Ship: 1341 tons
Captain: Buchanan
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 8th April 1864 - arrived Canterbury 1st July 1864

Arrival of the Amoor

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Aickin George
Gordon Mr
McNeil Miss
Ormsby Mr
Taylor Miss
Varley Theophilus
2 children
Families and Children
Allison James R 22 Yorkshire Shoemaker
Ann 20
Andrew Walter 22 Cornwall Carpenter
Christiana 22
Bennett John 35 Armagh Farm labourer
Margaret 34
Ann 11
George 9
Mary Jane 7
Robert John 6
Maggy 4
William J 2
Burnett James 37 Herts Gardener
Susan 32 Died on Board
Mary 18 Trans to s/w
James 14 Trans to s/m
John Thomas 3
Davis Henry 26 Pembroke Farm Labourer
Hannah 32
Morgan 5
Simon 3
Sarah 6 months
Fairbourn George 32 Yorkshire Carpenter
Frances 31
Flesher William 26 Yorkshire Shoemaker
Dorothy 25
Alfred Richard 1
Jane Ann 4 months
Ham Philip 32 Cornwall Farm labourer
Elizabeth 25
John Thomas 5
Joseph A J 3
Isherwood Roger B 31 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Mary 31
Elizabeth 7
Isabella 4
Mary Jane 1
Jones Edward 40 Denbighshire Farm Labourer
Fanny 39
John Brammer 20 Trans to s/m
Sarah Anne 16 Trans to s/w
Kelly John 35 Clare Shepherd
Jane 28
John 2
Lamb James 40 Edinburgh Carpenter
Rebecca 38
Sarah A 9
William A 3
Malcolm James 33 Kinross Carpenter
Agnes 33
Agnes 7
Eliza A 5
Helen 3
Robert 4 months
Minifie Henry 27 Staffordshire Bricklayer
Charlotte 21
Nicoll Joseph 34 Yorkshire Carpenter
Juliana 26
Samuel 9
Parker William C 25 Lincolnshire Bricklayer
Mary Ann 32
Ritchie William 25 Fifeshire Ploughman
Betsy 35
Rowley John 27 Staffordshire Labourer
Fanny 25
John 4
Agnes 2
Emma J 1
Salter Robert 30 Devon Farm Labourer
Frances 28
Sangford George 48 Trans to s/m
Sarah Ann 27 Trans to s/w
George 18 Trans to s/m
Margaret 16 Trans to s/w
Clara 10
Saycock Robert 32 Yorkshire Labourer
Ellen 31
?? llah (female) 9
William 3
Song Ebennezer 29 Middlesex Carpenter
Eleanor 24
Ebennezer P 1
Toovey John 25 Bucks Sawyer
Phillippa 25
White William 25 East Lothian Labourer
Elizabeth 22
Wilkinson Henry 25 Yorkshire Shoemaker
Hannah M 27
Mary M 7 months
Wright William 23 Elgin Farm Labourer
Margaret 22
Single Men
Barber John 29 Gromarty Farm Labourer
Barrie Andrew 40 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer
Jess 15 Trans to s/w
John 11
Jane 10 Trans to s/w
Blyth David 22 Fifeshire Farm Labourer
Bragg Joseph 24 Cumberland Farm Labourer
William 22 Cumberland Farm Labourer
Brammer John 20 Staffordshire Miner
Burnett James 14 Herts
Campbell John 19 Cavan Farm Labourer
Margaret 25 Trans to s/w
Carmichael Archibald 27 Renfrewshire Bricklayer
Dale Joseph 21 Cheshire Farm Labourer
Dart Thomas 22 Devonshire Farm labourer
Ellis John 28 Devonshire Carpenter
Ewanns Martin 22 Glostershire Labourer
Flynn John 24 Galway Carpenter
James 21 Galway Carpenter
Bridget 21 Trans to s/w
Gallow Alexander 22 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Hall Thomas Wray 22 Middlesex Vellum Bookbinder
Charles Henry 17 Middlesex Printer
Heard John 23 Devonshire Farm labourer
Holmes Henry 40 Cumberland Farm Labourer
Houliham Timothy 40 Limerick Tailor
Mary 22 Trans to s/w
Anne 20 Trans to s/w
Houltham Charles 28 Glostershire Maltster
Jane William J 26 Cornwall Carpenter
Johnston George 23 Aberdeen Blacksmith
Macdonald Andrew 17 Ayrshire Labourer
McAlpine Thomas 24 Renfrewshire Joiner
John 27 Renfrewshire Gardener
McLinlock Josiah 25 Donegal Carpenter
Barbara 23 trans to s/w
McNair Donald 15 Argyle Farm labourer
William 13 Argyle
Neilson William 14 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer
Nicks John 26 Devonshire Carpenter
Quaid Keran? 15 Kilkenny Labourer
Sangford George 48 Staffordshire Labourer
George 18 Staffordshire Labourer
Schofield George 20 Yorkshire Carpenter
Stanger Peter 22 Orkney Cartwright
Stevens Thomas 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Twist John 23 Lancashire Joiner
Wetherall William 20 Antrim Ploughman
Euphemia 21 Trans to s/w
Janet 24 Trans to s/w
Single Women
Barrie Jessie 15 Lanarkshire Domestic Servant
Jane 10 Lanarkshire
Burnett Mary 18 Herts Domestic Servant
Campbell Margaret 25 Cavan Needle Woman
Cane Jemima 24 Worchester Dress Maker
Jane 20
Cleary Mary 23 Kings Domestic Servant
Cummings Maria 25 Armagh Domestic Servant
Crosbie Isabella 18 Kirkcudbright Domestic Servant
Dunham Elizabeth 28 Middlesex
William 4
Frederick 2
Mary 10 months
Fisher Mary 21 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Flynn Bridget 19 Galway Domestic Servant
Gilpin Margaret 25 Antrim Domestic Servant
Henley Mary 17 Galway Domestic Servant
Houliham Mary 22 Limerick Laundress
Anne 20 Limerick Domestic Servant
Jones Sarah Anne 16 Staffordshire Domestic Servant
Loker Caroline 25 Cambridge Domestic Servant
Longford Sarah A 27 Staffordshire Domestic Servant
Mararet 16 Staffordshire Domestic Servant
McDonald Elizabeth 27 Ayrshire Domestic Servant
Annie 17
Andrew 17 Trans to s/m
McLintock Barbara 23 Donegal Domestic Servant
McNair Isabella 38 Argyle Dairy Woman
Donald 15 Trans to s/m
William 13 Trans to s/m
Euphemia 7
Jessie 5
McRobert Isabella 22 Kirkcudbright Domestic Servant
Neilson Marion 33 Lanarkshire
William 14 Trans to s/m
James 10
Charles 4
George 11 months
Neller Eliza 33 Kent Dressmaker
Park Janet 26 Dumbarton Domestic Servant
Quaid Mary 24 Kilkenny Farm Servant
Ronald Mary 30 Dumbarton Cook
Weller Charlotte 25 Cavan Domestic Servant
Wetherall Euphemia 21 Antrim Domestic Servant
Janet 24 Antrim Domestic Servant
White Mary 21 Lanarkshire Domestic Servant


