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Cleveland Pastors 2



The following is an alphabetical listing of known Cleveland pastors, their dates at which church. Use your 'find' menu item to locate a pastor by surname.

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last updated 19 May 2009

________________________ A ______________________________________________

 Edwin ABENROTH   SouthHaven Luthern, Euclid  1997
  Stephen C. ADAMS  Old Stone Church Presby.  1989
  Samuel C. AIKEN   Old Stone Presby.  1835-1861
  Joseph ALBRECHT   Lakewood Methodist  1978
  E.F. ALFSON   Swedish Evan. Lutheran/Bethlehem Church  1892-1893
  Rev. Adolph ALLART   German Reformed Church / Schifflen Christi  1839-1853
  A.E. ALLEN   Franklin Circle Church  1894
 John Welles ALLEN  Franklin Circle Church  1898
  Rev. ALLERD   St. Lukes  1842
  John ANDEL   Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic  1961-1981
 Emil E. T. ANDERSON  Bethlehem Lutheran  1908-1910
  J. ANDRES  Schifflein Christi  1887-1891
 William ANGELBERGER  United German Evangelical Protestant  1880-1894
 Joseph ANTONOFF St. Michael's Russian Orthodox 1923
 Henry APPLEGARTH Euclid Ave. Baptist 1896
J. G. APPLETON  Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1936-1938
 Theodore ARENTZ St. Josephs German Catholic 1894
  Mark J. ASHLEY   Northfield Baptist Church  1992
  J.M. ATWATER  Franklin Circle Church  1883
  Walter A. AUPING   St. Andrews Lutheran  1917
 J.T. AVERY   Old Stone Presby.  1840

________________________ B ______________________________________________

 Herman G. BABEL Church of God  1932
 Roman F. BACHER   St. Michaels Catholic  1943-1964
 Orlando BADGLEY   Brooklyn Methodist Episcopal 1892
 Myron BADNEROSKY Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1958-1959
 Johann Jacob BAECHTOLD First German Methodist  1899-1902
 G. BAEKER First Church United Bretheren 1862-1864
 Edward BAGLEY  Franklin Circle Church  1908
 Armin F. BAHNSEN  St. Paul Evangelical, Woodland  1936
 George W. BALAUM  St. Columbkille Catholic  1984
 John BALDUFF German Church Westside 1851-1853
 John BALLEN  Archwood Congregational  1856-67
 Rev. John BANK   St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  1872-1875
 George BARBUTIU  Most Holy Trinity  1958
 David BARR  Archwood UCC  1990ís
 Herman W. BARTELS  Grace Lutheran, Cleveland Hts.  1952

 Zion Evan. Lutheran

St Johanne's Independent Evangelical



 Christian BAUMANN  St. Paul Evan./United Methodist  1913
 Walter F. BAUMANN  St. Paul's  1923
 Walter BAUMAN  Friedens Kirche  1921
 Thomas BAUMGARDNER  Martin Luther, Brooklyn  1997
 John M. BAXTER  Brooklyn Memorial ME Church  1925
 B. F. BEAL First German Church 1912
 Erich BECKER  Schifflein Christi  1906
 Wilhelm BEHRENDT  Bethany Kirche  1895-1906
 Daniel BELLA  Holy Trinity Evangelical  1902
  John W. BELSER   First Evan. & Reformed  1913
 Samuel BENJAMIN Jewish Center Congregation 1921
 Louis D. BENNER  Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1906
  David W. BENNETT  Martin Luther, Brooklyn  1997
 Elias BENZIG Second Reformed Church 1864-1872
 George BERANEK  St. Wenceslaus Catholic  1869
 George BERG German Church Westside 1856-1867
 Martin Luther BERGEN  Euclid Ave. Congregational  1891
 Carl W. BERGER  Westside Evan. & Reformed  1960-1970
 C.W. BERNHARDI  Westside Evan. & Reformed  1894-1923
  Bela BERNHARDT  St. Thomas Lutheran, Lake Ave., Cleveland  1997
 Gustav BERTRAM First German Church 1869-1870
 H.C. BEYER  St. Pauls Evan/United Methodist  1921
 Frank E. BIGELOW  Archwood Congregational  1906-1916
  Kenneth L. BIRNEY  Pearl Rd. Methodist  1967
 Walter O. BISCHOFF  St. John Lutheran, S. Euclid  1933
 Loyal G. BISHOP  Bethesda-On-The-Bay  1974
  Sherman BISHOP Prince of Peace, Westlake  1997
 John J. BLACKBURN  Pearl Rd. ME Church  1925
 John H. BLACKBURN  Lakewood Methodist  1941
Ross BLACKMER  Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1963-1967
 Herbert G. BLICKENDERFE  Gloria Dei Lutheran  1949
 Mark R. BLINN  Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic  1960
 Robert BLYTH  Archwood Congregational  1917-1923
 Robert B. BLYTH  Brooklyn Hts. Congregational  1922,46,53
 Emil G. BOCH  St. Paul United Methodist  1906
 Gust BOCHERT  Zion Evan. Lutheran  1868-1871
 Harold BODE  St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran  1975
 John BODMER  St. Pauls Evan./United Methodist  1898
Rev. Msgr. Joseph BODNER  St. Mary's B yzantine Catholic 1952
 Rev. Msgr. Joseph BODNER St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1966
 Ralph A. BODZIONY  St. John Cantius Catholic  1969-1984
 F.A. BOEHNLEIN  St. Patrickís Catholic  1941
 F.M. BOFF  St. Johns Cathedral  1872-1877
 Victor A. BOHLMAN  St. Paul Lutheran, Westlake  1963
 Vern L. BOK  St. John Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1989
 James BOLLES  Trinity Episcopal  1854-1860
 Gabriel BOLTNIEW Russian Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist 1950
 William BORCHERDING First German Church 1874-1876
 William BORCHERDING  German Church Westside 1876-1879
 William BORDONAR  Our Savior, Rocky River  1997
 Adam BORNHEIMER  Friedenskirche  1875-1882
John BORODACH  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1957-1958
 Jay N. BOOTH  West Blvd. Christian  1943
 Carl BOZENHART German Church Westside 1861-1863
 Daniel F. BRADLEY  Pilgrim Congregational UCC  1906-1930
 Lewis B. BRADRICK Wilson Ave. M. E. Church 1920
 S.J. BRADSTREET  Old Stone Presby.  1823-1830
 H.F. Wm. BRANDES  St. Mark's Evan. Lutheran  1912-1915
 Olaf BRANDT Scandinavian Lutheran Congregational 1891
 Benneville BRAUMILLER First German Church 1849
 W. BRAUN Fifth Reformed 1879
 Charles BRECK  Trinity Episcopal  1870-1873
 William C. BREDA  Mount Calvary Lutheran  1963
 Walter R. BREED St. Paul's Episcopal 1922
 Frank P. BRENNAN  St. Paul Catholic, Euclid  1952
 John P. BRENNAN  St. Phillip Neri Catholic  1920
 William H. BREWSTER  Pilgrim Congregational UCC  1859-1868
 Augustine BRIEG   St. Michaels Catholic  1902-1911
Sigsmund BRINSKY  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1913
 MariLou BROOK  Parma Lutheran  1997
 Donna BROOKS  Bethany UCC  1998
 Horatio BROTHERTON Trinity Baptist 1890
 Charles L. BROWN  St. Aloysius Catholic  1916
 John BROWN  Trinity Episcopal  1875-1879
 Alton J. BRUNING  Concordia, Independence  1997
  Rev. BUCEY  Trinity United Church of Christ  
 George BUCK Jr.  St. Marks Lutheran  1972
 Heinrich BUDDENBAUM German Church Westside 1871-1872
 David BUEGLER  St. Paul Lutheran, Westlake  1997
 Fred BUERRMAN  Tremont Baptist   1902
 Ferdinand BUESSER  Schifflein Christi  1883
 W.H. BUETTNER  St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  
 Ernest C. BUHRE First German Church 1845-1846
 W.H. BUNGE  Second Evan./St. Pauls Evan. Lutheran  1918-1924
 Thomas R. BURG  St. Ignatius Catholic  1968
 Emil BUREK Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1909-1911
 Emil BURIK St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1906
 Alvin H. BURNS Our Lady of Good Counsel 1967
 David BURGER  Trinity Episcopal  1840-1846
 Carl BURGHARDT  St. Johannes United Evangelical  1891-1896
 Lewis William BURTON All Saints Protestant Episcopal 1855-1879
Benjamin BURTT  Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1938
 Richard BURY  Trinity Episcopal  1840-1846
 M. BUSSDICKER First Church United Brethren 1871
 Rev. BUSE  Schifflein Christi  
 William BUSTARD  Euclid Avenue Baptist  1912
  Joseph V. BUTLER  St. Johnís Cathedral  1941
 Franklin D. BUTCHART  Glenville Christian  1914
 Richard F. BYRNE  St. Peters Catholic  1975

