William and Elizabeth Millikan Woodward

William & Elizabeth Millikan Woodward Family

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William Woodward was the fourth child and second son of Abraham and Hannah Thornbrough Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Randolph County, North Carolina, and Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Millikan was the oldest child of Samuel and Ann Baldwin Millikan, and granddaughter of William & Jane White Millikan of Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Randolph County, North Carolina, and of William & Elizabeth Baldwin of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and Guilford County, North Carolina.

  William Woodward
born 5-29-1768 Rowan Co, NC
died 10-17-1812 about 11:00 am, Jefferson Co, Tn
Elizabeth Millikan
born 4-8-1769 Rowan Co, NC
died probably Wayne Co, In
  Married: 6-11-1788 Center Monthly Meeting, Guilford Co, NC

Hannah Woodward born 9-5-1790 Randolph County, NC; married Henry Mills
Samuel Woodward born 8-1-1792 Randolph County, NC; married Abigail Shelley
Ann Woodward born 11-15-1794 Randolph County, NC; married Zacariah Mills
Jane Woodward born 2-14-1798 Jefferson County, Tn; married Ezra Hinshaw
Abraham Woodward born 12-23-1800 Jefferson County, Tn; married (1)Ruth [surname unknown] (2)Mary White (more below)
William Woodward born 9-13-1803 Jefferson County, Tn; married Nancy Smith
Benjamin Woodward born 6-17-1806 Jefferson County, Tn; married (1) Sarah Mendenhall (2) Lydia Cook Dixon
Jesse Woodward born 12-23-1809 Jefferson County, Tn; married Rhoda Morgan

Move to Tennessee

Elizabeth Millikan Woodward presented a certificate at NewHope Monthly Meeting in Greene County, Tennessee on August 29, 1795, and William Woodward presented a certificate there on January 28, 1797. NewHope was one of the monthly meetings accepting certificates for the Quakers moving to the Holston River area in Jefferson County.

On August 21, 1802 Elizabeth Millikan Woodward was chosen overseer of the Lost Creek Women's Monthly Meeting and on December 18, 1802, William Woodward was chosen overseer of the Lost Creek Men's Monthly Meeting. It was the business of the overseers to see to the relief of poorer members, the care of the sick, and to watch over the members generally with regard to their Christian conduct. They would privately warn any who might be giving offense or scandal, and if needed could bring the matter before the Monthly Meeting to be dealt with.

Death of William Woodward

William Woodward was only 44 years old when he died so he probably died of disease. He stated he was "weakly" when he wrote his will (below) the 7th day 9th month 1812. He died October 17. His mother, Hannah Thornbrough Woodward, died two weeks later and may have contracted the same disease. The children named in the will match those given in Quaker records.

More on the Children of William and Elizabeth Millikan Woodward

Abraham Woodward

Son Abraham Woodward married first to Ruth (surname unknown). The marriage does not appear in either Jefferson County, Tn or Indiana civil records and we have no further information on Ruth. Only Abraham�s birth is recorded in Quaker records so there is no further information there. Abraham and Ruth did have a daughter Lydia Ann who was buried May 12, 1842 at White Lick Monthly Meeting in Indiana. It is not clear why she is buried at the Quaker meeting since her parents' records are not there (they may simply be missing?)

Abraham Woodward married Mary White, daughter of Jonathan and Lydia White. Her birth (7/4/1808) and her parentage is recorded at White Lick MM. They had a civil marriage in Hendricks County, In on 3/15/1838 and Mary Woodward (formerly White) condemned her marriage out of unity at White Lick MM on 3/13/1839; however since Abraham was not a Quaker the children are not recorded at White Lick.

Abraham Woodward bought land in Hendricks County , In on 3/30/1837, about ten days after his brother William made a purchase. Abraham and Mary Woodward are found in the 1850 census in Guilford Township in Hendricks County: #227 Abraham Woodward, 49, Tn; Mary, 41, NC ; Catharine, 9, In; Mariah, 4, In; Rebecca E, 1, In; James D. Turner, operative, 26, NC. James Turner married a daughter of Abraham�s brother William. We did not find the family in the 1860 census but they are still there in 1870 and have a son Samuel, age 18. We have not followed this family further.

