Kassel Village, South Russia

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This site is maintained as a means to share information about the village of Kassel, its inhabitants and their descendants.  The site is managed by the Kassel Village Coordinator for the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR).

Village Coordinators aid and assist individuals attempting to bring families and villages together through village research. They do this work on a volunteer basis.  Each coordinator desires to communicate with all persons who share the same village heritage. This includes sharing of family group records, maps, individual and family histories, video and audio tapes of memories, trip experiences, and other village information.

Please direct all comments and questions regarding this web site, as well as requests for additional information concerning the colony of Kassel, to:

Randy Boschee
Kassel Village Coordinator
P.O. Box 60310
Santa Barbara, CA 93160

E-mail: Kassel 101@aol.com

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