________________________ C ______________________________________________

 Barrett R. CAIN Good Shepard 2000
 Newell CALHOUN  Pilgrim Congregational UCC  1876-1883
 E.T. CALVEY  St. Patrickís Catholic  1929
 James CANNON  Franklin Circle Church  1868
 Harold F. CARR  Lakewood Methodist  1949
 J.P. CARROLL  St. Augustine Catholic  1874
 John T. CARROLL Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic 1902
 John T. CARROLL  Holy Name Church  1886-1913
 Jack CASCIONE  St. Paul Lutheran, Lakewood  1985
 Jessie R. CAVILEER  Unitarian Society of Cleveland  1955
 Peter CERVENY  St. Prokops Catholic  1902-1924
 Charles CHALFAUT Madison Ave. Presbyterian 1895
 Rev. CHEPELEFF  St. Theodosius  1909
 Rev. CHASE  Trinity Episcopal  1818-1825
 Erastus CHESTER  First Congr. Church of Newburg  1859
 E.W. CHILDS  First Congr. Church of Newburg  1860
 Gregory CHOMICKY  St. Vladimirís Ukranian Orthodox  
Gabriel CHOPNIK  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1904
 James R. CLARK Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1990-1997
 Henry A. CLAUSING St. Matthews Reformed 1928
 Michael COARBACH  St. John the Baptist Hungarian/Greek  1913
 Armand E. COHEN  Anshe Emeth Beth Tfiloe  1950
 G. M. COHEN Ansche Chesed 1863-1875
 Robert COLE St. Mary of the Falls 1999
 Francis COLLINS  St. Augustine Catholic  1928
 James COLLINS   St. Bridget Catholic  1913-1924
James CONLAN  St. Patrickís Catholic  1869-1877
Rev. CONNOR  St. Augustine Catholic  1891-1906
 Dave CONNOR  Parma Lutheran  1997
 Paula Maeder CONNOR  Trinity, Lakewood  1997
 Harris COOLEY Cedar Ave. Disciple 1892
 Lathrop COOLEY  Franklin Circle Church  1846-1852
 Lathrop COOLEY  Franklin Circle Church  1856-1857
  Lathrop COOLEY  Franklin Circle Church  1872-1873
 Lathrop COOLEY Disciple Mission 1881
 Valerie COPAN  Russian-Ukranian Evan. Baptist  1958
 Nataniel E. CORNWALL All Saints P. E. Church  1890
Rev. Msgr. Eugene CRAMOGA  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1969
 John G. CRAWFORD  St. Gregory the Great  1991
 Walker William CRAWFORD Brooklyn Hts UCC Congregational  2001
 H. C. CROMM First Church United Brethren 1859
 S. F. CROWTHER Calvary Evangelical 1862-1864
 Elroy CURTIS  First Congr. Church of Newburg  1867
 John F. CUTHRIELL  Madison Ave. Baptist  1940

________________________ D______________________________________________

 William DALE Church of the Redeemer Evangleical Lutheran 1907
 August DANKWORTH  St. Johns Evangelical  
 John C. DALTON  Holy Name Church  1973-1993
 S.L. DARSIE  Franklin Circle Church  1887-1891
 John DAUDET  Holy Name Church  1867-1871
 Chester M. DeBOSE  Christian Community  1937
 Charles L. DeBOW  First ME Church  1930
 Wayne DECKER  Faith Lutheran, Avon  1997
 Louis DeGOESBRIAND  St. Marys on the Flats  1847-1852
 Louis DeGOESBRIAND  St. Johns Cathedral  1847
 Russell DENISON  Archwood Congregational  1953-61
 George M. DENNERLE  St. Peters Catholic  1940-1945
 Boniface DEPMANN St. Joseph Catholic 1898
 Ralph E. DESSEN  Independence United Methodist  1974
 Henry P. DETERS  St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  1907-1908
 John A. DETZLER  Grace Church, E. 55th  1911
 Kirk M. DEWEY Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1926-1928
 Harold F. DICKE  Bethel Lutheran, Maple Hts.  1997
 Frederick DIEHM  St. Pauls United Church of Christ  1957
 John DILLON  St. Marys of the Flats  1835-1837
 J. DINGELDEY FriedensKirche 1898
 Demetrus DOBROTWAR  Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic  1913
 Walter F. DOCTER  Concordia Evan. Lutheran  1918
 Francis F. DOPPKE  St. John Cantius Catholic  1908-1917
 Theo H. DORN  St. Paul Lutheran, E. 55  1937
 Frederick S. DOWDY  Miles Ave. Church of Christ  1940
 Wolodymyr DOWHOWYCZ   Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic  1902
 Richard DRAKE  Rocky River Methodist  1967
 William DREHER Seventh Reformed 1895
 F.J. DUBOSH  St. Wendelin Catholic  1918
 George E. DREW  Lakewood Congregational  1949
 George DROPS  St. Mary Immaculate Conception, Bedford  1965
 Francis J. DUBOSH  St. Wendelins Catholic  1918
 Francis J. DUBOSH  Our Lady Of Mercy  1924-1927
 Francis B. DUDA St. John Cantius Catholic 1939-?
Nicholas DUDA  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1916-1918
  J.C.W. DUERR  Christ German PE Church  1868-1881
 George DURSIN  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic  1956
 Giles H. DUNNING  Old Stone Presby.  1890
 John DUNZWEILER  Second Evan/St. Pauls Evan. Lutheran  1902
 Gregory DWYER  St. Lukes  1997

________________________ E ______________________________________________

 Harry G. EARLE  Glenville First ME  1931
 A. EARNST St. John's of Euclid 1860-1863
 J. EARNEST First Church United Brethren 1876-1878
 John S. EATON Pearl Road M.E. Church 1922
 Rev. EBBINGHAUS  St. Lukes  1880-1882
 George W. EBERHARD  Eighth Evan. and Reformed  1957
 George EBERHARD Trinity United Church of Christ  
 Ignatius ECKELKAMP  St. Jude  1974
 C. F. ECKERT First Church United Brethren  1860-1862
 Jim ECKERT  Parma Lutheran  1997
 James D. ECKERT  Gloria Dei Lutheran  1993
 Harry P. ECKHARDT  Christ Lutheran  1901
 Karl H. EHLERS  Pilgrim Lutheran, Lakewood  1937
Nicholas ELKO  St. Mary's B yzantine Catholic 1947
 W.C. ENDLY  Jennings Avenue Church  1891-1894
 Henry EPPENS   St. Pauls United Evangelical  1884-1895
 Harold B. ERNSBERGER  Calvary Evangelical Lutheran  1917
N. E. ESCOTT  Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1930-1936
 John H. EVANS  Christ the Redeemer, Brecksville  1997
 George EYLER  St. Matthews Lutheran  1913
 Adolph EYLI  Friedens Kirche  1924

