BAPTISMS - HAYLE ST ELWYN                    
No. Family_Name Given_Name Other_Names Father Mother Date Baptised Date Born Address1 Address2 Father_Occ Notes
417 TRESIDDER Clara Winifred William Catherine 02-Jan 1900 31-Dec 1897 2 Penpol Terrace Hayle Jeweller  
418 TRESIDDER Florence   William Catherine 02-Jan 1900 27-Oct 1899 2 Penpol Terrace Hayle Jeweller  
419 PARSONS Laura Ann Sidney Charles Phebe 18-Jan 1900 29-Nov 1899 Penpol Road Hayle Postman  
420 PHILP Gwendoline Elsie William Henry Eliza 08-Feb 1900 28-Oct 1899 Mount Pleasant   Mariner  
421 HAMPTON         20-Feb 1900 12-Sep 1895 Chapel Terrace   Single Woman Child and mother's given names deliberated obliterated in PR
422 HAMMOND Reginald Horace Charles Edward Catherine 24-Feb 1900 13-Jun 1893 Clifton Terrace Hayle Accountant  
423 HAMMOND Charles Cecil Charles Edward Catherine 24-Feb 1900 06-Dec 1899 Clifton Terrace Hayle Accountant  
424 THOMAS Florence Grace George Ernest Mary Jane 21-Mar 1900 06-Dec 1899 Mount Pleasant   Mariner  
425 BAWDEN Clara   Charles Henry Fanny 16-Apr 1900 13-Jan   Melanear Road Hayle Coal Porter  
426 CLEMENS Percival   Richard [Crossed Out] Edith 16-Apr 1900 23-Jan   Melanear Road Hayle Single Woman  
427 ELLIS Lilian   Samuel Eliza Ann 30-May 1900 14-Mar   Foundry Hill Hayle Fitter  
428 WILLS Kathleen May Sydney Catherine 03-Jun 1900 28-Feb   Carnhell Green Gwinear Railway Porter  
429 CALLAWAY Alfred John William Jane 17-Jun 1900 23-Sep 1899 West Terrace Hayle Mariner  
430 RADCLIFFE Joseph Redvers Joseph Mary Elizabeth 17-Jun 1900 11-Mar   West Terrace Hayle Mariner  
431 CURNOW Charles Gordon William Thomas Mary Jane 22-Jul 1900 29-May   Steam Packet Hotel Hayle Hotel Manager  
432 TRIPP Dorecia Onora William Florence Louisa 23-Aug 1900 14-Jun 1899 10 Zion Street Plymouth Porter  
433 DREW William Vivian William John Ethel Vivian 29-Aug 1900 Mar 1900 Penpol Road Hayle Postman  
434 ROWE Lilian May William John Catherine Ann 29-Aug 1900 27-Jun   Mount Pleasant Hayle Postman  
435 KEVERN Iris May John Gilbert Louisa 03-Sep 1900 01-Aug   5 St Dominic St Penzance Coachman  
436 LLOYD Lily Ethel John Ivy Ada Winifred 03-Sep 1900 25-May   Hayle Terrace Hayle Engineer  
437 TREDINNICK Adolphus Ivor William Biggleston Jane Williams 05-Sep 1900 14-Jul   High Lanes Hayle Labourer  
438 RICHARDS Sydney   Francis Beckerlege Elizabeth Ann Murley 05-Sep 1900 04-Sep   Church Street Hayle Press Corrector Private
439 NEWTON George Henry William Fuller Sarah Ellen 25-Oct 1900 03-May 1886 Cannonstown Ludgvan Painter  
440 NEWTON Gladys Maud William Fuller Sarah Ellen 25-Oct 1900 08-Sep 1900 Cannonstown Ludgvan Painter  
441 LOVE George Sir Redvers Thomas George Grace 11-Nov 1900 30-Aug   Hayle Terrace   Trinity Pilot  
442 BERRY Purdon Elwyn Parsons Crighton Henry Parsons Edward FitzPatrick Eliza Annie Purdon 11-Nov 1900 22-Oct   Bodriggy House Hayle Vicar of St Elwyn Hayle  
443 ROBERTS Richard John Charles Mary Frances 22-Nov 1900 18-Sep   3 Hayle Terrace   Storekeeper Private
444 HAMMILL Patricia Victoria William Mary Catherine 24-Feb 1901 28-Jan   Front Street Copperhouse Hayle Commercial Traveller  
445 MILLETT John Henry William Thomas Alice Maria 05-Mar 1901 26-Nov 1900 7 Hayle Terrace Hayle Labourer  
446 JOSE Baden Powell William Charles Annie 12-Mar 1901 11-Nov 1900 Trevassack Court Copperhouse Hill Mariner  
