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Cemetery Name 
 Also Called 
Adopted By 
 Abbott Springs-Meadows .  Corrigan Area  O. Jones Perkins Online
 Adams-Lott .  Near Camden  Norma McLoughlin Online
 Alexander .  New Willard  Bettye Bond Online
 Bailey .  Swarthout  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Barfield .  Providence Area  R.D. Hendrix Online
 Beard .  Barnes Area  R.D. Hendrix Online
 Bethel  Old Colita & Hood  Old Colita  Mary Harper Online
 Beulah  Robinett  Onalaska  David Moerbe Online
 Big Sandy .  Dallardsville  Joyce & Beverly  Online
 Blue Water .  Blue Water  Joyce & Beverly  Online
 Bluff Creek .  Soda  R. D. Hendrix Online
 Bold Springs .  Bold Springs  Nollene Marsh Online
 Bradford .  Goodrich . .
 Brown .  Livingston  Beverly  Online
 Burch  .  Moscow Area  Sallie Cannon Online
 Burroughs .  Bold Springs Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Butler .  Leggett Area Alfred & Sherry Chitty Online
 Calverts .  Leggett Area . .
 Camden .  Camden  Norma McLoughlin Online
 Camp Ruby Old Hope  Camp Ruby  Norma McLoughlin Online
 Canon .  Barnes Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Carmona .  Carmona  O. Jones Perkins Online
 Carr-Jones Jones-Carr  Ace  Beverly & Joyce Online
 Carrington  .  Seven Oaks  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Carrington-Lyle Jones-Lyle  Seven Oaks  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Cauffy .  Corrigan Area . .
 Center Grove .  Leggett  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Colbert .  59 S. Livingston  Beverly  Online
 Collins Drew-Collins, McCaghren  Livingston  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Colquitt .  Near Midway  Cannon Pritchard  .
 Cook Family .  Onalaska  Destiny & Beverly Online
 Copeland  . Near Drew's Landing  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Corrieville  Carriville  Blanchard  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Crawford  Wood Creek Area   Cannon Pritchard  Online
 Creel Family  .  R.D. Hendrix .
 Crossroads  Jones Prairie  Leggett   Alfred & Sherry  Online
 Damascus .  Corrigan Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Darby  Holcomb  Moscow Area   Cannon Pritchard Online
 Darden  Palestine  Barnes Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Davis at Caney Creek .  Caney Creek  Joyce & Beverly  Online
 Davis-Lafayette .  Sunflower  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Davis-Marion .  Old Camp Ruby  R.D.Hendrix Online
 De La Fosse .  Onalaska Area  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Dickens .  Midway Area  Norma McLoughlin Online
 Doughty Hill .  Leggett  Cannon Pritchard  Online
 Drew-Collins  See Collins & McCaghren  Livingston  Cannon Pritchard
 Drew's Landing Lost  Near Goodrich  Cannon Pritchard  Online
 Fairfield .  Colita Area  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Family Cemetery  Lost   Ace-on Duke land . Lost
 Family Graves "Modica" .  Onalaksa  Beverly Online
  Feagin... .  Hortense  Alfred Chitty Online
 Forest Hill .  Livingston  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Friendship  Manry  Camden  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Garner Family  Garner Prairie .  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Gassiott .  Leggett   Cannon Pritchard Online
 Gay .  Camden Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 George .  Chambliss Hill  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Gibson Lost  near Center Grove  Ruth Peebles Online
 Gordon .  190 W of Livingston . .