________________________ F ______________________________________________


 Westside Evan. & Reformed

 St. Johanne's Independent Evangelical Church



 Thomas F. FAHEY   St. Johns Cathedral  1908
 Stephen FALK  St. Marys Assumption  1862-1879
 Patrick FARR  St. Johns Cathedral  1902
 Patrick FARRELL  Immaculate Conception  1908
  Lyman G. FARRER  Lakewood Congregational  1979
Rev. C. E. FELTON   First ME Church  Jan 1868
 John FICKEN First German Church 1871-1873
 Benjamin FIETH  Schifflein Christi  
 Alfred FLEMMING  Miles Avenue Christian  1910
 C.C. FOOTE  Franklin Circle Church  1863-1864
 J. R. FORRER St. Stephen's Catholic 1898
 W. FORWICK  First Evan. & Reformed  1870-1883
  Rev. FOSTER  Bethany Kirche  1917
 B. L. FOULD Ansche Chesed 1848-1856
 Matthew FOX  First Congreg. Church of Newburgh  1839
 Henry FRANK  Second Evan/St. Pauls Evan. Lutheran  1894-1898
 Ira W. FRANTZ  St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  1941
 A. J. FRANZ Ninth Reformed Church 1904
 Theodore FREDERKING  St. Lukes Lutheran  1939
 Silas FREEMAN Trinity Episcopal  1825-1830
 Bertwin L. FREY  Messiah Lutheran, Fairview Park  1964
 B. FRILLMAN First Church United Brethren 1857
 Theodore P. FROHNE  Immanuel Evangelical  1919
 G. H. FUEHR St Pauls of Middleburg 1867-1875
 G. H. FUEHR  St. Johns of Parma 1868
 M.B. FULLER  Lakewood ME  1925
  Stephen FURDEK  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic  1882-1915

________________________ G ______________________________________________

  Edward GACKOWSKI St. John Cantius Catholic  ? - 1956
 J.F. GALLAGHER  St. Johns Cathedral  1869-1871
 Joseph GALLAGHER  Holy Name Church  1871-1886
 Neil GALLAGHER  St. Patrick Catholic  1932
Thomas P. GALLAGHER Holy Name of Jesus Catholic 1935
 James A. GARFIELD  Franklin Circle Church  1857-1858
  J.F. GASSER  Tremont Baptist  1906
 Sante GATTUSO  St. Rocco Catholic  1924
 Charles C. GEBAUER Friedens Kirche  1902-1913
 Henry S. GEKELER  Eighth Reformed  1923
  Joseph GERZ  St. Stephen Catholic  1940
 W.J. GIBBONS  St. Augustine Catholic  1874-1879
 Robert J. GLEPKO St Ignatius Catholic 1982
Nicholas GOBORA  St. Michael's Russian Orthodox 1971
 George GOETZ  Friedens Church  1904
 Christian GOLDER First German Church 1879
 William GOODRICH  Old Stone Presby.  1858-1875
 George GOTSCH  St. John Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1904
 Robert A. GRABOWSKI  Unity Lutheran  1976
 R. H. GRAEPER  Trinity United Church of Christ  1918
 Peter F. GRAHAM  Brooklyn Memorial ME  1898
 Peter F. GRAHAM  Taylor St. ME Church 1890
 Charles Alphonsos GRAMMONSCHETT  St. Augustine Catholic  1867-1872
 David GRASSELE German Church Westside 1884-1887
 G.S. GRATZ  Emmanuel Evan.  1921
 A.B. GREEN  Franklin Circle Church  1853-1855
 Helen GREER  Archwood Congregational  1980ís
 Dmytro GRESKO   Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic  1947
 Gary GRESKO  Our Lady Of Mercy  1988-1990'S
 William D. GRIFFITH  First United Methodist, Macedonia  1977
 Rev. GROEMLEIN Calvary Evangelical 1872-1874
 G. Hooker GROOM  Franklin Circle Church  1921-1924
 John F. GRUSS  St. Michaels Catholic  1964-1975
 M. GUHL  Emmanuel Evan.  1876-1879
Stephen GULYASSY  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1922-1966

________________________ H ______________________________________________

 Francis HABART  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic  1959-1961
 Augustine M. HACKERT   St. Marys Assumption  1924
 Henry C. HADLEY Christian Endeavor Methodist 1912
 Kenneth J. HAFER  Eleventh Reformed  1939
 Laurinda M. HAFNER  Pilgrim Congregational UCC  1998
 Francis Mason HALL St. Marks PE 1895-1899
 Rev. HAMMER  St. Marys Assumption  1861-1862
 N. HANIBAL  St. Augustine Catholic  
 Steve HANJAVICH  St. Vladimirs Ukranian Orthodox  
  E. HANNEN  St. Johns Cathedral  1871-1872
 Thomas HANRAHAN  St. Ignatius Catholic  1921-1924
 B.B. HANSCOMB  Zion Evan. Lutheran  1965-1971
 J.C. HANSEN  Schifflein Christi  1924
  Joseph P. HANULYA  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic  19108-1953
  J.W. HARGRAVE  Archwood Congregational  1878-82
 Fred G. HARKNESS  St. Lukes PE  1921
 J. H. HARTMAN Wilson Ave. Baptist 1893
 George HASENPFLUG  Emmanuel Evan.  1868-1869
 Donald M. HAYAS  Pentacost Lutheran Lakewood  1980-2004
 Hiram HAYDN  Old Stone Presby.  1872-1908
 Carl F. HEITMEIER German Church Westside 1863-1864
 Carl F. HEITMEIER  First German Church 1868-1869
 Erling HELLAND  Our Savior, Rocky River  1997
 Emil HELM   Christ Evan. & Reformed  1951
 Charles C. HELWIG First German Church 1846-1847
 Carl HENRY  All Souls Universalist  1964
 Ernest HENSCHEN  Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1997-03
 Theodore HENSCHEN  Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1903-04
 Ludwig HERBERTH  St. Michaels Catholic  Jul-Nov 1895
 Charles A. HERMANN Trinity Evangelical 1875-1878
 Otto W. HERRIG  Gloria Dei Lutheran  1980
Herman HERZER First German Church 1885-1888
 Donald F. HESTERMAN   Divinity Lutheran  1976
  T.W. HIGGINS  St. Augustine Catholic  1873
  Cassel R. HIGLEY   Lakewood Christian  1941
 Joseph HILLINSKI  Our Lady of Perpetual Care  1997
 Joseph HILLINSKI  Our Lady Of Mercy  1990's-present
 Rev. HINTZ  Immanuel Evan. Lutheran  1890-1956
 Fred HITCH   St. Vincent DePaul  1924
  Fred HITCH  Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary  1929
 Earle C. HOCKWALD  E. Cleveland Congregational  1953
  Joseph HOERSTMANN   St. Ignatius Catholic  1908-1918
 Conrad HOFFMAN  First Evan. & Reformed  1918
  Kenneth R. HOFFMAN  Grace Lutheran  1959
 Paul HOFFMAN St James Lutheran 1999
 John B. HOLCOMB   St. Rose of Lima  1921
 Warren HOLLOWAY  Brecksville UCC  1962
 John HOLTCAMP   St. Paul Evan/United Methodist  1924
  Theo C. HONOLD  Christ Evan. & Reformed  1940
 Charles HOOT   St. Boniface Catholic  1928
 Wenceslas J. HORAK St. Martins Church 1900-1904
 Anthony HORTMANN  St. Marys Assumption  1906-1908
 Myron HORVATH Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1951-1952
Burt E. HOWARD Old Stone Church 1890
 Maurice HOWARD   St. Marys on the Flats  1839-1847
 Horst HOYER  Immanuel Evan. Lutheran  1957-1998
  L. A. HOYING  Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic  
Michael HREBIN  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1949-1950
 Vitus HRIBAR St. Vitus Catholic Church 1900-1905
Dennis M. HRUBIAK  Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic current
 J.S. HUEBSCHMAN   Schifflein Christi  1913-1921
 George HUMMEL Bethesda on the Bay Lutheran 1973
 Paul R. HUNTER   Archwood Congregational  1962-69
 R. H. HURLBURT Christ Church Methodist 1859
  F.W. HUSMAN  St. John Lutheran, S. Euclid  1868
 W.R. HUSSEY   St. Patricks Catholic  1949
 Samuel HUTCHENS  Old Stone Presby.  1831-1833
  Anton HYNEK   St. Wenceslaus  1873-1918

