Samuel,5 SARRATT 1787-1839 a52y
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Samuel,5 SARRATT 1787-1839 a52y
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Fourth Generation!
Samuel,5 SARRATT; [SFA#] [SFA-FG 51]
(6th s/o Alphonsus "Francis" SARRATT & Ann HARRISON, of Mattapany 100 Section, Prince George's Co., MD.
(1Gs/o Joseph,2 & Mary (Unk) SARRATT), of Mattapany 100 Section, Prince George's Co., MD.
(2Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRATT), of So. France to Prince George's Co., MD. The American Progenitor
b. __ ___ 1787, 'Oxen Hundred' Plantation, Prince George's Co., MD.
d. 18 Dec 1839, a52y Washington Co., PA [REF:#90] Pg17
Buried: Washington Cemetery, Wash. Co., PA [REF:#90] Pg17
At a33y he married April 1819 at Washington, Washington Co., PA. to
the 22 year old Miss Isabella HUSTON;
(d/o Joseph HUSTON & Mother: Elizab. BECKWITH)
b. 23 Nov 1798, Washington Co., PA
d. 29 Mar 1838, a39y Washington Co., PA.
Buried: Washington Cemetery, Washington Co., PA. [REF:#90, pg11]
  They had 5 Children born to this Union: [REF:#90, pg11]
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch. 1st Dau:  Mary Ann SARRATT,  PA. *1820-1909 a89yrs CA.  m. c1844 PA. Thomas SEAMAN,   6Ch. 1st Son:  Joseph Huston SARRATT,  PA. *1822-1899 a76yrs OH.  m. *1847 PA. Ruth Elson PERMER,   7Ch. 2nd Son:  James Fleming SARRATT,  PA. *1828-1917 a89yrs OH.  m. *1867 OH. Elizabeth F. TURNBULL,   3Ch. 2nd Dau:  Elizabeth SARRATT,  PA. c1819-19?? a??yrs ??.  Not Traced! 3rd Son:  William Huston SARRATT,  PA. c1831-1896 a65yrs OH.  Never Married!  
  16 Grandchildren! 

  Chronological Time Line
 Samuel,5 SARRATT
 Type  Date  Age  Remarks  County
 Born  c1787    in the home of his Parents in  Thomas Inhertance Plantation  Prince George's Co., MD.
 Census  1790   3yrs  in the home of his Parents in  Thomas Inhertance Plantation  Prince George's Co., MD.
 Census  1800  13yrs  in the home of his Parents in  Thomas Inhertance Plantation  Prince George's Co., MD.
 Deed  1803  16yrs  Was NOT listed! in  Thomas Inhertance Enlarged Plantation  Prince George's Co., MD.
 Death  1803  16yrs  Father dies after this 1803 Deed  Thomas Inhertance Enlarged Plantation  Prince George's Co., MD.
 Deed  1810  23yrs  signed "Indenture" for shares in  Thomas Inhertance Enlarged Plantation  Prince George's Co., MD.
 Census  1810  23yrs  No Record Found! in  Washington, DC. or  Prince George's Co., MD.
 War  1812  25yrs  with Col. Magruder & Major George Peter  Georgetown and  Washington, DC.
 Married  1819  32yrs  11 yrs his Junior, Miss Isabella HUSTON. age 21yrs  Washington  Washington Co., PA.
 Census  1820  33yrs  with Wife & 1Ch.  Owner "S. Surratt's Inn", Washington Borough  Washington Co., PA.
 Census  1830  43yrs  with Wife & 5Ch.  Owner "S. Surratt's Inn", Washington Borough  Washington Co., PA.

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Pvt. Samuel,5 SARRATT, age 25yrs - War of 1812
Samuel,5 SARRATT, a25y was in the War of 1812
Served under Col. Magruder with the 1st Regtiment of the Washington, DC Militia. He also was in Major George Peter's "Georgetown Field Artillery Co." and for this he was paid $1.80 [REF:#90 pg10]

Mr. Samuel SARRATT, age 32yrs son of Alphonsus (dec'd) & Isabelle (Huston) SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD. and
Miss Isabella HUSTON, age 21yrs Daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth (Beckwith) HUSTON were married in home of Bride Washington Co., Ohio on __ April 1819.
[Need MBk., Page, etc.] [REF:#90, pg11]

