Leroy Hammons

Leroy Hammons

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Mary "Polly" Hampton

Married: 10 Sep 1809
White Co., TN


Minerva Hammons
  +Samuel McGee
        James Lockhart McGee
        Mary Ann McGee
        William C. McGee
        Thomas C. McGee
        Sarah Fern "Sally" McGee
        John Alexander McGee
        Archibald Gentry "Gentry" McGee
        Samuel Crawford "Crawford" McGee
        Richard L. McGee
        Martha "Mattie" McGee
        Esther McGee

General Sources

  1. Tennessee Library Records
    Magness Library, McMinnville TN, McGee Folder
    Samuel McGee
    Born in Kentucky on December 13, 1805 and died Dec. 31, 1884.
    Buried in McGee Cemetery. He was the son of John McGee (Rev.
    soldier, see pension records), died Jan. 24, 1820 and his wife,
    Ester Clendenon McGee died March 1846.
    Minerva Hamons McGee
    Born in Warren County, Tennessee on January 17, 1820 and died
    Oct 7, 1905. Buried in McGee Cemetery. She was the daughter
    of Leroy Hammons and Mary (Polly) Hampton. Miinerva Ann was
    one of their 13 children. Leroy Hammons moved to Warren-White
    County, Tennessee in 1809, from Giles-Montgomery Counties area
    of Virginia. He erected a tavern at Scott's Ford near Viola in
    1828, which was a stage stop. A Captain, White County, Milita
    on August 1, 1807 and on May 21, 1808 he became commandant and
    Lt. COl. of the Warren County Milita. He married Mary Hampton
    on September 10, 1809 in White County, Tennessee. Leroy served
    during the War of 1812 in the 2nd Regiment, West Tennessee
    Milita under General Winchester, he was discharged at Wilson's
    Springs, Alabama on April 10, 1815. In 1820, he owned nine
    slaves and this had increased to 13 by the 1840 Warren County,
    Tennessee Census.
    (For more information on the Hammons family, check the Hammons
    file in the library).


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