________________________ I ______________________________________________

 Martin ILSE   St. Johannes Evangelical Lutheran  1921
David IVANCHO  St. Mary's B yzantine Catholic 1940
David IVANCHO  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1966

________________________ J ______________________________________________

 Wolfgangus JANIETZ   St. Stanislaus Catholic  1883
Robert JARNOVICH  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1968, 1987
 John M. JENKINS   St. Timothy Catholic  1962
  Jeff JOHNSON  Trinity  1997
 Orville C. JONES   Franklin Ave. ME  1916
 William JONES   Euclid Congregational  1906
 William H. JONES   St. Johns PE  1906
 William O. JONES   Jones Road Congregational  1906
 Dennis JUENGEL   Shore Haven, Euclid  1997
 Werner JUERGENS   Christ Lutheran  1971

________________________ K ______________________________________________

 Theobold KALAMAJA   St. Stanislaus Catholic  1908 & 1924
 William A. KANE  Holy Name Church  1907
  Jason R. KAPPANADZE   St. Theodosius  1902-1907, 1924-1946
 Albert KARPER  Holy Name Church  1953
  Arthur KATT   St. Peter Lutheran  1947
  Paul M. KAVASCH   St. Paul Lutheran, Westlake  1965
  Charles KAWALKSOWSKI   Sacred Heart of Jesus Polish Catholic  
 John KEEP   Old Stone Presby.  1833-1835
 John W. KEGG   St. Ignatius Catholic  1925
 Frederick J. KELLER   Christ Lutheran  1927
  B.B. KELLEY   St. Bridget Catholic  1872-1874
 John L. KELLY   Annunciation Blessed Virgin Mary  1940
 James P. KENNY   St. Thomas More Catholic  1965
 Joseph KENNEY   Broadway Methodist  1948
Peter KESHELAK  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1900
 John KEYS   First Congr. Church of Newburg  1835
  Monroe J. KEYES   Jennings Avenue Church  1906
 Edward A. KIELSMEIER   Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1920-42
  Carl E. KIEWIT   Zion Evan. Lutheran  1951-1965
 John KILCOYNE  Holy Name Church  1968-1973
 L. Wilson KILGORE   Lakewood Presby.  1955
 August KIMMEL   Trinity Evan. Independent  1902
 Basil R. KING   Westminster Presby.  1918
 August KITTERER   Trinity United Church of Christ  1927-1930
 Herman KLAHR   Old Stone Presby.  1941
 Albert KLEIN   Zion Evan. Lutheran  1878-1883
 J. E. KLEIN  St. Joanne's Independent Evangelical Church  1925
  John KLEIN   Martin Luther, Brooklyn Hts.  1997
 Walter K. KLEIN   West Side Evan. & Reformed  1924-1960
  William G. KLEIN   Fifth Reformed  1937
 Kerwin T. KLEINDORFER   St. James Catholic, Lakewood  1949
  Oscar C. KLEMP   Bethany Lutheran, Parma  1971
 Otto Carl KLOCKSEIN   St. Paul Evan/United Methodist  1891
  Albert P. KLUBERT   St. Mary of the Falls Catholic, Olmsted Falls  1985
 Ernest KNAUTZ   Bethany Methodist Episcopal  1956
  Beulah KNIEREIM   Zion Evan. Lutheran  1995
 William KNIGHT   Old Stone Presby.  1890
Louis R. KNOWLES  Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1962
 Karl KOCH   St. Paul Lutheran, E55th, Cleveland  1997
 Carl KOCH   St. Paul Evan./United Methodist  1894
 Joseph P. KOCINSKI  St. John Cantius Catholic  1917-1932
 William J. KOEHL   St. Philomena Catholic  1946
Stephen KOPLINKA  St. Mary's B yzantine Catholic present
Rev. Msgr. Frank KORBET  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1979
 Otto F. KOLBE   St. John Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1887
Augustine KOMPORDAY  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1918
 Alfonse KONARSKI   Sacred Heart of Jesus Polish Catholic  1937
 Joseph H. KONEN   St. Barnabas, Northfield  1990
 George L. KOOB   St. Peters Catholic  1936-1940
  A.W. KOPITTKE   Second Evan./St. Pauls Evan. Lutheran  1891
 Joseph KOUDELKA   St. Prokop Catholic  1874-1883
  Joseph KOUDELKA   St. Michaels Catholic  1883-1911
 Joseph KOUDELKA   St. Wenceslaus Catholic  1921-1924
 Joseph M. KOUDELKA  St. Wendelins Catholic  1903-1904
 Walter KOVAC   Mt. Calvary Lutheran  1997
 Anton Francis KOWASZEWSKI   St. Stanislaus Catholic  1881-1891
  Damian KOZEOLIK   St Stanslaus Catholic  1913
 Jacob KRAHBEAL First German Church 1861-1862
 Louis KRAMER   St. Marys Assumption  1854-1857
  Adolph W. KRAMPE   Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1908-1920
 John KRASEN  St. Augustine Catholic  1970's
 Anthony KRASNY   St. Peters Catholic  1847-1869
 Anthony KRASNY   St. Wenceslaus Catholic  1869
 John W. KRISPINSKY  Our Lady Of Mercy  1927-1964
 A. KRAUSE First Church United Brethren 1872-1876
 August KRAUSE   Second Evan./St. Pauls Evan. Lutheran  1877
  H. KRAUSE   St. Paul Evan./United Methodist  1872-1875
 John KRAYNIK  St. Wendelins Catholic  1963-1973
 John M. KRAYNIK   St. Cyril & Methodius  1938
 Stephen KREBILL   Bethel, Maple Hts.  1997
 Sebastian KREMER   Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic  1921-1924
 A. KRESING St Wenseslaus Catholic 1867-1869
 Arno E. KRENTZ   St. Marks Lutheran  1955
 Matthias KREUSEL St Peters German Catholic 1849-1850
 Peter KREUSEL  St Peters German Catholic 1850-1851
 Karl KRETZMAN   St. John Lutheran, Cable Avenue  
 Joseph A. KRISPINSKY St. Clement's Church  1924
 John W. KRISPINSKY   Our Lady of Mercy Catholic  
 Miloslav KRIZAN Holy Trinity Church (Slovak Evangelical Lutheran) 1906
  J.M. KROENLEIN St. Pauls Evangelical   1865
 John KRUSKO   St. Joseph Greek Catholic  1947
 A. KRYT   Mother of God of Zyrovicy  
 Wenceslaus KRZYCKI   St. Stanislaus Catholic  1918-1921
 Joseph P. KUCINSKI   St. John Cantius Catholic  
 George J. KUECHLE   St. Mark's Lutheran  1934
 Herman KUEHN   St. John Lutheran, S. Euclid  1853-1860
 Sergius KUHARSKI   St. Theodosius Russian Catholic  
 Jacob A. KUHN  Holy Name Church  1863-1867
 Alexander KUKELEVSKY   St. Theodosius Russian Catholic  
 David KUKELEHAN   Trune Lutheran, Broadview Hts.  1997
 G.F. KUMMER   St. Johannes Evan.  
 J. P. KUNES  St. Wendelins Catholic  1904
 Douglas H. KUSAL   St. Clare Catholic  1990
 Peter KYRAKOS   Greek Orthodox Church of Annunciation  