 Grace Hill .  W of Livingston  Beverly Online
 Greenfield .  Livingston  Beverly  Online
 Griffin-Sam .  Menard Creek  Mary McNiel Payne Online
 Guiding Star Sanct. Church  .  Goodrich . LOST
 Hammond  Corrigan  Norma McLoughlin Online
 Harding  Harding Memorial   Moscow  Joyce & Beverly  Online
 Havis .  Barnes Area  Norma McLoughlin Online
Hensley Family Cemetery .  Sandy Creek   Cannon Pritchard  Online
 Hickman    Camden area    Nollene Marsh Online
 Hicks  Abell Hill  Off Hwy 350 N  Cannon Pritchard  Online
 Hill-Bracewell  Bracewell  Soda Area  Beverly  Online
 Holly Grove .  Holly Grove  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Holshousen-Darby .  Hwy 350 N  Theresa Neal Online
 Hubert .  East of  Midway   Theresa Neal Online
 Indian Baptist .  A-C Reservation  R.D. Hendrix Online
 Indian Family Plots .  A-C Reservation . Denied
 Indian Village .  A-C Reservation . Denied
  Jackson .  Midway Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Johnson .  'Johnson Homesite'  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Kennedy .  Corrigan  Donald E. Reeves Online
 Kent .  S.of Moscow  Ray Nell McCommon Online
 Kibbie Field   New Willard  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Knox .  Wakefield  Donald E. Reeves Online
 Lilly Island .  Camden  Norma & Beverly Online
 Lima .  S. of Livingston   Cannon Pritchard Online
 Lyons .  Camden Area  Norma McLoughlin Online
 Magnolia .  Onalaska  David Moerbe Online
 Magnolia Hill .  Segno  O.A. Cain  Online
 Mainer .  Old Colita  Mary Harper Online
 Manning .  Near Old Colita  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Martin .  Bold Springs Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Massey .  Leggett Area   Leggett HS G&T Online
  Matthews .  Midway Area  Cannon  Pritchard Online
 McCaghren Drew-Collins  Livingston  Cannon Pritchard  Online
 Meekins .  Moscow  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Menard Chapel . .  Menard Chapel  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Midway .. .  Midway  Bettie Sarver Online
 Moore .  Off 1988 W  R. D. Hendrix Online
 Moscow .  Moscow  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Mt. Rose . Mt. Rose   Joyce & Beverly Online
 Nettles . Hwy 190 E-Nettles Rd.  Joyce & Beverly Online
 New Hope . W. of Goodrich   Joyce & Beverly Online
 New Winsely New Winsor Leggett  Cannon Pritchard Online
  No Name . off Marston Rd. . .
 Nowlin . Barnes Area Beverly  Online
 Oakdale Legett Oakdale Joe & Linda Thomas Online
 Oates . Leggett Area  Janet Gaston Online
 Odom Chapel See Pullen Cemetery Barnes Area . .-----
 Old City.. Founders Livingston  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Old Darden . Barnes Area . .
 Parrish . Hortense  Leggett HS G&T Online
 Patrick . Corrigan Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Peebles . Providence  Joyce & Beverly  Online
 Peebles Family Plot . Providence  Ruth Peebles  Online
 Peebles OIR Israel Old Israel Rd.  Beverly & Joyce Online
 Peg Top . Peg Top  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Pine Grove . Camden area Norma McLoughlin Online
 Pine Ridge . Leggett Area  Nollene Marsh Online
 Pluck Memorial  Stryker (c)  Corrigan Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Priest Creek   Near Sunflower   R.D. Hendrix .
 Pullen  Pullen-Davis  Camden  R.D. Hendrix  Online
 Restland Memorial .  Goodrich  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Rice .  Leggett   Alfred & Beverly Online
 Rowe  Rowe-Dunnam  Moscow Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Saint Andrews .  Onalaska  R.D. Hendrix Online
 School House  Spring Hill / Hortense  Leggett Area  R.D. Hendrix  Online
 Shiloah .  Moscow  Beverly Online
 Sykes-Laura .  Hwy190 W Cannon Pritchard  Online 
 Simmons .  E. Dallardsville  Joyce & Beverly. Online
 Smith Family  .  Hwy 190 W . .
 Snell - Read .  Corrigan Area  Cannon Pritchard Online
 Stryker .  Corrigan Area   Cannon Pritchard  Online
 Tandy-Usher  Hollenburger-Brown  Leggett Area  Alfred Chitty  Online
 Taylor .  Moscow  Carol Archer  Online
 Tigerville  See St. Andrew's Tigerville Community Moved
 Towns . Near Colita Joyce & Beverly  Online
 Turner-J.A.S... .  Mid Way Area  Beverly  Online
 Turner-John T.  Ballard  East of Livingston   Joyce & Beverly  Online
 Union Springs .  Corrigan  O. Jones Perkins  Online
 Usher .  Leggett area  R. D. Hendrix. Online
 Victory Place .  Swarthout  Joyce & Beverly  Online
 Wagner Hill  .  Piney Creek .
 Waldrep .  Trevat  Mary McNiel Payne Online
 Washington .  Livingston  Beverly Online
 Watts-(Jones/Watts) . W of Moscow  Jean Watts Pace Online
 West Tempe . S. 3156 off 190 W  Beverly & Destiny Online
 Wheeler . N of Corrigan  Beverly & Family  Online
 Whitehead Camden  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Whiteside . near Tyler Co line   R. D. Hendrix Online
 Wilcox . Corrigan . .
 Williford . Old Dollardsville  R.D. Hendrix Online
 Winn-Creek . Leggett Cannon Pritchard  Online
.Wright . Onalaska  Joyce & Beverly Online
 Zimmerman-Singletary . Soda R.D. Hendrix Online
This list of cemeteries was extracted from the Polk County Texas Cemeteries booklet by
Mr. Luther C."Sandy" Moore & used with his permission.

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