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What's New?

Here is a guide to recent changes to these webpages, other then cosmetic changes.

10 March 2016 Geoffrey Owen Langley Family linked into Berriman tree
26 June 2015 Alexander Leahair Kirk Sibling lines expanded
22 June 2015 X-Unwanted_Certificates.html More unwanted certificates added
31 May 2015 X-NameIndex.html Name Index added
31 May 2015 Elizabeth Nott Sibling line added
21 May 2015 Lizzie Shaw
Abigail Head
William Charles Read
Sarah Elizabeth Stevens
George Head
Henry Adams
Mary Brooks
Sibling lines added
21 April 2015 John Lee
Ann Lucas
Descendants added
24 March 2015 Roshannah Walker Cousin line added
19 March 2015 Roshannah Walker Cousin line added
2 February 2015 All Known descendants of William Stanier Distant cousins added
2 February 2015 Margaret Hughes Burial details added
24 January 2015 The Read Family in Southend A guide to Read residences in Southend added
22 January 2015 All Known descendants of Thomas Clift and Mary Brooks
All Known descendants of William Stanier
Distant cousins added
8 January 2015 John Hall
Richard Webb
John Kirk
Wills added
4 January 2015 Edith Jakes Death Certificate added
3 January 2015 William 'Billy' Kimber Biographical details added
31 December 2014 Jonas Jeakins
Elizabeth Davies
Death Certificates added
21 December 2014 Martha Blower 1841 census added
16 December 2014 John Blower
Ann Blower
Death Certificates added
9 December 2014 Honor Jenkin
John Jenkin
Marie Jenkin
Parents of Honor Jenkin added
December 2014 Abraham Leahair
Harberson Kirk
Levi Davis
Martha Kirk
Henry Meeks
Louisa Meeks
Abigail Head
William Hooks
John Hall
Elizabeth Meeks
Alexander Leahair Kirk
Various newspaper reports added
1 December 2014 Jonas Jeakins 1851, 1861 and 1871 census entries added
29 November 2014 Mabel Eleanor Read
William Charles Read
Sarah Elizabeth Stevens
1911 census of 39 Stanley Road, Southend
Current photographs of houses added
27 November 2014 John Blower
John Blower and Ann Blower
Parents of John Blower corrected
21 November 2014 Thomas Brown Death Certificate added
6 November 2014 Notes Extracts from the Gamlingay parish records added
6 November 2014 Notes DAVIS extracts from the 1841 census of Rowley Regis added
5 November 2014 Phoebe Davies Death Certificate added
1 November 2014 Alexander Leahair Kirk Details of a railway accident added.
1 November 2014 Thomas Whitmee sr
Thomas Whitmee jr
Olney 1821 census entries added.
27 October 2014 Phebe Walker 1911 census entry added.
14 September 2014 John Blower
Burial record added
12 September 2014 Frederic Bonas
Photograph added
14 July 2014 John Berriman
Elizabeth Risdon
Picture of gravestone added.
23 March 2014 T-Stanier.html
Sibling line added
1 March 2013 Elizabeth Meeks Death Certificate added
8 December 2012 T-Skipper-Lift.html
Sibling line added
6 October 2012 Elizabeth Langley
Sibling line added
6 October 2012 Stanier family
Family of George Stanier and Alice Broadhurst added
1 September 2012 John Hall Berriman
Violet Sybil Berriman
John Berriman
Photograph of the family circa 1957 added
2 November 2011 Elizabeth Collet
Details of the will of Joseph Collett added
14 June 2011 1911 Census entries
1911 census entries updated
18 January 2011 Thomas Adams
Elizabeth Betteridge
Henry Adamas
Elizabeth Adams
Details of Australian line added
16 January 2011 Sarah Sophia Adams Sibling line added
26 December 2010 James Webb Sibling line added
12 November 2010 Lucy Freeman
William Freeman
Lucy Freeman
New ancestors added
7 November 2010 T-Read-Stanier.html
William Charles Read
Sarah Elizabeth Stevens
Sibling lines added
30 October 2010 T-Read-Stanier.html Sibling lines added
28 October 2010 T-Stanier.html
Photographs of the Staniers of Wolverhampton added
1 October 2010 T-Stanier.html Various probate records added
7 August 2010 T-Stanier.html
Margaret Hughes
Wife of William Stanier taken to be Margaret Hughes
6 July 2010 T-Stanier.html Sibling lines added
5 June 2010 T-Stanier.html Sibling lines added
30 May 2010 Sarah Sophia Adams Sibling line added
20 May 2010 Elizabeth Grove Death certificate added
19 May 2010 Thomas Kirk Death certificate added
18 May 2010 John Berriman Sibling line added
13 May 2010 Various Burial dates added
13 May 2010 John Berriman Sibling line added
12 May 2010 Grace Adams Ancestors completely rewritten
3 May 2010 Elizabeth Whitmee Entries from the Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, 1860, 1870 and 1880 added