447 DOWRICK Edith Maud Joseph George Rose 12-Mar 1901 26-Apr 1893 Commercial Road Hayle Mariner  
448 DOWRICK Thomas John Joseph George Rose 12-Mar 1901 14-Aug 1895 Commercial Road Hayle Mariner  
449 DOWRICK Alfred James Joseph George Rose 12-Mar 1901 14-Apr 1897 Commercial Road Hayle Mariner  
450 JONES Ellen   William Arthur Ellen 15-Mar 1901 09-Oct 1898 14 Mill Row Hayle Labourer  
451 JONES Olive May William Arthur Ellen 15-Mar 1901 22-Dec 1900 14 Mill Row Hayle Labourer  
452 PHILP William Henry William Robert Edith Helen 24-Mar 1901 16-Jan   Churchtown Phillack Hayle Mariner  
453 HOLLAND Sarah Myra Thomas Paul Catherine Jane 31-Mar 1901 26-Jul 1900 Ventonleague Hayle Postman  
454 COUCH William   Charles Emma Jane 31-Mar 1901 27-Jan   Bodriggy Street Hayle Miller  
455 HOSKING William James William James Elizabeth Mary 03-Apr 1901 23-Feb   West Terrace Hayle Mariner  
456 MALLON Hazel   William John Elizabeth Ann 14-Apr 1901 23-Feb   High Lanes Hayle Postman  
457 GIBSON Jane Lawry Henry Thomas Annie Laurie 16-Apr 1901 16-Feb   Cross Street Hayle Labourer Private
458 ROWE Samuel Gordon Mills Samuel William Elizabeth Jane 25-Apr 1901 20-Feb   Hayle Terrace Hayle Boilermaker  
459 OXFORD Adeline Viola William Richard Florence Patience 29-Apr 1901     Cormebia Hotel Hayle Hotel Keeper Private
460 JENKIN William Lewis John Emma Jane 13-May 1901     Mount Pleasant   Shoe Maker Private
461 MIDDLIN Mabel   Charles Athena Rebecca 17-May 1901 17-Mar   Chapel Terrace   Fireman  
462 BAILEY Violet May George Caroline Ellen 24-May 1901 19-Apr   Melanear Cottage Hayle General Labourer  
463 CLEMENCE Avis Annetta Richard Annetta 07-Jul 1901 07-Nov 1900 28 Camperdown St Devonport Engineer  
464 DREW Elizabeth Laura Albert Harriet Jane 15-Aug 1901 11-Jun   Commercial Road   Smith  
465 BREE Nora May John Elizabeth 25-Aug 1901 01-May   Copperhouse Hill Hayle Painter  
466 WEBB Howard   George Frank Anna 30-Aug 1901 08-Jun   Mount Pleasant Hayle Engineer  
467 NEWTON Elizabeth Drury Edwin George May 07-Sep 1901 01-Jul   Foundry Hill Hayle Painter  
468 HAMMILL Doris Emiline Richard James Mary  Ellen 13-Sep 1901 12-Jul   Mount Pleasant Hayle Engineer  
469 ROWE William John John Florence 27-Sep 1901 03-Aug   Mount Pleasant   Fitter  
470 ANGOVE Richard   Richard Henry Bessie 07-Oct 1901     Copperhouse Hill Hayle Fireman at Dynamite Works Private
471 BERRY John William Edward Parsons Edward FitzPatrick Eliza Annie Purdon 17-Oct 1901 27-Sep   Bodriggy House Hayle Vicar of St Elwyn Hayle  
472 CARTHEW Margaret Jane Thomas John Mary 23-Oct 1901 27-May 1898 Mount Pleasant   Mariner  
473 CARTHEW Johanna Luke Thomas John Mary 23-Oct 1901 18-Sep 1899 Mount Pleasant   Mariner  
474 RICHARDS Edith   William Emma 25-Oct 1901 27-Aug   Commercial Road   Mariner  
475 WILLIAMS Lydia Winifred Herbert William Robert Annie Jane 31-Oct 1901 13-Sep   Clifton Terrace   Worker at Dynamite [Factory]  
476 MITCHELL William John Leslie Edward John Mabel Jane 07-Nov 1901 02-Oct   15 Clifton Terrace Hayle Iron Ship Builder  
477 COWLING Fredrick Gordon Charles Ernest Martha Emily 07-Nov 1901 25-Oct 1900 Hayle Terrace Hayle Painter  
478 JAMES Edward Cecil Thomas Francis Jessie 11-Nov 1901 20-Sep   Penpol Terrace Hayle Pattern Maker  
479 JAMES Eveline   William John Annie 11-Nov 1901 05-Jul   Edward Street Tuckingmill Fitter  
