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Thurman Elzie McGee

Thurman Elzie McGee

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Born: 26 Dec 1898

Died: 19 Aug 1976
Smyrna Cemetery, Warren Co., TN




Photo Archive

Smyrna, Warren Co., TN, Cemetery
Thurman E. McGee
Nellie  Hillis
Thurman and Nellie McGee Tombstone
James William Will McGee
Thurman Elzie McGee
Beatrice  McGee
Ernest  McGee
Hermon Lester McGee
Thomas Cleveland Cleve McGee
Calhoun Tobe McGee
Thomas Alton Alton McGee
Albert Sydney Dodson
John William Grove
Clata Ray Grove
Annabelle  Grove
Floyd  McGregor
1941 McGee Reunion
Thurman Elzie McGee
Beatrice  McGee
Fred  McGee
Willene  McGee
Ernest  McGee
Organization of McGee Reunion - August 1941
Beatrice  McGee
Fred  McGee
Thurman Elzie McGee
Willene  McGee
James Isham McGee
McGee Reunion Minutes - 1943

General Sources

  1. The Wiseman Family and Allied Lines
  2. Tennessee Library Records
    Magness Library, McMinnville, TN -Wes Dodsen Papers - McGee Folder
    County's 'Most Elected' Official Named Again
    T.E. (Thurman) McGee, veteran county road oficial is rapidly becoming
    the 'most elected' man to office in the county.
    The normal term of office of a road supervisor is two years. Mr. McGee
    has been elected or appointed to this office four times. That, normally,
    would entitle him to 8 years in office. However, the four elections and
    appointment considereed, he has only held his office for a period of 30 months.
    In September, 1946, Mr. McGee was elected by the highway commission to
    fill the term of Thomas Chastain. He took office in October and the 1947
    session of the state legislature changed the law to allow the people to elect
    The 1949 legislature abolished the highway department and placed it in
    the hands of the couny commission. On Tuesday, the commission elected Mr.
    McGee, superintendant of roads.
    ALl this has taken place within the past 2 1/2 years. Mr. McGee is keeping
    his fingers crossed, hoping he'll get to finish this term.
  3. Tennessee Cemeteries
    Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Book 4, Neal Cemetery to Youngblood Cemetery, annotated, by Marth Holt, Almetia Cunningham, and Betty Majors,
    Page 311
  4. David A. Hennessee
  5. 1900 Census
    1900 Census - Warren County, Tennessee
    |hn |fn |Name           |rel |r|s|birth   |ag|m|ym|n|l|birth    |father   |mother   |occu   |m|a|rd |wri|eng|o|f|h|f#|          |pg#|Date
    |121|127|McGee, Elza P. |Head|w|m|Nov 1858|41|m|10| | |Tennessee|Tennessee|Tennessee|Farmer |3| |yes|yes|yes|O|M|F|23|District 5|p99|June 2, 1900
    |   |   |McGee, Cleo    |Wife|w|f|Apr 1864|36|m|10|3|3|Tennessee|Tennessee|Tennessee|       | | |yes|yes|yes| | | |  |          |   |
    |   |   |McGee, George  |son |w|m|Aug 1888|11|s|  | | |Tennessee|Tennessee|Tennessee|Laborer|4| |yes|yes|yes| | | |  |          |   |
    |   |   |McGee, Clarence|son |w|m|Nov 1891|8 |s|  | | |Tennessee|Tennessee|Tennessee|       | |3|   |   |   | | | |  |          |   |
    |   |   |McGee, Truman  |son |w|m|Dec 1897|2 |s|  | | |Tennessee|Tennessee|Tennessee|       | | |   |   |   | | | |  |          |   |


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