QUAID family:
Thomas Quaid was born about 1831, the son of Patrick Quaid and Ellen Dochsney? He emigrated from County Kilkenny, Ireland, but we do not know his sailing ship or date of arrival in New Zealand. Thomas settled in Canterbury  and on 1st June 1861 at Kaiapoi married Mary Fergusson to whom he had two children James and Jessie.  He sent for his family in Ireland to follow him and his sister Mary and brother Kyran sailed from London on the  "Amoor" on 08/04/1864, arriving in New Zealand on 01/07/1864. Mary was listed as a 24 year old farm servant, making her birth date 1840, and Kyran as a 15 year old labourer, born about 1849. When Mary and Kyran arrived at Timaru by boat they were told that Thomas had died at Orari on 25 January 1864.  They travelled by bulloch wagon to the Fergusson's at Temuka where they stayed their first night, then travelled the next day to Fairfield where they stayed with their sister in law Mary Fergusson Quaid for a few days before going to work at the "Four Peaks Station", Mary as a nursemaid and Kyran as a cowboy gardener. (For further information on Mary Fergusson & family refer to the ship Cresswell sailing of May 27th 1859. For more on the Hopkinson connection refer to the ship Zealandia sailing of 15th June 1858). Mary Quaid married William Chambers on 11 January 1865 to whom she had a son Thomas Chambers. Mary then married Edward Batholomew O'Flanaghan on 22 April 1869 and had four daughters, Ellen Mary, Caroline, Mary & Catherine. Mary was left a widow in 1875 and with a true pioneer spirit set to work with the help of her son Thomas Chambers to work the farm. Everyone who knew said she was a wonderful woman, could build a stack, use a scythe or dig a garden as good as any man. On 26 November 1879 she married a third time to William Ennis.  Mary Quaid/Chambers/O'Flanaghan/Ennis died 2 September 1924 at Pleasant Valley. Kyran Quaid married a Catherine Marie Giles, nee Grace, and had 12 children. He died 28 August 1925 and was buried with his wife at Geraldine. If you have a connection to this Quaid family line or would like to know more please contact Richard Hopkinson.


The son of a shoemaker, George Johnston was born on September 4th 1840 at Peterhead, Aberdeen in Scotland. At the age of 23 he emigrated to New Zealand on board the ship Amoor which arrived at Lyttelton on July 1st 1864. Here he met Janet Scott who arrived two months later on the ship British Empire. They married on December 7th 1866 at St Andrews in Christchurch and together had 7 children; Ann Grey Reed b 1867, Cecelia b 1868, Sydney b 1869, Jock b 1870, Nell b 1879, Janet b 1879 and an unknown female b 1880. George died in 1882. If you have a connection with this family or are interested in further research please contact Ian Miller.


HALL family:
Thomas Wray HALL Jnr and his brother Charles Henry HALL were sons of Thomas Wray HALL Snr and Frances (nee LAMMERTON). In 1864 they arrived in Lyttelton on board this sailing of the Amoor and shortly afterwards moved to Wellington.  Their parents and younger siblings travelled to New Zealand on board the ship British Empire a little later in the year. If you have a link with this family or would like to know more please contact Jane Markotsis


ANDREW family:
Walter and Christiana ANDREW were married in Cornwall on March 29th 1864 in Cornwall. They emirgated to New Zealand on this sailing of the ship AMOOR arriving on July 1st 1864. They lived in Christchurch at 308 Madras St for some years, and had four children: Christine (my grandmother) born 1869, Ernest born 1873, Mary Elizabeth born 1873 and Sydney born 1876. My grandmother married George ORMSBY and had my mum, but that's another story. If anybody else is looking for the ANDREW family I would be interested to know -
Sue Sweetman


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