Doughty Hill
Submitted by Cannon Pritchard

James R. Doughty came to Polk County in 1852 and in 1857 he purchased
property near Leggett, Texas. In 1864 his first wife died and he buried
her on the top of  a hill on his property. It became known as the
Doughty Hill Cemetery. In a Doughty Family history written by a
granddaughter, she stated she attended both graveside services of  her
grandparents and her grandfather had designated one acre for a cemetery
for the area. Many other families were also buried in this cemetery.
According to a Doughty descendant the cemetery was destroyed and the
markers disappeared in the 1960's when a private residence was built
where the cemetery was located. The markers were not moved to another
county area cemetery.  When Mrs. Doughty sold her property in 1908 she
did not designate a cemetery in her deed.

Location: At the intersection of  Highway 59 and FM 492 in Leggett,
Texas, go East on FM 942, for .1 miles; turn right on Freeman Road and
go 2.2 miles; turn left on Barrett Road and go .3 miles to the top of
the hill. Cemetery located on the right side where residence now stands.

Listed below are the known burials in the Doughty Cemetery:

Doughty,  Amanda M. (Aytch),  b. 1839 Ala.   d.  Aug. 28, 1864,
        married  c. 1854 La.  to James R. Doughty

Doughty,  Aytch L.,  b. 1856 Tx.  d.  Dec 18, 1881,  son of  James R. & Amanda Doughty

Doughty,  Elizabeth "Lizzie" S.(White),  b. Oct 1846 La.  d. Feb. 29, 1920 Houston/Harris/TX
         married to James R. Doughty on Nov. 22, 1866 Jasper County, Tx.,
        Confederate Widow's Pension: #29334.

Doughty,  James Rogers,  b.  Apr. 9, 1827 East Feliciana Parish, La. d.  Mar. 12, 1905 Polk Co.;
         Private, Co. E., 20th Texas Infantry, Elmore's Regiment;  Co.K, Morgan's Texas Cavalry
        Regiment, C.S.A.; Charter Member,  Capt. Ike Turner Camp, Confederate Veterans,
        Apr. 8, 1892.

Doughty, Mary C. "Mollie" (Havis),  b.  1862 Tx.  d. ca. 1879 Polk Co.,
        married on Nov. 1, 1877 to Aytch L. Doughty. Daughter of  John S. Havis &
        Margaret (Hamilton) Havis.  (Originally buried in this cemetery but later moved to the
        Havis Cemetery in Polk County).

Yeager,  Louada,  died  1908, wife of  S. J. Yeager.
        (Not related to the Doughty family. Information taken from the Polk
        County Enterprise newspaper)

Listed below are the other children of  James R. Doughty and their place
of  burial:

Doughty, Clinton Rogers,  b. Nov. 9, 1868 Polk Co.   d.  1950 Gurdon/Clark/Ark.,
        married on Dec 20, 1891 to Charlotte Ernestine Green,  b. Jul. 25, 1870 Moscow/Polk/Tx
        d.Aug. 2,1946 Gurdon/Clark/Ark. Both are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Clark County, Ark.

Doughty,  Bessica "Bessie" Clotilda,  b. Feb. 16, 1858 Polk Co.   d. Nov. 20, 1941 Polk Co.,
        married on Nov. 11, 1875 to Jesse Harrison Legget,  b. Oct. 2, 1849 S.C.
        d. Apr 16, 1897 Polk Co.
        Second husband: Isaac Newton Snell, married on July 3, 1898. The Legett's are buried at
        the Oakdale Cemetery, Polk County, Tx.

Doughty,  Norvilla "Norvie" Bell,  b. Dec.18,1877 Polk Co.  d. Dec.12,1962 Houston/Harris/Tx.
        married on Aug 14, 1898 to Frederick "Fred" Kirk Leggett,  b. Feb 11, 1879 Polk Co.,
        d. Feb.1, 1954 Houston/Harris/Tx.
        Both are buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery, Livingston/Polk/Tx.

Note: We will be happy to add other names to the list of  burials in this cemetery if  they are
        provided to us. Please try to include the birth and death dates if  possible.

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