2 May 2010 Henry Davies Sibling lines added.
25 April 2010 Henry Davies, Levi Davis Sibling lines added.
10 April 2010 Richard Poole Sibling lines added.
9 April 2010 Richard Poole
Abigail Poole
1891 census entry found
6 April 2010 Where is the Davis family in 1861? Clues to the mystery of Levi, Sarah, and Harry Davis added
5 April 2010 Henry Davis Sibling lines added.
21 February 2010 Whitmee family Sibling lines added.
15 January 2010 Mabel Eleanor Stanier Death Certificate added.
15 January 2010 Joshua Cornelius Poole Death Certificate added.
14 January 2010 Elsie Poole Death Certificate added.
14 January 2010 William Edwin Stanier Death Certificate added.
14 January 2010 John Berriman Death Certificate added.
13 January 2010 Sybil May Kirk Death Certificate added.
13 January 2010 Harriett Bonas Death Certificate added.
7 January 2010 Mabel Berriman Death Certificate added.
31 December 2009 Alexander Leahair Kirk Death Certificate added.
24 December 2009 Mark Whitehouse Death Certificate added.
19 December 2009 Frederick Bonas Death Certificate added.
12 December 2009 Louisa Hall Death Certificate added.
4 December 2009 John Kirk Death Certificate added.
27 November 2009 Thomas Whitehouse Death Certificate added.
20 November 2009 Charlotte Skipper Death Certificate added.
12 November 2009 Mary Ann Berriman Death Certificate added.
4 November 2009 Joseph Hall Death Certificate added.
30 October 2009 Abigail Head More deatils of sibling families added.
28 October 2009 John Hall Death Certificate added.
21 October 2009 Mary Whitehouse Death Certificate added.
18 October 2009 William Charles Read Details of son William Charles Read added.
15 October 2009 John Berriman Death Certificate added.
15 October 2009 Jane Hipkiss The photograph believed to be of Jane was removed, as Cradley Links has the identical photograph, but said to be of Eliza Walker Hingley.
11 October 2009 Elizabeth Meeks Death Certificate added.
5 October 2009 Eliza Hall Death Certificate added.
29 September 2009 Thomas Leahair Death Certificate added.
18 September 2009 Henry Meeks Death Certificate added.
10 September 2009 James Warner Sibling information added.
10 September 2009 Elizabeth Collett Sibling information added.
8 September 2009 James [Edward] Read Death Certificate added.
29 August 2009 William Skipper Death Certificate added.
25 August 2009 John Massey
Anne Bateman
Willemus Bateman
Jermani Bateman
Katherine Davies
Ancestors of John Massey added.
22 August 2009 Elizabeth Berriman Death Certificate added.
12 August 2009 Jesse Bonas Death Certificate added.
3 August 2009 John Berriman Death Certificate added.
24 July 2009 Richard Hall Death Certificate added.
18 July 2009 Susan Skipper Death Certificate added.
11 July 2009 Richard Webb Death Certificate added.
4 July 2009 Abraham Leahair Death Certificate added.
22 June 2009 Joseph Stevens Death Certificate added.
17 June 2009 James Pettit Death Certificate added.
11 June 2009 Caroline Barker Death Certificate added.
5 June 2009 Charles Meeks Death Certificate added.
29 May 2009 William Goodbody Death Certificate added.
21 May 2009 Robert Barker Death Certificate added.
21 May 2009 Whitmee family Sibling lines added.
21 May 2009 George Head Sibling lines added.
14 May 2009 Kirk family pictures Photographs of Ralph Leahair Kirk and his daughter Marjorie added.
9 May 2009 John Ham Three generations of ancestors added.
7 May 2009 William Betteridge Three generations of ancestors added.
24 April 2009 Elizabeth Pool Death Certificate added.
21 April 2009 Edwin Lee
Mary Lee
Further details of sibling families added.
