Bessant Cemetery
Walker-Bessant Cemetery
Silver Mountain Cemetery
Located in Strange Township,
at the Junction of Highway 588 & North Sideroad

Cemetery is off the road a little bit and is very overgrown
Only two visible headstones but a number of indentations in the ground to
confirm that there are more burials there

Names marked with a * indicate another source for birth/death date such as an
obituary, etc...when no specific date of death is available or given.

1998 - 2020 - JFLH

Apr 2020

Inscription on the wooden cross reads as follows
Born June 18, 1892
Willie Bessant
Died Sept 28, 1904

Inscription on the headstone reads
In Memory of
Barbara, Died July 29, 1904 age 17
Edna, Died May 22, 1907

Children of George Walker & Ellen Brown


Baby Girl Phillpotts *Died May 30, 1910
Dorothy Henrietta Phillpott *Aug 18, 1913 aged 16 days
Information courtsey of Dick Phillpott, Winnpeg, Man.

Baby Boy Levinski *Oct 16, 1924
s/o Michael & Mary (Tomeck) Levinski


Burials from Death Registrations & obituaries based on location
If anyone has any knowledge of the following, I would appreciate hearing
from you. These are only based on location at the time of death.

Frawliuk, Matt Feb 3, 1905 age 29

Baby Boy Asmunt Jan 22, 1908 s/o Andrew Asmunt

Faithful, Roxy March 26, 1909 age 9 dys

Donald Miller July 9-Aug 4, 1915
s/o Donald & Jean (Scott) Miller

Walter Pappiniemi *Nov 1, 1915 age 10mos, 2dys
s/o Antti Pappiniemi - burial Fort William

Ellen Catherine Smith *Aug 12, 1907
age 3 yrs from 1911 Strange Twsp census
d/o George Smith & Annie Brown

Baby Boy Smith Male Oct 14, 1917
s/o Charles & Beatrice Smith - burial Fort William

Baby Boy Seppala *Apr 26, 1908 s/o Jacob Seppala
Sippala, Lizze *Apr 26, 1908 w/o Jacob Seppala

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