480 WOOLCOCK Myrtle   Peter Amelia 19-Nov 1901 02-Feb 1900 Foundry Hill Hayle Labourer  
481 JENKIN Annie   William Thomas Annie Catherine 19-Nov 1901 06-Sep   Hayle Terrace Hayle Engineer  
482 BLEWETT Elizabeth Jane John Eliza Jane 26-Nov 1901 03-Sep   Hayle Terrace   Mason  
483 GILBERT Ellen Alfreda Joseph Elizabeth Jane 26-Nov 1901 19-Oct   Undercliff Hayle Moulder  
484 NOBLE Ellen Ruth   Laura 26-Nov 1901 08-Oct   Ventonleague   Single Woman  
485 MILLS Alice   Edwin John Lena 15-Dec 1901 27-Aug   Company's Yard Hayle Fitter  
486 MILLS Edwin   Edwin John Lena 15-Dec 1901 22-Jun 1899 Company's Yard Hayle Fitter  
487 MILLS Stephen   Edwin John Lena 15-Dec 1901 07-Nov 1896 Company's Yard Hayle Fitter  
488 HOSKING Jessie     Elizabeth 15-Dec 1901 24-Dec 1892 Bodriggy Street   Single Woman  
489 WILLIAMS Amy Phyllis Thomas Katie 25-Dec 1901 15-Nov 1901 Stonehouse Devonport Fitter  
490 WILLS Katie   Sydney Catherine 29-Dec 1901 May   Carnhell Green Gwinear Railway Man  
491 TRESIDDER Fredrick Howard William James Catherine Jane 08-Jan 1902 28-Sep 1901 Hayle Terrace Hayle Jeweller  
492 BRAY James Cecil Richard Thomas Ellen Jane 10-Jan 1902 18-Aug 1900 Copperhouse Hill Hayle Carter Private
493 BRAY Caroline   Richard Thomas Ellen Jane 10-Jan 1902 31-Nov 1901 Copperhouse Hill Hayle Carter Private
494 MILLS Elizabeth Ann John Richard Elizabeth Ann 21-Jan 1902 13-Nov 1901 Penpol Meadow Hayle Moulder  
495 EASTERBROOK Thomas Smitham Nicholas James Elizabeth Mary 26-Jan 1902 03-Jan   Station Hill Hayle Baker  
496 HAMBLING William Christopher William Sydney Beatrice Helen 11-Feb 1902 27-Dec 1901 Hayle Terrace Hayle Mariner  
497 CHINN Thomas George Thomas George Mary 11-Feb 1902 04-Dec 1901 Hayle Terrace Hayle Mason  
498 WILLIAMS Fredrick   Ezekiel Keziah 11-Feb 1902 12-Aug 1900 Penpol Terrace Hayle Mariner  
499 WILLIAMS Florence Kezia Ezekiel Keziah 11-Feb 1902 12-Jun 1897 Penpol Terrace Hayle Mariner  
500 DREW John   William John Ethel Vivian 13-Feb 1902 15-Oct 1901 Penpol Road Hayle Postman  
501 STEPHENS William John Craze William Henry Elizabeth Sarah 04-Mar 1902 02-Jan   Copperhouse Hill Hayle Labourer  
502 LLOYD Dorothy   John Ivy Ada Winifred 18-Mar 1902 25-Dec 1901 Hayle Terrace Hayle Engineer  
503 WILKS Elizabeth   George Susan 22-Mar 1902 26-Feb   Mount Pleasant Hayle Marine Engineer  
504 WILLS Samuel Floyd Joseph Henry Elizabeth Ann 26-Mar 1905     Mill Row Hayle Fitter  
505 BANFIELD Harold Edward Edward John Lovering Emma Spry 07-May 1902     Hayle Terrace Hayle Printer Private
506 HAMMILL Irene Moorshead William Mary Catherine 11-May 1902     Copperhouse Hayle Traveller  
507 PRAHN Carl Lloyd Albert Carl Christian Elizabeth Ann Ivey 08-Jun 1902 04-Apr   Clifton Terrace Hayle Engineer  
508 PAUL Percy John Thomas Annie 04-Jul 1902     Church Street Hayle Labourer Private
509 RICHARDS Nanny Elizabeth John Lizzie 04-Jul 1902 17-May   West Terrace Hayle Mariner  
510 CROWLE Clara   Edwin Alfred Trenery Elizabeth Ann 13-Jul 1902 10-Jun   St John Street   Engineer  
511 MITCHELL Hilda Margaret Ethelbert Lila 06-Aug 1902 22-Jun   Chapel Row Hayle Draper  
512 HARRIS Albert Edward Albert Mary Ann 10-Aug 1902 09-Aug   St John Street Hayle Labourer Private
513 RADCLIFF Era Odell Joseph Mary Elizabeth 01-Oct 1902 03-Aug   West Terrace Hayle Mariner  
