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The Commissariot Record of Wigtown
Testaments 1700 - 1800

Scottish Record Society, Edinburgh, 1904
edited by Francis J. Grant, W.S., Rothesay Herald and Lyon Clerk.

Scottish wills, or testaments, until quite recent times were recorded by the local commissariot, in Wigtown for Wigtownshire and also Minnigaff in Kirkcudbright. No record is known of wills in this county before the year 1700, and when the following list was compiled by Francis Grant in 1904, a cut-off of 1800 may have been imposed to comply with a 100 year rule.

Crawford MacKeand, February 2002


The Commissariot of Wigtown included the County of that name and the Parish of Minnigaff, in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright. The Register of Testaments, if one ever existed, is not in the custody of the Lord Clerk Register. The original Warrants, fortunately, have been preserved, and consist of twelve bundles, covering the period from 1700 to 1823. The names of such, down to the year 1800, are included in this Index. There are also, in addition, Edicts for the same period; Extracted Processes, 1700 to 1822; and Unextracted Processes, 1704 to 1822.


Thanks to Crawford McKeand for this valuable addition to the Wigtownshire Pages.

Disclaimer and Caution

Though every effort was made to retain the integrity of the index, we assume no responsibilities for errors. This is a finding tool, carefully entered and generously donated by a fellow researcher. As good research practice, we encourage those who find promising leads to verify the information from the primary source.

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The index to the Commissariot of Wigtown Wills, arranged alphabetically.

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ADAIR, Alexander - BRUCE, William
CAMPBELL, Alexander - DUNCE, William
EARL, Martha - GUTHRIE, James
HALDANE, Archibald - INNES, John
M'ADAM, Alexander - M'CULLOCH, Mary
M'DOWALL, Agnes - M'IlWRAITH, John
M'KEACHIE, Alexander - M'MURRIE, Alexander
M'NAIGHT, Alexander - MURRAY, John
MURRAY, John - STEWART, Thomas
TAIT, Benjamin - WRIGHT, John
Adair - Wright.   

Where do I Find the Will?

The wills or testaments indexed here are found in the National Archives of Scotland, reference CC 22. The index gives date of recording, which will locate the relevant volume. The period 1800-1826 has not been indexed and must be searched physically. There are plans to make Sheriff Court Wills, which began in 1826, available on line, but until such time, overseas researchers will likely need professional help in all these areas.