________________________ L ______________________________________________

 Jerome Lajack  St. Wendelins Catholic  1977
 Andrew LAHETA  Our Lady Of Mercy  1964-1988
  Robert LAMANTTA  St. Charles Catholic  1981
  Jacob LAMB  Emmanuel Evan.  1883
 T.P. LAMB  Blessed Sacrament Catholic  1908-1913
  Robert L. LANDECK  Bethel Lutheran, Maple Hts.  1963
  Allen R. LAUBENTAHL  St. James Catholic, Lakewood  1962
 Kermit LAUTERBACH   All Saints Lutheran, Olmsted Township  1991
 William LEICH   First Evangelical  1906
Charles V. LEE  Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1960-1971
 Rev. LEIGH  St. Bridget Catholic  1857-1865
Jay LEMANSKI  Immanuel Lutheran 1998-present
 F. LENCHAU First German Evangelical 1874-1879
 William LEONHARDT  St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  1910-1913
 Theophil LEONHARDT  Zion Evan. Lutheran  1883-1913
  John R. LENNON  Lakewood United Methodist  1971
 Ron LE PERE   Faith Lutheran, Mentor  1997
Jesse LERCH  Calvary Evangelical 1874-1876
 Leo LEWICKY   Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic  1928
 Bertram LEWIS   St. Philip  1997
  Carroll H. LEWIS  First Methodist  1953
 Edmund T. LEWIS  Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1905-1906
 Thomas LEWIS  Archwood Congregational  1889-1909
 E. LICHT First Church United Brethren 1855-1858
 John C.W. LINDEMANN  Trinity Evangelical Lutheran  1854-1864
  Rev. LISENKOVSKY  St. Theodosius  1910-1914
 C.W. LOCHER  St. Lukes  1876-1880
 Melchior LOCHTEFELD  Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament Catholic  1933
 C.J. LOEHR  Friedens Evan. Lutheran  1905
  Robert Gerhardt LONG  Unity Evan. Lutheran  1919-1937
 E. LORENZ First Church United Brethren 1866-1868
 Vincet J. LOUZECHY  Broadway ME  1931
  Joseph D. LOVE  Bethany Lutheran, Parma  1997
 William R. LUCHT  St. Matthew Evan. Lutheran, Medina  1997
  Thomas LUCKAY  St. Ignatius Catholic  1972
 Arthur S. LUDLOW  United Presby., Northfield  1907
  C.W. LUECHENS  St. John Lutheran, Strongsville  1967
  David LUECKE  Royal Redeemer, N. Royalton  1997
 Edgar M. LUECKE  St. Matthews Lutheran  1942
  Walter J. LUECKE  St. John, Collinwood  1937
 L. J. LUETH Lake View Congregational 1907
 Henry LUHR  St. Marys Assumption  1853-1856
 John H. LUHR   St. Peters Catholic  1853-1868
 Thomas J. LUKE  Lakewood Methodist  1965
 James LUMSDEN  Trinity United Church of Christ  
 Martin LUTZ Zion ?
Stephen LUZETSKY  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1950-1951
  Arthur R. LYNCH  St. Barnabas Episcopal  1976
 David M. LYNN  Rocky River Methodist  1981
 W.N. LYSTER  Trinity Episcopal  1838

________________________ M ______________________________________________

 Herbert MACKENZIE  Lakewood Methodist  1917
 Peter M. MacKAY  Trinity Baptist  1922
 Larry L. MACKEY  St. Paul, Elton Avenue, Cleveland  1997
 P.W. MacAULEY  Miles Park Presby.  1932
 Michael MACHOL Ansche Chesed 1876-1879
 T.M. MAHONEY  St. Patrick Catholic  1883-1887
Stephen MAKAR  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1914
 John W. MALCOMB  First Congregational  1895
 William MELANOWSKI  Scanton Rd. Baptist  
 J.P. MALONEY  St. Malachi Catholic  1865-1879
 Charles MANCHESTER Broadway Methodist Episcopal 1895
 Albert J. MANTON  East Glenville Methodist  1951
 Albert M. MARCIS  Calvary Lutheran, Parma  1984
 John S. MARO St. Boniface  1948
 Francis MARUNA  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic  1955-1959
  James J. MASEK  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic  1987-present
 Robert MATEJ   St. Peter & Paul, Lakewood  1997
 David L. McCAFFERTY   St. Richards Catholic  1968
 J.B. McCLAY   Jennings Avenue Church  1908-1913
  H.B. McCORMICK   Lakewood Christian  1931
 Charles M. McDONOUGH  Holy Name Church  1943-1968
 Rev. McELROY  Trinity Episcopal  1830-1832
 William L. McFADDEN  Rockport United Methodist  1979
  Francis J. McGLYNN   St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic  1937
 Ned R. McGRADY  Church of Christian Union  1985
 P.J. McGUIRE   St. Bridget Catholic  1874-1876
 John McHALE   St. Malachi Catholic  1908-1913
John McINERNEY  St. Malachi Catholic  1918-1924
 Richard McKAIN Zion  
 Samuel C. McKEE  Old Stone Presby.  1958
 W.E. McLAREN  Trinity Episcopal  1873-1875
 P. McLAUGHLIN  St. Marys on the Flats  1838-1839
 William McLEAN  Old Stone Presby.  1822-1823
 William McMAHON  St. Bridget Catholic  1876-1908
 Brendon McNULTY  St. Patricks Catholic  1977
 Joseph McNULTY  St. Augustine Catholic  1977
  Rev. McREYNOLDS  First Congregational Church of Newburg  1847
  Edward MEARS  St. Augustine Catholic  1875-1877
 Theo F. MEHL  St. Paulís Evan. & Reformed  1947
 R. P. MEIBOHN Trinity Evangelical Lutheran 1949
 Andrew MELDRUM  Old Stone Presby.  1908-1921
 John MELLINGER  Old Stone Presby.  1975
John MEMORICH  St. Michael's Russian Orthodox 1996
 John H. MERRILL  Archwood Congregational  1882-89
 Rudolph MESCHENMOSER  St. Marys Assumption  1913-1921
 Irvin METCALF Hough Ave. Congregational 1891-1895
 John H. MEYER  St. Paul Lutheran, Lakewood  1941
Bishop Emil  MIHALICH St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1969
  John W. MILLIGAN  Zion  ?-2002
 Frederick MILLER  Emmanuel Evan.  1891
 Gary L. MILLER St. Mark's Lutheran 1999
  Gerald MILLER  Messiah Lutheran, Fairview Park  1991
 John W. MILLIAN Zion Lutheran 1998
 Charles MILLS  Pilgrim Congregational UCC  1894-1902
  Dennis O. MIME  St. James Lutheran, East Cleveland  1997
 Raymond MISULICH Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1956
 Arthur MITCHELL   Old Stone Presby.  1880
 John MITCHELL  Jennings Avenue Church  1898
 John MITCHELL  Taylor Street ME  1882
Michael MITRO  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic 1911-1913
F. H. MITTENDORF Evangelical Deaconess Hospital 1923
Vladimir MOCHANI  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1903
 Julius E. MOELLER   Emanuel Evangelical  1890-1902
 Rev. C. MOENCH  St. Joanne's Independent Evangelical Church  1881-1883
 Tom MOLLER  Archwood Congregational  1970ís
 V.J. MONAGAHN  St. Charles Catholic  1977
 James MONAGAHN  St. Bridget Catholic  1865-1872
 Fred John MONSCHKE Tremont St. Baptist  1908-1911
 Vincent MORAGHAN  Holy Name Church  1993
 Francis MORAN   St. Patrick Catholic  1902-1924
 Michael MORAN  Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic  
  Y.P. MORGAN  Trinity Episcopal  1883-1891
 Charles C. MORHART  Church of the Redeemer  1915
 M.C. MORLOCK  St. Paul Evan/United Methodist  1918
 A.D. MORTON  South Park ME  1875
 John MOSSHAMER   Second Evan/St. Pauls Evan. Luther.  1887
 F. MUELLER  Emmanual Evan.  1908
 Raymond A. MUELLER   St. Thomas Lutheran, Rocky River  1983
 Ronald A. MUELLER   St. Matthews Evan. Lutheran  1964
William I. MULDER  Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1930
 Kenneth MULHOLLAND St Vincent DePaul Catholic 1941
  Charles MUNCH  Schifflein Christi  1878-1879
 George F. MURPHY  Immaculate Conception  1913-1924
 Michael MURPHY  St. Augustine Catholic  1879-1887
 Robert E. MURPHY  St. Aloysius Catholic  1941
 Wilmont J. MURRAY  Fairview Baptist  1968
  John MUSIL  Cyril Congregational Bohemian  1910
 Ray MYLOTT  St. Augustine Catholic  1908-1921