514 BERRY Michael Fitz-Patrick Parsons Edward FitzPatrick Eliza Annie Purdon 13-Oct 1902 29-Sep   St Elwyn Vicarage Hayle Vicar of St Elwyn Private
515 RICHARDS Charles   James Henry Elizabeth Anne 17-Oct 1902 29-Jun   Highlanes Hayle Farmer  
516 WEBB Hilda Margaret George Frank Anna 21-Nov 1902 20-Nov   Mount Pleasant Hayle Engineer Private
517 ROBERTS Florence   Charles Mary 28-Nov 1902 19-Aug   Hayle Terrace Hayle Storekeeper  
518 PARSONS Harold Sidney Sidney Charles Phebe 29-Dec 1902 02-Dec   Penpol Road Hayle Postman  
519 LLOYD John   John Ivey Ada Winifred 26-Jan 1903     Hayle Terrace Hayle Engineer Private
520 JENKIN Lilian   William John Annie Catherine 12-Feb 1903     Hayle Terrace Hayle Engineer  
521 SHEPPARD Florence Annie Sam Annie 12-Feb 1903     Hayle Terrace Hayle Fitter  
522 THOMAS John Cardell Laity John Richard Cardell Mary Osborne 15-Feb 1903     Trethingey Hayle Farmer  
523 NICHOLAS Violet Pearl Richard Reynolds Bessie 21-Feb 1903     Chapel Row Hayle Smelter  
524 JAMES Doris Hazel Thomas Francis Jessie 27-Feb 1903     Penpol Terrace Hayle Pattern Maker Private
525 COUCH Jane   Charles Emma Jane 01-Mar 1903     Bodriggy Street Hayle Miller  
526 BARNES Dorothy   William Henry Mary Ann 01-Mar 1903     Hayle Terrace Hayle Coal Porter Private
527 BARNES Robert Trevaskis William Henry Mary Ann 01-Mar 1903     Hayle Terrace Hayle Coal Porter Private
528 CALLOWAY Jane Lawrie William Jane 12-Mar 1903     West Terrace Hayle Mariner Private
529 MILLS Richard James John Richard Elizabeth Ann 13-Mar 1903     Bodriggy Street Hayle Moulder  
530 RUSE William John James Oliver Rosetta 15-Mar 1903     Clifton Terrace Hayle Labourer  
531 BAILEY Eveline Ellen George Caroline Ellen 24-Mar 1903     Melanear Cottage Hayle Labourer  
532 ROBERTS Denys Kilham Harry Harry Jessie Ellen 30-Apr 1903 02-Apr   Penpol Terrace Hayle Surgeon  
533 HARRIS Elizabeth Ann Richards William John Cecilia Jacobi 12-May 1903 05-Apr   Commercial Road Hayle Tobacconist  
534 TERRILL Flora May Willie Mary Ann 15-May 1903     Foundry Square Hayle Carpenter Private
535 HOLLAND William John Corbin Thomas Paul Catherine Jane 31-May 1903 29-Jun 1902 Ventonleague Hayle Postman  
536 MALLON Sybil   William John Annie Elizabeth 31-May 1903 26-Apr   Highlanes Hayle Postman  
537 ROWE Albert Thomas Ernest Albert Ernest Fanny 06-Jul 1903     Mount Pleasant   Butcher Private; received 30 May 1915
538 JORY Rossetta Jane Charles Rossetta Rowe 30-Jul 1903 03-Jul   Lukes Terrace Hayle Millwright  
539 BARNES Percival Albert Richard Henry Laura 31-Jul 1903 02-May   Albany House Lukes Terrace Hayle Postman  
540 BREE Vermadell   John Elizabeth 07-Aug 1903 23-Mar   Copperhouse Hill Hayle Painter  
541 RICHARDS Gladys May Philip Mary Ann 21-Aug 1903 15-Jun   Pond Row Hayle Driver Private; received 28 Sep 1903
542 NEWTON May   George May 24-Aug 1903 04-Aug   Commercial Road Hayle Painter Private
543 THOMAS Garfield   Thomas Grace Ellis 27-Aug 1903 16-Aug   Hayle Terrace Hayle Mariner Private
544 HAWK Frank Clifford John Thomas Elizabeth 06-Sep 1903 25-Jul   Market Square Hayle Mariner Family name may be Hawke
545 DOWRICK Hazel Trathen Joseph George Caroline Penrose 04-Oct 1903     Commercial Road Hayle Mariner  
546 JENKIN Gwendoline Emily John Emma Jane 07-Oct 1903 12-Jul   Mount Pleasant   Bootmaker  
547 EDDY Iris Eddie Edwin Mary 08-Oct 1903 16-May   Copperhouse Hill Hayle Labourer  