17 April 2009 Mary Heaven Further details of sibling families added.
16 April 2009 Joseph Pool Death Certificate added.
April 2009 The Staniers of Colchester.ged Many additions made, mostly to side branches, due to incorporated trees from ancestry.com
4 April 2009 Mary Harrison Identity corrected.
4 April 2009 James Read Death Certificate added.
28 March 2009 Joseph Poole
Elizabeth Hallman
Joseph Poole
Ann Brookes
Parents and wife of Joseph Poole jr added.
25 March 2009 James Clift Death Certificate added.
15 March 2009 William Skipper Death Certificate added.
7 March 2009 James Grove Death Certificate added.
28 February 2009 William Poole Death Certificate added.
23 February 2009 Hannah Brown Death Certificate added.
16 January 2009 Levi Davis Marriage Certificate for his first marriage added.
9 January 2009 Elizabeth Adams Death Certificate added.
3 January 2009 Robert Kirk, Eleanor Amelia Kirk, John Hall, William Skipper Death certificate of Eleanor Amelia Kirk, and 2nd marriage certificates of Robert Kirk, John Hall, and William Skipper added.
2 January 2009 Levi Davis Details of sibling families added.
20 December 2008 Harriett Ricketts Death Certificate added.
19 December 2008 Census entries
William Read
William Edwin Stanier
Joshua Cornelius Poole
Elsie Whitehouse
William John Stanier
Lizzie Shaw
Jane Clift
Mark Whitehouse
Esther Davies
Sybil May Bonas
Abigail Poole
pre-1841 and 1911 census icons added.
18 December 2008 Abigail Head Sibling families added.
13 December 2008 Frederic Bonas Sibling families added.
9 December 2008 Jesse Bonas Birth Certificate added. There is strong evidence that Jesse's birth was registered as “Arthur”.
5 December 2008 Clift & Poole families Family of Samuel Clift added.
4 December 2008 Abigail Poole Death Certificate added.
2 December 2008 Eliza Whitmee Note added that three of her siblings (Jabez Joseph, Mary Ellen and Hannah) married three Page siblings.
28 November 2008 William Bonas Death Certificate added.
21 November 2008 Elizabeth Shaw Death Certificate added.
1 November 2008 William Bonas
John Boness
Certificate of William Bonas' third marriage found, giving his father's name.
25 October 2008 William Charles Read More sibling info added.
22 October 2008 Elizabeth Collett More sibling info added.
11 October 2008 William Bonus 1861 census entry added.
10 October 2008 Martha Shuttleworth Death certificate added.
9 October 2008 Clewitt family pictures Family photographs of Dinah Clewitt née Whitehouse added.
8 October 2008 Harriet Kimber Details of 3rd marriage added.
William Read
James Read
Extracts from the Hampstead Register added
7 October 2008 Mark Whitehouse Details of Dinah Whitehouse's descendants added, sent me by Anne Pilsbury.
6 October 2008 Martha Blower More sibling family information added.
5 October 2008 William Poole More sibling family information added.
4 October 2008 Richard Poole
Abigail Clift
Details of 2nd marriage added.
3 October 2008 Martha Stanier Details of 2nd marriage added.
2 October 2008 William Read Details of possible children added.
27 September 2008 Abigail Head Details of isibling families added.
25 September 2008 Many Use of cgi-bin scripts discontinued.
23 September 2008 James Read Details of siblings added, including Claudius Charles Davies, Member of the Canadian House of Commons for North Battleford, Saskatchewan, 1921 - 1925.
20 September 2008 Elizabeth Webb Death certificate added.
17 September 2008 William Stevens More details of siblings added.
14 September 2008 Peter Whitmee
John Kirk
Elizabeth Collett
Richard Hall
Details of non-ascendant spouses added.
13 September 2008 William Charles Read Marriage certificate and details of wife's family for first marriage added.
George Head Death certificate added.
6 September 2008 William Read
James Read
Details of the family of Claudius Davis added.
5 September 2008 Skipper descendants Details of the children of George Skipper and Ellen Bird added.
2 September 2008 Read descendants Details of the children of William Charles Read added.
29 August 2008 John Kirk
Robert Kirk
Alexander Leahair Kirk
More sibling family details added, particularly of Ralph Leahair Kirk.
26 August 2008 Robert Kirk More sibling family details added.
21 August 2008 Robert Kirk Sibling family details added.
20 August 2008 John Kirk
Mary Sarll
Edwin Lee
Reuben Stevens
Mary Shaw
Death certificates added.
9 August 2008 William Stanier
Ann Wane
Pallot index entry added.