________________________ N ______________________________________________

 Christian NACHTREIB  First German Church 1873-1874
 Gottlieb NACHTREIB  German Church Westside 1856-1861
 William NASH St. Philomena's Catholic 1912
 Albert NAST German Church Westside 1872-1874
 George R. NAUMAN  St. Lukes Lutheran  1937
 Ladislaw NECID  St. Ladislaw Catholic  1913
 John NEDZELNITSKY  St. Theodosius  1896
 C. F. NEGELE Friedenskirche  1876
 William E. NEFELT  Faith Lutheran, Lakewood  1961
 Martin NEUMEISTER  Emmanuel Evan.  1913
  J.B. NUESTICH  St. Marys Assumption  1891-1894
  G.S. NICHOLS  Trinity Congregational  1958
  Julius G. NICKEL  St. Peters Evan. Lutheran  1924
 John H. NIEMAN  Trinity Lutheran  1876-1910
 T.R. NOBLE  Pilgrim Congregational UCC  1869-1872
 John NOLAN   St. Augustine Catholic  1924
Donald NORENBERG  Brooklyn Heights UCC Congregational 1997
 Alexius NOVAK St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1905
 Leo NOVITZSKY St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1917

________________________ O ______________________________________________

 William B. OAKSFORD St. Paul Lutheran, Westlake   1987
 H. OBERMALLER  St. Marys Assumption  1857-1861
 Patrick O'BRIAN  St. Patrick Catholic  1891-1894
 E.M. O'CALLAGHAN  St. Patrick Catholic  1877-1879
 Patrick O'CONNELL  Holy Name Church  1913-1922
 John O'CONNOR  St. Augustine Catholic  1891-1906
 P. O'DWYER  St. Marys on the Flats  1837-1838
 James O'LEARY  St. Patrick Catholic  1898
 Richard ONDREYKA  St. Wendelins Catholic  1974
 Armin C. OLDSEN   St. Paul Lutheran, Westlake  1956
 Franz OPPERMAN Friedens Kirche  1894-1898
 W. W. ORWIG Friedens Kirche 1874-1876
 Thomas C. O'REILLY   St. Johns Cathedral  1913-1924
 Thomas J. O'REILLY  Villa Angela Chapel  1918
 Hippolit ORLOWSKI  St. John Cantius Catholic  1898-1908
 Marion J. ORZECHOWSKI St. John Cantius Catholic  1932-1939

________________________ P ______________________________________________

 Wenceslaus PANUSKA  St. Prokop Catholic  1898
Bishop PATAKI  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1991
 Joseph N. PAULUS  St. Michaels Catholic  1911-1913
 Lee D. PENVOSE  Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd, Brook.  1997
Eugene PETRASSOVICH  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1909
 Rev. PETROSKY  St. Theodosius  
 Arthur C. PIEDKORN  Faith Evan. Lutheran  1947
 Francis PIEPER  Trinity Lutheran  1913
 Sanford PIERCE  Holy Gospel Church of God  
 Marion F. PIERSON   St. Paul Lutheran, Westlake  1992
 George POHLOD  Gethsemane, Lakewood  1997
 Bartholomew J. PONIKVAR  St. Vitas Catholic  1922
  J.K. PONTIUS  Emanuel Evan. United Brethren  1865-1868
Peter POPOVICH  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1902, 1915
 Stephen POSAKIWSKY  Holy Trinity Ukranian Orthodox  
 Henry POST  Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic  1923
 Robert POST  St. Paul Lutheran, Lakewood  1994
 John J. PRICE  Immaculate Conception, Bedford  1938
 Roy L. PRIEM  Westside Evan. & Reformed  1970-1978
Vladimir PRISLOPSKY  St. Michael's Russian Orthodox 1933
 Myron PROCK  Holy Cross Lutheran  1997
 Russell C. PROHL  Church of the Redeemer  1941
Geroge PULLMAN  Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1954

________________________ Q ______________________________________________

 James J. QUINN  St. Catherine's Catholic  1921-1922
 H.H. QUITMEYER   St. Luke's Lutheran  1962

________________________ R ______________________________________________

 A.W. RADTKE   St. Pauls Lutheran, Westlake  1960
 Kenneth J. RANKIN  Zion Evan. Lutheran  1971-1982
 Amadeus RAPPE  St. Johns Cathedral  1848-1870
 Luke RATH  Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic  1918
 F.C. RATHERT   St. John Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1895
 Rev. Otto RAUSCH   St. Lukes  1882-1928
 Louis S. REDMER  St. Hyacinth Catholic  1911
 Glezen REEDER  Jennings Avenue Church  1902
 Casimir REICHLIN  St. Stephens Catholic  1869-1913
  F. REINKING  St. Pauls Lutheran, Dover Village  1914
 Herbert REITERATE Chaplain, Deaconess Hospital 1968
Joseph REPKO  Holy Ghost B yzantine Catholic current
Nicholas REPKO  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1975
 John REVIS  St. Wenceslaus Catholic  1869-1873
 H.J. RUETENIK  Eighth Evangelical  1906
 Herbert W. RIEDEL  St. John Evan. Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1960
 Maurice A. RILEY  St. Coleman's Catholic  1916
  Joseph F. RINDERKNECHT   Lutheran Church of Covenant, Maple Hts  1997
 Wilfredo RIVERA   El Buen Lutheran  1997
 George ROBB  St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  1942
 William R. ROBB  United Presby., Northfield  1945
 William ROBINSON  Franklin Circle Church  1859
  Lawrence E. ROCKWELL  St. James Catholic  1929
 J.H.C. ROENTKEN  First Evan. & Reformed  1883-1902
 Herman ROGATZKY  St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  1902
 Harry J. ROHRBAUGH  Eighth Evangelical  1924
 Robert F. ROLF  Zion ?
 Scott ROSENSTEIN  Zion Evan. Lutheran  1995-present
 Benedict ROSINSKI  St. Stanislaus Catholic  1894-1902
Richard ROTH   St. Elizabeth Hungarian Catholic 1921
 W.F. ROTHENBERGER  Franklin Circle Church  1913-1918
 Willis S. ROWE  Schaeffer Memorial ME  1935
 H. J. RUETENIK First Reformed 1860-1870
 H. J. RUETENIK  Second Reformed 1863
 H. J. RUETENIK  Eighth Evangelical 1891-1906
 E. RUPPRECHT  German Lutheran Church of Dover 1858-1879
 John J. RUPPRECHT  St. Paul Lutheran, Dover Village  
 Justus RUPPRECHT   St. John, Berea  