Elizabeth Millikan Woodward remarries

Elizabeth Millikan Woodward was chosen Elder of the Lost Creek Monthly Women's Meeting on March 25, 1815. Quaker ministers were those called by God to travel and take their message to a wider audience of Meetings, so it was the duty of the Elders to take care of the business meetings, and to monitor the actions and travels of the ministers. On November 1, 1815, she married widower Barachiah Macy at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting.

The Move to Indiana

Barachiah and Elizabeth Millikan Woodward Macy were granted certificates to Springfield Monthly Meeting in Wayne County, Indiana on September 27, 1828. They were accompanied by Elizabeth's son Jesse Woodward and Barachiah's daughter Lydia Macy.

Macy Family Information

A separate page for the Macy's will not be prepared as Barachiah and Elizabeth Millikan Woodward Macy had no children together. We will include some information here as some Macy descendants intermarried with Woodward and allied families in later generations. Barachiah Macy was born 24 February 1760 in Nantucket. Many New Garden, North Carolina, meeting members came from Nantucket - their migration starting soon after that of the Pennsylvania Quakers. Barachiah Macy married first to Lucinda Barnard, daughter of Benjamin & Eunice Barnard of Guilford County, North Carolina. She was born 3/17/1767 and died 4/5/1810 in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Daughter Lydia Macy, born 11/5/1808, married Lewis Thornbrough, son of Henry and Ann Maulsby Thornbrough, and grandnephew of Hannah Thornbrough Woodward, on 3/25/1829, at Springfield Monthly Meeting in Wayne County, Indiana.

Son William Macy, born 10/4/1786, had a son Perry T. Macy who married Charity Mills on 3/13/1850 in Morgan County, Indiana, and a son William M. Macy who married Julia Ann Mills also on 3/13/1850 in Morgan County, Indiana. Charity and Julia Ann Mills were daughters of Henry and Hannah Woodward Mills and granddaughters of William and Elizabeth Millikan Woodward.

The other children of Barachiah and Lucinda Barnard Macy were Mary, born 3/8/1784, died 3/21/1785; Mary born 12/17/1788; Jonathan born 5/6/1791; Anna born 9/15/1793; Matilda born 2/17/1796; Eunice born 4/7/1799, died 5/15/1801; Elihu born 7/11/1801, died 3/9/1802; Isaac born 4/2/1803 and John born 6/3/1806.

For more information on the Macy family see the Worth Web Site. William Macy, father of Barachiah is #442 on this site and is a descendant of John Worth of Nantucket.


JEFFERSON COUNTY, TN - WILLS - William Woodward, 11 Sep 1812
Know all men by these presents that I William Woodward of the State of Tennessee and County of Jefferson, being weakly but of sound mind and memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and knowing that it is appointed unto all even once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and form following, vis. First of all I recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to be buryed at the discretion of my relations and friends, and as touching such worldly estate as it has pleased god to bless me with (after payment of my just debts and funeral charges) I deesire thereof in the following manner. Imprimis. I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my dearly beloved wife all my personal estate for her own propoer use during her lifetime or widowhood. Only Samuel is to have the mare that is called his. Also Ann and Jane to have each of them one colt, feather bed, and furniture, and side saddle. Also Abraham, William, Benjamin, and Jesse about as much if to spared when they are of age or doth marry. I likewise will that she have the use of all the plantation we now live on, with the house and all other buildings thereunto belonging during her life or while she continues my widow. But at her death or marriage I will that my three sons vis William, Benjamin and Jesse have it equally divided amongst them. Also if she doth marry that she only have her bid and bidings, case of drawers, one horse beast, two cows and all the rest of the household furniture not otherwise disposed off. And I also will what prooperty is left her decease or marriage be equally divided amongst my children, namely Hannah, Samuel, Ann, Jane, Abraham, William, Benjamin and Jesse. Also I will that tract of land where Eliza Fraizer now lives to my sons Samuel and Abraham who are to allow her to live on said land for the term of four years from the first day of the first month next and have the house and cleared land free rent. And I also constitute my son Samuel Woodward and son-in-law Henry Mills to execute this my last will and testament. I do ratify and confirm this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereoff I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eleventh day of the ninth month in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve. Signed and sealed published pronounced and declared by the said William Woodward to be his last will and tesatment. William Woodward (seal) In the presence of us Benjamin Thornburg Abraham Woodward, Jr..