548 EDDY Margaret   Edwin Mary 08-Oct 1903 08-Nov 1900 Copperhouse Hill Hayle Labourer  
549 EDDY Sarah Jane Edwin Mary 08-Oct 1903 01-May 1898 Copperhouse Hill Hayle Labourer  
550 HOSKEN Robert Douglas William John Ada Millicent 01-Dec 1903 26-Oct   Pulsack Hayle Gentleman  
551 ALLEN Lena Jane Samuel Edith 28-Dec 1903     Church Street Hayle Labourer Private
552 BOND Doris Hilda Samuel Edith 19-Jan 1904 24-Dec 1903 8 Mill Row Foundry Hayle Dismantling Foreman  
553 TREVITHICK William Robert William Jane 23-Feb 1904     Chapel Terrace Hayle Commercial Traveller Private
554 COWLING Ivy Dorothy Charles Ernest Martha Emily 12-Apr 1904 15-Dec 1903 The Pond Hayle Coal Carrier  
555 RALPH Hilda Mary William Henry Flora 17-May 1904 27-Jan   Foundry Hill Hayle Storekeeper  
556 KEMP William James William James Mary Ann 19-May 1904 09-Mar   Chapel Terrace Hayle Hairdresser  
557 MIDDLIN Athena Rebecca Charles Athena Rebecca 19-May 1904 25-Feb   Chapel Terrace Hayle Fireman  
558 SHEPPARD Alberta May Sam Annie 19-May 1904 18-Mar   Hayle Terrace Hayle Signal Fitter  
559 WHITTY John Henry John Henry Ida 28-May 1904 14-Apr   Station Hill Hayle Carter  
560 MILLETT Ida Mary William Thomas Alice 31-May 1904 26-Jan   Hayle Terrace Hayle Carter  
561 WEBB John   George Frank Anna 01-Jun 1904 07-Apr   Mount Pleasant Hayle Engineer  
562 BARNES Edwin James William Henry Mary Ann 02-Jun 1904     West Terrace Hayle Coal Porter Private
563 SHEPPARD Frederick George Sam Annie 07-Jul 1904 18-Apr 1900 Hayle Terrace Hayle Fitter  
564 HAMBLING Beatrice Blanche William Sydney Beatrice Helen 28-Jul 1904 23-May   Hayle Terrace Hayle mariner  
565 BAILEY William George Leonard George Caroline Ellen 18-Aug 1904 19-Jun   Melanear Cottage Hayle Labourer  
566 JACKSON Hilda   Samuel Annie 22-Aug 1904     Church Street Hayle Driver Private
567 GOLDSWORTHY Richard Henry Richard Katie 23-Aug 1904 05-Jun   Undercliff Hayle Carpenter  
568 STANDEN Frederick Henry Albany Alan Hastings Lilian May 26-Aug 1904 13-Jun   Albany Villa Harbour View Hayle Railway Clerk  
569 COCK William Arthur Joseph John Elizabeth Mary 20-Sep 1904     10 Mill Row Hayle Miller Private
570 CHINN Harry   Thomas George Mary 20-Sep 1904     West Terrace Hayle Mason  
571 SPEARMAN Gertrude Mary Henry Robert Isabel 27-Sep 1904 02-Feb 1888 St Heliers Jersey Major Adult Baptism
572 STEPHENS Martha   William Martha Emily 27-Sep 1904 20-Aug 1870 Rose Row Redruth Miner Adult Baptism; married name Barrett
573 EASTERBROOK Lewis Charles Nicholas James Elizabeth Mary 27-Sep 1904 28-Jul   Foundry Square Hayle Baker  
574 HARVEY James   John Jane 18-Oct 1904     Foundry Square Hayle Carpenter Private
575 NEWTON Edwin George Isaac Ann 19-Nov 1904 01-May 1877 Commercial Road Hayle Painter & Decorator Adult Baptism
576 NEWTON Edwin George Edwin George May 04-Dec 1904 20-Oct   Commercial Road Hayle Painter & Decorator  
577 HOSKING Kate   Thomas Ellis Catherine 23-Dec 1904 04-Aug 1903 West Terrace Hayle Mariner Private
578 CALLOWAY Phyllis   William Jane 25-Dec 1905     West Terrace Hayle Mariner Private
579 PARSONS Elsie Anna Sidney Charles Phebe 22-Jan 1905     Ventonleague Hayle Postman  
580 MILLS John   John Richard Elizabeth Ann 10-Feb 1905 01-Jan 1905 Mill Row Hayle Foreman  
581 DOWRICK George William Hayden William Christopher Catherine Jane 17-Feb 1905 28-Nov 1904 Commercial Road Hayle Fireman  
