Asa Certain

Asa Certain

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Rebecca Hooper

Married: 17 May 1827


William H. Certain
  +Stacy H. Pirtle
        James Monroe Certain
        Nancy A. Certain
        Charles Washington Certain
        Thomas Edward Certain
        William H. Certain
        Montraville Certain
        Eliza Certain

Photo Archive

Edward E. Hooper
Asa  Certain
Report of Guardian to the Heirs of Edward E. Hooper

    General Sources
  1. Charles Leonard Papers
    TSLA Mf #1421 Reel #3 - Hooper
  2. Norman T. McGee
    Silas Roy McGee's copy of Maggie (Hooper) Frazier's Bible - Page A, name listed as Mr. Certain
  3. James S. Blanks


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