Jacob Taylor

Jacob Taylor


By Gloria Taylor - glot@netpath.net

Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records 1648-1725, 2nd edition, by F. Edward Wright list a John and Jacob Taylor, sons of John Taylor and Rosanna Crouch of Somerset County. Jacob Taylor, son of John Taylor planter and Rosanna his wife, was born 20 June 1688. John Taylor, son of John Taylor, planter, and Rosanna his wife, was born 13 Nov 1685. It is entirely possible the son Jacob Taylor is our ancestor. More research is needed to establish proof, but for now, we will go under this assumption. We know John with wife Rosanna would be too old to be the ones in Craven County, but the son Jacob would be of age. The first Jacob Taylor in Craven County died in 1754, making him 69 years old when he died, leaving two sons, Jacob and John Taylor.

Jacob Taylor, gentleman, of Craven County entered 100 acres on 4 April 1745 on the head of Slocumbs (sic) Creek, across the swamp to mouth of Black Swamp. He died sometime around 1754, intestate, leaving at least two sons, identified indirectly by the deeds as Jacob II and John Taylor I.

Jacob Taylor II's wife may have been Abrigail and they had at least one son named Joshua. Jacob II lived along Otter Creek, Slocums Creek and Brice's Creek. He died in 1768. Son Joshua also lived in the same area as his father. An estate file could not be located in Craven Co, for Joshua, so we can only assume he either moved to another County or to another State. Further research of surrounding counties needs to be compiled to determine this assumption. One clue may be that he moved to Georgia along with some other Taylor cousins after 1795 and before 1800. Joshua's wife was Affie Roe, daughter of Thomas Roe, as named in Thomas Roe and Luke Roe's Wills. They had as least two sons, Thomas and Jacob.

John Taylor, planter, left a Will naming his two sons: Absalom I, and John II. He named three daughters: Violator Guard, Tammer Taylor and Courtney Reed; grandson, John III and granddaughter Alse Guard.

Absalom Taylor married twice. First to Elizabeth (last name unknown), and second to Rebecca Davis, daughter of Littleton Davis. A Georgia DAR application shows Elizabeth was the mother of son John III, named in John and Absalom Taylor's Wills. The DAR application noted there is a Bible Record of John Taylor in Georgia, naming his mother as Elizabeth, (we have not obtained access to this record). "Creasy" named in Absaloms Will of 1791 may have been the daughter of Elizabeth. Absalom and Rececca had a daughter named Rebecca and a son named Davis. Both Rebecca and Davis died young, were never married and Wills. Absalom's son John III, married Hannah Styron in 1787 in Craven County and moved to Georgia between 1795 and 1800. He has descendents living in Georgia and Alabama.

Violator Guard married David Guard/Gard and had Phereby Taylor Gard, James Gard, Joshua Guard, and Alse Gard. Joshua Gard married in Craven County, had at least one son Joshua who also married in Craven and left a family. We lost this family around 1834 and do not have further information.

Tammer Taylor married William Ives in Craven County. He died in 1783 and named three daughters in his Will: Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah. No further information on this family.

Courtney Reed married James Reed (died 1782) and had children James Reed Jr., John Reed, Abner Reed, and Fanny Reed. Courtney Reed married a second time to John Reeves. John died in 1790, left a will naming children Elizabeth, Jean, Mary, Jessie Tinion, Francis and "child my wife is big with". This child was Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Reeves. Between 1795 and 1800, Courtney moved with her family to Baldwin County, Ga and applied for the land lottery of 1805. It is through this land she won, we were able to locate her descendants. A book, recently published by her Reeves descendants, is available in NC State Library.

John Taylor II married Lucretia Yarborough, daughter of Moses (or William) Yarborough. John died intestate in 1804. One son, James Taylor married Peggy and had one son, Asa. According to the 1790 Census, there were other children, but James is the only one we can prove at this time. There is very little information about John II in the deeds and he probably lived on some of his father's land. He may also have been a shoemaker. We were able to locate more on the Yarborough family. The Yarboroughs, from Virginia, were Sea Captains and sailed for Samuel Cornell, Esq. the Polly & Sukey, transporting wine and other sundries, as well as immigrants from England.

Asa Taylor, a farmer, married Gatsy Riden from Pamlico County, daughter of Benjamin Riden and Elizabeth Hyman and had two sons: James R. and Benjamin R. and daughter Mary Ann.

Mary Ann married Stephen F. Hardison in 1836. She died before 1850 leaving sons George W. Hardison, Gabriel Hardison, Charles Wilson Hardison and Alexander Benjamin Hardison. Their descendants continue to live in Craven County in the Riverdale area.

James R Taylor, age 43, married Sarah Harrison in 1859 in Jones County. They had several children, one of that was Virginia Caroline who married Nathan Gilbert. James's family line is incomplete and we are still researching his descendents.

Benjamin R. Taylor married Nancy Tolson, daughter of Thomas George Tolson, Jr. in 1853 in Craven Co. Both Benjamin and Nancy died young leaving several orphan children. This is the family through whom we descend and their descendants continue to live in Craven County today.

This Taylor line had small families compared to other families of their time. Further information on this family will be posted a little later on this site. We welcome anyone with additional information to contact us.

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