________________________ S ______________________________________________

 Karl H. SALLMAN  St. John Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1860-1877
 Philip SALIBA   St. George Syrian Orthodox  
 Herman C. SAUER  St. Lukes Lutheran  1913-1930
Clifford R. SAUNDERS  Brooklyn Hts UCC Congregational 1971
 A. SAUVADET  Immaculate Conception 1865-1871 
 A.E. SCHADE  Sixth Reformed  
 John A. SCHAFFELD  St. Michaels Catholic  1913-1943
  J.E. SCHATZ  Independant Evan.  1935
 David SCHECHTER  Kneseth Israel Congregation  1920
 Victor SCHEPPACH  St. Marys Assumption  1898-1902
 O.W. SCHETTLER   Zion Evan. Lutheran  1871-1878
 L. SCHEUERMAN   Emmanuel Evan.  1862-1866
 L. SCHEUERMAN  Salem Church Evan. Assoc.  
Johann H. SCHIMMELPFENIG  First German Church 1882-1885
 H. SCHLESSELMANN  St. John Lutheran, S. Euclid  
 Kilian SCHLOSSER St. Joseph German Catholic 1867-1879
 Richard G. SCHLUEP  Faith Lutheran, Lakewood  1997
 Adolph SCHMIDT  St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  1914-1918
 August SCHMIDT   Zion  1845-1851
 William SCHMIDT  Schifflein Christi  
 Jerome J. SCHNEIDER   St. Peters Catholic  1945-1975
 John S. SCHNEIDER German Church Westside 1868-1876
 William L. SCHOEFFEL White Ave. Baptist 1941
 George C. SCHOENMAN  St. Michaels Catholic  Mar-Jul 1886
 Charles F. SCHOEPFLIN  Emmanuel Evan.  1894
  John R. SCHONKAES  Holy Trinity, Parma  1997
 Henry SCHORNSTEIN  Schifflein Christi  1877
Bishop Basil M. SCHOTT  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic  199?
J. SCHREMBS  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1921
 Charles SCHROEK  St. Lukes Evangelical of Brighton  1865-1876
 Rupert H. SCHROEDER  Mt. Calvary Lutheran  1936
 Carl J. SCHUETTE  Union Evangelical Lutheran  1969
 David SCHUH  Zion  1843-1844
 C.T. SCHUKNECHT  Zion  1938-1980
 John J. SCULLEN  St. Augustine Catholic  1906
 William SCULLEN  Holy Name Church  1922-1943
Theo SCHURDEL   Zion Evangelical Lutheran 1915
 Paul SCHWAN  Zion  1851-1881
 Paul F. SCHWAN  St. Paul Lutheran, E. 55th  1912
 John J. SCHULLEN  St. Augustine Catholic  1906
 Robert G. SCULLY  Rocky River Methodist  1959
 Roger SEARLE  Trinity Episcopal  1817-1825
 Thomas SEBIAN  St. Augustine Catholic  
  John D. SEIP FriedenKirche  1877-1879
  John D. SEIP   Emmanuel Evan.  1879-1888
 Joseph H. SELDEN  Old Stone Presby.  1880
 Robert SELTZ  Messiah Lutheran, Fairview Park  1997
 John SESSIONS  Old Stone Presby.  1831
 William SHACKLEFORD  Zion Evangelical Lutheran  1982-1983
 Ira A. SHANTON Grace Congregation 1897-1898
 Laurie J. SHARP  Archwood Congregational  1923-1953
 Thomas SHARPE  St. John Lutheran, Strongsville  1997
  James SHAW  First Congregational Church of Newburg  1849
 James E. SHEIL  St. Bridget Catholic  1968
 S.E. SHEPARD  Franklin Circle Church  1869-1871
 John SICK  Second Evan./St. Pauls Evan. Lutheran  1883
 A.R. SIDLEY  Immaculate Conception  1876-1894
 Jeffrey SILLECK  Eastlake Reformation  1997
 William J. SINGLE  St. Paul Lutheran, Dover  1940
 John A. SINGER  St. Patrick Catholic  1968
 Lawrence J. SLAVIK  Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic  
 George Legrand SMITH  Lakewood Congregational  1917
 Wilton M. SMITH  Old Stone Presby.  1880
 Andrew SMREKAR St. Mary's Assumption 1909-1910
Gwen SNELL Fellowship Lutheran 1997
 William SNIFF  Franklin Circle Church  1902
 Martin H. SOMMERFIELD  Trinity Lutheran  1933-1949
 John SOMMERLATTE   First Evan. & Reformed  1921
 G.F. SPRENG  Emmanuel Evan.  1870-1875
 Robert SPRINGER  Christ the Redeemer, Brecksville  1997
 Virgil SPRINGER  Emanuel Evan. United Brethren  
 Arvid Peter SPRUNG  Zion  
  Heinrich STAEBLER  Friedens Kirche  1891
 Edward STANKO  St. Wendelins Catholic  1957-1963
 Paul STANKO  Gethsemane, Lakewood  1997
 Walter H. STARK   Pilgrim  1941
 Thomas STARKEY  Trinity Episcopal  1860-1870
 Wilson R. SEARLY  Grace Reformed  1897
 Karl H. STECKMAN   Zion Evangelical  
 W. Edward STEIN  Mt. Olive Lutheran  1918-37
 John M. STEINER  Second German Evan. Protestant  1858
 Rev. STEINMEYER  Schifflein Christi  
 Philip STEMPEL St. Lukes Evangelical Church of Brighton 1851
 Rev. Philip STEMPEL  West Side Evan. & Reformed  1853-1875
Joseph STEPHANKO  St. Michael's Russian Orthodox 1926
 Jeff STEPHENS  St. Peters Lutheran, Shaker Hts.  1997
 John H. STEPLER  Second German Reformed  1906-1913
 Randolph STONE  Old Stone Presby.  1820-1822
 Walter H. STORM  Concordia Lutheran  1942-1947
 C. STREICH First Church United Brethren 1868-1871
 Paul W. STREUFERT  St. Thomas Lutheran, Rocky River  1963
  John STRIETER  St. John Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1854-1859
  Jesse H. STRINK  Eighth Evangelical  1913-1921
Kendrick STRONG  Brooklyn Hts Congregational 1954-1960
 Oscar A. STRONG  Our Saviour Norwegian Lutheran  1916
 A.B. STUBER  St. Ignatius Catholic  1933
 William G. STUDWELL  Church of the Ascension  1939
 Julian STURDEVANT  Pilgrim Congregational UCC  1887-1891
 Julian M. STURDEVANT  Jennings Ave. Congregational  1890
 Eustachyj SYDORIAK   Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic  1924
 Julius SZEPESSY  St. Elizabeth Catholic  1913
 Joseph M. SZTUCKI  St. Hyacinth's Polish Catholic  1935
 Francis A. SZUDAREK   St. John Cantius Catholic  1956-1969
Paul SZULERECKI  St Barbara's 1913-1915

________________________ T ______________________________________________

 John frederick TANKE  Schifflein Christi  1834-1849
 Philemon TARNOVSKY   Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic  1921
 Otto TELLE  Schifflein Christi  
 John TERRY  Westside Evan. & Reformed  1979-1984
 J.G. THEUER  FriedensKirche 1873-1874
 J.G. THEUER  Emmauel 1874-1876
 J.G. THEUER  West Side Mission, Eagle & Erie  1890
 Paul THIELO   Messiah Lutheran, Fairview Park  1989
 T. THOMAS  Zion Evan. Lutheran  1914-1916
 T.P. THORPE   Immaculate Conception  1871-1877
 T.P. THORPE   St. Johns Cathedral  1877-1894
 T.P. THORPE  Immaculate Conception  1898-1906
 Norman THRESHER  Zion Evan. Lutheran  1984-1990
 C.F. TIEMANN  Zion Lutheran, Bedford & Maple Hts  
 Carl H. TOELKE  St. Marks Lutheran  1947
 Otto W. TOELKE   St. Thomas Lutheran, Rocky River  
 F. TOLHURST  Trinity Baptist  
 Augustine TOMASEK  St. Wendelins Catholic  1909-1957
 Dennis TOMCZYK  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic  1980-1987
 Alex TOTH  First Hungarian Reformed  1913
 Allen TRAPP  St. John, South Euclid  1997
 H. TRAUTMAN  Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1873-81
  John F. TREFZER  Friedens Kirche  1916-1918
 Bruce TRETHAWAY  Divinity, Parma Hts.  1997
 Edward TULLY  Holy Name Church  1941
 William TURNER   First Congregational Church of Newburg  1862

