Maj. James F. SARRATT, *1828-1917 a89yrs
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Maj. James F. SARRATT, *1828-1917 a89yrs
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Fifth Generation!
Maj. James Fleming SARRATT, [SFA-ID#]
(2nd s/o Samuel,5 & Isabella (HUSTON) SURRATT) of Washington Co., PA.
(1Gs/o Alphonsus & Ann (HARRISON) SARRATT) of Prince George's Co., MD.
(2Gs/o Joseph,2 & Mary (Unk) SARRATT) of Prince George's Co., MD.
(3Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRATT) The American Progenitor
b. 08-Feb-1828, Washington, Washington Co., PA d. 15-Mar-1917, a89y at Stubenville, Jefferson Co., OH Buried: 18-Mar-1917, Stubenville Cemetery, Jefferson Co., OH At a39y he married on 12 Dec 1867, Steubinville, Jefferson Co., OH. to 31 year old Miss Elizabeth F. TURNBULL; (1st d/o James TURNBULL & 2nd Wife: Sarah Ann TODD) (Gd/o Col Edward TODD & Elizabeth SCOTT) b. __ Aug 1836, Stubenville, Jefferson Co., OH d. Unknown They had 3 Children born to this Union: [1980-REF:#90 Pg 19,20] 5.3.1 1st Son: James T., *1868-1937 a68y m. Grace SCOTT 5.3.2 1st Dau: Isabella H., c1872- Never Married! 5.3.3 2nd Dau: Carrie T., c1878-1900 a22y d. after 1900 Census
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Major James F. SARRATT
 Item  Date  Age  Description (Click on Underline for Source)  Living in Co.
 Born  1841    home of Parents in    Gilner Co., GA.
 Census  1850   9yrs  home of Parents in   Civil Dist  Gilner Co., GA.
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Capt. James F. SARRATT, age 33yrs - Civil War USA
1st Lt. Company "I", 20th Ohio Inf. (3 Mothhs)
Capt. Co. "G", 2nd Reg. Ohio. Inf. (05 Sep 1861)
[Source: [1980-REF:#90 Pg 19,20]
  James F.SARRATT, Was in the Civil War, for the Union 1861-1864 achieving the rank of Major.
He was a friend of James G. BLAINE with whom he attended Washington and Jefferson College. Learned the trade of 'Tin and Coppersmithing' later became a jeweler and associated with his brother Joseph H. SARRATT.
Was the Post-Master in Steubenville, OH. 1890-1894, and is said to have first conceived the idea of 'Rural Free Delivery'
His father-in-law James TURNBULL was a publisher and book dealer who once employed Edwin M. STANTON in his bookstore in Steubenville.
[Source: 1890 History of the Upper Ohio Valley by: Brant & Fuller; Biographies for JEFFERSON COUNTY]
  MAJOR JAMES F. SARRATT, a prominent jeweler and worthy citizen of Steubenville, was born at Washington, Washington county, Penn., February 8, 1828. He located in Steubenville in 1858. In early life he had learned the tinner's trade, and his attention was given to it during his earlier manhood. After locating in Steubenville, he became a watchmaker and jeweler, which business, with the exception of the years of the war, has since occupied his attention.
In April, 1861, he entered the service of the Union army as a first lieutenant in Company I, Twentieth Ohio volunteer infantry, with which he served about four months. September 5, 1861, he raised a company for the Second Ohio volunteer infantry, with which he commanded until March, 1863, when he was commissioned major. He served in this latter capacity until October 10, 1864, when his regiment was mustered out at Columbus, Ohio.
Mr. Sarratt was married in December 1867, to Elizabeth Turnbull, the daughter of the late James Turnbull, of Steubenville. They have three children: James T., Belle and Carrie, all of whom are living.
Mr. Sarratt is an Odd Fellow and a member of the G. A. R. In politics he is a republican.

[Source: 20th Century History of Steubenville and Jefferson County, Ohio by Joseph B. Doyle, 1910 ]
  JAMES F. SARRATT, Optician, one of the older business men of Steubenville, OH., a highly respected citizen and a survivor of the great Civil War, has made this city his home for more than a half century.
He was born at Washington, Washington County, Pennyslvania, in 1828, and in his native section learned the trade of tin and coppersmith, after which he learned the jewelry business and then traveled in different parts of the country in search of a desirable location, which he finally found at Steubenville. In 1857 he settled here among the early business men and became associated with his brother Joseph in a jewelry store, and had made some business progress when the Civil War broke out. In answer to the first call for troops, he enlisted in Company I, 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and went into the army. He passed safely through his first enlistment and then became a veteran, re-enlisting in Company G, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, contracting for three years or during the war. He was elected captain of his company and later was commissioned Major. He lived to return home and resume life once more as a peaceful, private citizen.
He again opened his jewelry store and continued in that business until 1890, when he gave up that line of work, and was appointed postmaster under President Harrison's administration. He filled that position four years and since then has given all his attention to his optical business. Mr. Sarratt invented a remarkable astronomical clock that was recommended by the educational department of the Columbian Exposition at Chicago. He has been an active and prominent citizen and is a valued member of the Loyal Legion and of E. M. Stanton Post, No. 166, G. A. R.
In 1867 Mr. Sarratt was married to Miss Elizabeth Turnbull, a member of an old family of Steubenville, and a daughter of James Turnbull, who came to Steubenville in 1816.
Mr. and Mrs. Sarratt have two living children, James T. and Isabella, and one deceased, Carrie T. The family belongs to the Second Presbyterian Church.
For sixty-one years Mr. Sarratt has been a member of the Odd Fellows.

Sixth Generation! 5.3.1 James Turnbull SARRATT; [SFA-ID#] (1st s/o James F. & Elizabeth F. (TURNBULL) SARRATT) b. 17 Sep 1868, Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. d. __ ___ 1937, a68y Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) At a39y he married on 30 Apr 1907, Steubenville, OH. to 32 year old Miss Grace SCOTT; (d/o M/M Winfield SCOTT) b. 21 Oct 1875, Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. d. 00 Apr 1969, a93y at Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. (SSD# 300-40-8302) Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) They had 2 Children born to this Union: 1st Son: John Turnbull SARRATT, Jr. b.&d. 1908 1st Dau: Elizabeth SARRATT, *1909-1998 a89y m. John E. IRVINE John Turnbull SARRATT, Jr. (Only s/o James T. SARRATT & Mother: Grace SCOTT) b.&d. 1908, Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) Elizabeth SARRATT, (Only d/o James T. SARRATT & Mother: Grace SCOTT) b. 03 Sep 1909, Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. [SSD# 292-32-7004 OH] d. 22 Dec 1998, age 89yrs, Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. m. John E. IRVINE 5.3.2 Isabell H. SARRATT; (1st d/o James F. & Elizabeth F. (TURNBULL) SARRATT) b. __ Feb 1872, Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. d. after 1930 Census! 5.3.3 Carrie T. SARRATT; (2nd d/o James F. & Elizabeth F. (TURNBULL) SARRATT) b. __ May 1878, Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. d. after 1900 Census, age 22yrs? Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
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