582 MITCHELL Emily Sylvia Trathen Edward John Mabel Jane 19-Feb 1905 30-Jan   Bar Road Falmouth Boilermaker  
583 JOSE Ronald   William Charles Annie 02-Mar 1905 01-Jan   Copperhouse Hill Hayle Mariner  
584 KNIGHT James   Thomas Elizabeth 15-Mar 1905     Penpol Terrace Hayle Labourer Private
585 HOSKING Norman   William James Elizabeth Mary 27-Mar 1905 21-Jan   West Terrace Hayle Mariner  
586 ANGWIN Herbert Henry   Bridget 06-Apr 1905 12-Mar   West Terrace Hayle Single Woman  
587 MATTHEWS William John John Annie 20-Apr 1905 08-Feb   Highlanes Hayle Labourer  
588 CHINN Ada Stevens James Frances Mitchel 23-Apr 1905 23-Mar   Penpol Hayle Coal Porter  
589 PENROSE Edna May Edward Grace Bright 27-Apr 1905 18-Mar   Hayle Terrace Hayle Engineer  
590 ROBERTS Edgar   Charles Mary Frances 03-May 1905 02-Feb   Hayle Terrace Hayle Storeman  
591 TERRILL Annie   Willie Mary Ann 07-May 1905 08-Jan 1905 Foundry Square Hayle Carpenter  
592 RICHARDS Nicholas John John Lizzie 23-May 1905 13-Feb   West Terrace Hayle Mariner  
593 ROBERTS Louisa Harriet Henry Heber Louisa 26-May 1905 16-Aug 1880 Commercial Road Hayle Commercial Traveller (dec'd)  
594 NICHOLAS William Roland William George Carrie 04-Jun 1905     St John Street Hayle Painter  
595 HOSKING Frederick   Thomas Ellis Kate 23-Jun 1905 31-May 1894 Commercial Road Hayle Mariner  
596 HOSKING Francis Gordon Thomas Ellis Kate 23-Jun 1905 01-Nov 1895 Commercial Road Hayle Mariner  
597 HOSKING Laura Beatrice Thomas Ellis Kate 23-Jun 1905 18-Jun 1898 Commercial Road Hayle Mariner  
598 HOSKING Vivian   Thomas Ellis Kate 23-Jun 1905 09-Dec 1900 Commercial Road Hayle Mariner  
599 JONES Albert Samuel Albert William Grace Louisa 07-Jul 1905 03-May   Mill Row Hayle Labourer  
600 HOSKING William Christopher Alfred Louie 08-Jul 1905 08-May   Mill Row Hayle Gas Stoker  
601 DALE Kathleen Gertrude William James Edith Jane 09-Jul 1905 13-May   Foundry Hill Hayle Gardener  
602 PELLOW Eileen   John Glasson Sarah 13-Jul 1905 25-Apr   Melanear Road Hayle Furnace Man  
603 CHATTERTON Thomas   George Vivian 29-Jul 1905 12-Mar 1891 Penpol Road Hayle Clerk Private; adult baptism
604 EDGSON Charlotte Zenolia Alfred Laura 21-Aug 1905 26-Dec 1904 Durban Road Plymouth Electrician  
605 POLKINGHORNE Richard Leonard Richard Marina Anne 22-Sep 1905 16-Jul   Foundry Square Hayle Boilermaker  
606 NICHOLAS Elizabeth Grace Frederick Elizabeth Mary 26-Sep 1905 22-Jun   Hayle Terrace Hayle Gardener  
607 LASHBROOK Gertrude Lenora John James Frances 08-Oct 1905 29-Jul   Copperhouse Hill Hayle Smith  
608 SYMONS Annie Iris James Laura Annie 17-Oct 1905 12-Sep   Pasley St East Stoke Devonport Fitter  
609 SLEEMAN Annie   George William Eliza Jane 05-Nov 1905 05-Sep   Commercial Road Hayle Cordwainer  
610 GOLDSWORTHY Thomas John Richard Katie 04-Nov 1905     Undercliff Hayle Carpenter Private
611 CHINN Launa Mary William Grace Ellen 20-Nov 1905 17-May   Bodriggy Street Hayle Baker  
612 JACKSON Doris   Samuel Annie 26-Nov 1905     Church Street Hayle Labourer Private
613 WILLIAMS Violet Pauline Herbert William Roberts Annie Jane 08-Dec 1905 05-Apr 1905 Bodriggy Street Hayle Labourer  
614 WILLIAMS Annie Kathleen Herbert William Roberts Annie Jane 08-Dec 1905 03-Aug   Bodriggy Street Hayle Labourer  
