1819- Dresden Presbyterian Church History -1919
written by Mrs. T.M. (Mary Louise Cresap) Stevenson

 Thirteenth Pastor-Rev. F.B. Shumaker

In the fall after the resignation of Dr. Barnes, September 6th, Rev. F.B. Shumaker took charge of this field, with his young wife. Their son, John Calvin, was the first child born in the Manse, and was consequently very dear to the congregation. It was with sorrowful tidings to us when he passed away. When Rev. Shumaker was ready and willing to go, after four years' stay, it seemed almost wrong to this congregation. God's blessing had rested upon his labors and those of Mrs. Shumaker. Her sweet voice lingers with us yet, and her gentle presence. But after a season of Church prosperity and blessing they went, regretted by all.

Fourteenth Pastor-Rev. Dr. D. W. Macleod
(April 12, 1908-November 30, 1912)

The following spring after Rev. Shumaker accepted another call, we were very fortunate in securing the services of Dr. and Mrs. Macleod. Mrs. Macleod seemed on of us, from the very beginning. Little Martha added greatly to the life of the manse, which was still the house of the people. The Sabbath School Teachers meetings were power with Dr. Macleod as leader. The Prayer Meetings were programs on which every member on the Church roll had a place at least once a year, thus insuring their presence-three or four on duty each meeting, to sing, recite, read a paper on Church history and heroes. One who serves is always more interested. Dr. Macleod gave us many doctrinal sermons, making deep things plain. This fed the flock and rejoiced the hearts of the thinkers. Again the Church was blessed with many new additions.

Little Martha was not long alone in the manse. Wee Christina and Donald Jr., came along to add to the joy of the home and the congregation. The children of our beloved pastors are our very won and we shall always keep in touch with them all, from the Lehmans, on and on.

But other fields were white to the harvest, and like our other pastors, Dr. Macleod thought he must go where he could reach the greatest numbers. Mrs. Macleod, besides all her family cares, was always ready for service, ministering to the sick, answering calls for aid and the many demands on heart and hands. After a short four and a half years they went to East Liverpool, where they are doing a wonderful work. Instead of murmuring we should be thankful for the blessings we received through these anointed ones and be willing to share with these others-(but we are not very).

Fifteenth Pastor-Rev. S.V. Bergen
(March 30, 1913-April 28, 1915)

Rev. Bergen came of a ministerial family. His father, Rev. S.L. Bergen, was at Frazeysburg at the same time, and his brother, Rev. H. Bergen, was at Dennison. Rev. Bergen took charge of this Church at the time of the flood of 1913. He endeared himself greatly to the working men by laboring with them , night and day, in those strenuous times, evincing through his labors, his kindly humanity, aiding them untiringly, all these days to save the lives and the property of the poor and the stranded. One working man remarked, when the worst was over, to a Presbyterian, "That preacher of yours is every inch a man; he never quits till we all quit." Mrs. Bergen assisted in the choir and did what she could, being an invalid. To them and to us, came another child to the manse. Rev. Bergen was a good sermonizer and full of energy. One sermon on "John Huss, the Martyr," was greatly appreciated by all. To Rev. Bergen we owe the Tabernacle and a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and an uplift to the whole community. Many were added to the various church " of such as shall be saved."

After two years service Rev. Bergen resigned. His last message to us was a sad one; "Our little William has passed to the Heavenly Father's care." This message came from a Y.M.C.A. Army Camp, where Rev. Bergen was serving God and his country.

Sixteenth Pastor-Rev. D.M. Ogilvie
(April 28, 1915-1934*)

It is a great blessing to a Church to have only a short interim between pastors. Piety is at a low ebb when the people are indifferent. Few Churches have been as fortunate in its pastors as the Dresden Presbyterian Church. We are thankful to God for our "Apostolic Succession."

For their eminent Christian character, their high intellectual agility, their great efficiency and the universal charm and grace of manner in all these pastors, and their wives have been elect, self-sacrificing ladies, who combined the spirit of Mary and the capability of Martha; and who the Lord has blessed us, and through our Church, advanced His own Kingdom these one hundred years. Truly, "Hitherto hath the Lord helped us."

We believe in long pastorates. We hope this one may round out a quarter of a century at least. Shall we review this Apostolic Succession to whom we owe so much, first adding our testimony to generous hospitality, the pleasant companionship and great efficiency of the present Mistress of the Manse? They, too have passed through the deep waters, their son Kaye dying for his country in the fields of France, just when we expected danger was over.

* date added to booklet by Adela Ruth Oglivie Mccartney (daughter of David M. and Barbara J. Ogilvie)

This was not in original text,
so forgive me of my pride!! Picture of David M. Ogilvie,
I believe to be taken in front of his beloved Presbyterian Church in Dresden.
David M. and Barbara J. Ogilvie are my Great-Grandparents.

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