5 August 2008 William Stevens Families of siblings corrected.
4 August 2008 Research notes Directory of Huntingdonshire Cabmen added.
1 August 2008 William Read Scan of possible Pallot Index entry for his 2nd marriage added.
23 June 2008 Thomas Whitmee More entries from the Times Archive (1785 - 1985) added.
21 June 2008 Abraham Lehaire,
Islington Cattle Market
Entries from the Times Archive (1785 - 1985), and background information, added.
4 June 2008 Whitehouse/Davies family Several cousins added, given to me by Debbie Badham née Cley.
1 June 2008 Timeline Links added to a script which generates each individual's timeline.
23 May 2008 Relative Value of Sums of Money Details of pay of Domestics in 1825 added, together with the typical complement of servants. in various Households
22 May 2008 KEGS Aston School photograph More names added.
12 May 2008 Alice Stonier A reference to an Alice Stonier in Lady Antonia Fraser's “Cromwell” added.
21 April 2008 1841 census entry for Harriett Barrett Details of a possibly-related Barrett family added.
17 April 2008 Elizabeth Skipper
Martha Kirk
Death certificates transcribed.
15 April 2008 Thomas Leahair
Abraham Leahair
Transcript of Thomas Leahair's evidence at a trial in the Central Criminal Court. It is possible that Abraham Leahair served on a Jury there on 12 August 1839.
9 April 2008 Descendants of Walter Skipper and Emma Yull Details of Thomas Skipper's grave added.
8 April 2008 Anna Wells
Ann Stanier
Ann Hall
William Tilcock
Death certificates transcribed.
23 March 2008 Descendants of Walter Skipper and Emma Yull More descendants added, sent by Jackie Stretch.
22 March 2008 Sarah Sophia Adams Birth certificate of her illegimate son James gives her second name as Sophia.
21 March 2008 All Saints, Birmingham Quote from Showell's “Dictionary of Birmingham” and part of the Street Commissioner's Map of 1810 included.
20 March 2008 Elizabeth Bonas Death certificate scanned.
19 March 2008 William Stanier Fordrough, where the Stanier family was living in 1814, found to be “a narrow drive or lane leading to a farm, or a green track between two hedges”, so may not refer to a specific road.
17 March 2008 Mary Heaven
Samuel Heaven
Siblings of Mary Heaven found.
15 March 2008 Mary Merrington Meeks
Thomas Clift
Death certificates scanned.
12 March 2008 Davi(e)s and Adams families A problem with members of the Davi(e)s and Adams families between 1854 and 1861 is discussed.
7 March 2008 Abigail Head Confirmation of the suicide of her brother Timothy Head found in an extract published in the Black Country Bugle of 13 January 2005.
5 March 2008 Levi Davis The family of his brother Enoch Davis found in the 1871 census, living next door to his mother Elizabeth Davis.
1 March 2008 Berriman/Risdon descendants
Samuel James Whitmee
Andrew Addams
Lydia Addams
William Betteridge
Elizabeth Baseley
Thomas Adams
Elizabeth Betteridge
Descendants of John Donovan Berriman added.
Descendants of William George Cousins added.
Further details of the Adams and Betteridge families added.
29 February 2008 Andrew Addams
Lydia Addams
William Betteridge
Elizabeth Baseley
Henry Adams
Elizabeth Adams
Thomas Adams
Elizabeth Betteridge
Ancestors of Sarah Sophia Adams discovered.
28 February 2008 Sarah Sophia Adams
Henry Davies
John Call
The Birth Certificate of Henrietta Best Smith Adams confirms her as the daughter of Sarah Adams.
The arms of John Call redrawn on the advice of George Bishop.
26 February 2008 Search Facility It is now possible to search both the main site at Rootsweb, and the secondary site at Essex University.
William Charles Read
Sarah Elizabeth Stevens
James [Edward] Read
Joseph Stevens
Mary Simmonds
Alexander Leahair Kirk
Robert Kirk
Mabel Eleanor Read
Added links to the Booth maps and notebooks.
25 February 2008 Sarah Sophia Adams
Henry Davies
Henrietta and James Adams, listed in the 1851 census, are now accepted as being the illegitimate children of Sarah Adams.
16 February 2008 All var sM = Date.parse('September 05, 2018 00:10:33'); var sZ = ('MDT'); d = new Date(); var uZ = d.getTimezoneOffset() * 60000; if(sZ == 'MDT') sO = 6 * 3600000; else if(sZ == 'MST') sO = 7 * 3600000; msecs = sM + sO - uZ;