615 DUPEN Arthur Vivian Arthur Philips Leslie Florence Ada 23-Dec 1905 27-Mar   Commercial Road Hayle Engineer Lieutenant RN  
616 TRESIDDER William Reginald William James Catherine Jane 29-Dec 1905 24-May 1904 Penpol Terrace Hayle Watchmaker  
617 DOWRICK Caroline Penrose William Christopher Catherine Jane 03-Jan 1906     Market St Copperhouse Hayle Fireman Private
618 NICHOLLS John Andrew Andrew Ethel 22-Jan 1906 24-Nov 1905 Connor Downs Hayle Carpenter  
619 RADCLIFF Joseph   Joseph William Mary Elizabeth 05-Feb 1906 08-Nov 1905 West Terrace Hayle Mariner  
620 TREDINNICK Theresa   William Biggleston Jane Williams 08-Feb 1906 15-Oct   Highlanes Hayle Labourer  
621 KNEEBONE Richard John William John Grace Ann 22-Feb 1906 07-Dec 1905 West Terrace Hayle Carpenter  
622 DENHAM William Ernest John William Edwin Celia Tryphena 22-Feb 1906 21-Jan 1906 The Point Hayle Petty Officer HMS  
623 HANCOCK William Love Reynold Thomas Mary Ellen 25-Feb 1906 04-Feb   Undercliff Hayle Hairdresser  
624 LLOYD Marie Madeline John Ivy Ada Winifred 25-Feb 1906 30-Nov 1905 Hayle Terrace Hayle Engineer  
625 MITCHELL Mabel Dorothea Edward John Mabel Jane 21-Mar 1906 27-Jan   17 Clifton Terrace Hayle Ship Builder Private
626 JENKIN Grace Nesta John Emma Jane 26-Mar 1906 24-Nov 1905 Mount Pleasant Hayle Shoemaker  
627 OLIVER Isabel Bessie William Caroline 03-Apr 1906 21-Feb   St John Street Hayle Engineer  
628 SHEPHEARD Mary Elizabeth John Mary 05-Apr 1906 08-Jul 1883 Fore St Copperhouse Hayle Shop Assistant Adult baptism
629 TRIPP William George Irving William Florence Louisa 08-Apr 1906 12-Feb 1905 46 Cambridge St Plymouth Warehouseman  
630 BEWS Thomas Elwyn Thomas Emma 15-Apr 1906 25-Mar   Mount Pleasant Hayle Sheep Rancher (dec'd)  
631 PETERS Violet Mary James Henry Louisa Jane 25-Apr 1906 12-Mar   Chapel Terrace Hayle Railway Porter  
632 WARE Alfred James Henry Ellen Thomas 03-May 1906 21-Jan   Hayle Terrace Hayle Postman  
633 REYNOLDS Arturo Rudolph William Florence 09-May 1906 04-Feb   Mount Pleasant Hayle Medical Student  
634 RICHARDS Nora   William Emma 16-May 1906 23-Feb   Commercial Road Hayle Mariner Private
635 DOWRICK Joseph Stanley Joseph George Caroline Penrose 01-Jun 1906     Commercial Road Hayle Mariner Private
636 BROAD Harold   John Rosina Jane 01-Jun 1906 10-Mar   Church Street Hayle Mason  
637 ROWE Howard   Albert Ernest Fanny 07-Jun 1906 22-Aug 1904 Mount Pleasant Hayle Butcher  
638 ROWE Dorothy   Albert Ernest Fanny 07-Jun 1906 05-Apr   Mount Pleasant Hayle Butcher  
639 JORY Ena   Charles Rosetta Rowe 15-Jun 1906 16-May   Penmare Cottages Hayle Millwright  
640 HOLLAND Kathleen Arthur Thomas Paul Catherine Jane 24-Jun 1906 11-Jun 1905 Ventonleague Hayle Postman  
641 PARSONS Adina Ruth Sidney Charles Phebe 24-Jun 1906 13-Mar   Ventonleague Hayle Postman  
642 LUCAS Cyril John John Robert Beatrice Mary 08-Jul 1906 05-Jun   Hayle Terrace Hayle Assurance Agent  
643 BARR Ethel May James Grace 10-Jul 1906 31-May   10 Victoria Street Brighouse Yorks Fitter  
644 BEARE Honour Jane Gilbert Charles Harvey Jessie Gilbert 24-Jul 1906 23-May   Connor Downs Hayle Ship Rivetter  
645 ASHFORD Olive Muriel Robert Mary Ellen 14-Aug 1906 08-Jul   Penpol Terrace Hayle Police Officer  
646 JONES Nora Isabel Albert William Grace Louise 14-Aug 1906 09-Jun   2 Mill Row Hayle Labourer  
647 PELLOW Ena   John Glasson Sarah 14-Aug 1906 27-May   Melanear Road Hayle Furnace Man  