Bio Samuel,5 SARRATT, - History 1902
Samuel SURRATT, was apparently born in 1787 in Prince George's County, MA. to Alphonsus and Ann and had moved to Washington, Pennsylvania before April 1819 when he married Isabella HUSTON of that city.
(If we care to guess why Samuel,5 had chosen that area, remember John DICKERSON, 1st cousin to his father Alphonus, had settled there earlier) Mrs. Isabella (HUSTON) SARRATT, was the daughter of Joseph HUSTON and this man operated a tavern in Washington Borough.
Samuel,5 SARRATT, operated the Tavern after his marrage to Isabella. He is written up by the Crumrine in ""Bench and Bar of Washington County" published in 1902. On Page 28 it says"
"There were a number of buildings in the parts of the public square .... to the South of the alley was a tw0-story brick building, about 36 feet in front, divided into three rooms. The next room, a large one, accomodated the County Commissioners ... and the room reaching to Cherry Alley, except for a very narrow outside stairway to the room over it, was occupied by Samuel SURRATT, the borough Weigh-master. Mr. SURRATT had previously kept a Tavern on the lot opposite where the Washington Female Seminary now stands, under the sign, 'S SURRATTS INN' He was short in stature, weighing over 300 pounds and was good to the youngster who now describes him to the writer. He lived in the room over the Weigh-Master's Office, from which office he toddled around to the weigh-scales after a load of coal or hay. He died in the upstairs room ... the stairway being too narrow, he was let down straight, feet formost in his burial case, to be carried to his last home."
1902 History information By William M. SEAMAN, a Great-GreatGrandson of Samuel,5 SURRATT,
[Source: [REF:#90 pg10]
Possible Record Problem!
William M. SEAMAN, born in 1895, he would have been only 7 years old in this 1902 Obituary? ..prs

Elizabeth Steger Trindal 1996 book In [LCA-REF: # 19] Mary Surratt: An American Tragedy, 1996:
Writes: Chapter 3, Pg27
" Perhaps not all of John's [Squire John H., Sr.] family was a mystery to him. He may have known about his cousin Mary Anne (Surratt) SEAMAN. She lived with her family in Washington, Pennsylvania. Samuel SARRATT was Mary Anne's father, who was the brother of John's father.[1] There were nine brothers and one sister. The names of two of the brothers still remain a mystery. It is generally believed that John SURRATT's father was one of the nameless brothers. All of the known SARRATTS were from Prince George's County Maryland. All of them spelled their names SaRRATT. But, for some reason, Mary Anne spelled her maiden name SuRRATT.[2] The same spelling as John Surratt's.
     Samuel had fought in the War of 1812. His military service ended in 1813. Sometime after that, he left Prince George's County for Washington County, Pennsylvania.[3] Coincidentally, John Harrison SURRATT was born the same year that Samuel was discharged from the military. In 1819, Samuel married Isabella HOUSTON of Washington, Pennsylvania. After his marriage, he operated a tavern that had belonged to his father-in-law. Samuel named it the S. SURRATT's Inn.[4] (Notice the spelling.) Interestingly, John Harrison SURRATT opened a similar type of an establishment in 1852. He named his establishment the 'SURRATT' House and Tavern. Years later, Mary Anne Surratt SEAMAN and her daughter, Mary Belle, were caught up in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. "

Source Notes: Pg 238
Pg27 [1.] Laura and Norman H. Sarratt, Surratt/Sarratt Families 1715-1980 (Fresno, CA: Pioneer Publishing, 1980), pp. 17-18.
Pg27 [2.] Ibid., pp. 17-20.
Pg27 [3.] Ibid., p. 11.
Pg27 [4.] Ibid.
Writes Chapter 9, Pg73
" Apparently, after his father had died [Aug 1862], John [John H. Surratt, Jr., age 18yrs] began to correspond with his cousin, Mary "Belle" SEAMAN. [age 15yrs] Belle was the daughter of Mary Anne (Surratt) SEAMAN [age 42yrs] of Washington Co., PA.[25] In turn, Mary anne was the daughter of Samuel SARRATT, who had been the brother of the senior John SURRATT's unknown father.[26]
In mid-December 1863, Anna SURRATT [age 20yrs] visited the SARRATTS in Ohio and the SEAMANS in Pennsylvania. She traveled by rail from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station in Washington, D.C. to Steubenville, Ohio. There she visited Joseph Huston SARRATT [age 41yrs] and his family.[27]
Joseph was Mary Anna (Surratt) SEAMAN's brother and Belle SEAMAN's uncle. No doubt, Anna was impressed with her cousin Joseph's occupation as a jeweler and his lovely home on South 4th Street.[28] The regional convictions concerning the war were very conspicuous. Joseph had been an early abolitionist in that section of Ohio. He promoted the Underground Railroad that managed the escape of many fugitive slaves into Canada.[29] No doubt, Anna's visit with her cousin, Joseph SARRATT and his family, would have been a difficult one.
After visiting with the SARRATTS, Anna traveled by stage to visit the SEAMANS in Washington, Pennsylvania.[30] There, as well, was an entirely different view of the war than Anna was used to. Belle SEAMAN had an uncle whom she adored, Major James Fleming SARRATT, [age 35yrs] U.S. Army, was a thirty-Five-year-old bachelor.[31] From an early age, Belle had corresponded with her Uncle Jim. No doubt, Belle's love for her uncle and Anna's cousin convinced Anna that not all Yankee soldiers were bad. After all, her cousins were her relatives on her father's side, and Anna had too few of those. "