________________________ U ______________________________________________

 John F. UHLE  Bethany Evan. Lutheran  1979
 Wencelaus A. UHLIR  St. Prokops Catholic  1973

________________________ V ______________________________________________

 George VAHEY   St. Johns Cathedral  1898
Nestor VALENSKI  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1905
 John VANCA  Holy Trinity Catholic  1929
 Albert VANCAMP  Jennings Avenue Church  1887
 Albert VANCAMP  Brooklyn ME  1890
 Orie VanDeVISSE  Archwood Congregational  1961-1962
 John VARNER  Unity Lutheran  1988
 Vasili VASILIEFF  St. Theodosius  1908
 William VICKERS Miles Ave. Church of Christ Deciples 1921
 Vincent G. VILKUTATITIS  St. George's Lithuanian Catholic  1923
 Martin VITZ   Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1895-1897
 Anthony VLCEK   St. Prokop Catholic  1887-1891
Eugene VOCCHI  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 1909
 Frederick VonSCHLUEMBACH   Schifflein Christi  1894-1898
 Henry E. VOSS   Bethany Kirche  1917

________________________ W ______________________________________________

  Emil WAGNER   Second Evan./St. Pauls Evan. Lutheran  1908
Jacob WAGNER   Brooklyn Hts UCC Congregational 1997-1999
 John WAGNER  Westside Evan. & Reformed  1986-1993
 Clement A. WAHL   St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  1957
 Victor E. WALENTA   Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1942-1968
 J.J. WALKER  St. Matthews Lutheran  1885
 Carl P. WALLACE  Trinity United Church of Christ  1998
 Robert C. WALLETT  Church of Unity, Westlake  1982
 Richard P. WALSH Holy Name of Jesus Catholic 1935, 1941
 William WALSH  St. Augustine Catholic  
 Grant WALTER  Hough Avenue Reformed  1913
 Philip WAMBSGANSS  St. John Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1893
 William WARREN  Pilgrim Congregational UCC  1873-1875
Paul WASLUS  Holy Ghost B yzantine Catholic 1952-1953
 John H. WEFEL  St. Peter, Quincy  1899
 John W. WEFEL  St. John Lutheran, Cable Ave.  1906
 DanielWEGRZYN Bethany Lutheran, Parma 1999
 Harry C. WEIDNER  St. John Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1911-1956
 Henry WEIGAND  Emmanuel Evangelical  1902-1906
 Nicholas WEIRS  Fourth Evan. & Reformed  1881-1888
  Carl W. WEISS   St. Johannes  1883-1925
 J.J. WEISS  Fifth Reformed German  1873-1879
 Elam G. WEIST  Trinity United Church of Christ  1952
 Elam G. WEIST  Brooklyn Hts UCC Congregational interim 1989
  J. WELENTEICHICK  Emanuel Evang. United Brethren  1941
 Howard M. WELLS   First of East Cleveland Presby.  1950
 Marvin E. WELT  Faith Lutheran Church, Lakewood  1977
 Daniel J. WENGREN  Asension Lutheran, North Olmsted  1989
 Karl W. WENNIGER   St. Gregory the Great  1989
 Arnold C. WENGER  St. John Lutheran, Garfield Hts.  1956-1960
 Rev. WESELOH  Immanuel Evan. Lutheran  1852-1925
  Francis WESTERHOLD  St. Peters Catholic  1868-1896
 Frank M. WITLOCK  Bethlehem Congregational  1905
 William WHITTINGTON Calvary Evangelical 1864-1868
 Alanson WILCOX  Franklin Circle Church  1874-1879
 Thomas WILK  St. Wendelins Catholic  1904-1905
 Mark WILKENS  Concordia, Independence  1997
 Charles WILLIAMS  Trinity Episcopal  1894-1902
 George WILLIAMS Church of Ascension, Lakewood 1902
 Robert J. WILLS  Miles Park Presby.  1954
 John F. WILSON  St. Augustine Catholic  1964
 Stephen W. WILSON  Blessed Sacrament Catholic  1918-1935
 Marvin E. WILT  Faith Lutheran, Lakewood  1977
 S. WINDSOR  Trinity Episcopal  1846-1853
Alonzo E. WINTER  Lorain Street ME 1897
 John F. WINTER Fourth Reformed Church 1889-1895
 W.D. WINTER  Franklin Circle Church  1860-1861
 Howard B. WITHERS  Parma Presby.  1943
 John K. WISCH  Mt. Olive Evan. Lutheran, Cleveland Hts.  1997
 Robert S. WINEGARNER  Pilgrim  1971
 C. L. WITT Emmanuel 1888-1890
 O.E. WITTLINGER  Zion Evan. Lutheran  1922-1950
 Ralph WOEHRMANN  Zion  
 Paul E. WOLDKE  Pilgrim Lutheran, Lakewood  1980
 Louis J. WOLF  Trinity Lutheran, Lakewood  1946
  Peter J. WOLL  St. Roberts  1961
 Edward F. WOOD Peoples Methodist Episcopal Church 1934
 Ludwig WRZESINSKI  Sacred Heart of Jesus Polish Catholic  
  Benjamin F. WULFMAN  Zion Evangelical Lutheran  1916-1921
 E. WUNDERLICH First German Church 1882-1885
 Frederick WYNEKEN Trinity German Evangelical 1864-1873

________________________ X ______________________________________________

________________________ Y ______________________________________________

 Demetrius YACKANICH Holy Ghost B yzantine Catholic 1926
 Ernest W. YAECKER  Zion  1906
 Walter YAECKER  Emmanuel Evan.  1924
Rev. Msgr. Robert YARNOVITZ  St. John the Baptist B yzantine Catholic 199?
 William YESSE  Puritas Lutheran  1971
 Charles YOUNG  Second Evan. & Reformed  1875-1881
John Charles YOUNG  St. Paul's Evangelical 1872-1886

________________________ Z ______________________________________________

 Edward ZACHARIAS  Zion  
Cornelius  ZAPOTOCZKY Holy Ghost B yzantine Catholic 1913-1916
 J. ZARSKI  St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox  
 John M. ZEGLEN  Our Lady of Czestochowa  1936
  Albert ZELLER   St. Pauls Evan. & Reformed  1874-1879
 Frank ZETZL  St. Judes  1968
Arthur ZIEGLER  Trinity Lutheran  
 Richard J. ZIEGLAR  St. Michaels Catholic  1975
 Carl Gustav ZIPF Third German Reformed 1874-1881
 Oldrich ZLAMAL  St. Wendelins Catholic  1905-1909
 Oldrich ZLAMAL  Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic  1915-1955
 Michael ZOELLER   St. Marys Assumption  1883-1887
 John ZOGRATOS  Greek Orthodox Church of the Annumciation  1924-1928 at least
 Carl Manthey ZORN  Zion  1881-1908
 Rev. ZWILLING  St. Lukes  1928
 Francis G. ZWILLING  St. Raphael Catholic  1955
Capistran ZWINGE  St. Joseph German Catholic 1867-1874

________________________ _ ______________________________________________

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