. Various accounts place his death in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and in Casco Bay, Maine. Dates given are 10 June 1759, and 2 October 1759.Christopher's parents were William Dyer Jr., and Hannah Strout.

The late Frank Dyer's ressearch, titled "The New England Dyer Connection, believes Dr. William Dyer's parents to be Samuel Dyer and Anne Hutchinson, and Grandparents to be William Dyer and Mary Barret. Frank's site has volumes of information about the Dyers in America, a must read for anyone researching the Dyer surname.

Also see Sam Behling's Dyer ancestry by clicking this. Sam is the author of the report of Mary Barrett Dyer's life referenced in the second paragraph below this one.

Related Stuff: Other sources also believe the parents of Dr. William Dyer to be Samuel Dyer and Anne Hutchinson. Anne was the granddaughter of Anne Marbury Hutchinson, a Puritan who was banished from her community for her religious beliefs and her disgust about the situation women were in during the 1600s. Anne Marbury Hutchinson's chief opponent was John Winthrop, who organized a fleet of ships that brought many people to the new world in 1630, including Robert Parke, a maternal ancestor.

Another great read is the piece on Mary Barrett Dyer in RootsWeb's Notable Women Ancestors.and Anne Marbury Hutchinson were quite a problem for those picky Puritans!

Text of the 1835 letter written by Jeremiah G. Miller to wife Jane Warren Green.

Falmouth, Maine, later became Portland.


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