Source Notes, Pg 249
Pg73.25. Mary Anne Surratt, of Washington, Pennsylvania, was first mentioned in Chapter 3.
Pg73.26. Laura and Norman H. Sarratt, Surratt/Sarratt Families 1715-1980 (Fresno, CA: Pioneer Publishing, 1980), pp. 10-21.
Pg73.27. Mrs. Elizabeth Sarratt Irvine's letter to the author, dated July 1986. Mrs. Irvine was the grandniece of Joseph Sarratt.
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Pg73.29. History of Jefferson County, an unidentified clipping.
Pg73.30. John Surratt's letter to Belle Seaman, dated 16 December 1863. Surratt Society archives.
Pg73.31. Laura and Norman H. Sarratt, op. cit., p. 19.
  Possible Record Problems!
  1. The SEAMANS, left Washington Co., PA., by Jan 1861 they were living across the Ohio River in Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV.

  Washington Cemetery, Washington Co., Pennsylvania [REF:#90, pg11]
Samuel SARRATT, age 52yrs
d. Dec 18, 1839
Wash. Cemetery, PA. - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo!
(Need Photo of Headstone)
Isabella (Huston) SARRATT, age 39yrs
d. Mar 29, 1838
    [See: FINDAGRAVE.COM GPS Map Coordinates: Latitude: 40.1569, Longitude: -80.2544]

Fifth Generation! Mary Anne SURRATT;
(1st d/o Samuel,5 & Isabella (HUSTON) SARRATT)
b. 17-Sep-1820, Washington Co., PA 
d. 03-Oct-1909, a89y Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA.
Buried: 05-Oct-1909, Wash. Cemetery, Washington Co., PA 
At a24y she married (bfr 1844) in Washington Co., PA. to
the 24 year old Mr. Thomas SEAMAN;
(s/o M/M SEAMAN Parents)
b. 02-Feb1820, Unknown Co.
d. 10-Feb-1910, Los Angeles, L.A. Co., CA.
Buried: next to Wife, Washington Cemetery, Washington Co., PA 
They had 6 Children born to this Union:
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See Biographical Profile: Thomas SEAMAN;
for Continuation.
Joseph Huston SURRATT; (1st s/o Samuel,5 & Isabella (HUSTON) SARRATT) b. 23 Dec 1822, West Maiden St., Washington Co., PA. d. 30 Jan 1899, a76y at Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH. Buried: Stuebenville Cemetery, Jefferson Co., OH. At a26y he married on 14 December 1847 in Jefferson Co., OH. to 21 year old Miss Ruth Elson PERMAR; (2nd d/o James & elizabeth (BAXTER) PERMAR) b. 04 Nov 1826 in Steubenville, Jefferson Co. Ohio, d. 1875, a48y in Steubenville, Jefferson Co. Ohio, Buried: Stuebenville Cemetery, Jefferson Co., OH. They had 7 Children born to this Union:
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See Biographical Profile: Joseph H. SARRATT;
for Continuation.
James Fleming SURRATT; (2nd s/o Samuel,5 & Isabella (HUSTON) SARRATT) b. 08-Feb-1828, Washington Co., PA d. 15-Mar-1917, a89y at Stubenville, Jefferson Co., OH Buried: 18-Mar-1917, Stubenville Cemetery, Jefferson Co., OH At a39y he married on 12 Dec 1867, Steubinville, Jefferson Co., OH. to Elizabeth F. TURNBULL; (d/o James TURNBULL & Mother: Sarah Ann TODD) b. c1837, Unknown Co., OH. d. Unknown They had 3 Children born to this Union:
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See Biographical Profile: Maj. James F. SARRATT;
for Continuation.
Elizabeth SURRATT; (2nd d/o Samuel,5 & Isabella (HUSTON) SARRATT) b.__ Dec 1819, Washington, Washington Co., PA d., Not Traced! No known marriage William Huston SURRATT; (3rd s/o Samuel,5 & Isabella (HUSTON) SARRATT) b. c1831, Washington, Washington Co., PA d. c1896, a65y at Stubenville, Jefferson Co., OH Buried: Stubenville Cemetery, OH No known marriage!
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Pvt. William H. SARRATT, age 31yrs - Civil War USA
Pvt., Company "F", 1st Ohio Hv.-Arty (Enlisted 22 Aug 1862)

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