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We, the members of the Stubbs Family are aware of copyright and ownership in relation to the photographs, images and documents displayed on the Stubbs Family website and that every effort has been made to locate and identify the copyright owner or owner of the original work and get clearance or permission to use the photograph, documents or other graphic images on our website. Where this has not been possible to identify the owner of the copyright or ownership of the photograph, document or graphic image, we are happy to be contacted by anyone who can prove their bona fide interest in the photograph or document or graphic image so that we may discuss wherever possible obtaining clearance or permission to  continue to use the image on the Stubbs Family Website.

Conditions of Use

Note that where we have included a photo or other document on the Stubbs Family website it is for the personal use and research of members only and not intended to be sold or used in any other ways that could be construed as being of a commercial nature without our permission or knowledge.

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