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Joseph Bauman(n) and Josepha Wegman(n)

The Pioneering Generation


    The first appearance on North American soil of Joseph and Josepha is documented on page 75 in the book "German Immigrant Servant Contracts at the Port of Philadelphia, 1817 - 1831". 

    "October 21, 1818: Joseph Bauman & his wife Josepha to David Lightfoot of Pikeland Township, Chester County, farmer, for 3 years, to have at the end of the term each two complete suits of clothes, one of which to be new, their infant to be fed and clothed gratis & be free with the parents. Consideration = $130.00 "

    I have checked the Tax records for David Lightfoot in Chester County for the years 1819 and 1820. There is no mention of servants. The Baumann's are not listed as Innmates. 

    The couple were married on January 27, 1817 in Herbolzheim. He was born the son of farmer Alexius Bauman and his wife Adelhaid Freyler January 31,1874 in Herbolzheim, and she the daughter of Johannes Spitz of Elzach, and Maria Barbara Wegmann, was born December 19, 1797. "Josepha" carried the Wegmann surname after her mother Barbara died in 1804 (when she was 7 years old) leaving the child to be raised by the Wegmann family. There is no mention of the couple after their marriage in the Herbolzheim records further indicating that they are indeed the couple in the above passage. The first 4 of their 8 children were born in the U.S.

J. Bauman & J. Wegman Marriage.jpg (1330174 bytes) Joseph and Josepha's marriage record - click to enlarge

    The next time that we find Joseph and Josepha is in 1826 in Waterloo Township on Concession #1 Lot 13 of Beasley's Lower Block. At that time there are two adults over 16 years (believed to be Joseph and Josepha) with one male under 16 years (believed to be Joseph Jr.) and 5 females under 16 years (believed to be Elizabeth, Susanna, Maria Anna, Margaret and one unknown female). The property was sold to Joseph Bauman, Shoemaker, by John Walcott on Aug. 07, 1826. The amount of land was 13 acres and the price was 13 pounds 5 shillings. This property was later sold by Joseph Baumann to John Cragg on June 29, 1833.

    In 1830 Joseph Baumann is listed along with Joseph Lorentz, John Schickler (Schuttler), Lorentz Heckendorn and John Heckendorn as wanting to acquire lots in Puslinch Township. Joseph chose Lot 33 in the 8th Concession in Puslinch a per this letter by Lorentz Heckendorn. Joseph and Josepha are on the Puslinch Township census Lot 33 (map) Concession 8 in 1833. There are two adults over 16 (believed to be Joseph and Josepha) with 2 males under 16 (believed to be Joseph Jr. and John) and 8 females under 16 (believed to be Elizabeth, Susanna, Maria Anna, Margaret, Johanna, Sarah, Barbara and one unknown female). I have not determined who the unknown female was, nor have I located Sarah. They both may have died before marriage. Gideon Ochs becomes the Householder for the next 10 years, not including 1838 when Joseph Baumann is occupying Lot 33 Concession 8. It is assumed that the Baumann and Ochs families lived on this property together, judging by the number of people listed on the property at various times.   

    Within the next 8 years after 1833 Maria Anna was married to Jacob Druar (Truart), Susanna was married to Johannes Schmidt, Elizabeth was married to Gideon Ochs, Margaret was married to Joseph Steffler and Joseph was married to Francisca Steffler. Johanna married Alex Ochs in 1845. Barbara married Nicolas Schantz in about 1849-1850. I have yet to find this marriage and the youngest son John was married to Maria Fehrenbach in 1856 in Guelph.

   Sepha died between the birth of John in 1833 and Joseph Jr.'s marriage in1839. By 1845, Joseph was living in Wilmot Township. It is my belief that he moved there with his daughter Margaret and son in law Joseph Steffler. I could not find him on the 1851 census but he died in Wilmot Township and is buried in the old graveyard St. Clements. This cemetery was excavated and the bodies were interred in the new cemetery that is still in existence. The oldest graves are by the chapel. There is no grave marker for Joseph.

J. Bauman Sr. Death St. Clements.jpg (707905 bytes) Joseph's Death  - click to enlarge


GUELPH MERCURY-Feb. 20, 1907-By W.F. MacKenzie


A German shoemaker, named Bowman, whose son, Jos. Bowman, settled on lot 28, front of 7 (map), was the pioneer on lot 33, front of 8, now known as "Melbank Farm" the homestead for many years of the Rev. William Meldrum, and now of his son, George J. Meldrum, the genial and obliging Township Clerk.

   The story of Bauman(n)/Bowman family of Puslinch begins with the children of Joseph and Josepha of Herbolzheim, without whose courage and determination, we would yet be there.





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