648 MITCHELL Kathleen   Ethelbert Lila 21-Sep 1906 03-Jul   Seaforth Copperhouse Hayle Draper  
649 KEMP Francis Ward William James Mary Ann 27-Sep 1905 08-Jul   Chapel Terrace Hayle Hairdresser  
650 GOVE Hazel Dalrymple   Ruth 27-Sep 1905 09-Jun   Church Street Hayle Widow  
651 BENNETTS Norah   Francis Elizabeth Mary 07-Oct 1905 15-Aug   Fore St Copperhouse Hayle Shoemaker  
652 MILLS Arthur James Oates John Richard Elizabeth Ann 12-Oct 1905 23-Jul   13 Mill Row Hayle Fireman  
653 RICHARDS Owen   John Salome 14-Oct 1905 31-Aug   West Terrace Hayle Foreman  
654 ANGWIN Vina   John Henry Janie 05-Jan 1907     Commercial Road Hayle Baker  
655 WHITTY Norman   John Henry Ida 20-Jan 1907     Station Hill Hayle Carter  
656 ANGWIN James Henry James Martha 20-Jan 1907     Penpol Terrace Hayle Baker  
657 TREVASKIS Carmen Kathleen Priscilla Edwin Cecil Mabel Caroline 10-Feb 1907 28-Nov 1906 Penpol Meadow Hayle Foreman  
658 LLOYD Bertha Elizabeth John Ada Winifred 22-Feb 1907     Hayle Terrace Hayle Engineer Private
659 NORTHEY Beatrice Evelyn James Lenora Beatrice 06-Mar 1907 04-Feb   The Point Hayle Fitter  
660 TREVASKIS Bessie Eileen May John Edith Jane 19-Mar 1907 03-Feb   Hayle Terrace Hayle Agent  
661 ROBERTS Dorothy Pellow Lewis Beatrice 23-Mar 1907 14-Aug 1903 Trelissick Terrace Hayle Driver  
662 ROBERTS Kathleen Hazel Lewis Beatrice 23-Mar 1907 28-Oct 1905 Trelissick Terrace Hayle Driver  
663 HOSKING Hilda Mary   Annie Beatrice 10-Apr 1907 07-Mar   Mill Row Hayle Servant  
664 SIMS Lillie Gwendoline Joseph John Eliza Sara 19-Apr 1907 02-Mar   Dolcoath Road Camborne Foreman Carpenter  
665 PILL Kathleen Jessie Trevaskis Edward Florence Beatrice 03-May 1907 18-Mar   14 Clifton Terrace Hayle Coachman  
666 ANDREWARTHA William Percival William Jane 16-Jun 1907 02-May   Commercial Road   Shipping Clerk  
667 BLEWETT Sidney   William Thomas Bessie 10-Jul 1907 14-Aug 1898 Penpol Terrace Hayle Chemist  
668 BLEWETT Ida Adeline William Thomas Bessie 10-Jul 1907 02-Nov 1894 Penpol Terrace Hayle Chemist Adult baptism
669 THOMAS Annie   Joseph Jane 10-Jul 1907 01-Dec 1886 Penpol Terrace Hayle Domestic Servant Adult baptism
670 EDWARDS Ivor Alfonso George Eliza Ellen 29-Jul 1907 28-May   Trenwith Square St Ives Miner  
671 SLEEMAN Olive Muriel George William Eliza Jane 31-Jul 1907 18-Mar   Commercial Road Hayle Cordwainer  
672 GOLDSWORTHY Sebina   Richard John Christian Jane Floyd 07-Aug 1907 25-Jun   The Pond Row Hayle Horse Trainer Private
673 CROTHERS Mary Eva Kathleen George Mary Eva 10-Aug 1907 26-May 1905 Harbour View Hayle Accountant  
674 CALLAWAY Marjorie Mabel Samuel Mabel Jane 14-Aug 1907 06-Jul   Mount Pleasant Hayle Artificer  
675 PETERS Harry   James Henry Louisa Jane 31-Aug 1907     Chapel Terrace Hayle Railway Porter Private
676 TERRILL Evelyn   Willie Mary Ann 12-Sep 1907 03-May   Carnsew Hayle Carpenter  
677 GILBERT Richard Cyril Richard Beatrice Annie 15-Sep 1907 26-Aug   Copperhouse Hill Hayle Engineer  
678 GLANVILLE Emily May Albert Ernest Emily 10-Oct 1907 31-Aug   West Terrace Hayle Coachman  
679 RADCLIFF Laura Odell Joseph William Mary Elizabeth 11-Nov 1907 22-Aug   West Terrace Hayle Mariner  
680 TREDINNICK Vera Mabel William Biggleston Jane Williams 03-Dec 1907 08-Jul   Highlanes Hayle Labourer  
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