Mary Burton Bost

Mary Burton Bost

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Born: 7 Nov 1897

Died: 4 Apr 1973



Hermon Lester "Lester" McGee
f: Samuel Crawford "Crawford" McGee
   gf: Samuel McGee
   gm: Minerva Hammons
m: Eliza Jane Hennessee
   gf: Samuel McGee Hennessee
   gm: Mahala C. Harper

Married: 30 Dec 1917
Warren Co., TN


J. C. McGee
  +Eunice McVey
        Debbie McGee
        Ron McGee
Kenneth McGee
  +Sigrun unknown
        Karen McGee
        Cheryl McGee
        Joy McGee
        Mark McGee
        Brian McGee

General Sources

  1. Shirley Douglass
    Personal interview on August 27, 2001 in McMinnville, TN.
  2. James C. McGee, Jr.
    Letter of November 27, 2001 and computer disc.


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